Globalist Prophecy Watch – The “Antichrist’s” Great Deception, “Christ’s” Greater Deception, and Ted Cruz

Behold the globalists’ Icarian phoenix…
…They strove to rule over man as “God,” but Consciousness had other ideas.

As it turns out, the ultimate aim of the globalists may be to take us beyond a UN-centered New World Order into a global theocratic dominion ruled by a god-king, “Jesus Christ.” Their strategy for maneuvering us into this is a 3-step deception within a deception, and it was designed to be too confusing for the average person to think through. It’s really not so hard to understand, though…

Step 1) The globalists are presenting us with Obama as the “Antichrist,” but it will later turn out that he’s a fake – a decoy.

Step 2) The globalists will present us with a second leader who’ll initially be presented as “Christ,” but it will later turn out that he is the “real Antichrist” (the one who attempts to take the place of Christ).

These first two steps are what Christian prophecy propagandists call the “Great Deception”: a fake Christ/Antichrist battle the real Antichrist stages so people will see him as Christ. And once the battle is over and the Antichrist has ruled for 7 years, we’ll be hit by…

Step 3) The globalists will present us with a third leader as the “real Christ.” He will defeat the “real Antichrist” and then stand as the figurehead through which the Occulted Powers will rule over us as “God.” His 1,000 year “Kingdom of Christ” will be utterly devoid of any democratic structures; it will be a “benevolent” totalitarian dictatorship.

So if you take the “Great Deception” of the first two steps and add the third step, you get what I call the “Greater Deception.”

The Greater Deception is actually a clever strategy: by staging a spiritual deception in steps 1 and 2, they will fulfill the expectations of those Christians who are anticipating trickery by the Antichrist. The globalists hope that people will then lower their guard and accept the third leader as the real deal.


Given that their strategy has 3 steps, it stands to reason that the Occulted Powers would need propagandists to lay the groundwork for each step in the public mind. And as it turns out, they do indeed have 3 identifiable prophecy teams at work…

> The Step 1 Propaganda Team is tasked with convincing people that Obama is the Antichrist, and the most notable member of this team I’ve encountered so far is Carl Gallups and his PPSIMMONS News & Ministry Network…
…(from PPSIMMONS) Note the date of this article’s release: just 13 days before Obama stood in the Church of the Nativity, passably fulfilling the “abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” prophecy.

Carl Gallups was responsible for producing this widely known video
…and he is closely associated with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Obama-investigating Cold Case Posse…

Arpaio might turn out to be the front man designated to release Obama’s CIA files (thus “exposing the Man of Sin in his time”). But since people are already aware of this potential trick, the files may instead be released by Putin or a Snowden-like “whistleblower” as war tensions mount in the coming months.

> The Step 2 Propaganda Team is tasked with preparing the way for the second leader the globalists will introduce. The most prominent members of this team are, of course, the Vatican, Pope Francis, and the Jesuits, which is why they’ve been so busy promoting UFOs and aliens…

The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us

Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?

The Vatican intends to proclaim the leader who shows up with the UFOs as the returning Christ. And that leader will later turn out to be the Antichrist.

Also on the Step 2 Propaganda Team are many prominent protestant televangelists who are preparing their flocks to merge with Catholicism, Islam and Judaism. This is the “uniting of the People of the Book” I talked about in “Obama and the 2nd Coming,” and it is being done by such well-known names as…

Rick Warren, shown here calling for unity with Catholics…
…From Aleteia

…and shown here “building a bridge” to Muslims…
…From The Orange County Register

Kenneth Copeland, shown here during his trip to the Vatican…
…From Kenneth Copeland Ministries

…and Larry Huch, shown here talking about Pope Francis
…Note how what he says complements what I wrote in “Obama and the 2nd Coming”…

“As the globalists attempt to herd humanity away from the ‘Antichrist’s’ NWO and towards ‘Christ’s’ version, the Vatican has already shown the way by completing its own transition. They symbolically pushed out the evil-looking Pope Rat(zinger) who just so happened to be a former member of the Hitler Youth. Given that it is the Nazis (and Zionists) who will be publicly scapegoated for building the Western NWO, it is no mere coincidence that Ratzinger was chosen to play the role of the “Old World Order” Pope of Darkness.

And who took his place? The smiley-faced Bergoglio, who is doing everything in the Catholic Church that ‘Christ’ and the BRICS NWO will do when they take the lead in the UN Complex. So the Pope of Light is cleaning up the mess left behind by the Pope of Darkness. And keeping with the theme of uniting the People of the Book, he is reaching out to Muslims and Jews…”

Getting back to Larry Huch, he also relentlessly preaches on the need to “break down the wall” between Christians and Jews: For the Messiah to return — in order for the Messiah to return — the wall between Jew and Christians has to come down. It has to — the one New Man… Here he is speaking on the subject again (as well as revealing that his parents were both Jews)…

Also note the Saturnian ring integrated into his ministry’s logo…
…From Larry Huch Ministries

Although Larry isn’t yet as well known as Rick Warren or Kenneth Copeland, there is a good reason to take note of his complicity with the Step 2 Propaganda Team: he is associated with Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael. Have a look at this video of Rafael speaking at Huch’s church

So Rafael Cruz is hanging out with the Step 2 team and Ted was “anointed” by them, but what is Ted’s stance towards the Vatican? While he occasionally speaks out against the Pope’s policies — such as on climate change — to appease his Tea Party base (even while he is not-so-secretly a creature of the Republican Establishment), how he feels about the Pope is made pretty clear in this article he wrote…
…From The Federalist

It would appear that Ted Cruz is part of the Step 2 team, and this is why the globalists are promoting him for higher office at this particular time. Speaking of that, take note of what Larry Huch said at the 10:24 mark of the Rafael video: “…He’s gonna become Senator, and I believe someday either Supreme Court Justice or Vice President…” When I heard him say that, I immediately wondered why he said “Vice President” instead of “President.” Did the insiders know back then that Ted would be the running mate of the post-Obama President? Did they know that Trump would enter the race?

> The Step 3 Propaganda Team are commonly known as the “Christian Watchmen,” and they are tasked with blowing the whistle on the Great Deception (Steps 1 & 2) and preparing the way for the third leader the globalists will introduce. The most notable members of the Step 3 Propaganda Team are Steve Quayle and Tom Horn.

This is Steve Quayle
…(From Note how the “aliens” are presented as real supernatural entities.

Even though the “ETs” will most likely be black budget GMO humans flying black budget aerospace craft, the Christian Watchmen present them as real “fallen angels.” This is because the Step 2 Antichrist and his fallen angels must be seen as real in order for the Step 3 Christ and his unfallen angels to be seen as real.

And this is Tom Horn (on the far left)…
shown here appearing on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” TV program. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this video; it provides an excellent exposition of the Step 3 propaganda line.

When you google Steve Quayle or Tom Horn, you’ll find many interviews they’ve done together. Here is a five-minute sound clip from one of those interviews (which offers a quick and dirty expose of the Great Deception)…
…Be advised that the creator of this video overlaid his own video content on the audio clip, so the two don’t necessarily go together.


With the 3 propaganda teams set before us, it’s interesting to note how the Christian media networks promote all of them and how they all promote each other. Have a look at who’s been a guest on Tom Horn’s Skywatch TV
…So Tom Horn (a Step 3 propagandist who points to an alien Antichrist) has hosted Carl Gallups (a Step 1 propagandist who points to Obama as the Antichrist).

And Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Program has hosted both Tom Horn (a Step 3 propagandist who points out the Vatican’s complicity in the Antichrist’s arrival) and Larry Huch (a Step 2 propagandist who is participating in the Vatican’s effort to unite the religions)…
Video link

So just imagine the confusion that must be felt by ordinary Christians when they turn on Daystar TV and hear Larry Huch speaking of positive change in the Vatican during his program, then hear Tom Horn speaking of a Vatican Antichrist conspiracy on Sid Roth’s program. Faced with these conflicting messages, some viewers lapse into confusion and others choose sides, and this is the same dynamic I’ve observed in the New Age community with their band of mutually-promoting hucksters who spread conflicting messages.

One thing all these figures, both Christian and New Age, have in common, though, is their promotion of an imminent “extraterrestrial / extradimensional / supernatural” (E/E/S) intervention in human affairs. And this promotion of “outside” intervention masks the very earthly puppeteers who are producing this End Times show. Under the paradigm they’re presenting, the E/E/S forces are the ones pulling the strings of the earthly “elite,” but it seems more likely that the earthly “elite” are the ones creating the E/E/S forces by manipulating the collective consciousness through mass indoctrination, manipulating the collective subconscious through their “magick” practices, and manufacturing the physical E/E/S forces through their deep black research and development programs.

If people believe what’s coming is being managed by extraterrestrial / extradimensional / supernatural forces that are bigger than humanity, they are more likely to feel powerless against it and go along to get along. But if people realize this is all a big magic show being put on by a few million earthly elitists, they are more likely to realize that the seven billion of us can squash the magicians like a bug (although I’d prefer that we place them in a vented jar where they can do no harm; they too are incarnate Source Consciousness after all).


All this being said, how will the Greater Deception play out? If they’re really crazy enough to try it, this would be my best guess at the moment…

As we go forward into the months leading to next September, we can expect progressively more devilish behavior out of the (decoy) Antichrist Obama and the (decoy) Western New World Order. And at some point in 2016, Obama’s secret dossier will be dumped into the public domain. This info-dump will show Obama’s lifelong history with the CIA and his involvement in occult ceremonies. The Step 1 propagandists will then openly declare him the Antichrist.

Once he is “revealed,” he will be publicly seen as becoming desperate, and this will lead to his pushing of the nuclear button in September. The military will comply with his order since the more rational officers of the nuclear forces have been systematically replaced over the past several years in a series of engineered scandals. When “the birds fly” is the point at which the “UFOs” and the “real” Antichrist will take the stage.

The “real” Antichrist could emerge in one of two ways:

1) He will be an “alien” who arrives with the “UFOs,” or

2) He will be a human who will enter the international limelight at roughly the same time as the “alien” arrival.

Whichever way he makes the scene, both the earthly religious authorities (such as the Vatican) and the “aliens” will proclaim him to be the “recurrence” of Christ, and evidence to this fact will be presented. This “evidence” may include “alien” holographic videos of the “actual life of Christ,” a genealogy that supposedly shows a bloodline connection to the first Jesus and King David (if the Antichrist is human), and a DNA test that shows the person to be an exact recurrence of the DNA pattern found on the Shroud of Turin.

Once the “real” Antichrist takes the lead, the first three and a half years of his rule will be pretty sweet. And once people have signed on to his agenda, things will take an ugly turn for his second three and a half years. At the end of the full 7 years, the “real” Christ will come “with power and great glory” to defeat the Antichrist and begin his thousand years of service as the silk glove that conceals the iron fist of the Occulted Powers.

Interestingly, if the “real” Antichrist shows up and takes charge in September 2016 and reigns for 7 years, then the “real Jesus” will show up in 2023 (2016 + 7 = 2023). Perhaps this is one of the reasons the occultists make such a big deal out of…

With love…