Why the globalists might replace Putin (Update 1 – The man who would take his place)

Watch your six, buddy…
…because your bosses might be planning to cornhole you.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a globalist mastermind working to usher-in the multilateral/multipolar New World Order. What would you do if the reputation of one of your leading actors became too sullied for him to play the hero role for which you cast him? You would remove him and put someone new in his place, wouldn’t you? Given some propaganda indications I’ve been seeing this week, the globalists might be setting the stage to do exactly that with Vladimir Putin.

As I noted in Update 2 of my last entry, “Will Putin be sacrificed on Sunday?,” the mainstream media have been talking up the possibility of a coup against Putin. And with the Winter Solstice coming tomorrow, I became concerned that the globalists might throw us a curve ball by either assassinating or deposing him. This concern was heightened when I noticed the following comment under Brandon Smith’s new article, IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar

>>> Russians are agreeing, talking of anti-NWO ‘sovereigntist’ coup against Putin

Many Russians have begun to agree with Brandon Smith, that Vladimir Putin is a stooge for the ‘New World Order’ (here in Europe I have significant Russian contacts).

But Russians are also passionately discussing action, whether Vladimir Putin is a ‘traitor’ who is secretly helping destroy Russia for the Western powers, and whether he should be removed by a ‘Russian sovereigntist’ coup d’état, as a last desperate move necessary to save not only Russia, but the entire world.

Putin is ‘very popular’ in polls because Russians see these as national pride tools against outsiders, but in Russians’ internal ‘not for foreigners’ talk, as economic hardship unrolls, there is discussion of whether Vladimir Putin is a ‘traitor’ who is secretly helping destroy Russia for the Western powers / NWO / banksters, or as Eric Sprott’s site likes to call it, the ‘One Bank’.

Increasingly, Russians take a darker view of Putin’s ‘strategic’ decision not to invade & partition Ukraine after the 2 May Odessa massacre, when Nato-backed Kiev putschist thugs burnt alive several dozen Russian-speakers and satanically strangled a pregnant woman, beginning the civil war there, with now maybe 30,000 dead (officially about 5000 but all sides have motives to minimise the numbers).

Since sanctions, economic war, and massive anti-Russian propaganda campaigns were all coming anyway, Russians ask: Why didn’t Putin invade and prevent thousands of fellow Russians in East Ukraine being killed? What ‘strategy’ was this by Henry Kissinger’s ‘good friend’, Vlad Putin?

Russians speak of how Putin meets with NWO star Kissinger often, and praises him lavishly. Of how state-funded glossy Russian media has become laughably weak on opposing the many Western scandals & scams & propaganda. Of how Putin oligarchs & Obama oligarchs are super-connected, both significantly Jewish-Israeli (40% USA billionaires, 20% Russian billionaires), Israel & the Rothschilds etc their link point (Israelis are 20% Russian-speaking after 1990s immigration), with even Putin’s girlfriend coached by the Jewish wife of Russia’s richest man Alisher Usmanov.

Russians ask: Will Putin sell out Russia after he finishes abandoning Syria & Ukraine? Are true Russian ‘patriots’ getting ready to step forward, and truly take Russia out of the loop of the ‘New World Order’? It seems there are many in Russia and its military, who indeed sympathise with the ‘sovereign Russia’ ideal, and their eye is now cast critically on Putin. And as things get hard inside Russia, we may just see another ‘purge’ as has happened often in Russia’s history.

If there is a coup in Moscow by the anti-Nato sector, the question then is whether the ‘new boss’ will be an NWO sellout … or if not, how savage or insane would be the attacks on them by desperate globalists. <<<

I could write an entire entry on all the propaganda signatures and themes contained in this comment, but let’s focus on its key points: that Putin is soiled by his association with known globalists like Henry Kissinger, and that he is being too soft in the contrived conflict against the West (so anti-NATO Russian “patriots” need to take charge and more violently oppose Western aggression). This feeds right into the East versus West dialectic the globalists are using to roll out the BRICS-fronted NWO.

So if anything should happen to Putin either tomorrow or in the coming weeks/months, realize that it is merely a case of the globalists removing a soiled sock puppet (Putin) to make space for a clean sock puppet to continue their East/West dialectic and NWO rollout. As long as Russia continues to participate in the staged Ukrainian conflict, they are serving the Globalist Central Banking Cabal. And as long as they are tied into regional and functional international arrangements like the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS Alliance, and the New Development Bank, they will continue to be tied to the New World Order, because that’s what the New World Order is: a constellation of multilateral international organizations operating under a soon-to-be-overhauled United Nations Complex (UN, World Bank, IMF).

[Update 1 – 21 December 2014]

The man who would take his place

Out of curiosity over who might take Putin’s place, I checked into the Russian presidential line of succession. This is what I found in the Wikipedia entry on the Russian Vice President

“Following 1993 Russian constitutional crisis this post was disbanded. The position of the Prime Minister of Russia became the second-highest ranking public office, and in the event of the president’s incapacitation or resignation, the prime minister would become the acting president. This was evidenced in the succession of then-prime minister Vladimir Putin to the presidency after the resignation of Boris Yeltsin on December 31, 1999.”

The current Russian Prime Minister is a familiar figure, Dmitry Medvedev. If he should replace Putin going into all the changes that are likely to come in 2015 and 2016, it will add new context to this 2009 image of him holding a prototype coin of the One World Currency…

If the globalists present the coup as a move by Russian sovereigntists, though, the Russian constitution could be bypassed and we’d get a Russian leader who is a relative unknown.

Here is another thing to consider vis-a-vis Putin: his removal would allow China’s Xi to take the unchallenged leadership position amongst the BRICS. If you were to ask people who the BRICS leader is, you’d currently get two answers: Putin and Xi. After a Putinectomy, you’d get only one answer, Xi. And a combined Russian economic and presidential crisis would allow China to step up and be the heroes (further cementing Russia’s status as a junior partner to China)…

Good luck to Vlad and much love to the rest of you…