A note on Wikileaks and the Democratic National Convention

It’s quite notable that Wikileaks – one of the globalists’ fronts for leaking information that supports their NWO media narratives – released the Democratic National Committee email files on the 22nd, just three days before the Democratic National Convention. The release confirms that the Establishment does indeed want Hillary to lose the Presidential election…
…From Zero Hedge

One of my readers has suggested that the release will result in a contested convention which Sanders will win. While I doubt they’ll go that far, the release should make for a divided and ugly convention, and it will be a poor start for Hillary’s candidacy. Really, it doesn’t matter if Clinton or Sanders is the Democratic candidate, because he or she is destined to lose. Remember my rule of thumb: the candidate that is friendly with Putin will win; any Putin opponent will lose. And Putin certainly wouldn’t care for Sanders…
…From FeelTheBern.org