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June 11 – 30 is shaping up to be a sh*tstorm (+ other notes)

As I’ve monitored the news for the past week, I’ve gotten the distinct feeling that the globalists have pressed the replay button on many things they attempted earlier in the year, and a number of planned events are converging in mid-to-late June. Let’s look at what’s happening point-by-point…

1) They seem to be pressing the replay button on a progressive financial system collapse with the black swan events in Italy…

…from The Hill

If you recall, they attempted to get the financial collapse ball rolling back on February 2nd when the Dow plunged 666 points, its steepest point decline since the 2008 financial crisis. That was a Friday, and on the following Monday we saw this…

…from CNN

But a point was reached when they decided to cancel the mischief they had planned for the February-March timeframe, and they reinflated the market. Now they’re starting to deflate it again in advance of their planned June mischief.

2) They have pressed the replay button for the trade war with China…

…from Nikkei. Here is an excerpt…

>>> After declaring the trade war “on hold,” U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration says it will proceed with tariffs against Chinese goods as he tries to gain leverage in talks with Beijing.

The final list of targeted goods will be announced by June 15, with the tariffs imposed “shortly thereafter,” the White House said in a statement on Tuesday.

A 25% tariff will be imposed on $50 billion in imported Chinese goods containing “industrially significant technology,” the statement said. <<<

According to the globalist script, this June 15 deadline will motivate the “Deep State” to assassinate him before it comes, thus saving the liberal trade system the “Deep State” has spent decades constructing. And this is a repeat of what they did earlier this year…

…from The Japan News

The original deadline of early June was intended to provide scripted motivation for a May 14 assassination of Trump in Jerusalem. But since they had to cancel the May 14 assassination, they also had to cancel the early June tariff implementation. And now they’ve rescheduled it for June 15 to accommodate the new assassination dates of June 12 and June 25…

  • If Trump is assassinated on June 12, he won’t be alive to announce the new tariffs on June 15.
  • If Trump is assassinated on June 25, he won’t be alive to implement the new tariffs, since no implementation would be attempted before the Chinese show up to sign the peace treaty.

Should the globalists be forced to cancel the assassination once again, they’ll also cancel the tariffs once again, and this will be the narrative they’ll offer the public…

“Trump’s threat to impose the new tariffs was aimed at deterring the Chinese from interfering with the Korean peace process and ensuring they’d sign the peace treaty once the negotiations were complete. Since the Chinese backed off and played ball, Trump backed off on the tariffs.”

3) They are pressing the replay button on releasing Trump’s Middle East “peace plan” for sometime after June 14 (the end date of Ramadan)…

…from Haaretz

Although there are conflicting reports on when Trump may formally announce his “peace plan,” it makes sense that he’ll do it after declaring victory on Korean peace, so it could happen as early as mid-to-late June. And regardless of when the announcement comes, it makes sense that he’ll start giving it his full attention after he inks his Korea deal on June 12 or June 25. According to the script, this means Trump will be pressuring Netanyahu and his Zionists into making unacceptable concessions, which gives them a motivation to kill him before he can build momentum for his plan.

Before the previous assassination date of May 14, they were saying the plan would be announced “shortly after” the Jerusalem embassy opening, which provided Netanyahu and Co. with motivation to assassinate him during his visit to Jerusalem. But when the globalists cancelled the operation and Trump’s visit, they had to put off the peace plan announcement until after their next try at staging the assassination show.

To see why Trump’s “peace plan” is unacceptable to Netanyahu and the Zionists, read [Special Note – 4 May 2018] – Lubavitchers meet in Washington to establish the motive for Trump’s assassination. After you click on the link, you’ll have to scroll down to see the Special Note.

4) They have pressed the replay button on the “Deep State exposure that leads to a desperate counterattack to save themselves and their agenda” ploy…

…from the Daily Mail

Before each of the recent assassination time windows, I’ve noticed the globalists releasing “damning information about the Deep State” that creates a scripted motivation for the “Deep State” to kill Trump and replacing him with Pence. So this new damning information release, the IG report, will come out on June 5, exactly one week before Trump is in Singapore. And here are articles from the mainstream and controlled alternative media that talk about how it will make the “Deep State” desperate…

…from RealClearPolitics/The Hill (top) and All News Pipeline (bottom)

What would be a more massive false-flag than an assassination on June 12 or 25?

5) They have pressed the replay button for Erdogan’s migrant invasion / intifada in Europe. I wrote about this in [Update 17 – 17 May 2018] – The Dajjal, Turkey’s Erdogan, prepares his invasions of Israel and Europe. Here is the relevant section…

On the European front, the globalists have installed another trigger for Erdogan’s “migrant invasion of Christendom.” The Turkish presidential election that will give him new powers is scheduled for June 24. And the next EU summit to deal with the migrant problem is scheduled for June 28-29. This close timing is no mere coincidence.

The globalist script will have Erdogan either win the election with clear signs of improprieties or be forced into a second round election with his power in jeopardy. So less than a week after the first round of the election, they’ll have him pick a fight with Europe to either distract the Turkish people from the voting improprieties or create an emergency that will forestall the second round of the election.

Now if we look at the economic troubles that are flaring up on Erdogan right now, as well as the uniting of the opposition parties against him, there is talk that he could lose the election or at least the first round. This is in keeping with the scenario I’ve outlined.

With all these pressings of the replay button set before us, it’s easy to see how June could be the month the shi’ite hits the fa’an. I’ll therefore start drafting the warning entry for what may come on June 11/12.

(Note – 1-2 June 2018) – The US-North Korea summit is being held at a location that leaves Trump and Kim wide open to the type of nuclear assassination I’ve been predicting. According to the Washington Post, preparations for the summit meetings are already underway at the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa resort island…

…from Google Maps

If we look a little closer, we see the hotel is only 900 feet from the beach, which makes it a sitting duck for an attack by a nuke-carrying minisub or swimmer delivery vehicle…

…from Google Maps

Given that the estimated yield of North Korea’s most recent nuclear test was 100 kilotons – 300 kilotons, such an underwater nuclear threat need only surface and detonate within 1-1.5 km of the hotel to obliterate it with its air blast. And if it surfaces within 500-780 meters, it can consume the hotel in its fireball.

Here is a map of the destruction radius of a 100 kiloton explosion. If the explosion occurs within the smaller circle, the fireball will take the hotel; if it occurs within the larger circle, the air blast will take the hotel…


As you can see, a sub or swimmer delivery vehicle has plenty of room to sneak in near the coast to do its business.

Besides making Trump and Kim sitting ducks, the choice of summit location reduces the amount of collateral damage that would be inflicted on Singapore’s main island…


There would be mostly burns and broken windows there. It may be that the globalists don’t want to heavily damage or destroy the city itself; it is one of their showcase “global cities.” As for Sentosa, here is the damage estimate from a 100 kiloton blast located near the offshore shipping lane (click on the image to enlarge it — the hotel is the red star)…


I’ll cover more details of the hows, whys, and alternative attack modes in the pre-summit warning entry.

On the Middle East front, the US vetoed Kuwait’s UN Security Council proposal for an “international protection force” for the Palestinians (as expected). What’s notable about the outcome is that 10 of the 15 Security Council members voted for the force, but only 1 of the 15 members, the US, voted for the US-Israeli counterproposal. This 10 to 1 ratio is what we’ll see when the protection force resolution passes in the General Assembly later on. Read the previous update for more information on this.

P.S. – Here we go…

…from Xinhua

According to the report, action on this could be taken within days. So if the resolution passes next week, will Erdogan hurry a force to Gaza in advance of the Turkish election to show voters what a tough guy he is against Israel?

(Note – 3 June 2018) – With the Trump-Kim summit just a week and a half away, the propaganda corps have released a sudden flurry of articles on a coming Trump-Putin summit…

…from Google News

This is being done to provide yet another scripted motivation for an assassination during the Korean summit or peace treaty signing: to prevent Trump and Putin from ganging up against the “evil Deep State” and taking control of the US-Russia conversation. So according to the script, the “Deep State” is now faced with this situation: “If we don’t act now, peace could start breaking out everywhere!”

Since Trump has been cast as the precursor messiah in this phase of the globalist prophecy fulfillment show, they want to portray him as a man of peace. So to drive that point home, the fake assassination will most likely take place at the moment a Korean peace agreement is either announced or signed.

Getting back to the assassination plan for Sentosa, I’ve identified another scenario that already has some preparatory propaganda behind it. It would involve ISIS loading a nuke provided to them by North Korean hardliners onto the Singapore-bound ferry from Sebana Cove, Malaysia. If you scroll back up to the third map (the one with the two circles), you’ll see the route of the ferry as it passes by Sentosa (it is the dashed line labeled “Sebana, MY – Harbourfront, SG”). And as you can see, a 100 kiloton or larger nuke would destroy the summit site from that distance.

As for the other two ferry lanes next to Sebana’s lane, they are from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, both in Indonesia. So the nuke could be loaded at those two places as well. And the fourth ferry lane that lies outside of the 100 kiloton effective radius is from Harbour Bay, Indonesia. A nuke could be loaded there, but it would have to have a yield of near 200 kilotons or higher.

Shifting our gaze to the Middle East, there are IMF austerity-inspired protests underway in Jordan. And such unrest could potentially lead to the fall of the existing government led by Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki. This would be significant because Mulki “chaired the negotiating committee which produced the Israel-Jordan peace treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994.” So a new government would likely be anti-IMF, anti-West, and anti-Israel. And the press have already been narrating Jordan’s king growing closer to Erdogan.

The globalists may be orchestrating this in order to open Jordan to Erdogan’s invasion force for Israel. Israel would then face invasion from the north (Lebanon and Syria), east (Jordan), and south (Egypt) in September. It would literally take a miracle to save Israel from all that, and that’s exactly what the globalists have planned.

To read the previous entry, click here: Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: Update 18 – How the United Nations General Assembly will Unleash Erdogan’s Invasion of Israel.

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Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: Update 18 – How the United Nations General Assembly will Unleash Erdogan’s Invasion of Israel

Whilst doing a standard checkup on all the buns the globalists have in the oven, I stumbled upon a key element of the globalist strategy for starting the “Battle of Armageddon.” Have a look at this excerpt from a Palestinian News & Info Agency article

The “Uniting for Peace” extraordinary meeting of which the article speaks is a reference to this…


It is a UN resolution that allows the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to bypass the UN Security Council (UNSC) when the Security Council fails to take action on an issue due to a veto by one or more permanent members. In the time since the UNGA established this mechanism, 10 such emergency special sessions have been convened, with the most recent being the one that was initiated on account of “illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

This 10th Session on Israel has had 37 plenary meetings since it first took form in 1997, and the most recent of these took place last December after Trump announced the move of the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It led to the passage of this resolution…

…from Wikipedia

Given the grand spectacle that was this month’s “Gaza massacre” and the worldwide condemnation that followed, we can expect the next resolution calling for an “international protection force” for the Palestinians to pass by a similarly overwhelming margin. As to what resolution might say, we can look to the wording of a past resolution from the 8th Emergency Special Session on South Africa…


The key section is when it calls for “other international organizations” to render military assistance. And since the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is an international organization that has already called for an “international protection force” for the Palestinians, Erdogan will have the blessing of both the OIC and the UN to form his “coalition of the willing.” Given that the only way into the Palestinian areas that isn’t controlled by Israel is Egypt’s Rafah Border Crossing into Gaza, Egypt, a member of both the UN and OIC, will “feel obligated” to open the door for Erdogan’s force.

As for what will happen after that, I’ve already written about it in Update 17

Once the OIC force is inside Gaza, Hamas will be emboldened to resume mass-scale demonstrations along the Israeli border fence, and Israel will respond as they did on May 14th. This will lead to a confrontation between the OIC force and the IDF, and the IDF will invade Gaza and crush Erdogan’s force, sealing off Egypt’s crossing point to Gaza in the process. According to the script, Erdogan is counting on this.

With the slaughter of the first OIC force in Gaza, great rage and humiliation will be felt across the Muslim world. Erdogan will harness these feelings to form a much larger coalition, assemble a large and heavily armed invasion force, and enter the Palestinian territories via Egypt (who will be pissed at Israel for killing the protection force and seizing their Gaza border crossing) and Jordan.

I’ll write more on this in future updates.

[Note – 29 May 2018] – Two of the major assassination motivations have been reset for June 15 – 18

In the 20 May Special Note, I wrote about how the cancellation of the Trump Assassination Show in Jerusalem led to the cancellation of the originally-planned trade war and to a delay in the unveiling of Trump’s Middle East “peace plan.” Now it appears that they’ve been rescheduled for June 15 and June 18, so this reestablishes two major motivations for the “Deep State” to assassinate Trump in Singapore on June 12: 1) to stop him from relaunching the trade war, and 2) to stop him from announcing his “peace plan” after the end of Ramadan.

June 11 – 30 is shaping up to be the next war alert period.

To read the previous entry, click here: A Note on the Singapore Summit.

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A Note on the Singapore Summit

“Welcome to Singapore, Supreme Leader Kim”…

It looks like the Trump-Kim summit is back on for the 12th, and this will provide the globalist scriptwriters with TWO assassination dates to play with: 1) June 12, the day of the Singapore Summit, and 2) June 25, the anniversary of the start of the Korean War and the likely date of a Panmunjom peace treaty signing.

In Singapore, the globalists might use either a pop-up MANPADS threat or a pop-up nuclear threat to take out Kim, Trump, and/or Xi (if he shows up). Kim Jong-Un will be flying in on an old airliner that probably lacks state-of-the-art missile defenses, so if they take him out with a MANPADS, it could lead to a scenario in which his sister supposedly seeks revenge with a Nuclear 9/11 attack (“killing” Trump in the process).

In Panmunjom, the globalists might employ “North Korean hardliners” to kill all the leaders who show up to sign the peace treaty (Kim, Trump, Xi, and Moon). The killing could come in the form of a nuke that has been planted under Panmunjom via a North Korean tunnel, or in a sudden, massive artillery or rocket barrage. North Korea has lots of artillery dug into the mountains in that area.

I’ll prepare an in-depth article on all the hows and whys of what might happen as we approach the 12th.

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