Your Guide to the Electoral College Coup and Counter-Coup (+ The coup attempt won’t be over till after Jan 6)

[Update 1 – 19 December 2016]

(Special Note: The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot. Let’s see how this plays out vis-a-vis the Syria conflict.)

(P.S.: Having seen the video of the incident, there are some things that create doubt about the authenticity of the assassination: the conspicuous absence of blood spatter, blood pooling, other police, and bodyguards — it’s as though they intended to give the assassin time to spout his motivations before taking him out. Let’s see how the controlled alt-media play it too.)

Now here’s the Electoral College update>>>

It’s important to remember that however the Electoral College votes today, the coup scenario won’t end until after January 6. To understand why, there are three things we need to recall…

1) Obama has ordered a “full review” of the Russian hacking allegations, and a report is due to come out before January 20.

2) Members of Congress can still dispute electoral votes on January 6, and doing so would halt the certification of Trump’s presidency until the disputes are resolved.

3) Some Republican electors have said things that establish grounds for disputing their votes. Here is one example from a Politico article that mentions a Texas Republican elector, Alexander Kim…

>>> There’s a reason electors like Kim make Republicans nervous. While he insists he’s voting for Trump when the body meets on Monday and that nothing can shake him from that position, there is a caveat: “unless Trump does something to violate the compact that he created with American citizens.” <<<

So here’s the scenario we’re looking at even if the Electoral College votes Trump’s way today…

Prior to January 6, the intelligence agencies release a damning report on Russian interference, and it is accompanied by a coordinated mainstream media hissy fit and Soros-funded demonstrations. Democrats in Congress seize upon this and dispute the votes of electors like Kim, saying, “If these electors had been allowed to see the information in the intelligence report, they would have seen that Trump did indeed ‘violate the compact’ between him and the American people by encouraging this Russian interference in our democracy. They would not have voted for him if they had been properly briefed.”

It’s important to note that it isn’t necessary for them to make an ironclad case that will prevail in Congress and the courts and overturn the election. It’s necessary only that they make enough of a case to slow down Trump’s certification process for a number of weeks. This would allow Paul Ryan to sneak into the presidency and stage the war crisis with Russia.

Sadly, even if the globalists cancel the coup and Trump is sworn in on January 20, we still might see a war crisis. They have been laying down preparatory propaganda for a Trump confrontation with China over their activities in the South China Sea. Such a Trump vs. Xi conflict would perfectly position Putin to play the peacemaker between the two, thus setting him up for his ascension to leadership of the coming “reformed” UN. I’ll write more on this if the coup falls flat.

Here’s the original entry>>>

The globalists are clearly setting the stage for mischief at the Electoral College vote on December 19, so this entry will expose their objectives and strategies in hopes of backing them off from their plan. To make things easy to understand, I’ll offer this information in a question and answer format. So let’s begin…

What are the globalists planning to do at the Electoral College?

Originally, they planned to use Jill Stein’s recounts to delay the certifications of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin’s electors past the December 13 deadline. This would have either stopped their votes or made them legally disputable, which in turn would have lowered the number of faithless electors required to change the result of the election or hang the Electoral College. “Faithless electors” are electors who are pledged to a candidate by the popular vote in their state, but who choose to vote for another candidate due to their lack of faith in the people’s choice.

Had the globalists’ original plan succeeded, an election reversal would have required only 15 faithless Trump electors switching their votes to Hillary, and a hung electoral college – when no candidate gets enough votes to win – would have required only 14 faithless Trump electors voting for anyone else but Trump.

We know this was their plan because of two reasons…

1) After Stein launched her recount effort, controlled alt-media sources like Infowars came out with stories about 15 Trump electors abandoning him…

It is no mere coincidence that they were trumpeting the exact number of faithless electors that Stein’s recount scenario would have required for disrupting the election.

2) It was only after Judge Diamond failed to order a Pennsylvania recount on Friday that the “secret CIA report” hit the press. By late Friday, both the Michigan and Pennsylvania recounts were essentially dead, and Wisconsin’s was nearing completion, so the globalists needed to create a public justification for more electors abandoning Trump.

As to why they abandoned their recount scenario, I suspect it was to obscure Chabad-Lubavitch’s hand in orchestrating the whole drama. The Jewish judge who oversaw the Michigan recount case, Judge Mark Goldsmith, has a demonstrable tie to the Lubavitchers. And the Jewish judge who oversaw the Pennsylvania recount case, Judge Paul Diamond, grew up in Brooklyn, the nerve center of the Lubavitch movement. It appears that once the alt-media started sniffing around those connections (something the Lubavitchers trusted the mainstream press to never do), they backed off and kicked the ball over to the CIA.

With their original strategy now abandoned, reversing the election result will require 38 faithless Trump electors to vote for Hillary, and hanging the electoral college will require 37 faithless Trump electors voting for anyone else. So in the time between now and the 19th, you’ll see the mainstream media slamming Trump over his Goldman Sachs / ExxonMobil cabinet picks and his denial of Russian intervention on his behalf. This will be done to convince the electorate that there are plausible reasons for dozens of electors to abandon him.

For more background information on the Electoral College Coup, read The strategy behind Jill Stein’s recount effort.

What specific objective are the globalists seeking by conducting the coup?

They are aiming to create a temporary Paul Ryan presidency between Obama and Trump’s presidencies. When Congress unseals and counts the Electoral College votes on January 6, either a Hillary win or a hung vote will result in a firestorm of controversy in both the Congress and the courts, and settling the matter will take more than the two week period between the vote count and the January 20 inauguration day. Since Obama’s presidency (and Biden’s vice-presidency) will expire on January 20 and no replacements will yet be available, the presidency will temporarily fall to the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, until the election controversies are finally settled by either Congress and the courts or a US military counter-coup.

A Ryan presidency was made necessary by Obama’s refusal to allow a full-on US vs. Russia war to develop in Syria. Ryan’s assignment is to ensure the war crisis takes place in order to provide the segue to the post-crisis New World Order. Trump will then be sworn in as President to assist Putin in “reforming” the UN and helping the NWO to gel.

Why do the globalists want a US vs. Russia war crisis?

The most important remaining step in establishing the New World Order is reforming its central institution, the United Nations, so the globalists have orchestrated the Syrian war crisis to provide the opportunity and motivation to carry out the changes they seek. Key elements of this reform include…

  • eliminating the Security Council vetoes of the P5 nations (the US, UK, France, China, and Russia) so that no nation will be immune from UN action due to its veto power,
  • strengthening the military and police powers and forces of the UN to better enforce its dictates on the nations, and
  • broadening the number of permanent members of the Security Council to create the impression that “the institution is no longer under Western imperialist control.”

If you take a careful look at press reports and government propaganda releases on the Syria conflict, you’ll see this reform agenda in play. Here is an example from Fox News
…Take note of this excerpt, which blames UN “impotence” on one nation’s veto power…

>>> UNITED NATIONS – Russia and Syria faced a growing chorus of international condemnation over their actions in Aleppo, but U.N. officials conceded Thursday there was little they could do beyond shaming the two countries for what they are increasingly calling “war crimes.”…

Attempts to take action at the U.N. to end Syria’s civil war, now in its sixth year, have repeatedly failed because Russia, Syria’s close ally, is one of the Security Council’s five veto wielding members. <<<

Also have a look at this UN press release from last Friday…

The propaganda narrative underlying such reports is this…

“The situation in Syria slowly spiraled out of control because of the inability of the UN Security Council to overcome unilateral vetoes and field sufficient force to compel compliance with its peacekeeping efforts. We need to get rid of unilateral Security Council vetoes and strengthen the UN’s peacekeeping forces so something like this will never happen again.”

And while Western reports present this argument in terms of overcoming Russia and China’s veto power, Russia and China will present the argument to their people in terms of overcoming the US, UK, and France’s veto power. “If the Western powers hadn’t had veto powers,” they will say, “we could have pushed through a resolution that would have stopped their illegal regime change efforts and prevented the Syrian war entirely.”

All this being said, you begin to see why the globalists need to push us to the brink of a West vs. East nuclear war in Syria: to so scare the populations of the P5 nations that they’ll gladly give up their UN veto powers “so something like this will never happen again.” And since Obama won’t allow the war crisis to climax and Trump’s role is to cooperate with Russia after it’s over, they need a brief Ryan presidency to make it happen. Rest assured that this coup has nothing to do with electing Hillary; she has absolutely no role in the BRICS-fronted, reformed UN-centered New World Order, and she knows it.

For more background information on the subjects addressed in this answer, read…

The endgame in Syria

Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding

The BRICS and the UN governance reform scam

How does the “Syria conflict to UN reform” agenda fit in to the big picture globalist strategy?

As I noted in a previous entry…

The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam.

This means that when we reach the end result of this transition process, the NWO will look like the SOLUTION to all our problems, not another PROBLEM (such as a dark, scary fascist regime) we need to overcome. It will appear as though the corrupt have been defeated, World War 3 has been stopped, all regional conflicts have been resolved, biowarfare against the population has been halted, poverty has been alleviated, debt money has been abolished, secrets have been revealed, and so on and so forth. And the masses, after having been force-fed negativity and conditioned to expect a scary NWO for so long, are expected to be so overcome with joy that they’ll willingly embrace the New Order.

That’s how a problem / reaction / solution scam works when you’re using it to create a New Order for the entire planet: 1) you intentionally create an overwhelming number of terrible problems, 2) you make sure the public is fully aware of all those problems (by carpet-bombing their consciousness with mainstream and alternative media coverage of all the ills in the world), then 3) you present them with the solution to all their problems (the NWO). In that final phase, you don’t present them with something ugly and scary; you give them something attractive and inviting. And once they have accepted it and come to depend on it, you start tightening the screws again.

To get the public to see their “multilateral/multipolar” NWO as the solution to all that ails us, the globalists have created fear by publicizing an “evil, Western” NWO that is out to get us…
…while simultaneously creating hope by publicizing a “benevolent, Eastern” alternative NWO that is out to save us…

Since both the Western nations and the BRICS belong to the G20, which is the chrysalis of the multilateral/multipolar NWO, the seeming conflict between the two sides is being staged for public relations purposes. In actuality, both “sides” are fully on board with the globalist agenda.

So if we look to the culmination of the Syria war crisis and the UN reform that will follow it, we see the transition point when the scary decoy NWO is defeated and the attractive real NWO rises.

To better understand how the globalists are playing these “competing” NWOs against each other, read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

How will the counter-coup unfold?

I answered this question in my previous entry, so I’ll repost the relevant excerpt here for your convenience…


You may have noticed that Trump has appointed three former generals to high positions in his administration…
…From a Google News search for trump generals

And just yesterday, he attended the annual Army-Navy football game…
…From the Military Times

He is doing this to be publicly seen courting the military, thus creating backstory for why the military “counter-coup” will put him in office after the Democrats carry out their “soft coup” in the Electoral College. Among the federal institutions, the military has the best public image, so the globalists have tasked the Pentagon with the lead role in “stopping the Democrat coup” and unseating Paul Ryan (or Hillary Clinton). This is all part of the globalist coup/counter-coup operation I talked about in Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election

The sole purpose behind a Paul Ryan caretaker presidency (or a Hillary Clinton momentary presidency) is to take us to the brink, or slightly past the brink, of war with Russia (since Obama seems unwilling to let it happen on his watch). And this war would be stopped by a US military coup at one of two points…

  • the moment Ryan gives the order for the war-starting provocation, thus stopping the war before it begins, or
  • the moment the war leads to a high threat of a nuclear exchange, thus stopping the war before nukes are employed by either side.


And with that, I’ll call this entry complete.

With love…

(P.S. – 18 December 2016) – Since I’d never before paid any attention to an Electoral College vote, I was wondering how soon we’d know the result. According to this ABC News article, the voting process is open to the public, so we should know by tomorrow night. Time to break out the popcorn…