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Tisha B’Av and the Blood Moon

(This post was published on the Home Page from July 18 through July 16)

[18 July 2018] – Tisha B’Av, which is considered by Jews to be a day destined for tragedy, falls on Sunday, July 22 this year…

…from Google

And as we approach this Tisha B’Av weekend, Israel is preparing to make a “tragic mistake”…

…from Sputnik

Why would an Israeli invasion of Gaza be viewed as a tragic mistake, you ask? Because in the current climate, it will likely be used as a rallying cry to begin the physical formation of Erdogan’s Muslim army for the invasion of Israel. It could also be used by the Israeli false-flaggers as cover for their “cruise missiles out of Yemen” attack on Israel, which they’d narrate as “a proxy attack on Israel by Iran in response to the Gaza invasion.” You can read more about this long-planned operation by scrolling down this page till you see SUBJECT: The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack.

All this is coming at a time when Israel’s lawmakers have stripped Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman of their ability to declare war without the approval of a larger body, which raises the question of why it was done. Did they do it because elements of the government who aren’t in on The Plan want to constrain Netanyahu and Lieberman? Or did they do it so the globalists can write the following into future history books: “most Israelis wanted to prevent the war, but the evil Zionists and Lubavitchers could not be stopped.”

It is also conceivable that Netanyahu could start the invasion of southern Syria under the pretext of some action by the Syrian military or Iranian proxy forces. But this will be the deeper narrative offered for his actions…

“After the Trump-Putin Summit, Netanyahu feared that Israel would be left exposed to an Iranian threat from the north by America’s imminent withdrawal from Syria and Russia’s lack of real resolve to expel Iranian forces from Syria. So he decided to push past the Golan Heights and seize a sizable buffer zone in southern Syria before the Trump-Putin deal was finalized. He knew that neither Trump nor Putin would take any action to stop him.”

——MORE – 19 July 2018——

The globalists have just announced a surrender deal between Assad and the rebels near the Golan Heights…

…from The Globe and Mail

Once the buses arrive to evacuate the rebels to Idlib, the Syrian Army will occupy the area with embedded Russian military police. So the stage managers of the engineered Middle East conflict have set up a situation in which Netanyahu has only a few days to invade southern Syria. To do it, he’ll have to arrange a false-flag attack against Israel or produce evidence that Iranians or their proxies are also embedded in the Syrian Army units. Perhaps he’ll do one of his speeches with the silly props or videos.

Given the situation, I consider the Gaza invasion more likely than the southern Syria invasion. But if the globalists want to progress towards the “First Battle of Armageddon” sooner rather than later, we could see both.

——MORE – 21 July 2018——

The media are reporting a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israelis. This could mean one of two things: 1) the globalists are backing-off on the Tisha B’Av op, or 2) they are stopping the premature fighting so they can have an explosion of violence once Tisha B’Av begins Saturday evening or it’s the 22nd. We’ll find out soon enough.

[Closing Remarks – 23 July 2018] – The 22nd has now passed, so the Tisha B’Av operation is officially dead – at least for this year. As for what happened, it’s best summed up in the title of this Haaretz article

So this is what we’ve observed over the last few days…

  • On the 18th, we looked forward at what they had planned for the Golan Heights and Gaza.
  • On the 19th, they did their first U-turn by suddenly announcing a Golan Heights ceasefire.
  • And on the 21st, they did their second U-turn by suddenly announcing a Gaza ceasefire.

I guess the quantum theorists are right: you do change the outcome by looking at it. But just because the globalists backed off from Tisha B’Av doesn’t mean the Golan Heights and Gaza are out of the woods quite yet.

There is still fighting going on near the Golan Heights between Syria/Russia and “ISIS” holdouts who didn’t sign on to the ceasefire. And Gaza can be reignited at any time for any reason. So although it appears that the globalists have pressed the delay button for a few weeks or months, they could still fan the smoldering flames in those two areas on July 27, when a “Blood Moon” will appear over the Middle East. If we get through the 27th okay, though, we can rest a little easier.

After pondering all this, I’m left wondering if the now-postponed Gaza invasion on Tisha B’Av was meant to be a lead-in to an “Iranian response” during the Blood Moon (in the form of the “cruise missiles out of Yemen” op). That would have been a nice one-two “prophetic” punch.

ALERT (+ MORE 5) – 23-27 July 2018

Be on the lookout for an Israeli false-flag / fabricated attack involving an “Iranian” surface-to-surface missile armed with a “chemical weapon,” possibly Sarin (nerve agent), fired into Israeli territory from Syria. This Israeli strike yesterday was part of the setup for it. This attack would be used to justify the Israeli invasion of southern Syria. They also appear to be reheating the Gaza situation. Details tomorrow.

——MORE 1 – 24 July 2018——

Now let me explain why I issued this alert, starting with the Times of Israel article about the Israeli strike (which came on a day of the month the globalists like to use for meaningful events, the 22nd)…

Here is a key excerpt…

“Israeli jets reportedly carried out a strike Sunday on a missile production facility in northwest Syria that observers say was supervised by Iranians. In the past, the site was allegedly used to produce and store chemical weapons…

In September, Syria accused Israel of carrying out a strike on the facility that left two dead. The bombing came after opposition sources claimed that Iranian and Syrian specialists were working there to develop chemical weapons capability for missiles.”

So both the strike and the press coverage of it were done to create public awareness of a chemical missile threat to Israel. Awareness of this threat was further increased by something they did the next day…

…from The Times of Israel. In this article, they telegraph the type of missile that “Hezbollah” will supposedly use in the coming attack…

“David’s Sling is aimed at filling the gap between these systems, against missiles like the Iranian Fateh 110 and its Syrian equivalent, the M600, both of which have seen extensive use in the Syrian civil war and are known to be in the Hezbollah terrorist group’s arsenal.”

The Fateh-110 missile they mention has a range of approximately 300 kilometers.

In a related development, we also saw this yesterday…

…from The Times of Israel

So this is what they have planned according to the geopolitical narrative…

Israel will conduct the false-flag to demonstrate that it’s unsafe for Iran or Hezbollah to be anywhere in Syria, and they will use it as an excuse to invade a chunk of southern Syria. Beyond the stated security issues, the supposed realpolitik of the invasion will be to gain leverage for pushing Iran out of Syria: “We’ll give the land back to Syria only after they remove all Iranian and Hezbollah forces from their country.” In fact, the article about the rejected 100-kilometer exclusion zone spells out everything Israel will demand before returning the land…

“Israel is sticking to its demand that Iran not be allowed any military foothold in Syria, the official stressed. Israel is furthermore demanding that all long-range missiles be removed from the war-torn country and that any factories producing precision-guided missiles there be shut, the official said.

Additionally, Jerusalem has asked Moscow to guarantee that all air-defense systems that protect the aforementioned arms be taken out of Syria. Lastly, Israel requested the closing of border crossings between Syria and Lebanon and between Syria and Iraq, to prevent Iranian weapons being smuggled into Syria.”

Of course, this geopolitical reasoning is merely the cover story hiding the real reason for all this: the play-out of the “First Battle of Armageddon” part of the globalist prophecy fulfillment script.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Times of Israel article on the Sunday missile strike included this: “Al-Mayadeen, a television channel associated with Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group… reported the airstrike was carried out from Lebanese airspace.” And an article from Zero Hedge mentioned this…

Why are these little factoids important? Because they’re setups for Erdogan’s assassination of Assad, which will be blamed on Netanyahu. Turkey is scripted to strike Assad through Lebanese airspace to make it look like Netanyahu “held him responsible.”

——MORE 2 – 25 July 2018——

Guess who will get personally blamed for the planned chemical missile attack on Israel…

…from Google

On a hunch, I decided to google Soleimani to see how the search results are structured. And as it turned out, the top three news article results blame him for a previous missile attack against Israel, portray him as Israel’s most dangerous enemy, and point out how he killed Americans in Iraq and is now “running the [Syrian] war himself.”

So they’ve sculpted the search results to finger him for the coming chemical missile attack and give the reasons the US and Israel want him dead. And with Netanyahu vowing to hold Assad responsible for whatever Iran does from Syria against Israel, the stage is beautifully set for the follow-on assassination of both men.

As I’ve written before, Assad and Soleimani will probably be meeting when the hit occurs, and everyone will think the Israelis and Americans did it. But eventually it will be Erdogan who is identified as the culprit. The globalist-scripted Dajjal (Erdogan) must kill the globalist-scripted Mahdi (Soleimani); how could it happen any other way?

——MORE 3 – 25 July 2018——

So will today’s reported sniper attack on an IDF officer lead to Thursday’s heavy-handed Israeli response? And will that response lead to Friday night’s chemical missile attack?

By the way, can you guess who will be blamed by the Israelis for what happens in Gaza?…

…from Newsmax

Read the article and see how they build up Soleimani’s legend as a “mastermind,” “maestro,” “Shadow Commander,” and “inspirational icon.” They really lay it on thick.

——MORE 4 – 26 July 2018——

As I was doing this morning’s infoscan, I ran across something interesting…

…from The Times of Israel

Upon seeing this, I dug a little deeper and ran across a Haaretz article that offered this bit of background on the man…

>>> Col. Ofer Winter, the commander of the Givati Brigade, is a thorough officer. Before going into Gaza he asked Kabbalists and yeshiva heads to pray for the operation’s success…

Winter added that before going into combat he reads his soldiers the words “Hear, O Israel, ye draw nigh this day unto battle,” from Deuteronomy 20:3. According to the colonel, “When a person’s life is in danger, he gets connected to his deepest inner truth, and when that happens, even the greatest unbeliever meets God.”

That is missionary terminology of Gog and Magog heralding the end of days. The written message Winter sent his soldiers — he declared a religious war on the Gaza enemy who blasphemes against the Lord of Hosts… <<<

So Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman, who is a Kabbalist with close ties to the Chabad-Lubavitch End Times cult, has brought in another Kabbalist crazy to assist him in launching the first Gog-Magog War. You can read about Lieberman and Netanyahu’s connection to Chabad a little further down this page; scroll down till you see SUBJECT: How and why the Chabad-Lubavitch cult is steering the Middle East towards war.

The Gog-Magog War and Battle of Armageddon the Kabbalists are currently fomenting is just the first of two. And between the first and the second, they will fan global “anti-Semitism” into a raging fire that will drive almost all the Jews to Israel. Once this “ingathering of the exiles” is complete, they will burn all the non-Kabbalist, non-elite Jews in a nuclear fire.

I warn Jews of this not because I am a fan of the Jewish religion — I find all Abrahamic religions intolerably backwards. So do the Kabbalists. That’s why they’re trying to destroy all obsolete forms of religion and unite the world under a Kabbalized Christianity that they control. The old religions are filled with scientifically implausible beliefs and centered around the worship of invisible sky gods that cannot speak. The new Christianity will be based on scientifically plausible beliefs and a GMO “god” everyone can see and talk to. But even though the new religion will be better than what we have now, it will still be a system of lies and manipulation, so I will not abide its formation. That’s why I warn.

Behold the coming reborn phoenix…

…If not stillborn, it won’t last long. And so it is.

——MORE 5 – 26-27 July 2018——

It looks like it’s about time for an Iranian Doolittle Raid, except they’ll call theirs the “Soleimani Raid.” And instead of launching theirs from an aircraft carrier, it’ll be launched from Syria, Lebanon and Yemen…

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the easiest way for the globalists to orchestrate the chemical missile attack on Israel: by ordering the Iranians to launch a one-off missile salvo on Israel, and ordering the Israelis to dispatch chemical decontamination teams to some of the landing sites. This would create the illusion that some of the Iranian missiles bore chemical weapons, much like the chemical weapons fakery they’ve used in Syria.

We’ll also look at how they’ll time the attack, with the first window being around 11:11 PM Friday night in Israel.

—continued – 27 July 2018—

There is so much information to convey that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning. So let me start with the basics and build from there…

In the coming days/weeks — and possibly tonight during the “Blood Moon” over Israel — I’m expecting the globalists to have their Iranian minion Qasem Soleimani launch a large, one-off salvo of conventionally armed missiles and rockets at IDF targets in Israel (and possibly American ships and bases too). This attack would be done through Iranian proxies: the Houthis in Yemen, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria. “Soleimani’s” goal in doing this will be to raise Muslim morale and deter Israel and America by shattering their sense of invulnerability.

I’m also expecting the globalists to order their Israeli minions to turn the attack to their advantage by claiming that some of the missiles fired from Syria were carrying chemical warheads. This claim would be bolstered by frightful footage of IDF teams in chemical suits treating “casualties” and decontaminating land and equipment. It would be like the UK’s Skripal false-flag on steroids…

…from The Times

This fabricated chemical attack would be used to justify an immediate Israeli incursion into southern Syria.

Should the globalists schedule the event during the total lunar eclipse tonight, it would not only shatter the Israelis’ sense of invulnerability, but also get them thinking fearful thoughts about the “apocalypse”…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> According to popular American evangelical pastor John Hagee, the blood moons are historically linked with a time period “that begins with a tragedy and ends with a triumph” for the Jewish people…

In May, Hagee delivered the closing benediction at the ceremony marking the US embassy’s historic move to the Israeli capital. <<<

Isn’t it interesting that the US and Israeli governments had a Blood Moon apocalyptic preacher close the embassy ceremony a few months ago? And he was introduced by the Chabad-connected US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman…

…from YouTube

Things like this show you why this stuff must be taken seriously.

Here is another notable excerpt from the Times of Israel article…

“In Israel the partial eclipse will begin at 9:24 p.m., with the full eclipse visible from 10:30 p.m. and reaching its maximum at 11:21 p.m.

If I were a betting man and had to pick a specific time for the attack, it would be 11:11 PM as the eclipse approaches its maximum (that’s 3:11 PM Texas Time). As I post this, it’s just a little over three hours away.

Should we get through the eclipse unscathed, I’ll show you another timing indicator they’ve given the public.

[Closing Remarks – 27 July 2018] – Now that we’re past the Blood Moon, the chemical missile false-flag scenario becomes a standing contingency that can be executed at any time, with the highest risk period being the coming days and weeks. This article from The Times of Israel offers a clue on the next time window for trying it…

Here is a key excerpt…

>>> The official claimed Israel supports “terrorist centers” in southern Syria and shot down the jet to stop the regime’s operations against them.

The first step of the Syrian response would be to complete operations against those centers, he said. Afterwards “the direct response to the Israeli forces will come at the appropriate time.”

The third part of the response would be to “foil any attempt to push Syria’s allies away from the (border) area.” <<<

And wouldn’t you know it, Syrian media are reporting TODAY that the southern ISIS pocket (where the last of the terrorist centers are presumably located) has fallen to Syrian forces…

…from Al Mazdar News

So now we’re just waiting on the “appropriate time” for the “direct response.” We also have to watch for a new precipitating event — some new outrage committed by the Israelis — to make Soleimani decide it’s time to respond. In fact, here is one that happened TODAY that could get the ball rolling…

…from Aljazeera

And here is the inevitable response: Hamas calls on Muslims to defend al-Aqsa mosque.

[Special Note – 20 July 2018] – The Forecast for Fall: A Limited Hangout Followed by a Storm

Here is something I spotted yesterday…

…from Politico

And here is something I spotted today…

…from RT

At first glance, you might not think the two stories are related, but Assange’s imminent expulsion from the Ecuadoran embassy will at some point lead to the release of his “insurance files.” And if that happens before Putin’s visit to Washington, it could set up a kill-or-be-killed situation between the “Deep State” and their supposed foes, Trump and Putin (Trumputin).

The possibility of upcoming bombshell information releases is also supported by preparatory propaganda from disinfodorks Alex Jones and Hal Turner…

…from Infowars (top) and the Hal Turner Radio Show (bottom)

Such releases would likely occur in the August – October timeframe, before the US election. And if they happen before the next Trump-Putin Summit, they would provide a great setup for the Washington, D.C. / New York City Nuclear 9/11 the globalists have planned. The “evil Deep State” would do it while Putin is on their home turf (Washington), and since Medvedev is supposedly allied with the West, he’d go along with the false-flag cover story.

To be clear, Assange is merely a front for the globalist intelligence agencies, and his “insurance files” are nothing more than a limited hangout mechanism through which those agencies will release carefully selected information to support the globalists’ East vs. West NWO conflict. The “Deep State vs. Trumputin” drama is entirely fake, but the consequences for Washington and New York would be quite real.

By the way, they are scheduling Putin’s visit for the fall, and autumn begins on September 22 this year. So if they opt to schedule Putin’s visit on that day, they’d have “the energy of the master number 22″ and the symbolism of “the first day of the fall” going for them. We’ll just have to wait and see if they want to be that obvious about it.

To read the previous entry, click here: Assassination Watch: Helsinki (completed).

For the latest information, visit the Home Page.



(This post was published on the Home Page from June 27 through July 16)

[Closing Remarks – 16 July 2018] – The Helsinki Summit is now over and Trump is on his way back home. The globalists held back on any big events or announcements, but that doesn’t mean the Syria withdrawal deal isn’t happening. Here is a Trump quote from TASS: “Our national security councils will meet to follow up all the agreements we made today. We have made the first steps towards a brighter future, grounded on cooperation and peace.”

And here is a Putin quote from NPR: As far as Syria is concerned,” Putin said, standing next to President Trump at the Helsinki summit, “the task of establishing peace and reconciliation in this country could be the first showcase example of this successful joint work.”

Look for them to announce the full withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria after the fall of the last major ISIS stronghold of Hajin and/or when a crisis point is reached between Syria and Israel at the Golan Heights.

Now for some chips and salsa…

The aim of this entry is to expose the globalists’ plans and objectives for the Trump-Putin Assassination Show with such clarity and detail that it would be foolish for them to proceed with it. So immediately below this paragraph, you’ll find all the sections of this entry in chronological order. And below that is a crash course in understanding the true globalist agenda. So here goes…

[Section 1 – 27-28 June 2018] – The globalists activate the Medvedev / “Atlantic Integrationists” assassination option for Putin and Trump

When I first heard that the Trump-Putin Summit may be held in Helsinki instead of Vienna, I thought they might be backing off on the assassination show. They are announcing the Summit date and location on Thursday after “an auspicious sign” appears in the sky over Finland Wednesday night…


But after digging a little further, I realized the globalists might actually be playing the “Medvedev betrayal” card to take both Putin and Trump off the board…


~ MORE ~

It’s now confirmed that the Trump-Putin Summit will be held in Helsinki on July 16. And the remarkable thing about Helsinki is its resemblance to the most recent planned assassination site, Singapore…

…from Google Maps

Like Singapore, Helsinki is a compact city surrounded by the sea, which makes it relatively easy to sneak in a nuke. So also like Singapore, the most likely assassination method is “ISIS” detonating a 100-300 kiloton “North Korean” thermonuclear weapon within 1-1.5 km of the summit site. By using this scenario, the globalists can lock down the West “because ISIS has nukes and is using them,” and they can also reverse the supposed Korean peace process.

In the globalists’ mainstream media narrative, ISIS suicide bombers from Chechnya will be blamed for the attack, and it will be said that they smuggled a nuke they purchased from North Korea into Helsinki via the Russia-Finland border or the Baltic Sea.

In the globalists’ controlled alt-media narrative, it will later be said that Erdogan and Medvedev worked together on the assassination, with Erdogan supplying the ISIS suicide bombers and Medvedev supplying a Russian nuke and safe passage to Helsinki. If the narrative says the nuke was smuggled across the land border, it will be claimed that it was done by FSB elements who are loyal to the “Atlantic Integrationists.” If by sea, it will be attributed to naval officers loyal to the same. Russian subs regularly probe the territorial waters of Finland and Sweden, and in one particular incident in the waters near Helsinki, the Finns dropped small depth charges on a sub.

As we approach the summit date, I’ll go into intricate detail on all this.

~ MORE 2 ~

After Putin and Trump are “assassinated” at the Helsinki Summit, this is the man to whom the controlled alt-media will point their fingers…

…from Wikipedia (top) and The Moscow Times (bottom)

Here is an excerpt from the Moscow Times article…

>>> President Dmitry Medvedev has replaced the Federal Security Service’s longtime director with a veteran security agent who, analysts said, could tackle economic crimes with gusto and strengthen Medvedev’s hand over the law enforcement agencies…

Bortnikov — like Patrushev, Putin and Medvedev — comes from St. Petersburg but is believed to be closer to Medvedev than the Kremlin’s siloviki clan, which includes Patrushev and Putin’s longtime deputy chief of staff, Igor Sechin

He is Medvedev’s man, not Sechin’s,” Andrei Soldatov, an analyst who tracks the security services, said of Bortnikov. <<<

So according to the controlled alt-media script, “Medvedev’s man” can get the ISIS guys and their nuke across the Finnish border. And since the FSB apparently has its own submarines, they can handle a sea infiltration too. There is no need to involve the Russian Navy.

By the way, Helsinki (marked by the red pin) is less than 165 miles away from Russia’s Kronstadt, Saint Petersburg naval base (where some of the FSB’s subs may be based)…

…from Google Maps

Saint Petersburg / Leningrad is the Putin Gang’s home city.

[Section 2 – 29 June 2018] – The “Blame Ukraine” assassination scenario

…from Newsweek

Another way the globalists can script the Trump-Putin assassination is to blame the Ukranians. After the end of the Cold War, Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the US. But in early 2014, Vladimir Putin took the Crimea from them. So in the “Blame Ukraine” scenario, the controlled alt-media will narrate that Ukraine provided ICBM rocket engines to North Korea in exchange for a few nukes to use as “a safeguard against future Russian aggression.”

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on North Korea’s Hwasong-14 ICBM

>>> Michael Elleman of IISS and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists both claim that available evidence clearly indicates that the engine is based on the Soviet RD-250 (R-36 (missile)) family of engines, and has been modified to operate as the boosting force for the Hwasong-12 and -14. According to his theory an unknown number of these engines were probably acquired though illicit channels operating in Russia and/or Ukraine. North Korea’s need for an alternative to the failing Musudan and the recent appearance of the RD-250 engine along with other evidence, suggests the transfers occurred in 2015-2017. <<<

So the transfers occurred after Russia took the Crimea in 2014, which fits the script perfectly.

This “Blame Ukraine” scenario can also be used in conjunction with the “Blame Medvedev and the Atlantic Integrationists” scenario. Since both Medvedev and the Ukrainian government are supposedly friends/puppets/agents of the Western powers, it can be said that Ukraine provided the “North Korean” nuke, Erdogan provided the ISIS suicide bombers, and Medvedev & Bortnikov provided safe passage to the target zone.

Of course, this event would be used to start the Ukraine-Russia war. And as I’ve said in past entries, that war will result in Russia taking all Ukrainian territory east of the Dnieper River. That part of Ukraine was once part of ancient Khazaria, and the globalists want to reconstitute Khazaria under Putin (who will “miraculously” return later in the prophecy fulfillment show).

On a related note, if the globalists opt to proceed with the assassination show despite its thorough exposure, it is highly likely that the “ISIS” suicide bombers will live-stream the attack over social media. I’ll tell you why and how as we get closer to the 16th.

[Section 3 – 30 June 2018] – Where Putin and Trump will be when the bomb goes off

As I’ve continued exploring the mechanics of the assassination show, I stumbled upon the place they’ll take Putin and Trump before the bomb goes off…

…from the Express

They’ll most likely use two synchronized video feeds to ensure the public buys the assassination. There will be one live social media feed from the bombers, and one prerecorded “live” press pool feed from the hotel. The hotel feed will show the two leaders (and possibly some carefully selected members of the press / intelligence services) in the meeting room. But in reality, the leaders and others will have long since exited through the back doors and into Helsinki’s underground complex.

Since the bomb will be detonated from a kilometer or so away from the meeting site, the shelters need only protect them from the shockwave sweeping along the surface of the city. There is no need for them to be in a bunker hardened for a direct nuclear hit. They’ll then exit at a safe, distant point of the complex and go into hiding until the script calls for their “miraculous return.”

[Section 4 – 2 July 2018] – The summit venue and infiltration methods

Upon searching for the particular Helsinki venue for the assassination show, I found this on a Finnish website…

“Details have yet to emerge on the summit venue. A veteran diplomat who requested to remain anonymous told Svenska Yle that Helsinki is an ideal location for the meeting – logistically and in terms of security.

The diplomat said there are two likely locations in Helsinki for the meeting. The first is the Hilton Kalastajatorppa hotel in Helsinki’s Munkkiniemi neighbourhood, a secluded seaside location where many high-level international diplomatic meetings have been held.

The second alternative, according to the diplomat, is the Presidential Palace, located by the city’s bustling South Harbour and Market Square.” – from

Based on this information, I prepared a map that shows a one kilometer radius around each site…


Since a 100 kiloton nuclear explosion would have a one kilometer “certain kill” radius, the assassination nuke could be placed anywhere inside the blue circles. As you can see, there is plenty of room to play with. They could bring the nuke…

> into the waters near the chosen venue using an FSB-operated Piranha minisub and a swimmer delivery vehicle

…from the Daily Mail

> into the waters near the venue using a boat, ship or FERRY; or

> into an FSB safe house near the venue using a van or SUV.

Since the FSB will be part of the summit security team, it will be easy for them to smuggle the suicide bombers and nuke into the kill zone. They might even provide the “ISIS” guys with security credentials and a security vehicle. And since the ISIS guys will likely be Chechen, they might be Russian-speaking Caucasians who will blend in with all the other Russians in town.

While the assassination show can be made to work from either of the candidate locations, the Presidential Palace offers some key advantages over the hotel…

Advantage 1 – The Presidential Palace has built-in entrances to Helsinki’s underground bunker complex. If they didn’t exist before, they were almost certainly added during the recent renovation…


This will make it very easy for “those in the know” to sneak underground before the blast.

Advantage 2 – The Presidential Palace is a secure building with limited access. This means there will be no civilian hotel staff to manage. The only people in the compound will be those insiders who have been preselected to survive and those outsiders who have been preselected to die (like the ordinary Secret Service guys who will be doing their patrols and standing their posts while the top guys bug out).

Advantage 3 – The Presidential Palace offers more options for the infiltration script. It is located a stone’s throw away from the Port of Helsinki, which is the busiest passenger port in Europe. Just look at all the ferry routes (the dashed lines cutting through the water) that unload right near the Palace (which is marked with a red star)…


There is even a ferry arriving from Saint Petersburg at 7AM on the day of the summit.

Do you think they’ll be stopping and searching all the ferries and ships coming into port for nuclear weapons? Not likely – at least not before they’re within a kilometer from the dock. With the leaders of the two top nuclear powers in the world meeting there, no one will be expecting a nuke (or so they’ll say in the aftermath).

With these advantages in its favor, the Presidential Palace is the obvious choice for the op.

[Section 5 – 3-5 July 2018] – Putin’s assassination and the Israeli invasion of southern Syria

The globalists seem to be timing the Syrian offensive in the south to bring them near the Golan Heights around the time of the summit. So once Putin is taken out and Medvedev orders Russian forces into a force protection posture back at their Syrian bases, the way will be open for Israel’s move into southern Syria. Also, with their “great protector” Putin gone, both Assad and Soleimani will be left exposed for assassination by Israel and/or Turkey (according to the script). I’ll explain the hows and whys of this by tomorrow morning.

~ MORE ~

The current Syrian government offensive in the southwest is aimed at collapsing two pockets of resistance: the (green) pocket east of Dara’a, which borders Jordan; and the (green) pocket west of Dara’a, which borders Jordan and the Israeli-held Golan Heights…

…from Gulf News

Right now, the Syrian Army seems to be primarily focused on the eastern pocket. And according to a July 2 Aljazeera report, they have taken 60% of that area in about two weeks. So if they continue at that pace, they’ll likely take the other 40% of the area in less than two weeks. This means that right before the Helsinki Summit, the eastern pocket may fall and the Syrians and Russians would start focusing the whole of their attention on the western pocket near the Golan Heights.

What happens then is hinted-at in the globalists’ preparatory propaganda…

…from Israel National News. Here is a key excerpt…

“The coalition is now advancing towards the Israeli border in the south of the Golan Heights and on Wednesday bombed the city of Nawa, only 12 kilometers from Israel.

The situation has been further complicated by the fact that the Russian Air Force is participating in the bombing of rebel positions in southern Syria.

Israel has an agreement with Russia to prevent confrontations between the IAF and the Russian Air Force in Syrian airspace.

Russia’s participation in the offensive in southern Syria will probably mean Israel will not be able to intervene militarily in southern Syria so as to keep the pro-Assad coalition away from the border on the Golan Heights.

So to proceed with their planned invasion of southern Syria, the Israelis need to get Russia to withdraw its air support, and that’s where the assassination comes in. Back when Medvedev was President of Russia, the globalists instructed him to stand idly by while the West took down Libya. And once Putin came back as president, they instructed him to “stand up to the West and stop them in Syria.” This bit of scripting helped establish Medvedev as an “extension of the West” and Putin as an “opponent of the West.”

So when Medvedev assumes the Russian presidency after the assassination, look for him to order Russian forces in Syria to stay at their bases and “avoid getting involved in war escalations while the nation mourns.” This withdrawal of air support would open the door for the Israeli invasion.

That being said, exposure of their plan may be forcing them to alter the script. After yesterday morning’s short update, the Israelis suddenly came out with a brief statement that Netanyahu will be meeting Putin in Moscow on the 11th. So is this part of the lead-up to the assassination, or is it an adjustment to their plans?

On the one hand, the meeting is happening on the 11th, a day favored by the globalists for mischief. It could be the day that Netanyahu asks Putin to withdraw air support from the Syrian offensive, gets rebuffed, then decides to proceed with the assassination (forensic analysis of the post-explosion nuclear residue will point to Israel as the actual builders of the assassination bomb).

On the other hand, the meeting could be reported as the day that Netanyahu persuades Putin to withhold Russian air support from the Golan Heights part of the Syrian offensive. It would be said that Putin agreed in order to avoid any accidental engagements between Russian and Israel forces and to avoid any accidental deaths of civilians at Russian hands. Such an agreement would cause Netanyahu to call off the assassination… for now.

As for Israel’s ambitions in southern Syria, they were laid out in a January 23, 2018 article from The Intercept. Here is the map they offered…

We can expect to see Israeli forces advance to the “Safe Zone Goal” line before stopping. They’ll try to sell it to the world as both a “humanitarian intervention” and a righteous effort to defend their borders from Iranian proxy forces. Just look at how hard the mainstream media are flogging the humanitarian angle in advance of the operation…

…from Google News

~ MORE 2 ~

So after the invasion, what comes next?

I’ve already written about the aftermath of the attack in Update 19, so I’ll give just a brief summary…

The globalist script calls for the invasion to infuriate the entire Muslim world and be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It will drive many Organisation of Islamic Cooperation nations to join Erdogan’s “Palestinian protection force” / Muslim army. And to ensure that the Turkish Army can invade Israel from Syria, Erdogan will assassinate Syria’s Assad and Iran’s Soleimani in a way that makes it look like Israel did it.

Since the press are narrating that Turkey’s F-35 stealth jets are still in the US, I suspect the Turks will use F-16s armed with stealthy SOM cruise missiles…

…from Wikipedia

Israel has a history of firing missiles on Damascus from Lebanese airspace, and the Turks can use that against them by sending their F-16s on a radar-evading low-level attack run over the Mediterranean, then releasing their missiles to follow a flight path that will take them over Lebanon to Damascus (the red line = the F-16 flight path, the yellow line = the SOM flight path)…

…from The blue circle marks a 250 km radius around Damascus. Since the SOM has a 250 km range, it can hit Damascus from any firing point inside the circle (which includes a part of the Mediterranean). And the closer they are to Damascus when they fire it, the more indirect they can make the missile’s flight path. To ensure that an Israeli standoff munition is blamed for the assassination, they’ll want the SOM to approach Damascus from due West.

Update 19 contains a lot of interesting information on what Erdogan will be doing, so make sure to read it if you haven’t already.

~ MORE 3 ~

On a related note, an article in the Air Force Times states that the Turkish pilots training to fly Turkey’s two newly-delivered F-35s will take their first flight in the planes around the end of this month / early next month. What’s interesting is that the training is taking place at Luke Air Force Base, which is roughly 120 miles from the Mexican border. So don’t be shocked if the Turkish pilots turn south and make a dash for the border. They could link up with a Turkish Air Force tanker outside US airspace and fly the jets straight home.

Of course, the Pentagon has probably a dozen different ways of remotely disabling key systems of the F-35s to make them unusable, but don’t expect them to do so. The government doesn’t want the public to know that they can remotely disable all high-end military systems whenever they wish. The globalists plan on using that technology during the War Climax Show to simulate “revolutionary electronic warfare technology” supposedly possessed by Russia, China and/or “ETs.”

The article also mentions this about the US government’s attempt to freeze Erdogan out of the F-35 program…

If the F-35 transfer is blocked, it could agitate the NATO ally to the point that use of Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base is restricted. The U.S. has depended on Incirlik to conduct its air campaign against the Islamic State in Syria.”

This blog has long tracked a scenario in which Turkey would seize American personnel, planes and nukes based at Incirlik, so this row over the F-35s may be the way they get that ball rolling.

July 3rd Supplementary Addition

Get a load of this…

…from Google

The Romanovs were killed by Communist revolutionaries exactly 100 years before the summit date. And given all the alt-media propaganda about the “Western Communist NWO” that’s swirling about right now, this anniversary “coincidence” has implications for both Trump and Putin…

…from YouTube (top) and RFERL (bottom)

Given that the Romanov assassination occurred during the night that spanned June 16/17, this raises the specter of the strike occurring after dark. In that case, we need to watch for 2 things…

1) for the summit to either be scheduled for two days (the 16th and 17th) or extended for a day, and
2) for Trump and Putin to either have a late dinner together or sleep in accommodations that are near each other.

To understand how the globalists are using fear of a “Western Communist NWO” to facilitate acceptance of their real NWO — which will be fronted by the BRICS and based on Austrian economics — read Understanding the NWO Strategy, which can also be found a little further down this page.

[Addendum – 7 July 2018] – According to press reports, Secretary of State Pompeo’s meeting with the North Koreans did not go well. So now we wait and see if Trump fires off a Twitterstorm over the weekend. Some threats against North Korea would provide a nice segue into assassination week.

[Section 6 – 8-10 July 2018] – The Week of the Dajjal

We’re mere hours away from the globalist-selected Dajjal, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, taking his oath of office to become the de facto Sultan of Turkey. After the ceremony on the 9th, he’ll depart for Turkish-occupied Cyprus on the 10th and the NATO Summit on the 11th and 12th. At some point this week or next, look for him to dispatch the Turkish drilling ship Fatih (which translates to “conqueror”) to Cypriot waters to get the war provocations started…

…from FleetMon

Since this is the first time Erdogan will be entering Europe as the “Sultan of the Restored Ottoman Empire,” keep an eye out for blue turban symbolism. It may appear at his swearing in or at his attendance of the NATO summit, where he’ll either don a blue turban or be depicted wearing one in a notable press report.

To understand why I bring up blue turban symbolism, let me show you a section I wrote back on May 8…

As I’ve explained previously, the globalists are aiming to fulfill pretty much every prophecy known to man in an effort to sell as many people as possible on the idea that we’re in the “End Times.” And Nostradamus’ “prophecies” are among those they’re trying to manifest. You’ll therefore find the following video of particular interest. It is part of an old movie on Nostradamus that tells of an Antichrist Muslim leader who will enter Europe wearing a blue turban…

…from YouTube

Iran’s Qasem Soleimani has been scripted to play this leader, but why would he enter Europe wearing a blue turban?

Because of the coming 3 million migrant invasion of Europe.

This invasion, which will be triggered by the Dajjal character played by Turkey’s Erdogan, will unleash great civil conflict in Europe. And Soleimani, who will be going into Europe under the banner of the “reformed” UN (NWO) to “reestablish order and bring peace,” will thus enter wearing a blue turban…

According to the globalist plan for TWO prophecy fulfillments, the first fulfillment has Turkey’s Erdogan playing the evil “Dajjal” character. The Dajjal will pose as an Antichrist so Soleimani’s Imam Mahdi character can pose as the savior. And in the second fulfillment, Soleimani’s Mahdi character will be revealed as another Antichrist so the globalists’ Kabbalah-Christ character can pose as the real “Jesus Christ.”

Since there will be two fulfillments, we may see two blue turbans in the near future: one worn by Erdogan and one worn by Soleimani. So don’t be surprised if you see Erdogan sporting a blue turban after the upcoming Turkish presidential election. The election will effectively make him the Caliph of Turkey, and the greatest caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, wore a turban…

…from Wikipedia

As for why the turban would be blue, it’s quite simple: Erdogan frequently wears blue suits…

…and blue is a presidential color. So look for him to wear it (either actually or symbolically) during a post-election summit with the EU, right before he “releases the hounds.”


And get a load of this…

…from Breitbart

The Justice and Development Party is Erdogan’s party, and their party colors are orange and BLUE. So don’t be shocked if he shows up at the NATO Summit in Ottoman garb – or at least the blue turban – to indicate that he has “restored the power of the Ottoman Empire” and become its sultan and caliph.

Now let me show you how Hollywood (with the Nostradamus film) and the globalist geopolitical scriptwriters (with planned events like the migrant invasion) have teamed up to fulfill Nostradamus’ predictions. Here are some quotes from the film about the man who will “enter Europe wearing a blue turban”; I’ve matched them with their corresponding fulfillments…

…He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror…

…from RT (top) and RT (bottom)

…“This king, this warlord,” Nostradamus says, “will wage war against the West”…

…from the Gatestone Institute

…The kingdom of the Fez shall come to the throne of Europe…

…from Wikipedia (top) and Google News (bottom)

…The Great One of the East by land, sea, and air with a great army shall cross with death…

…from CNN (top) and the Express (bottom)

The kingdom of the Church will be overcome by the sea

…From Persia very nearly a million, from Persia, from greater Arabia, from the kingdom of Muhammad

…from the Express

All prophecies are bullsh*t of course, but you ignore the globalists’ attempts to fulfill them at your own peril.

Now let’s take another look at the article about the secret migrant flights from Turkey to Germany…

…from the Express. Here is a key excerpt…

“Speculation has been rife that the country is ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport, fuelled by the fact every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing.”

The article goes on to offer the German government’s denials of any secret flights, so it’s quite interesting that the author states as a “fact” that “every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing.” The article offers a preliminary glimpse into the secret cooperation between the Western leaders and Erdogan. And to see how that cooperation fits into the larger context of globalist operations, let me show you something I wrote a couple of years ago. It starts by examining a couple of headlines from the Drudge Report…

In the headlines outlined in red, we see Drudge foreshadowing the Summer of Terror. Note that the two cities specifically mentioned for attack are the core power centers of the EU. The coming attacks against these power centers and the Vatican will give rise to a growing disinformation meme about an attack against “Christian civilization.” This is what the globalists want you to believe…

“Christian civilization is under full-scale assault by Islamists from without and Satanists from within. The secretly-Satanic Western elite made common cause with the Muslims to create a terrorist army and get it into the Western nations in order to bring down Christianity. The Muslims supplied the men and the Satanists opened the gates and brought them in under ‘migrant’ cover.”

This idea of a war between civilizations – Muslim versus Christian – is why Drudge added the headline (outlined in yellow) mentioning “civilizational jihad.”


Over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed some propaganda pieces that are worth pointing out. So without further ado, here is…

EXHIBIT A: This is an example of the “war of civilizations” meme I mentioned earlier in this update…
…From And here is an excerpt…

>>> Erik Prince, former CEO of private security firm Blackwater who served as a Navy SEAL and CIA asset, told Breitbart News Sunday’s Stephen K. Bannon that to win the war against radical Islamic terrorism, the United States must deny entry to people who pose a threat to America’s Christian way of life

“We have no obligation as a country to allow people in that are an inherent threat or could be an inherent threat to our way of life — to our Western Judeo-Christian civilization”… <<<

So here we have a “former” CIA asset pointing out the need to deny jihadis entry into America so that “America’s Christian way of life” and “Western Judeo-Christian civilization” can be protected. Seeing this, you have to ask yourself a question…

If the “evil Western elite” are really trying to destroy Christianity and bring in Luciferianism, Satanism, and the New Age, why is one of their CIA flunkies (Erik Prince) speaking about the need to protect Christianity?

The answer is that it’s all part of the good cop / bad cop strategy the globalists are using to bring in the real NWO. They are using the “Satanic Western elite’s unipolar world order” to scare people into the arms of the “Christian-led (Putin) multipolar world order.” This is why the fear-mongering disinformation agents who dominate the alternative media (such as Alex Jones) scream so loudly about the Western Satanists…
…and speak so positively about the “Christian” Putin…
…From (top, bottom)

Make no mistake…

The globalists are bringing in their New World Order through Putin and the BRICS, and their ultimate goal is to unite the people of the world under an updated, Kabbalized Christianity.

Now let me share a paragraph I wrote in Update 19 last month…

As part of their prophecy fulfillment plan, the globalists have had elements of their controlled alternative media narrate a “clash of civilizations” between Islam and Christendom. And according to the script of this contrived drama, the “Western Satanists and Middle-East Islamists” have struck an alliance to destroy Christian civilization. Part of their strategy to do this has been to infiltrate an Islamist army into Europe under “migrant” cover, then have the “Satanist-run” intelligence agencies of Western Europe supply them with the weapons they need to wreak havoc at the appointed time.

With this in mind, if we look at the globalists’ own statistics on the migrants, we see that roughly half of them are males of fighting age…

…from the Pew Research Center

Roughly 42% are males aged 18-35 (military age), and if you add in the teens and over-35s who are also able to fight, you easily reach over 50% — not even counting the women who will participate. So once Erdogan calls on the migrants to “take Europe for Islam” and the globalist intelligence services hand them their weapons, an army of up to half a million or more jihadis will be running wild in Europe. In comparison, do you know how many personnel are in the German Army? A paltry 60,000. In the French Army? Only 109,000. Europe will have its hands full.

So the secret migrant flights from Erdogan’s Turkey to Merkel’s Germany highlight their secret “Satanic” collaboration to take down “Western Christian Civilization,” and it’s all a contrived part of a larger plan: to bring in the New World Order, which is the gateway to their ultimate goal, the fake “Millennial Kingdom.”

On another note, guess who’s coming to dinner…

…from Hurriyet Daily News

To understand why it’s significant that the two of them, along with Ukraine’s President Poroshenko, are getting together a week before the Trump-Putin Summit, read the rest of this entry.

Over the next couple of days, I will be gathering my writings on Erdogan for a new addition to the Compendium. Here is the preface I’ve written for the section…

Erdogan’s globalist-assigned role as Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, the first of two Muslim Antichrists

The ultimate goal of the globalist plan vis-a-vis the Muslims is to destroy Islam as a religion and exterminate all Muslims who will not convert to Kabbalized Christianity. To achieve this, they have selected two of their minions, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iran’s Major General Qasem Soleimani, to play the eschatological roles of Al-Masih ad-Dajjal and the Imam Mahdi respectively.

If you are unfamiliar with Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, Erdogan’s character, here is a little about him from Wikipedia

>>> Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (“the false messiah, liar, the deceiver”) is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology. He is to appear, pretending to be al-Masih (i.e. the Messiah), before Yawm al-Qiyamah (the Day of Resurrection). He is an anti-messianic figure, comparable to the Antichrist in Christian eschatology and to Armilus in medieval Jewish eschatology. <<<

If you are also unfamiliar with the Imam Mahdi, Soleimani’s character, here is a little about him from Wikipedia

>>> The Mahdi (literally “guided one”) is an eschatological redeemer of Islam who will appear and rule for five, seven, nine or nineteen years (according to differing interpretations) before the Day of Judgment and will rid the world of evil. <<<

Of course, neither the Dajjal nor the Mahdi were included in the Quran by Allah and Muhammad. They are make-believe characters that were created by lesser men in the Hadith, a collection of writings that were assembled several generations after Muhammad’s passing.

It is the common practice of deceivers to make their lies palatable by mixing them with truths, and so it is with the men who assembled the Hadith. The Hadith were written and compiled to subvert Islam for the selfish purposes of men, and if they are not rejected as the invalid lies that they are, they will give rise to the total destruction of the Muslim world. God does not protect those who live a lie and act improperly because of it.

Using the lies of the Hadith, the globalists will have their chosen Dajjal (Erdogan) create havoc on the international stage so they can script his defeat at the hands of their chosen Mahdi (Soleimani). This will make their Dajjal appear to be a Satanic liar and their Mahdi appear to be Allah’s faithful servant. And seven years later, they will have their Mahdi lead Muslims to their destruction in the Second Battle of Armageddon.

If we cannot deter the globalists from acting on their plans for this year, the Second Battle of Armageddon will occur in the year 2025. So if you are a Muslim, you have just a little over seven years to live — unless you stop Erdogan and Soleimani. Either Islam will end or those two pretenders will end. The choice is yours.

That being said, this is what I’ve previously written about Erdogan’s role as the Dajjal…

More to come.

[Section 7 – 10-13 July 2018] – The NATO Summit and the Putin-Netanyahu meeting (continued 2)

Tomorrow is the 11th, the first day of the NATO Summit and the day Putin and Netanyahu will be meeting, and it should give us indications as to which direction the globalists will take the Trump-Putin Summit next week. This is what we’re watching for…

> Trump-confronting drama at the NATO Summit. If we see it, the assassination is more likely to go forward. But if the proceedings are portrayed as relatively cordial, it may indicate a backing-off.

> Whether Netanyahu emerges from his meeting with Putin smiling or frowning. A frown will suggest that the assassination is a go; a smile will suggest a backing-off (on the assassination by Netanyahu and on Russia’s air support for the Syrian offensive by Putin). Netanyahu would then take advantage of the Russian Air Force’s absence by launching his invasion within a week or two.

Should Putin remain alive and maintain his air support for the offensive, it indicates that the globalists are pressing the delay button once again (and there won’t be an Israeli invasion at this particular time). They’ll move on to their next contingency plan.

[Addendum – 12 July 2018] – So was there drama at the NATO Summit? Yep…

…from The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a propaganda rag for those globalists assigned to Team Atlantic Empire (to which the Russian “Atlantic Integrationists” are supposedly tied). So having them portray Trump as threatening the viability of the Empire’s military arm establishes another motive for his assassination.

On top of this, the globalists staged a public fight between Trump and Erdogan (who is scripted to be one of the ring leaders of the assassination)…

“During public portions of the meeting’s opening, Erdogan was seen involved in a lengthy, heated discussion with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump.” – from the Daily Sabah

So from the Trump side, the assassination is still an active possibility.

[Addendum – 13 July 2018] – On the Putin side, Netanyahu began his meeting with Putin with a veiled threat over Russian air support for the Syrian offensive. Right in front of the press, he mentioned the Israeli shootdown of a drone “over Israeli territory” that quite conveniently occurred while he was traveling to Moscow (the Israelis were likely piloting the drone). He then said this…

“We will continue to act decisively against any spillover and any infiltration of Israeli territory or airspace.” – from Time

At first glance, this statement might not sound like a threat. But if you take a moment to look at the circumstances of what occurred as well as what the Israelis said about it, you begin to see the sinister overtones of Netanyahu’s comments…

> The drone was over the Golan Heights when it was shot down, and as the Syrian offensive continues to approach that area, Russian warplanes will be flying closer and closer to it.

> The Israelis went out of their way to say that the drone may have accidentally crossed over the Heights before being shot down. Given the speed of combat jets and the small area they’ll be operating in, Russian aircraft could easily stray over the Heights during their air support sorties.


  • Netanyahu has said that Israel will act decisively against ANY spillover from the Syrian offensive.
  • The Israelis have established that they’ll shoot down aircraft even if they accidentally fly over the Golan Heights.
  • Both the Syrian Air Force and Russian air force fly Russian aircraft, which makes positive identification of an intruding armed aircraft difficult.

So Netanyahu’s veiled threat to Putin was this…

“If Russian planes inadvertently cross over the Golan Heights during their air support missions, we’ll shoot them down. Accidents happen, so you might want to pull back your air support.”

Given this threat, let’s watch for any Russian airstrikes near the Golan Heights over the weekend. If they occur, the assassination is still an active possibility from Putin’s side.

Next, we’ll look at a fallback scenario the globalists are setting up with Hillary Clinton and Erdogan for 2021.

[Section 8 – 13 July 2018] – Friday the 13th

Well lookie lookie here…

…from the Drudge Report

It’ll be interesting to see how the alt-media spin this. Is it a “Deep State effort to sabotage the Trump-Putin Summit” or is it “Trump adding another bargaining chip before his negotiations with Putin”?

Later – After scanning through the indictment, it looks like this will be played as an attempt by Mueller to sabotage Trump and Putin’s effort to reach agreements and team up.

Later – When I ran across this little gem a few minutes ago, I literally laughed out loud…

…from Zero Hedge

The propaganda guys are going to cartoonish lengths to establish the supposed “Deep State / Western Globalist effort to derail the Trump-Putin Summit.”

Adding to the incredible spectacle of the last few days, the Secret Service just allowed a JFK-level security breach to occur in close proximity to POTUS. Watch the video as a leftist protester is allowed to fly up to Trump while the Secret Service does nothing. You can even see Trump scurry into the building as the glider moves within striking distance of him. Such theatrics!

All the summit-sabotaging shenanigans we’ve seen today on Friday the 13th will serve as an excellent setup for one of two possible outcomes on Monday…

Putin and Trump’s “assassination” at the Helsinki Summit


Putin and Trump’s “triumph” at the Helsinki Summit

As I read the tea leaves today, the globalists appear to be on the path to delivering the latter. So tomorrow I’ll cover what will happen at the Summit if there is no assassination attempt:

a Putin-Trump agreement to withdraw all foreign forces from Syria
(Iranian, Russian, AND American).

I’ll go into all the hows and whys, including how they’ll handle the Turks, British and French, in the morning.

[Section 9 – 14 July 2018] – What will happen if there’s no assassination

Should the globalists decide against the assassination show on Monday, they will instead script a big win for the “peacemakers” Trump and Putin. It will take the form of an agreement to withdraw all foreign forces from Syria after the defeat of the final ISIS stronghold of Hajin, Syria. The withdrawal will include Russian and Iranian forces from Putin’s side and American, British and French forces from Trump’s side. And since neither US nor Russian forces will leave Syria while Turkish forces are still in the north, you’ll later see Erdogan accept a deal to withdraw in return for geographic boundaries for the Kurds. According to the script, Erdogan very much wants the withdrawal of all foreign forces; it would leave Assad as the only barrier between him and the Israeli border.

Such an agreement would be a win-win for Trump and Putin…

ON TRUMP’S SIDE, the narrative has been that he wants to withdraw US forces from Syria, but the “Deep State” twisted his arm to stay until ISIS’s final defeat…

…from an April 4, 2018 article on Vox

Well, guess what… the press are now narrating that ISIS is facing the collapse of its last major stronghold…

…from the Independent

So according to the globalist script, Putin will offer Trump Russia and Iran’s withdrawal from Syria, which will give him political cover for the American pullout. Trump will be able to say…

“ISIS is defeated. Russia is withdrawing. Iran is withdrawing. We won! Now it’s time to go!”

ON PUTIN’S SIDE, the agreement will thoroughly fulfill his stated mission for Russia’s intervention in Syria…

>>> Shortly after the operation began, Russian officials were cited as saying that, apart from fighting terrorist organisations such as ISIL, Russia’s goals included helping the Syrian government retake territory from various anti-government groups that are labelled by the U.S. and its coalition as “moderate opposition”, a broader geopolitical objective being to roll back U.S. influence. In his televised interview broadcast on 11 October 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin said the military operation had been thoroughly prepared in advance; he defined Russia’s goal in Syria as “stabilising the legitimate power in Syria and creating the conditions for political compromise.” – from Wikipedia <<<

So Putin will be able to say…

“We began the intervention in Syria to help defeat the ISIS terrorists. This mission was accomplished. We intended to help the Syrian government retake its territory from foreign proxy groups. This mission was accomplished. We intended to roll back US influence in the internal affairs of Syria and the region. With the American withdrawal, this mission is accomplished. We intended to stabilize the legitimate government of Syria. This mission was accomplished. We intended to create conditions for a political compromise. With this agreement with President Trump, this mission is accomplished and our goals are fulfilled. Now we can bring our victorious forces home.”

Putin will also be able to say that he kept his word to President Assad…

…from CNN

Given the advantages of such an agreement to both sides, this deal seems the globalists’ obvious scripting for a “Trump Triumphant” scenario. The preparatory propaganda is certainly hinting at it…

…from Google News

…even as it also talks of supposed “Neocon panic” over such a deal (which would provide the Evil Deep State characters with another strong motivation to follow through on an assassination as part of a “Vindex Falls” scenario)…

…from Zero Hedge

So will the globalists opt for the deal or the assassination show to supposedly stop the deal? I currently think it’s a little more likely that they’ll do the deal, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. We’ll find out Monday.

By the way, I wrote this back in Section 5…

The globalists seem to be timing the Syrian offensive in the south to bring them near the Golan Heights around the time of the summit…

This means that right before the Helsinki Summit, the eastern pocket may fall and the Syrians and Russians would start focusing the whole of their attention on the western pocket near the Golan Heights.

Well, lo and behold…

…from Al-Masdar News

Everything is cued-up to go in either direction.

Oh, and one more thing…

As I mentioned earlier in this entry, if a 100 kiloton nuclear attack by “ISIS terrorists” occurs, look for them to either live-stream the attack or post a pre-recorded video around the time of the attack. They’ll do this for two reasons: 1) to establish that the attack was conducted by ISIS (since the attackers will be vaporized in the blast, it will be hard for the globalists to credibly blame ISIS without video evidence), and 2) to show the bomb, which will look like this…

They’ll show the bomb in the video so people will recognize it as a “North Korean” nuke (even though it will actually be an Israeli copy). The controlled alt-media guys will go crazy measuring it and counting the number of bolts on it to prove that it’s North Korean. This is how the globalists will ignite the Asian part of the war.

[Section 10 – 15 July 2018] – The Summit is now hours away, so what will we see? A mushroom cloud? A pandemic? A deal on Syria? The best outcome would be a few quick meetings followed by a meaningless agreement and a quick afternoon departure, just like the Singapore Summit. Such a result would indicate that the globalists abandoned any big plans they had for it.

Here are two more things to watch for as we go into tomorrow…

1) A “Deep State” chemical false flag in Syria to prevent a Syria agreement at the Summit.

2) A “sonic attack” on Trump and/or Putin like those the American diplomats have been suffering around the world. If such an attack were to “incapacitate” Trump, he could be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. The presence of sonic weapons could be another reason for the seagulls leaving town.

Let’s just hope the seagulls left because of non-weaponized sonic emitters the Finns used to drive out the birds and clean up before the Summit — a measure they would publicly deny to avoid pissing off the environmentalists.

The Helsinki Summit and “Disease X”

A reader passed along a rather curious article this morning…

…from Sputnik

Back during the Singapore Summit, I warned about a possible biological method of assassination whereby an agent that takes a week or more to manifest infection symptoms would be administered to the target(s). They would then leave the Summit feeling fine only to die of an “untreatable” infection days later. And if you think about it, there are two ways to accomplish such a hit: 1) directly infect the target(s) from close range, or 2) infect the hosting city before the target’s arrival, leading to the infection of the target while he’s there. So did the seagulls sense something in the air? Are they feeling ill?

Given the extensive research the Soviet Union conducted on biological agents and dispersal mechanisms, it’s certainly within the capabilities of the FSB to infect a city (and then point the finger at ISIS). And if it’s been done, it’s already too late for the people of Helsinki (and everywhere else).

Helsinki is a very busy transportation hub for people traveling all over Europe. So if a communicable biological agent was released there in the past week or so, it’s already spreading globally (helped along by people from all over the world who are mixing together at the World Cup). And its spread will enable the globalists to activate the “Disease X” lockdown scenario for which they’ve been preparing the public…

…from Newsweek

If “Disease X” is a highly-communicable bird flu engineered to have a slow (7-17 day) incubation period in humans, might it affect seagulls more quickly?

The net effect of a Disease X outbreak in Helsinki is that both Putin and Trump will pretend to die from it (rest assured that they’ve been inoculated against the agent and that the infection is treatable for “the right people”). And this would elevate Pence and Medvedev to the presidencies, with the “pandemic” giving them an excuse to do their police state lockdown right off the bat.

Let’s hope the seagulls come back.

To read the previous entry, click here: Globalist Agenda Watch: Update 19 – The Status of Ongoing Globalist Operations.

For the latest information, visit the Home Page.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: Update 19 – The Status of Ongoing Globalist Operations

(This post was published on the Home Page from June 13 – June 26)

In this entry, we’ll check in on all the event triggers and plots the globalists are attempting to set up and carry out this year. And we’ll start with Erdogan’s planned invasion of Israel (see Update 18 for background information on this plot).

Today at 3PM EDT(US), the United Nations General Assembly will hold another meeting of the 10th Emergency Special Session on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this meeting, they will overwhelmingly pass a Turkish/Algerian draft resolution calling for an “international protection force” for the Palestinians. And while I’ve been unable to track down an online copy of the draft resolution, I did come across one element of it in a press report…

>>> The draft resolution “requests the [UN] Secretary-General to examine the present situation and to submit a written report, as soon as possible, but not later than 60 days from the adoption of the present resolution, containing, inter alia, his proposals on ways and means for ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation, including, inter alia, recommendations regarding an international protection mechanism”. – from the Andalou Agency <<<

So once the resolution passes, the question will be…

Will it contain language that Erdogan can seize upon to quickly move an initial protection force into place before or slightly after the Turkish election (June 24), or will he have to wait till August?

Once the passed resolution is posted online, I’ll dig through it to get the answer.

~ MORE 1 ~

The resolution has passed by a vote of 120-8, so now I wait for them to post the text of the resolution on the UN website.

~ MORE 2 ~

I’ve read through the resolution, and they’ve essentially pressed the delay button until the Secretary General issues his report. Although the report deadline is in mid-August, it’s possible it could be completed in July, especially if there is an “urgent need” due to “increasing Israeli atrocities.” Should they wait until mid-August, though, the invasion will occur in September, right on time for the “Battle of Armageddon.”

“Erdogan’s Plan” to Assassinate the “Two Great Christian Leaders” in Austria

As part of their prophecy fulfillment plan, the globalists have had elements of their controlled alternative media narrate a “clash of civilizations” between Islam and Christendom. And according to the script of this contrived drama, the “Western Satanists and Middle-East Islamists” have struck an alliance to destroy Christian civilization. Part of their strategy to do this has been to infiltrate an Islamist army into Europe under “migrant” cover, then have the “Satanist-run” intelligence agencies of Western Europe supply them with the weapons they need to wreak havoc at the appointed time.

With this in mind, have a look at what is happening in Austria right now…

…from Breitbart. Here are some striking excerpts…

>>> Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked Austria’s impending closure of mosques and consequent expulsion of Turkish-funded imams, saying the move is anti-Islamic while promising a response…

Mr. Erdogan, speaking Saturday, said: “They say they’re going to kick our religious men out of Austria. Do you think we will not react if you do such a thing?”

“That means we’re going to have to do something,” he added without elaborating…

The new policy comes after a number of scandals involving mosques in Austria, including one in which Islamists were plotting to overthrow the government to replace it with an Islamic caliphate. The ATIB association came under fire last week when a Turkish mosque posted images of young children swearing oaths to the Turkish state.” <<<

And can you guess where they’re currently planning to hold the Trump-Putin Summit? Here is some preparatory propaganda about it that came out this week…

>>> At present a Trump-Putin summit carries a literal life-and-death urgency. There must be a clear understanding between the leaders of the two nuclear superpowers before some mishap somewhere results in unimaginable catastrophe for both countries and for the whole world.

The summit must happen – soon. Judging from their statements both presidents agree, and Austria has already offered to host the meeting in Vienna. – from The Washington Times <<<

Within the prophecy fulfillment / “Clash of Civilizations” stage play, Erdogan is playing a character named Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, the Muslim version of the Anti-Christ. So when the “two great Christian leaders,” Trump and Putin, show up in Austria this summer, the Dajjal can retaliate against Austria and “destroy the heart of the Christian resistance” in one fell swoop. And the most likely method of assassination will be “ISIS detonating a North Korean nuke in Vienna.”

I have lots more information on this scenario, and I’ll write about it in intricate detail if they foolishly attempt to go forward with it.

Why Rome also will be nuked by Erdogan

According to the globalist script, it was inevitable that Erdogan would butt heads with the new “populist government” of Austria and its anti-migrant policies. That being said, can you think of another European country that just got a new anti-migrant “populist government”?…

…from The New York Times

Italy’s new government has already moved to block the arrival of a migrant ship, and in a remarkable “coincidence,” their capital city also hosts one of the “great Christian leaders,” the Pope. So it’s only a matter of time before the script has Erdogan spitting fire at them. And just like a well-timed nuclear attack against Austria’s capital city would bring the death of two of Christianity’s “great leaders,” Trump and Putin, another such attack against Italy’s capital city would bring the death of the third. A destroyed Vatican would “decapitate the Crusaders” once and for all.

If the globalists proceed with their war plan this year, a nuclear attack on Rome is almost a certainty. The “prophesied” fiery destruction of Rome is something their premier Christian prophecy propagandist, Tom Horn, has heavily promoted. With “prophetic” quote after “prophetic” quote, he says that “the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed” at a time of “apostasy and the rise of the False Prophet and Antichrist.”

Here is the apostasy…

…from YouTube (top) and Life Site News (bottom)

Here is the false prophet…

…from The Wild Voice

And here is Pope Francis assisting in the rise of the Antichrist…

…from Sputnik

After the planned Islamist Intifada in Europe, people will think that Erdogan was the Antichrist. But when the NWO approaches its 3.5 year mark, the globalists will make sure the public realize that Putin, who will have defeated Erdogan, “was the real Antichrist all along” — that “he had Erdogan pretend to be the Antichrist so he could pretend to be Christ.” And 3.5 years after that, the globalists will present us with their “real Christ” who will defeat Putin.

Erdogan’s war on the EU will begin in Cyprus

If you are a longtime reader, you may remember that we tracked a developing scenario back in March that involved a Turkish drill ship violating Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to start a confrontation with the EU (Cyprus is an EU member state). Here are some key excerpts from back then…

To provide a little historical context to what’s happening now…

>>> On 15 July 1974, the Greek military junta under Dimitrios Ioannides carried out a coup d’etat in Cyprus, to unite the island with Greece. The coup ousted president Makarios III and replaced him with pro-enosis nationalist Nikos Sampson. In response to the coup, five days later, on 20 July 1974, the Turkish army invaded the island, citing a right to intervene to restore the constitutional order from the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee. This justification has been rejected by the United Nations and the international community. – from Wikipedia <<<

This Turkish invasion led to the partitioning of the island, and the Turks subsequently established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is “a partially recognised state that comprises the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey, Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey’s claim on resources in the Cyprus EEZ is based on this Northern Cyprus puppet regime, which is not recognized by the UN or the “international community.” So when Cyprus requests assistance in keeping the Turks out of their EEZ, the US and EU will respond under the pretext of “upholding international law.” And their successful expulsion of the Turkish drill ship and navy will lead to Erdogan’s “embarrassment and outrage,” thus spurring his cancellation of the migrant deal.

Here is how the confrontation spiral may develop:

1) Turkey will send the drill ship into Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
2) The Cyprus Navy will send their patrol boats to confront it.
3) Turkey will then send some of their large warships to intimidate the patrol boats.
4) Cyprus will reach out to the US and EU navies for assistance, which will be provided.
5) An “outraged” Erdogan will “release the hounds.”

Of course, when the big events they had planned for that timeframe got cancelled, the whole drill ship confrontation scenario got put on the back burner… until this month…

The Turkish drillship Fatih, formerly DeepSea Metro II, is close to Antalya in Turkey on with the intention of heading at some point soon for the Eastern Mediterranean to begin deep-sea drilling, possibly close to or inside Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Observers expect the drillship to remain in Antalya until after the Turkish elections on June 24. According to Politis, its sources said any drilling actions by Turkey in the region could trigger tensions, not only around Cyprus but also in Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

It said, the arrival of the Fatih, (‘Conqueror’ in Turkish)…” – from a June 5 Cyprus-Mail article

So this is the trigger scenario the globalists now plan to use to get the Erdogan-EU war started after the Turkish election. Following the naval confrontation, Erdogan will cancel the migrant deal and flood the EU with a new wave of migrants. Later, he’ll kick off the European Intifada when he hits the Trump-Putin summit and/or the Vatican.

[ALERT Addendum – 17 June 2018] – Be on the lookout for a Turkish strike against Assad and Soleimani in the coming weeks. Turkey is taking delivery of its first F-35 stealth jet on June 21 (right here in Fort Worth), just three days before the Turkish election. This jet would be the perfect instrument to strike the two leaders without warning. Look for it to possibly happen during a meeting of the two, and look for the strike to initially be blamed on Israel.

Also be on the lookout for an imminent Israeli military incursion into southern Syria “to establish a buffer zone between Israel and Iranian forces in the area.” This incursion may be accompanied by or followed by a massive Israeli and/or US Coalition air assault on Syrian and Iranian forces throughout the country.

Israel and the US will ostensibly be doing this to “kick Iran out of Syria,” but the real purpose is to clear the way for Turkish forces to roll down through Syria to attack Israel for the “Battle of Armageddon.” Surviving government and rebel forces in Syria will then be eager to join with Erdogan to push Israel out of Syria and destroy her completely.

[ALERT Addendum, Part 2 – 19 June 2018] – I stumbled across all this by observing currently unfolding events and by watching a prophecy propaganda interview of Joel Richardson on Tom Horn’s Skywatch TV network — an interview that begins with what appears to be a thumb-on-knuckle Masonic handshake

Near the end of the interview at the 23:33 mark, Richardson brings up something I haven’t heard out of them before. And he prefaces his remarks by talking of the need to be humble when interpreting the Bible (because he knows he is about to give a deliberately misleading, halfway accurate prediction).

He suggests that before the Gog-Magog War begins, there will be a “massive regional Iranian-Turkish war first” and that “we may be seeing that right now with Iran invading all the way over to Syria and eventually Turkey responding.” “ Turkey’s already invading Syria right now,” he adds. He then offers the reason for the preliminary war with a question: “How is it that we expect Iran to come under a Turkish-led coalition, unless one is defeated?”

Upon hearing this, it didn’t take long to realize what he’s driving towards.

The globalists have neither the time nor inclination to stage a big war between Turkey and Iran before Gog-Magog, but they do have both the time and inclination to stage an assassination. Within the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, Erdogan is playing Islam’s Satanic false messiah, the Dajjal, and Iran’s Qasem Soleimani is playing the real messiah, the Mahdi. So the scriptwriters will have the Dajjal strike down the Mahdi in a fake assassination before Gog-Magog begins. The Mahdi will then be “resurrected” to return at the climax of the “Battle of Armageddon,” which will culminate Gog-Magog.

Previously, I had been wondering how they would get Turkey, Iran and Syria to cooperate in the invasion of Israel. And thanks to the propagandists at Skywatch TV and current events, I now know how they’ll do it…

1) They’ll have Israel invade southern Syria, which will make every Muslim fighting in every faction in Syria want to stop fighting each other and start fighting Israel.

On the same day I listened to the Skywatch TV interview, I saw this in the news…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Hezbollah and Iranian- backed Shi’ite militias are concentrating in an area dubbed the “triangle of death” near the Golan Heights, as the Syrian regime prepares its major post-Ramadan offensive.

The offensive is designed to defeat the rebels in southern Syria and has raised concerns in Jerusalem, Washington, Moscow and Amman as a potential crisis looms.

This comes as Israel continues warning the Syrian regime to remove Iranian forces from the country. <<<

For a while now, Israel has been supporting a group of Muslim militias in southern Syria to supposedly keep Iranian forces away from the Israeli border. But this supposed post-Ramadan Syrian offensive threatens to displace those militias and leave Iran-backed militias in their place. This is something Netanyahu will not accept.

So if you combine this with recent news of Israeli reservists being activated for a surprise “drill” near the Golan Heights, you start to see that the IDF will be pushing into southern Syria to ostensibly stop Iran from getting closer to their border. And as the Jerusalem Post article suggests, Netanyahu will not confine his air support for the operation to southern Syria. He’ll be hitting Iranian forces everywhere in the country.

2) They’ll have Israel and the US Coalition hobble Iranian and government forces in Syria with massive airstrikes. This will save Erdogan from having Muslim blood on his hands as he moves his forces through Syria.

In addition to the Israeli air campaign hinted-at in the Jerusalem Post article, we’ve seen this warning coming out of Russia…

…from Zero Hedge

So when the Syrian offensive in the south begins, we may also see a chemical false-flag blamed on the Syrian government that will unleash US Coalition airstrikes on government forces. The result would be a massive combined air campaign in which the IDF would focus on Iranian targets in Syria and the Coalition would focus on Syrian government targets.

3) They’ll have Erdogan (the Dajjal) assassinate Soleimani (the Mahdi) in a way that looks like Israel did it (probably with a stealth air strike). This, plus the airstrikes from point 2, will result in Iran blaming Israel and the US for the deaths of Soleimani and their forces.

And since they’ll have no organized forces left in Syria, Iran will…

  • order their surviving men to fight alongside the remnants of the Syrian army in the invasion of Israel
  • support Soleimani’s invasion of Israel with their rocket forces
  • possibly unleash a few “North Korean-made nukes” on the US

Back on March 29, I wrote this…

Israel just established their capability to take out Soleimani wherever he may be…

…from the Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Sources quoted in Al-Jarida stated that two stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, and even targeted locations in the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz. <<<

Syria, Iraq and Iran are the places Qasem Soleimani spends the bulk of his time, so if the stealth fighters can fly through those nations undetected, they can get to him any time they want.

At that time, I expected Netanyahu to take out Soleimani in order to enrage the Iranians into attacking Israel. But now that I think about the planned Soleimani assassination show within the context of the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan, it seem only natural that the Dajjal will be the one to kill the Mahdi, and that he’ll do it in a way that casts suspicion on Israel. And since the Israelis made such a big deal about threatening Iran with their stealth strike capabilities, a stealth jet attack will do nicely as a means of assassination.

As I pointed out in the alert, Erdogan will get his first stealth jet on June 21st, and this is the official plan they’ve had for it…

>>> Turkey should be officially delivered the first of 100 F-35As on order, on Jun. 21, in the U.S.

Two TuAF pilots are currently being trained in the U.S.; after the training is completed, and another stealth aircraft is delivered, the F-35 jets are planned to be brought to Turkey in September of 2019. The trained pilots will fly the two F-35s from the U.S., accompanied by a refueling plane… – from The Aviationist <<<

So the world thinks that Turkey’s first stealth aircraft won’t arrive in Turkey until late 2019, but will they really wait that long? The globalists have arranged for both Israel and the US Congress to talk about denying Turkey any F-35s, thus giving the Turks motivation to fly it home immediately. And to ostensibly avoid triggering the Israelis and the Congress, both the Pentagon and the Turks will want to do it quietly. We may not learn about it until after the war.

Once enough time has elapsed to fly the F-35 from Fort Worth to Turkey, the globalists will be free to stage the Soleimani assassination any time they wish. And to ensure that Erdogan will eventually get credit for the strike, they may employ a Turkish SOM cruise missile…

…Here’s more about the SOM: 1, 2.

In case the Turkish F-35 isn’t mission-ready at the chosen time, they’ll make sure the Israelis have a SOM to fire from one of their F-35s. Netanyahu and Erdogan work for the same people after all.

Both the F-35 and the SOM are stealthy, so the total lack of radar warning before the missile impact will lead everyone to conclude that it was a stealth attack. And given that everyone knows of Israel’s stealth capability and no one will suspect that Turkey’s is operational, the blame will naturally fall on Israel (until after the war when the missile debris is objectively analyzed).

4) They’ll have someone assassinate Assad. It could be Erdogan, Netanyahu, or the US “Deep State” that ultimately gets the historical credit, but the initial war-starting blame will be put on Netanyahu’s shoulders…

…from the Independent

Assad’s death will leave Syria in disorder, and the Syrians will then be eager to fall in behind a strong leader, Erdogan, to strike at Israel.

As for when this chain of events will be set in motion, the first time window is June 21- June 25. But the climactic battle won’t likely take place until early September…

…from Google

[Addendum – 20 June 2018] – The Lubavitchers plot the Jordanian invasion of Israel

Before I tell you what happened yesterday, here is a bit of background on what’s been going on in Jordan from a previous entry

Shifting our gaze to the Middle East, there are IMF austerity-inspired protests underway in Jordan. And such unrest could potentially lead to the fall of the existing government led by Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki. This would be significant because Mulki “chaired the negotiating committee which produced the Israel-Jordan peace treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994.” So a new government would likely be anti-IMF, anti-West, and anti-Israel. And the press have already been narrating Jordan’s king growing closer to Erdogan.

The globalists may be orchestrating this in order to open Jordan to Erdogan’s invasion force for Israel. Israel would then face invasion from the north (Lebanon and Syria), east (Jordan), and south (Egypt) in September. It would literally take a miracle to save Israel from all that, and that’s exactly what the globalists have planned.

Fast forwarding now to yesterday, Lubavitch agents Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt met with Jordan’s King Abdullah. A day before they arrived, Abdullah also received a visit from Benjamin Netanyahu, who has his own Lubavitch connections…

…from YouTube

The meetings were no doubt coordination efforts in preparing the invasion of Israel from the east, and they followed a political development that moved Jordan in that direction…

…from Albawaba News. Here is an excerpt…

Jordan’s new prime minister will be more responsive to the public mood than his predecessor, who quit on Monday, analysts have said.

King Abdullah accepted Hani Al-Mulki’s resignation after nearly a week of street protests against a draft tax law linked to an economic package from the International Monetary Fund.

Al-Mulki’s fate was sealed at a face-to-face meeting with the king at the Husseiniya palace on Sunday night, sources said. Local media reported that the education minister, Omar Al-Razzaz, has been asked to form a government.”

So if the new Jordanian Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, is going to be more responsive to the public mood, what might that mean for Israel?…

…from The Times of Israel

It should also be noted that Razzaz’s father, Munif Razzaz, was an Arab nationalist who was murdered while under house arrest. Here is a bit of his ideology — the ideology under which Omar was raised…

>>> Resentments towards the Western powers for creating Israel could never be forgotten Razzaz believed, and the creation of Israel led to the popular demand of an end to all Western tutelage in the Arab world. Razzaz claimed that Arab nationalism was the conflict between two forces; the reactionary classes and the masses. The reactionary classes were inefficient vassals of Western capitalist imperialism who had betrayed the nation, while the masses were “anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-Zionist, and in favour of unity, freedom, socialism and neutralism.” – from Wikipedia <<<

So now his son Omar is in position to help bring about the destruction of Israel and see his father’s dream fulfilled. It’s some rather Disney-esque scripting on the globalists’ part, but I’m sure the ladies will like it.

[Addendum – 21 June 2018] – I stumbled upon an article today that raises some interesting questions…

…from Zero Hedge

Question 1: Are we only two weeks away from the Trump-Putin summit? The NATO Summit takes place on July 11-12 in Brussels, so will Trump first swing by Austria to see Putin?

Question 2: Are the scriptwriters working in some angle in which the UK Establishment assists Erdogan in the Trump-Putin assassinations?…

…from The Times

Will ISIS be getting a chemical/biological/radiological agent from the people responsible for the Skripal spectacle? Or help in smuggling a “North Korean nuke” into Vienna?

Here’s another thing…

On the day before the 22nd (the most likely day for the beginning of the mischief outlined in the ALERT), Netanyahu’s wife gets indicted…

…from The Jerusalem Post

A new war in Syria would provide Netanyahu with a timely distraction, don’t you think? And that’s precisely what the scriptwriters want you to think: that what’s about to happen is driven by political forces, not occult agendas.

[Addendum – 22 June 2018] – It’s getting very close now…

…from Al-Masdar News. Here is an excerpt regarding the element of the offensive that will trigger the coming Israeli incursion…

“In addition to the upcoming assault on northeast Dara’a, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies from the National Defense Forces (NDF) have also moved in position to launch their Al-Quneitra offensive.

With the jihadist rebels launching several attacks on Al-Quneitra recently, the Syrian military has made the decision to kickoff this operation in the coming days.

The U.S. State Department has warned the Syrian and Russian governments against launching this offensive; however, Damascus has ignored Washington’s calls regarding this upcoming operation.

The Israelis have had their militia proxy forces attack Syrian forces in Quneitra to goad the Syrians into launching the offensive. Once they do, the Israeli incursion and air strikes will begin. The last paragraph about the Syrians and Russians ignoring US warnings hints at the US Coalition airstrikes to come.

What’s going on with Merkel and Erdogan

Before I show you what I want to show you today, let’s review a little background information from a couple of previous entries…

They have pressed the replay button for Erdogan’s migrant invasion / intifada in Europe. I wrote about this in [Update 17 – 17 May 2018] – The Dajjal, Turkey’s Erdogan, prepares his invasions of Israel and Europe. Here is the relevant section…

>>> On the European front, the globalists have installed another trigger for Erdogan’s “migrant invasion of Christendom.” The Turkish presidential election that will give him new powers is scheduled for June 24. And the next EU summit to deal with the migrant problem is scheduled for June 28-29. This close timing is no mere coincidence.

The globalist script will have Erdogan either win the election with clear signs of improprieties or be forced into a second round election with his power in jeopardy. So less than a week after the first round of the election, they’ll have him pick a fight with Europe to either distract the Turkish people from the voting improprieties or create an emergency that will forestall the second round of the election. <<<

Now if we look at the economic troubles that are flaring up on Erdogan right now, as well as the uniting of the opposition parties against him, there is talk that he could lose the election or at least the first round. This is in keeping with the scenario I’ve outlined.

In the May 8 Special Note, I talked about the globalist attempt to artificially fulfill the “prophecies” of Nostradamus, and I said this…

>>> So don’t be surprised if you see Erdogan sporting a blue turban after the upcoming Turkish presidential election. The election will effectively make him the Caliph of Turkey, and the greatest caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, wore a turban…

…look for him to wear it (either actually or symbolically) during a post-election summit with the EU, right before he “releases the hounds.” <<<

With the idea of Erdogan showing up in the EU after the election in mind, get a load of this…

…from the Hurriyet Daily News

On the day after this report showed up in the Turkish media, the German media refuted it, perhaps based on the improper protocol of the invitation. But these competing accounts raise an obvious question…

Did Merkel really invite Erdogan, or has Erdogan invited himself?

The second round of the Turkish election will occur, if needed, on July 8. So according to the mainstream narrative, if Erdogan fails to secure a majority of the vote on June 24, he’ll have two weeks to do something to get the Turkish people to “rally around the flag.” Showing up at the EU Summit or in Berlin in the days that follow will provide him with the perfect opportunity to pick a fight with the EU over their migration policies.

Also, let’s not forget that the press are narrating the potential fall of Merkel’s government; her coalition partner has supposedly given her till the end of June to toughen Germany’s migration policies. So if her meeting with Erdogan triggers a massive new wave of migrants, the globalists can take things in one of two directions…

1) they can trigger the immediate fall of Merkel’s government and stage a populist uprising that will sweep through Germany and the rest of Europe, or

2) they can have Merkel, Macron, and other Establishment EU leaders declare states of emergency “in an attempt to hold on to power and loot the banks.” This would be followed by a “populist revolution” that would force them out of power.

Now let’s look at the timing of all this…

If the globalists follow the natural course of events as they’ve set them up, we’ll see an imminent Israeli incursion into southern Syria. This would be followed by Erdogan showing up in the EU next week, picking a fight, and then releasing a massive new wave of migrants. Trump would then arrive in Europe in the following week for the (now urgent) NATO Summit and Putin Summit/Assassination. After that, Erdogan will unleash the European intifada, in which we’ll see mass shootings, IEDs that blow high speed trains off their tracks, missiles that shoot airliners out of the sky, etc.

As a “shock and awe” alternative timing, they could set off all these events over the course of the Fourth of July through Friday the 13th timeframe next month.

[Addendum – 23-24 June 2018] – Trump’s Lubavitchers, Kushner and Greenblatt, were in Egypt on Thursday arranging the invasion of Israel from the south and west…

…from The Times of Israel

That being the case, I think it timely to review what we’ve learned about Chabad’s involvement in arranging the coming hot phase of the “Gog-Magog War” and its concluding “Battle of Armageddon.” So I’ve added a new section near the top of the Compendium article (which is further down this page). Here are the new section’s title and introduction…

How and why the Chabad-Lubavitch cult is steering the Middle East towards war

In Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch, I showed the intimate connections both Trump and Putin have with the Kabbalist Chabad-Lubavitch “End Times” cult. And in this section, I’ll show you how Chabad is connected to all the other big players in the Middle East peace war process, as well as how Chabad is connected to the Mossad. These connections are significant because the Kabbalists are the ones pushing for an “End Times” war in the Middle East. They’re doing it so they can bring in the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach), a role they’ve cast Vladimir Putin to play.

To read it, scroll down to the Compendium or enter “Compendium” into your browser’s FIND feature and skip down to the 8th result.

~ MORE ~

In addition to visiting Jordan and Egypt during their Middle East “peace” tour, Trump’s Lubavitchers also visited Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Israel — the three nations that will be involved in the planned false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack. The current battle for the Yemeni Port of Hodeidah is being staged to create a desperate situation for the Houthis which will be pointed-to as “the reason they launched the missile attack on Al-Udeid Airbase, Prince Sultan Airbase, and Tel Aviv.”

I’ve posted what I’ve written about this false-flag in a new addition to the Compendium.

Another thing to note about the Lubavitcher “peace” tour is that Kushner has said the peace plan will be ready “soon.” Expect to hear them either announce the plan or announce a release date for it prior to Trump’s trip to Europe. This will reestablish one of the motives for Trump’s assassination: “Netanyahu wanted to stop Trump’s peace plan and its concessions to the Palestinians.”

~ MORE 2 ~

The Guardian is reporting that “Russian media quoted the Kremlin as saying on Tuesday there were no plans for a meeting between Trump and Putin before a Nato summit in Brussels on 11-12 July.” So this means the meeting will likely occur on Friday the 13th — a perfect day for an assassination.

If you recall what happened a few weeks ago, the globalists staged a dramatic confrontation between Trump and the other G7 leaders right before he flew to Singapore for the last planned assassination opportunity at the Trump-Kim summit. And now they’ll stage similar drama at the NATO Summit immediately before he flies to Vienna for the next planned assassination opportunity at the Trump-Putin summit.

Getting back to the Trump-Kim summit, have you noticed that there’s been no real progress on a peace deal since then? That’s because they weren’t planning on the attendees to be alive after the summit. All that came out of the summit process was North Korea froze their warhead and missile tests and the US froze their wargames, thus effectively implementing Putin and Xi’s “freeze for freeze” proposal. So even in their retreats, the globalists make lemonade out of lemons: they added to Putin’s “peacemaker” mythos.

[Addendum – 24 June 2018] – Erdogan has been declared the winner of the Turkish presidential election, and reports of vote rigging are already coming out. If the globalists intend to proceed with what they have planned, you’ll see LOTS of news about election irregularities and mass protests in Turkey. According to the script, this is what will drive him to Europe to confront the EU leaders and distract the Turkish populace.

[Addendum – 26 June 2018] – So far, so good. Despite the initial article about Turkish police impounding a car filled with election ballots, the globalists have not driven the Turkish people to the streets with reports of election fraud. Now we wait to see if Erdogan shows up at the EU Summit or in Germany under the pretext of “combating Anti-Muslim migration policies.” We also wait to see if/when the Turkish drillship Fatih shows up in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone. Erdogan may be scripted to send it in response to the EU Summit’s failure to set migrant policy according to his wishes.

Meanwhile, in Syria, the script has the US luring the Syrian Army into a trap…

…from The Guardian

In signaling that the US won’t intervene in the Syrian offensive in southern Syria, the US is doing to the Syrians what they did to Saddam Hussein before his invasion of Kuwait. And we all saw what happened after that. Of course, the US can “keep their word” on this matter by intervening after a conveniently timed false-flag chemical attack instead. 😉

To read the previous entry, click here: Trump-Kim Summit Assassination Watch (completed).

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