Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 11 – The 1-year delay of the EU collapse ends next month

It was with no small amount of amusement that I observed the propaganda rags marketing this idea last month…

Having them tie the reheated threat of a Greek default to the date of the Brexit vote on June 23 confirms what I suspected last year: that the globalists were all set to begin the demolition of the EU on June 22 of 2015, but they pushed the one-year delay button at the last minute. To see how this played out, let’s go back to what I wrote in last year’s Globalist Agenda Watch as we approached June 22…

[Update 33 – 11 June 2015]

June 18-19 “should be decisive” for Greece

I’ve been seeing a lot of “Greece’s time is up” language in the media today, and one particular passage in one particular article caught my eye. The article was an AP “dynamic” story that has since changed, but this was its title and location: Greece gets wake-up call: coming week could seal its fate. And this was the passage…

“The eurozone’s finance ministers, commonly known as the eurogroup, meet in Luxembourg June 18-19, in a meeting that Tusk says ‘should be decisive.’”

Do you know what else was decisive? The Battle of Waterloo, which took place 200 years ago come June 18, and I covered its possible tie-in to the Greek dramedy back in Update 28.

So while the eurogroup is meeting in Luxembourg and deciding on Greece’s fate, where will Greece’s Prime Minister be? He’ll be in St. Petersburg, Russia signing on to Russia’s Turkish Stream pipeline project. Gee, I wonder how the eurogroup will respond to that.

Putting this together with everything we’ve already covered in previous updates, here is how next week looks:

> Monday, June 15 is the beginning of the weekly news cycle, and it’s also 6/15/15 (6/6/6). Don’t be surprised if some significant news surfaces concerning what will happen later in the week.

> Thursday, June 18 is the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, and it’s also the day that both the eurogroup meeting and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be convening. We already know which meeting the Greeks will be attending.

> Monday, June 22 is a Masonic master number related to the concept of “disastrous downfall,” and it’s the first day Greece’s banks will be open after the two meetings are finished.

So will the EU meet their Waterloo when the Greeks go to Russia on the 18th? And will Greece’s banks meet their “disastrous downfall” when the EU retaliates by yanking back emergency liquidity on the 22nd? We’ll see.

Looking to the first bullet point, it played out exactly as expected. This was the cluster of headlines carried by Drudge on 6/15/15…

The Waterloo tie-in of the second bullet point was also fulfilled on 6/18/15 by a Frenchman named Benoit Coeure. This was my coverage of it…

[Update 37 – 18 June 2015]

Waterloo all over again: a Frenchman drops a bomb on Greece’s banks

Here is a little excerpt from Update 28

“On a historic side note, June 18 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. It commenced with a French attack (at Hougoumont). Also, the number 18 is the sum of 6 + 6 + 6. Will the EU’s Waterloo begin with an attack on Greece’s banks on the 18th? Who knows, but it’s a date to watch. The ELA card can be played at any time starting today.”

Wouldn’t you know it, the ECB — specifically citing a French executive board member named Benoit Coeure – leaked to the press that Greece’s banks may be unable to open on Monday. Needless to say, such a suggestion will send every Greek to the bank tomorrow to withdraw funds. So it appears that the EU’s Waterloo began with a French attack, just like the last one.

But when it came to Monday morning, 6/22/15, the globalists suddenly pressed the abort button on their plan to implode the Greek banks…

In the weeks that followed the Greek delay, we observed the globalists also enact one-year delays on the implementation of the new SDR basket and the handover of internet governance. And now that we’re approaching the one-year mark on Greece, we see the globalists resurrecting the threat of a Greek default and tying it to June 23.

Looking to what’s ahead, I see the globalists dealing a one-two punch to the European Union. The first will be a political blow when the vote counters/manipulators announce that Britons have voted to leave the EU on June 23, and the second will be a financial blow when the Greek economy implodes no later than July 20.

As we look into all this, it’s important to remember that the European Union was never meant to last. The only way the globalists could take down all the nations of Europe on cue was to lash them together under one currency, then crash the currency. This was always the true intent behind the adoption of the Euro, and this was the reason the globalists left their strongholds of England and Switzerland out of the currency. Unless the globalists press the delay button once again, the Euro will not exist by the end of this year.

More to come…