More about “Jesus”

A reader sent me a rather common type of comment, so I thought I’d share the comment and my response (in hopes of preventing future comments of this type)…

Comment: I find your website fascinating, probably a bit too fascinating! One wonders if you have been led down a few paths by dark spirits as well? I agree with most of your projections regarding the NWO and their relation to biblical scripture. HOWEVER, the part that the NWO enacts or plays WILL bring the true CHRIST who will destroy the false christs, false prophet, false watchmen, zombie world armies. No matter how much you try and debunk Christianity you will not prevail. You make many references to Old Testament scriptures that were rules intended for God’s chosen people, the true Jews, not rules for us, the Gentiles. Apart from the ten commandments, these rules changed when Christ died on the cross for us. We are free from sin if we repent. Having done all your research, do you deny the dark side? Are you telling me that the occultists have not sold their soul to the devil? Do they just ‘put on or fake’ their demonic possession! I think we know the answer, just look at the world today! The only thing that can control and destroy the darkness is the light. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light, and he will come again, this time to destroy Satan and judge the wicked. When Christ comes we will know it is not a deception like the NWO will stage because the whole world will see him at once and his mere presence will have us quaking. Time is short, you know this only too well. Repent and be saved. Ask Jesus to come into your life and he will. You will then see the real truth. Amen

My Response: Whether you view the Biblical characters as real beings, beings we manifest in our collective subconscious, or myths, one thing is abundantly clear: they are ALL “demonic” (including “Jesus” and “Yahweh”). A demon cannot force you to worship it or do what it says, so it has to trick you into choosing to do those things. That is what the Christ versus Antichrist dialectic is for: to use fear of Satan to trick people into choosing to worship and obey Yahweh.

Even the Bible admits that Satan works with Yahweh’s permission, but they just spin it differently. Rather than being there to “test the faithful,” Satan is actually there to scare people so they’ll run to Yahweh for relief and protection. It’s a spiritual version of the tried and true Bad Cop / Good Cop deception.

As for Jesus, he is the crown prince of the demonic realm. That’s why the demons said, “Have you come here to torment us before the appointed time?” when he commanded them into the pigs. The demonic realm has a “timed” plan (whether it is real or imagined), and the demons knew their boss was confronting them too early. Still, they did what they were told by their master and commander because they didn’t want to get their asses kicked.

As I’ve written before, we are not born with a Bible slung around our necks, so the Bible does not come from God. We are, however, born with capacities for common sense, rational thought, intuition, and feeling, and when we use all those God-given gifts together – without listening to some and ignoring others – we are guided to Truth. So will you now deny the gifts God gave you to embrace the book men gave you? I wouldn’t recommend it. Christianity is a cult, nothing more, and it is a ridiculous one at that. The only reason it has grown large and gained social respectability is because the Roman Empire embraced it for mind control.

So before you write to me in hopes of converting me back to Christianity (which I’ll never do), have a look at the brainwashing techniques used by cults and compare them to what happens among Christians. Know what you’re selling before you knock on the door.

Here is a closing thought…

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Isn’t it time to put away childish spirituality? Isn’t it time to stop believing in manmade fairy tales and start embracing Truth and the responsibility of what you really are? If you do the right thing only out of a desire for blessings and a fear of hell, you are merely an animal responding to a master’s carrot and stick. But when you understand that you are God and so is every living thing around you, you begin to do the right thing because it’s the only thing that makes sense. Will you continue to be a sheep led around by false shepherds, or will you start being a human embracing the responsibility of spiritual adulthood/godhood?

On a related note, when the time comes for the globalists to introduce the post-Putin “real Christ,” they will be presenting him in the context of “pre-Roman Christianity.” They will say that the Romans took over “real Christianity” and perverted it, and this approach will allow their Christ figure to wash his hands of all the Christian atrocities over the past centuries as well as old Christian doctrine. You’ll find it quite remarkable how closely “pre-Roman Christianity” resembles Jewish Kabbalism. 

[Addendum 1 – 23 January 2017]

Let’s look again at a particular passage from the comment…

“No matter how much you try and debunk Christianity you will not prevail. You make many references to Old Testament scriptures that were rules intended for God’s chosen people, the true Jews, not rules for us, the Gentiles. Apart from the ten commandments, these rules changed when Christ died on the cross for us.”

In this quote, the commenter is addressing some troubling Bible passages I bring up in Debunking the Christian myth. The referenced scriptures are the ones in which “god” tells Moses the proper rules for selling your daughter into slavery and the proper guidelines for beating your slaves without incurring a civil penalty. And like many Christians, the commenter’s defense is to discount the Old Testament as either not applying to us or being obsolete after the supposed coming of Jesus. But the true question is not…

Do these Old Testament rules from the Christian god apply to us?

The real question is…

Would the one, true God EVER tell ANYONE such things?

If you look at those scriptures and ask yourself that question, your undeniably God-given intellect, heart, intuition, and common sense give you a very clear and resounding answer: “NO!” The only way you can answer “yes” to the question is if you ignore your inborn guidance system in favor of blind belief in what men wrote in the Bible.

The truth about the Old Testament slave scriptures is that Moses never talked to the one, true God. He either made up the things he said god said or he channeled demons (just like the New Agers do today). And either way, his God paradigm is profoundly flawed and invalid. This realization is both very simple and profound for any Christian, because…

If Moses’ god is not the one, true God, then Jesus, whom the Bible presents as the son of Moses’ god, is not the “son of the one, true God.”

The Christ concept is based on Moses’ god. So if his god is a lie, so is Christ.

The logic of this is inescapable.

And here’s another thing about the commenter’s passage: the one, true God does NOT play favorites. So the Biblical assertion that the Jews are “god’s chosen people” is a sure sign that the god of the Bible is not really God. God (Source Consciousness) is equally present in all people, so no person is inherently superior to another on the basis of his/her spiritual relationship to God.

The actual reason that Jews are the chosen people of the Biblical god is that the Biblical god was imagined as the patron god for the Jewish tribe. So why should anyone who is not Jewish believe in the Jewish tribal god? You have to be a spiritual masochist to believe in a god who sees you as a second-class citizen. Your innate guidance rages against it, so why do you continue your unreasoned belief in such silliness?