Democratic National Convention Watch: Update 1 – Who was behind “Leaky July”

[Update 0 – 24 July 2016]

Why Hillary will be conclusively tied to “Islamic” terrorism before the election

Here is Hillary and her own personal Osama bitch Laden, Huma Abedin
…It is through Huma that Hillary will be tied to “Western globalist and Saudi-run” “Islamic” terror. In fact, Infowars has already produced a video about how Hillary and Huma connect to the Saudis and the network that recruits and radicalizes young Muslims…
…From (and by the way, if “the elite wanted this information suppressed,” they wouldn’t have released it; they were just saving it for the right time).

I looked into the Hillary-related information in the video, and it all checks out except for one detail: it appears that Osama bin Laden’s son Abdullah bin Laden, not his brother Abdullah bin Laden, was connected to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. In the coming months, watch for Wikileaks to flesh out the connections offered in the video as part of their new Hillary Leaks series.

On a related note, there is something quite remarkable going on this month…

1) The UK’s long-delayed Iraq Inquiry report, which sets up Tony Blair to take the fall for the Iraq War, was released on July 6.

…and only 9 days later…

2) The long-delayed release of the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 Report, which sets up the Bushes to take the fall for 9/11, was released on July 15.

…and only 7 days later…

3) The first installment of the Hillary Leaks series, which will eventually set up Hillary to take the fall for any number of wrongdoings, was released on July 22.

As you can see, what we have here is a coordinated campaign. And in the next part of this entry, I’ll show you who is behind it and why they’re doing it (hint: it’s not the Russians). As for the Democratic National Convention, I’m wondering if it will be as unexpectedly rocky as the RNC was unexpectedly smooth.

[Update 1 – 26 July 2016]

Who was behind “Leaky July”

Let’s take a closer look at the three timed-release information dumps that we’ve seen this month…

1) The Iraq Inquiry Report — Here is some basic background on it from Wikipedia

>>> The Iraq Inquiry (also referred to as the Chilcot Inquiry after its chairman, Sir John Chilcot) is a British public inquiry into the nation’s role in the Iraq War. The inquiry was announced in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and published in 2016 with a public statement by Chilcot…

The report – described by BBC News as “damning”, by The Guardian as a “crushing verdict”, and by The Telegraph as “scathing” – was broadly critical of the actions of the British government and military in making the case for the war, in tactics and in planning for the aftermath of the Iraq War. Richard Norton-Taylor of The Guardian wrote that the report “could hardly be more damning” of Tony Blair and “was an unprecedented, devastating indictment of how a prime minister was allowed to make decisions by discarding all pretence at cabinet government, subverting the intelligence agencies, and making exaggerated claims about threats to Britain’s national security”. <<<

The release of the Report has led to calls for the prosecution of Tony Blair for his role in the war…
…From The Guardian

And who released it? It was none other than the London Establishment who did the honors…
…From Wikipedia

As you can see, the Inquiry was done by 4 Sirs and a Baroness. So it was the people they represent, the “royals,” who were behind the preparation of the Report, the delaying of its release using various excuses, and the final dumping of it just 9 days before the next item on our list was dumped. Thanks to the reader who put me on to the Inquiry, and we’ll get back a little later to the (non) punishment Blair (and the Bushes and the Clintons) can expect to face as a result of all these exposures.

2) The 28 Pages — Since we already know the nature of what’s in the pages, let’s go straight to looking at who was behind their release. This is what CNN said about it

“The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday, actually contains 29 pages of material, plus a letter from then-CIA Director George Tenet…

Under pressure from the victims’ families and lawmakers, President Barack Obama said in April his administration would declassify the 28 pages.”

So it was Obama who released the Pages. This raises some obvious questions…

Why would Obama, a “closeted Muslim” who bows deeply to the Saudi King, release information that is damning to the Saudis (and the Bushes)? And why would he do it just 9 days after the “royals” release a damning report on Bush’s partner in crime, Tony Blair? Were there giant demonstrations and widespread civil disobedience that forced him to do it?

No, there was no big surge in the supposed public pressure that made him release the Pages; he released them at this specific time because his bosses told him to do so.

3) The Hillary Leaks — We all know who supposedly released the DNC emails: Julian Assange and his Wikileaks organization. But doesn’t the near-magical ability of Wikileaks to summon classified information on any given subject-du-jour give you pause? It should, and that’s because…

Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Edward Snowden are all globalist fronts. The globalist intelligence conglomerate uses them as conduits to do limited hangouts of classified information. The leaked information is then used by their agents in the mainstream and alternative press to do credible stories that uphold the globalist narrative.

And what is that narrative?

“America and its EU ‘vassals’ are an evil empire that is destroying the world, and only Russia and the BRICS (and the ‘benevolent’ New World Order they offer) can save us.”

Just have a look at the cover of Wikileaks’ book, The Wikileaks Files…

And as Assange was releasing this book about the “US Empire,” he did an “exclusive” appearance on Russian TV…
…From RT

He was even given his own show on RT…
…From RT

With all this set before us, we see who is behind the Leaky July we have just experienced. The British “royals” are a leading element of the Occulted Powers network which runs the whole show, Barack Obama is a frontman who serves that network in its US division, and Wikileaks is a project of the intelligence division of that network. It was the globalists (the royals, the Jewish central bankers, and their Freemason minions that all together constitute the Occulted Powers) that orchestrated Leaky July. It wasn’t the globalist frontman Putin or his Russia division; he’s just playing his part in the phony East vs. West dialectic drama. As for the purpose of the leaks, they are aimed at facilitating the takedown of the West so the East can bring in the New World Order the globalists have been planning all along.

If you are a new reader, read Understanding the NWO Strategy to better grasp what I’m talking about.

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