Is PressTV distancing itself from Veterans Today? – VT, Iran, Ukraine and the Future

During this morning’s infoscan, I came across this piece on Veterans Today

I’ve been so busy for the past few months that I haven’t been watching what the
VT clowns have been up to lately. From the looks of this article, though, it would appear that the PressTV folks are distancing themselves from them. Let’s have a look at what the article says…

“We have fond memories of our early days with Press TV when the Zionist Lobby in Europe was pressuring satellite media distributors to illegally pull them off the air…

Our interview work helped build commentary readership, and vice versa. And cross-posting our Press TV articles and then their news stories on VT began and two way leveraging effort to gain us both wider exposure. But the media business is a stressful one, with pressures on it from many directions…

We have been emails from readers for two months asking what was happening at Press TV and all we could say is we just don’t know. It could be management changes, nuclear talk jitters, our coverage of Israel and Turkey backing ISIL along with the US and Gulf States, etc…

We long to get back to doing that work with them once again like in the good ole days. Much more  remains to be done, and we opened a new front at the Syrian Counter Terrorism Conference in early December.”

So it seems that PressTV pulled away from VT a few months ago, and it was a few months ago that I wrote the first three installments of my series on VT. I guess “great minds think alike”; they must have come to the same conclusions that I did at roughly the same time. But this leaves us with a question:

Did they dump the VT disinfo clowns because they hadn’t previously realized what they are, or did they know what they are and dumped them because they’d become publicly exposed?

The answer to this question would tell us alot about how deeply under globalist influence the Tehran government has fallen.

Going on into the article, Gordon Duff begins attacking PressTV for their choice:

>>> There may well be factors involved.  The most telling of which is the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran.  Those managing this conference got “suckered” into inviting Gareth Porter and several others Iranians mistakenly saw as “great thinkers” and “intellectuals.” <<<

So according to Duff, the Iranians are “suckers.”

>>> Though the conference had Ken O’Keefe and Kevin Barrett in attendance, people with strong reputations, many were simply hacks or, as was proven out, “paid opposition.” <<<

Wow, “strong reputations,” eh? I guess being a VT bureau chief or correspondent

…or an editorial board member…
…qualifies you as having a “strong reputation.” So are O’Keefe’s and Barrett’s reputations as strong as Gordon Duff’s and Leo Wanta’s? One wonders… 🙂

>>> You can really name the disease, those who consider themselves “alternative media,” and some at Press TV and other institutions in Iran qualify as such, continually look to “mainstream media” for approval.  The insanity of this never sinks in. <<<

So according to Duff, the Iranians are diseased and insane.

>>> Others who had written for Press TV had simply rehashed the work of others, developing a formula based on plagiarism and dogma, hitting messages Iranians were unaware made them seem inept.  You see, giving a platform to those reviled in their own nation, not just by the media but the public at large, always backfires.  Americans hate the “smarmy” and weak, the whiny and tedious.  To some extent, Press TV’s website had been hijacked by such as this. <<<

PressTV’s non-VT writers and editors are plagiaristic, dogmatic, inept, smarmy, weak, and whiny, eh? What dogs they are! 🙂

>>> Veterans Today sources have told us that a veritable army of Zionist stooges have “wormed” their way to Tehran.  Their goal is to get Iranians to turn on each other and mistrust the real “truth tellers.” <<<

So Tehran is infested with worms, and Gordon Duff qualifies as a “real truth teller,” eh?

Here is the “real truth teller” Gordon Duff at the recent “Damascus Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism“…
…For a “100% disabled Marine combat vet,” he’s looking awful spry. I see no wheelchair around, so he appears to be walking and standing under his own power, and given everything he’s doing at VT and conferences such as this, he’s clearly able to work. I guess the 100% disability is in his character. As for the photo caption, if projectile vomiting in reaction to juvenile bullsh*t qualifies as “shockwaves,” I suppose it’s accurate…

A Message to the Iranians

If there are any within the Tehran establishment who genuinely care about the greatness of the Iranian nation and the welfare of the Iranian people, I invite you to consider a few points…

1) You cannot make a deal with the globalists…
…any more than you can make a deal with the Devil. In such deals, the “junior partner” always gets screwed (in this case, quite literally, with a bayonet). The globalists are out to break your nation, break you personally, and take everything you have and will ever have.

2) If you do not join regional and functional globalist institutions (such as a regional development bank, the IMF, the BRICS, a regional security alliance, etc.), they will attempt to do to you what they did to Ukraine. The real reason for the Ukraine takedown is shown in this Christian Science Monitor article
…Ukraine refused to join the globalists’ Eastern bloc, and when they later refused to join their Western bloc too
…the globalists took down their government.

The G20 central bankers don’t really care which side you join, East or West, because they control both sides. All they care about is that you do join, because when you do, you are ceding important elements of your sovereignty to them. Any nation that attempts to be independent and refuses to join the NWO through one of their multilateral arrangements is slated for destruction.

So what do you do? Do you surrender and go along? If you do, you have no chance of winning.

Do you fight them? If you do, you at least have a chance of winning, no matter how small it may seem.

If you choose to fight, though, you cannot do it militarily or economically, because they will obliterate you. You can fight them only in the information space, like I do.

What most people do not yet recognize is that the globalists have already lost. They took a big risk when they chose to wake up the people in the belief they could control where their minds went once the deed was done, and it’s going to bite them in the ass…

A critical mass of people already understand their magician tricks and dialectic strategies, and that knowledge will eventually expand to become common knowledge. When it does, their empire of lies will collapse in on them. It may take years or even decades, but it is inexorable. The truth is an unstoppable cancer within any body of lies.

So if you wish to speed the day of their collapse, what you can do is educate your people and the world as to what is really going on with the New World Order. People hunger for the truth, and when they encounter it, it flows into them like a breath of fresh air. But you must tell them the whole, unvarnished truth. Nothing else will yield the necessary effect.

If there are any true Iranians out there, 2015 is the year to take your stand. Life in this world requires courage. Those without steely spines and brassy balls need not apply.

Love always…