Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Updates 9-10 – “ISIS” in Rome & the beginning of the EU collapse in June

[Update 9]

In Update 7, we looked at the possibility of “ISIS” attacks targeting children during the timeframe of April 19 – May 1, and we noted that three cities have been specifically threatened: London, Rome and Berlin. Now a reader has put me on to an obvious target in Rome

After receiving what may turn out to be their final confession at the Vatican, the children will be bussed (one assumes) about 6 kilometers to Rome’s Olympic Stadium, which raises some obvious questions…

Will the Italian police or military secure the entire 6 km corridor from the Vatican to the Stadium?

Even if they do make some attempt to secure the corridor, will the security cordon be airtight against drones?

As if to foreshadow the mode of a Rome attack, this made international news a few days ago…
…From the Daily Mail. The article specifically mentions “safety and security fears, especially in the wake of terror attacks in Paris.”

So how would the attack likely go down?

My best bet would be an attack at 22:00 hours. The children will still be concentrated at the Olympic Stadium and filing out from the completed ceremony, and it will be dark. The contractors who are pretending to be “ISIS” can then elevate their bomb-laden drones to altitude and home in on the big, bright target of the Stadium, hitting kids both inside and out. I wouldn’t expect the Pope to be harmed during the attack, though. The globalist script calls for the hit on him to take place in September.

Let’s hope that pre-awareness is prevention.

[Update 10 – 15 April 2016]

Now we know why the globalists released stories based on the Panama Papers on April 3. The timing allowed nearly two weeks for the story to spread before the IMF / World Bank Spring Meetings on April 15-17…
…From The Guardian. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, said the Panama Papers, an unprecedented leak of 11.5m files from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca, showed that “the [international tax] rules appear to be skewed towards” the global rich

Lagarde said more global cooperation is needed to stop tax avoidance and to ensure “the net does not have little loopholes here and there”. “A lot of things have gone global but there is one thing that has not gone global and that is tax. It is still very much a local affair,” she said. “International cooperation really has to be significantly improved and we are happy to play our part.” <<<

This use of the Panama Papers was anticipated in Update 8

The public release of the Panama Papers is a limited hangout operation. In such an operation, the globalist intelligence services leak a carefully selected mass of secret information designed to lead the public to conclusions the globalists want them to arrive at. In this particular case, they want the public to see…

> the corrupt and wealthy using loopholes in the current international financial structure to hide ill-gotten money and avoid taxes [This is intended to generate support for the coming multilateral financial system which was supposedly built to stop such hijinks, but which was actually built to more-closely monitor and control the public.]

Looking past the current IMF / World Bank meetings and the possible false flags during the April 19 – May 1 timeframe, our next big date with destiny is the Brexit vote on June 23. Last year on June 22, the globalists had scheduled a pulling of the plug on Greece’s banking system in order to begin the disintegration of the EU, but they pressed the delay button at the last possible moment. That one-year delay will end at the time of the Brexit vote. And since the globalists are still working with the same September 2016 war deadline they were facing last year, the EU collapse will be short and sharp. By October, the EU Project will resemble the Triumphal Arch in Palmyra. It will lie in rubble.

We’ll explore this in the next update.

Love always…