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Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script (+ a message to the non-Cabalist Jews)

[Update – 18 December 2017] – The globalists did not go through with their 2016 plans, and the script changed for 2017 and beyond. It is now clear that Vladimir Putin will play the role of “Moshiach ben David” and Trump will play the role of “Moshiach ben Yosef.”

Here is a rather telling photoshop I found online…
…The man on the left is Berel Lazar, Putin’s Chabad-Lubavitch handler…
…And the man on the right is another International Jew, Henry Kissinger, Putin’s friend and mentor…
…The man in the middle of the top photo is, of course, Vladimir Putin sitting on his “Moshiach ben Yosef” throne. Chabad-Lubavitch, you see, is a Jewish cult obsessed with bringing about the “Messianic Era” through their own efforts. But don’t take my word for it…

As I was looking into Chabad-Lubavitch for the final section of the Putin entry, I discovered that they put the globalist End Times Script right there on their website. From my initial scanning of it, it looks like Putin will play the role of “Moshiach ben Yosef”…
…From Here is a preview…

“The prophet Ezekiel describes a climactic war, the Battle of Gog and Magog, that will occur prior to the arrival of the Moshiach. This topic is shrouded in mystery: we are uncertain as to the identity of Gog and Magog, whether Gog and Magog are the names of nations or individuals, whether this battle will be a physical or spiritual battle, and even whether it has already occurred or not.

According to tradition, the central personality in this war is Moshiach ben Yosef—Moshiach of the tribe of Joseph, who will be killed in this battle.”

I encourage you to read the article and follow its links. Then you can read Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 4 – How 2016’s Gog/Magog War will unfold to see how this messianic script is being played out in the real world.

If you are unfamiliar with Chabad, here is a brief description…

“Chabad, also known as Lubavitch, Habad and Chabad-Lubavitch, is an Orthodox Jewish, Hasidic movement. Chabad is today one of the world’s best known Hasidic movements and is well known for its outreach. It is the largest Hasidic group and Jewish religious organization in the world…

In 1951, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the seventh Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch, and he transformed it from a small chasidic movement into the largest and most widespread Jewish movement in the world today. He established a network of more than 3,600 institutions that provide religious, social and humanitarian needs in over 1,000 cities, spanning 80 countries and 49 of the 50 American states. Chabad institutions provide outreach to unaffiliated Jews and humanitarian aid, as well as religious, cultural and educational activities at Chabad-run community centers, synagogues, schools, camps, and soup kitchens.” – From Wikipedia

To establish a network of over 3,600 institutions in 80 countries requires a lot of money, and Chabad gets it from the elite Cabalist Jews. It is through Chabad that the Cabalists are attempting to define Judaism for ordinary Jews and End Times prophecies for the rest of us. And with Cabalist money in one hand and the Cabalist agenda in the other, the late Rabbi Schneerson fostered the Jewish messianic obsession…

“Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994), known to many as the Rebbe, was a Russian Empire-born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century…

Schneerson was criticized for his passion and desire to raise awareness of the coming of the Messiah. Detractors criticized a children’s song with the words ‘We want moshiach (the messiah) now / We don’t want to wait,’ that Schneerson commended.” [1]

“Chabad messianism, or Lubavitch messianism, generally refers to the passion among adherents of the Chabad movement regarding the coming of the Messiah and their goal to raise awareness that his arrival is imminent.” [2]

And it is at this point that Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia and the close associate of Vladimir Putin, comes in. I found this juicy little tidbit in his Wikipedia bio

“A native of Milan, Italy, Rabbi Lazar was born in 1964 to parents who were among the first emissaries of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.”

So Lazar’s family was close to Schneerson, and that led to this…
…From The Internet Archive

So Berel Lazar…

> was personally assigned to Russia by the Russian-born, Messianically-obsessed Rabbi Schneerson,

> came to Russia in the same year, 1990, that Putin returned to Russia and began his lightning-fast ascent to power, and

> was funded by the same Jewish oligarchs that helped Putin rise to the Russian Presidency…

“In 1992 Lazar became acquainted with Israeli diamantaire Lev Leviev, who introduced him to Russian businessmen Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. The latter became the major benefactor of the synagogue in Maryina Roshcha.” – From Wikipedia

All this raises an interesting question…

Was Berel Lazar sent to Russia to personally oversee the rise of the Mashiach?…

Before you answer this question, read this: Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 3 – Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?

It’s also important to note that when Putin came to power, he brought Chabad-Lubavitch into power with him. Together with the Cabalist oligarchs, they pushed aside the existing Jewish community so Chabad could reign supreme in Russia. Here is an account of how that happened from The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry, by Marshall L. Goldman…

Fortunately, the curious relationship between Putin and Lazar has not escaped the attention of ordinary Jews…
…From The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Lazar’s work, his Russia boosterism and his ties to the Kremlin — he is sometimes called “Putin’s rabbi” — has helped Chabad’s Russian branch eclipse all the Jewish groups vying to reshape the country’s community of 250,000 Jews. Now Lazar heads a vast network that comprises dozens of employees and plentiful volunteers working in hundreds of Jewish institutions: schools, synagogues, community centers and kosher shops…

Today, Lazar said, Russia has in Vladimir Putin its “most pro-Jewish leader,” whom he credits with “fighting anti-Semitism more vigorously than any Russian leader before him.”…

Lazar was Chabad’s chief envoy to Russia before staking claim to the title of chief rabbi in 2000. That’s when he quit the Russian Jewish Congress, an umbrella group, after the organization’s founder, Vladimir Gusinsky, and Russia’s other chief rabbi, Adolf Shayevich, criticized Russia’s war in Chechnya and its alleged human rights abuses — including the alleged targeting, by anti-corruption authorities, of political dissidents.

“Challenging the government is not the Jewish way, and [Gusinsky] put the Jewish community in harm’s way,” said Lazar, noting that the chief rabbi should be apolitical, not a government critic. “I wanted to have nothing to do with this.” <<<

Ordinary Jews would be well advised to do what they can to blow the whistle on the Cabalist elite’s plan to fulfill the messianic prophecies. Why? Because under the plan, ordinary Jews will be slaughtered when Putin turns the UN against Israel in 2025, leaving it “desolate.” It is necessary for you to die in order for the world to think Jewish power has been broken, but the Cabalist elite will remain of course. You’ll get a preview of what’s coming this year, when Gog/Magog leads you to the precipice of destruction and Putin temporarily saves you. So if you are a normal Israeli Jew, you have just a little over 7 years to live. I’d use it wisely.

Much love…

Vladimir Putin: The mobster who would be the globalist Messiah (+ The smoking gun of Putin’s involvement in Russia’s 9/11: Ryazan)

Putin rode into power in the aftermath of a series of apartment bombings he arranged during his stint as Director of the FSB…

A great many awakening people continue to be in thrall to the cult of personality that’s been built around Vladimir Putin. They have passively and uncritically accepted the endless barrage of Putin-worshiping propaganda put out by sellouts in the alternative media, and they have not bothered to look into things for themselves. If you are one of these people, I ask you to take a moment to set down your emotionally-held beliefs and open your mind. It literally takes only a few minutes to see through Putin’s sheep costume to the wolf that lies beneath, so let’s get going by looking at Putin’s ascent to power in a point-by-point way…

1) The KGB got Putin started in politics in Leningrad, where he quickly became the city’s KGB/FSB mob boss.

While many people are aware that Putin was a KGB agent, few are aware of how the KGB got him started in politics and the mob back in 1990. To get a clear picture of what transpired with Putin during that critical 1990-1991 period, one must sift through a number of incomplete, sloppy, and misleading reports written by people with varying degrees of awareness of the “big picture.” Having just completed such a sifting, let me show you what I found, starting with Putin’s heavily sanitized official Kremlin biography

The general public impression of Putin’s personal history is that he left the KGB to enter politics, but as even the Kremlin’s own bio admits, he entered politics while still in the KGB. And what the Kremlin bio fails to admit is that his “international relations” job at Leningrad State University was his new KGB post, where he was assigned to spy on the students…
…From The Washington Post’s January 30, 2000 article Putin’s Career Rooted in Russia’s KGB

As his official bio notes, he also took on the role of “advisor to the Chairman of the Leningrad City Council.” And on what subject did Putin advise him?…

“In May 1990, Putin was appointed Mayor Sobchak’s advisor on international affairs.” [Note: Putin didn’t resign from the KGB until August 20, 1991]- From Wikipedia

“International affairs” was the same job title used in his KGB posting to Leningrad State University, so it stands to reason that his position in the Leningrad government was also a KGB posting…
…From Putin: Russia’s Choice by Richard Sakwa

As for the debate over whether Putin’s role in the Leningrad government was KGB-related or not, I found this interesting tidbit in a Moscow Times review of a book by Putin’s former KGB colleague Vladimir Usoltsev…

“Usoltsev suggests that Putin was working for Sobchak as a KGB officer on a special mission.”

No sh*t, Sherlock.

Now if we look closer at Sobchak and his relationship with Putin, we see this [with my comments added in brackets]…

>>> In April 1990, Sobchak was elected a deputy of the Leningrad City Council, and in May he became the chairman of the Council [so Putin joined Sobchak as soon as he became Chairman]. From the beginning his leadership was marked by a strongly authoritarian bent [as one would expect from a KGB operative taking over the city government]. The Council decided to change the structure of the city governance so as to have a Mayor elected by direct elections. The first of such elections in June 1991 were combined with the referendum on the city name. Sobchak won the elections, and the city voted to return to its historical name of Saint Petersburg…

Sobchak was Mayor of Saint Petersburg in 1991–1996… Most of the everyday control of the city structure was handled by two Mayor’s deputies – Vladimir Yakovlev and Vladimir Putin; critics alleged deterioration of city infrastructure, growing corruption, and crime during this time. – From Wikipedia <<<

Going back to Putin: Russia’s Choice, we find a similar narrative of a city being overtaken by corruption during Putin’s tenure…

We also encounter a narrative of the KGB/FSB mafia taking over Saint Petersburg – and later, all of Russia – in another biography of Putin…
…From The Telegraph. Here is a relevant excerpt…

>>> Gessen’s book, The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, provides a compelling and exhaustive portrait of a man who rose without trace from being a minor KGB and St Petersburg bureaucrat to become what Gessen describes as ‘the godfather of a mafia clan’, who has amassed a personal fortune that in 2007 was estimated by one Kremlin insider to be $40 billion…

Putin returned to St Petersburg, where he became assistant to the mayor, while continuing in the KGB. For all the reforms that were taking place in Russia, St Petersburg, Gessen writes, was ‘a state within a state’: a place where the KGB remained all-powerful, where local politicians and journalists had their phones tapped, and the murder of major political and business players was a regular occurrence.

‘In other words, very much like Russia itself would become within a few years, once it came to be ruled by the people who ruled St Petersburg in the 1990s.’ In other words, Putin. <<<

Having shown you all this, I would be remiss if I didn’t show you one more thing: Putin and Sobchak’s association with Henry Kissinger (who was one of the architects of what would become the BRICS New World Order) during this time. It was done under the cover of “the Kissinger-Sobchak Commission, set up to attract foreign investment”…
…From The Cicero Foundation

Here is another account of their association from The New York Times

The important facts to be noted from these articles are…

I) Putin has a connection with Kissinger (who is a Cabalist Jew) that goes back at least to the 1990s.

II) Putin was being promoted by a Jewish documentary film maker back in the days he was “only” the Deputy Mayor of Saint Petersburg.

Are you beginning to see the Hidden Hand that guided Putin’s rapid ascent to power?

As for the “aw, shucks” narrative that says Putin and Kissinger didn’t know each other as intelligence agents, that is pure hokum for public consumption. They both work for the globalists, and they knew exactly who each other were. And Kissinger was not in Saint Petersburg to help boost international investment; what the hell would he know about that anyway? He’s not a financial guy, he’s a geopolitical script writer for the globalists, and he was there to coordinate the Russian side of the NWO implementation plan he helped design back in the 1950’s.

Let’s move on to the next point in our point-by-point review of Putin…

2) Putin was placed into the Russian Presidency by the uber-corrupt Boris Yeltsin

Much of the Yeltsin era was marked by widespread corruption, and as a result of persistent low oil and commodity prices during the 1990s, Russia suffered inflation, economic collapse and enormous political and social problems that affected Russia and the other former states of the USSR. Within a few years of his presidency, many of Yeltsin’s initial supporters had started to criticize his leadership, and Vice President Alexander Rutskoy even denounced the reforms as “economic genocide”.

Ongoing confrontations with the Supreme Soviet climaxed in the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis in which Yeltsin illegally ordered the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet parliament, which as a result decided to try to remove him from office. In October 1993, troops loyal to Yeltsin stopped an armed uprising outside of the parliament building, leading to a number of deaths. Yeltsin then scrapped the existing Russian constitution, banned political opposition and deepened his efforts to transform the economy.

On 31 December 1999, under enormous internal pressure, Yeltsin announced his resignation, leaving the presidency in the hands of his chosen successor, then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Yeltsin left office widely unpopular with the Russian population.” – From Wikipedia

So after crushing his opposition in 1993, pressure again began building on Yeltsin’s government, and it rose to a critical level by the end of the decade. Faced with a potentially uncontrollable release of political tension, Yeltsin’s gang faced a question: how do we controllably release all this public pressure and get Russians to rally around us instead? The answer they settled upon was to stage a big false-flag attack and a changing of the guard. The Russian Apartment Bombings, “Russia’s 9/11,” was the attack they conducted, and Vladimir Putin was the change of guard.

But how did Putin get into position to be elevated to the Presidency? To answer this question, let’s look at the timeline of Putin’s meteoric rise in Moscow…

> June 1996 – After serving as a city bureaucrat and political party organizer in Saint Petersburg, the nationally-unknown Putin arrives in Moscow to become a Deputy Chief of the Presidential Property Management Department in the Yeltsin Administration.

> March 26, 1997 – Yeltsin appoints Putin to the posts of Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff and Chief of the Main Control Directorate of the Presidential Property Management Department.

> May 25, 1998 – Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff for regions. Less than two months later, Putin is also appointed Head of the Commission “for the preparation of agreements on the delimitation of power of regions and the federal center attached to the President.” In these positions, Putin was in charge of the central government’s relationships with the regional governments, and Putin did not seem keen on making agreements to share power with the regions. As his Wikipedia bio notes…

“After Putin’s appointment, the commission completed no such agreements, although during Shakhray’s term as the Head of the Commission there were 46 agreements signed. Later, after becoming president, Putin canceled all those agreements.”

> July 25, 1998 – Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Director of the Federal Security Service (the FSB). Less than 3 months later, he is also made a permanent member of Russia’s national Security Council. and he went on to become its Secretary in March of 1999.

> August 9, 1999 – “Vladimir Putin was appointed one of three First Deputy Prime Ministers, and later on that day was appointed acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin also announced that he wanted to see Putin as his successor. Still later on that same day, Putin agreed to run for the presidency.

On 16 August, the State Duma approved his appointment as Prime Minister with 233 votes in favour (vs. 84 against, 17 abstained), while a simple majority of 226 was required, making him Russia’s fifth PM in fewer than eighteen months. On his appointment, few expected Putin, virtually unknown to the general public, to last any longer than his predecessors. He was initially regarded as a Yeltsin loyalist; like other prime ministers of Boris Yeltsin, Putin did not choose ministers himself, his cabinet being determined by the presidential administration.

Yeltsin’s main opponents and would-be successors were already campaigning to replace the ailing president, and they fought hard to prevent Putin’s emergence as a potential successor. Putin’s law-and-order image and his unrelenting approach to the Second Chechen War, soon combined to raise Putin’s popularity and allowed him to overtake all rivals.” – From Wikipedia

> December 31, 1999 – Yeltsin resigns and hands the Presidency to Putin.

Looking upon this timeline, you notice something quite remarkable…

After arriving in Moscow as an unknown in June of 1996, it took Putin only 3 years and 6 months to rise to the Presidency of Russia. Only 3.5 years!

Needless to say, you can’t achieve such a meteoric rise without powerful forces working in the background to arrange it for you. The globalists obviously had big plans for Vladimir Putin, and that is why the Russian oligarchs elevated him to power so swiftly. An insight into this is offered in Masha Gessen’s Putin biography, The Man Without a Face

>>> Foremost in the dwindling circle of Yeltsin’s allies and supporters known as ‘the family’ was the oligarch Boris Berezovsky; indeed, many believed Berezovsky to be the real power behind Yeltsin’s throne. Berezovsky knew Putin from the early 1990s in St Petersburg when, in the first flush of buccaneering capitalism, Berezovsky was aiming to expand his car dealership and Putin was a minor city bureaucrat.

Putin arranged for Berezovsky to open a service station in the city, and declined to take a bribe. ‘He was the first bureaucrat who did not take bribes,’ Berezovsky told Gessen. ‘Seriously. It made a huge impression on me.’

Berezovsky began to vigorously promote Putin, among ‘the family’ and to Yeltsin himself. He would remember Yeltsin’s reaction on meeting Putin: ‘He seems all right,’ the president said of his putative successor, ‘but he’s kind of small.’ In August 1999 Yeltsin appointed Putin prime minister. <<<

After Putin was installed as the fresh new face of oligarchic rule in Russia, an effort was made to distance him from the scandals of the Yeltsin era and make him look like “change we [Russians] can believe in” (to borrow a phrase from the American version of the trick). It is for this reason that certain oligarchs took on the public roles of “opponents of Putin.” And due to his close ties to Yeltsin, Berezovsky himself took on such a role. As his Wikipedia bio states…

“Berezovsky was politically opposed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, since Putin’s election in 2000 and remained a vocal critic of Putin for the rest of his life. In late 2000, after the Russian Deputy Prosecutor General demanded that Berezovsky appear for questioning, he did not return from abroad and moved to the UK, which granted him political asylum in 2003.”

So Berezovsky, who played a behind-the-scenes role in placing Putin into the Presidency of Russia, took on the public role of Putin’s opposition, then ran off to the UK. In doing this, he effectively served as the scapegoat that took the sins of the Yeltsin Administration far away from Putin (so the public would think that Putin’s Administration was a real change from Yeltsin’s). As we’ll discover later when looking at Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky wasn’t the only oligarch to play the role of fake opposition to make Putin look good.

On to the next point in our point-by-point review…

3) Putin, Yeltsin, and the FSB Mafia planned and executed the Russian apartment bombings in order to elevate Putin to the Presidency of Russia and redirect the anger of the Russian populace.

The smoking gun which proves this is the curious timeline of events surrounding the September 4-16, 1999 bombings.

> 25 July 1998: Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Director of the FSB.

If you are unfamiliar with the FSB, here is a brief description…

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)… is the principal security agency of Russia and the main successor agency to the USSR’s Committee of State Security (KGB). Its main responsibilities are within the country and include counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of grave crimes and federal law violations.” – From Wikipedia

So in the year leading up to the Russian apartment bombings, Vladimir Putin, the FSB mob boss from Saint Petersburg, was the head of Russia’s counter-terrorism agency. This is the public account of what he did while there…

“Putin was reluctant to take over the directorship, but once appointed conducted a thorough reorganization, which included the dismissal of most of the FSB’s top personnel.” – From Wikipedia

In other words, Putin purged everyone who wasn’t part of his criminal subelement of the FSB, and he brought in his goodfellas to take charge. Common sense would suggest that it was also during this time that he and his cohorts planned the apartment bombing operation. He had a year to refine the plan and get all the wrong people in place to carry it out. And when he left the FSB, he left one of his Leningrad / Saint Petersburg goodfellas in charge, Nikolai Patrushev.

> 9 August 1999: This is the day they put everything in position for what was to come…

I) Yeltsin appoints Nikolai Patrushev to the post of Director of the FSB, replacing Putin.

II) Yeltsin appoints Putin to the post of Prime Minister and successor to the Presidency.


Why did they do this, you ask? They knew that after the bombings, the Russian people would be furious at both the “terrorists” who conducted the attacks and the government officials who didn’t stop it. By putting Putin into the Prime Minister post, they shielded him from public fury. Any blame for incompetence in not preventing the bombings would fall on Patrushev (the FSB head) and Yeltsin (the head of the government), not Putin. And by taking on the role of the “strong man” during his stint as Prime Minister, Putin would make himself the ideal figure to take over when Yeltsin resigned, just three months after the bombings.

But where is the solid evidence of the FSB’s hand in the bombings, you also ask? You can find that in the Ryazan Incident. Here is Wikipedia’s narrative of the event (another account can be found here)…

>>> At 20:30 (8:30 p.m.) on 22 September 1999, a resident of an apartment building in the city of Ryazan noticed two suspicious men who carried sacks into the basement from a car with a Moscow license plate. He alerted the police, but by the time they arrived the car and the men were gone. The policemen found three sacks of white powder in the basement, each weighing 50 kilograms (110 lb). A detonator and a timing device were attached and armed. The timer was set to 5:30 AM. Yuri Tkachenko, the head of the local bomb squad, disconnected the detonator and the timer and tested the three sacks of white substance with a “MO-2” gas analyser. The device detected traces of RDX, the military explosive used in all previous bombings. Police and rescue vehicles converged from different parts of the city, and 30,000 residents were evacuated from the area. 1,200 local police officers armed with automatic weapons set up roadblocks on highways around the city and started patrolling railroad stations and airports to hunt the terrorists down.

At 1:30 a.m. on 23 September 1999, the explosive engineers took a bit of substance from the suspicious-looking sacks to a firing ground located about 1 mile (1.6 km) away from Ryazan for testing. During the substance tests at that area they tried to explode it by means of a detonator, but their efforts failed, the substance was not detonated, and the explosion did not occur. At 5 a.m. Radio Rossiya reported about the attempted bombing, noting that the bomb was set up to go off at 5:30 a.m. In the morning, “Ryazan resembled a city under siege”. Composite sketches of three suspected terrorists, two men and a woman, were posted everywhere in the city and shown on TV. At 8:00 a.m. Russian television reported the attempt to blow out the building in Ryazan and identified the explosive used in the bomb as RDX. Vladimir Rushailo announced later that police prevented a terrorist act. A news report at 4 p.m. reported that the explosives failed to detonate during their testing outside the city.

At 19:00 (7 p.m.), Vladimir Putin praised the vigilance of the inhabitants of Ryazan, and called for the air bombing of the Chechen capital Grozny in response to the terrorism acts. He said:
“ If the sacks which proved to contain explosive were noticed, that means there is a positive side to it, if only the fact that the public is reacting correctly to the events taking place in our country today. I’d like …to thank the public… No panic, no sympathy for the bandits. ”

Later, the same evening, a telephone service employee in Ryazan tapped into long distance phone conversations and managed to detect a talk in which an out-of-town person suggested to others that they “split up” and “make your own way out”. That person’s number was traced to a telephone exchange unit serving FSB offices. When arrested, the detainees produced FSB identification cards. They were soon released on orders from Moscow.

On 24 September, FSB director Nikolai Patrushev announced that the exercise was carried out to test responses after the earlier blasts. The Ryazan FSB “reacted with fury” and issued a statement saying:
“ This announcement came as a surprise to us and appeared at the moment when the …FSB had identified the places of residence in Ryazan of those involved in planting the explosive device and was prepared to detain them. ”

FSB issued a public apology about the incident. <<<

So the fifth planned apartment bombing was prevented, and the FSB’s fingerprints were all over the blown operation. As to why the Ryazan explosives didn’t detonate, this is the Google translation of what the Kommersant reported at the time

“A kilogram of the substance seized in the house, explosives were taken to a landfill, located seven kilometers from the city. There they tried to undermine it with a detonator, also made of a hunting cartridge, but the explosion did not happen. Under assumptions of experts, terrorists miscalculated the proportions, mixing explosives with sugar.”

And why would the FSB mix RDX explosive with sugar? I found the answer after a few minutes of looking around…

“RDX, an initialism for Research Department explosive, is an explosive nitroamine widely used in military and industrial applications….

In its pure, synthesized state RDX is a white, crystalline solid. It is often used in mixtures with other explosives and plasticizers, phlegmatizers or desensitizers. RDX is stable in storage and is considered one of the most powerful and brisant of the military high explosives.” – From Wikipedia

Since sugar is also a crystalline solid, it is used to dilute and desensitize RDX in order to make it safer to transport and handle. I found reference to this practice on a US military website (on PDF page 24)…

Since sugar is used as a diluent, it stands to reason that if you add too much, the explosives won’t detonate. And this raises a question: were the FSB agents assigned to the Ryazan bombing a bunch of fu*kups, or did they intentionally over-dilute the RDX in order to sabotage the bombing and stop their superiors’ terror campaign?

Switching gears to a more positive note, all of this is not escaping the attention of many Russians. I ran across this article while I was looking into Ryazan…
…From The Moscow Times. I recommend reading the whole thing, but here is an excerpt to get you started…

“Let’s recall the events of these days 16 years ago.

On Aug. 9, 1999, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin acting head of the Russian government. On the same day, in a televised speech, Yeltsin named Putin as his successor. A week later, on Aug. 16, the parliament confirmed him as the new prime minister, making his role as head of government official. An unwell Yeltsin completely handed over the reins of government to Putin.

That was when security forces came to power in Russia. Since that time, they have destroyed civil society and freedom of the press, taken over and destroyed independent business, eliminated elections, and subordinated under themselves and corrupted all spheres of life, from the courts system to schools, making this country a global outcast…

There may be different theories about these events, but some facts remain the same: the feeling of horror that took over the country in the first weeks and months of Putin’s tenure as prime minister actually helped improve his ratings

We can no longer dream of the departure of the security forces. They won’t leave. Like a cancerous tumor, metastasizing into all the organs of the body, they will only die now when the entire organism does. This tumor is no longer operable, and there is no more hope for recovery.”

Setting aside the classic Russian pessimism of the last paragraph, it’s good to see that people in Moscow still have the courage to speak out. And although our adversaries may seem all-powerful and invincible, maintaining our efforts is the only possible path to victory. The outcome of all this is only partially within our control, but our decision on whether or not to be quitters is entirely in our hands.

To see the final section of this entry, click here.

Love always…

(P.S. – 18 February 2016)

Keep an eye on Khodorkovsky

As I continue looking into Putin’s connections with the oligarchs, I’ve come across a very interesting figure who seems to be Putin’s controlled opposition in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky
…From Haaretz

Keep an eye on him. While I haven’t yet had time to discern his exact role in all this, whatever it is seems to have been set in motion on a Masonically-significant day this month…
…From The Moscow Times

The globalists would not be adding him to the mix during this critical year if it wasn’t something important. Will they use him to make Putin look good, or are they going to some sort of Plan B and setting the stage for Putin’s replacement? We’ll discover the answers to these questions and others as we go forward.

(P.P.S. – Same Day) – On a hunch, I decided to see if Khodorkovsky had some kind of connection to Medvedev, and I’ve found information that suggests Khodorkovsky might play a role in Medvedev’s scripted betrayal of Putin this September. I’ll flesh out the details in an upcoming addendum.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 1 – Did the Georgia Guidestones cube reveal the date of the Olympic terror attack?

Will August 14, 2016 be the day “ISIS” attacks the Olympics and World War 3 is set in motion?…

An eagle-eyed reader from Germany has pointed out a possible connection among the Georgia Guidestones cube, the upcoming Rio Olympics terror attack, and the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av.

If you are unfamiliar with the Georgia Guidestones cube, it first appeared on the monument in early September of 2014…
…and it was removed and smashed on September 25, 2014…
…(Video link)

If you watch as the woman circles the cube in a clockwise motion, the numbers on the cube faces read 8 – 14 – 20 – 16, so this gives us a date: 8/14/2016 in standard US format. And the inscriptions on the top and bottom of the cube read “MM” and “JAM.” We can only speculate what these letters mean, but looking at the cube as an encoded reference to the time World War 3 begins, I came across some candidate interpretations:

> “MM” reminded me of the Roman numerals for the number 2,000, so I decided to check if there were two “M” words in Latin that signified “starting a war.” This is what I found on Google Translate…

> “JAM” may be an actual word in Indonesian, the language of the world’s most populous Muslim country. This is what it means…

Since the Georgia Guidestones are a multilingual monument, the presence of a foreign word would not be out of the question, and the appearance of this word offers a tenuous connection to Islam. This connection seems somewhat less dubious when you read what a blogger reported back at that time

>>> On September 11, 2014, I was contacted by a reader, Brian, who had recently visited the Georgia Guidestones. He said that the notch had now been filled with a granite cube etched with the numbers “20” and “14” on the two exposed sides of the cube…

Interestingly, the word “Isis” was scribbled all over the monument at about the same time that the “20 14” cube appeared inserted into the Guidestones’ notch, a notch that had been vacant for five years. The mention of “Isis” alarmed local authorities enough for them to contact the FBI, according to a local news report. <<<

I’ve confirmed through another source that the ISIS incident indeed occurred, and it should be noted that if the notch was carved 5 years before the cube appeared in September of 2014, the 7 year mark will fall in September of this year.

So to sum up what the Georgia Guidestones cube incident offers us…

> It gives us a strong connection to a date, August 14, 2016, which happens to be in the middle of the Rio Olympics.

> It gives us a tenuous connection to the idea of “the time (JAM) the war starts (MM)” and to Islam.

> It gives us a notable connection to the word “ISIS.”

Let’s now turn our attention away from the cube and towards the date it suggests.

As the reader also pointed out, the cube’s date, 8/14/2016, is the Jewish day of…
…From Wikipedia. Here is an excerpt that tells us about it…

>>> Tisha B’Av (lit. “the ninth of Av”) is an annual fast day in Judaism which commemorates the anniversary of a number of disasters in Jewish history, primarily the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem.

Tisha B’Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy. <<<

But why would an ISIS attack on the Olympics in Brazil be a Jewish tragedy? The answer to this question can be found in what I wrote in Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 5

>>> What will happen between now and the September attack on Israel to provide Obama with justification for turning US forces against them?

Here are two possibilities…

> The public revelation of conclusive information tying Israel to 9/11, and

> The public revelation of conclusive information tying Israel to the “ISIS” attacks at the Rio Olympics this August (if Israel gets tied to ISIS, the geographically unrestricted ISIS war authorization will apply to Israel, permitting Obama to attack the nation he supposedly hates).<<<

As I’ve documented in previous entries, an Israel security firm called ISDS was hired to install, integrate, and manage all of the Rio Olympics’ security systems, so if it is later discovered that they spoofed the security system to enable the ISIS attack, the whole world will turn their ISIS-fighting military forces against Israel. And that would be quite a Jewish tragedy, wouldn’t it?

The reader additionally noted that 8/14/2016 is a Sunday. And as I wrote in The NWO Schedule of Implementation 2016

“Rio de Janeiro is 74% Christian, and is full of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches that are just begging to be blown up or have their flocks slaughtered. So don’t be surprised if the attack comes on a Sunday.”

So even without considering the cube evidence as being solid, the date itself is a superb candidate for the attack.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Georgia Guidestones are associated with the “evil Western New World Order” and its supposed objective of depopulating the world. In fact, the cube appeared right above the Guidestone “commandment” to limit humans to a population of only 500 million. Given this fact, the removal and smashing of the cube on September 25 may have had a ritual significance. After leaving the cube in place for weeks, why did the man come to remove it on that specific date? Why did he go out of his way to smash it?

As I’ve covered in recent entries, there is evidence to suggest that the globalists will fake Putin’s assassination and resurrection during September’s Gog/Magog War. Will September 25 be the day he is resurrected to smash the evil Western NWO? This would mean that his assassination would occur three days earlier on September 22, which is a perfect Masonic date for such a thing.

In summary, the numbers on the cube could be just a coincidence, or we could be stretching to add meaning that isn’t there. But if it’s just a coincidence, it’s a damn interesting one, isn’t it? And the date it suggests is symbolically perfect for a World War 3-starting terror attack. So if we add this new information into the prophetic timeline we’ve already explored, we get this…

> August 14, 2016 – ISIS attacks Rio and outrages the whole world. Ground forces from all over the world then board civilian airliners and freighters to join the forces that are already there in a ground campaign to obliterate ISIS.

> On, or a few days before, September 11, 2016, an incident occurs or a revelation is made that causes Global South forces (Russia and its allies) and Global North forces (America and its allies) to turn their weapons on each other and begin the Gog/Magog War.

> September 22, 2016 – Medvedev betrays Putin and Putin is “assassinated,” leading to an immediate, secretly prearranged ceasefire. All the Global North and South forces then pivot towards Israel on account of Israel’s recently revealed involvement in the Rio terror attacks.

> September 25, 2016 – Putin is resurrected, UFOs show up in the sky, the fighting stops, and the evil Western NWO falls to pieces, just like the smashed cube.

So is this a crazy scenario? Sure. But if you want to fracture the public’s sense of reality and make them moldable clay to be refashioned as you wish, a crazy scenario like this would do the trick. What else do you expect religious nuts like this to come up with?…
…From Breaking Israel News

Much love…

(P.S. – 17 February 2016)

A reader has pointed out that an uncommon display of planets will be visible in Rio’s evening sky on the date of the planned attack. The five planets involved — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury — are currently visible in the Northern Hemisphere sky each morning until February 20. But…

“When will we see all five planets together again? We’ve had a number of people ask us when the next presentation of the five visible planets in the same sky will take place. It will be possible to view all five in the evening sky – very briefly – from about August 13 to 19, 2016 [as a reminder, the Olympics run from August 5 to 21].

There’s a huge caveat, however. Right now, all five planets are strung out across the early morning sky in an easy-to-see way (well, Mercury is the tough one, so close to the sunrise, but keep watching … it’ll get easier). In August, Mercury and Venus will be sitting low in the west at dusk and not that easy to catch from northerly latitudes.

The Southern Hemisphere definitely has the big advantage for spotting all five planets in the August, 2016, evening sky.” From

Given the astrological obsessions of the “elite,” is it just a coincidence that the Olympics were scheduled to coincide with this planetary show? While I don’t know what significance they might attribute to the display, it certainly adds a bit of showmanship to their attack plan.

Next stop: the Russian oligarchs, the Chabad-Lubavitchers, the Jewish Messiah, and Vladimir Putin…

The NWO Schedule of Implementation 2016 (+ the Summer of Terror and the Fall into war)

The forecast calls for WEIRD…

Last year, I prepared the first version of the NWO Schedule of Implementation in order to expose the globalist plan for creating economic turmoil in 2015, which was set to begin with Greece’s defection to the BRICS last July. And the globalists appeared to blink. They not only cancelled the defection, but they also delayed a number of other things they’d planned to implement in 2015, such as an earlier Fed rate hike, the activation of the new renminbi-inclusive SDR basket, and the US handover of internet governance. This victory by those of us who worked so hard to expose them was indirectly confirmed by an article I came across today.

In a summary of the new DVD set being sold by Lindsey Williams (a Masonic faux-truther propagandist), I found this…

Regarding the financial collapse, it did not happen as the elite expected. Lindsey believes it did not happen because of Divine action. This delay will result in a more severe financial reset when it does happen.”

Actually, this statement is kinda true. But the “divine action” that caused the “elite” to back off did not come from Yahweh and Jesus as Williams would have you believe; it came from Consciousness working through anyone and everyone who would listen and speak out. In the end, too many people were aware of the tricks they were about to pull, so the magicians backed off.

Let’s see if we can accomplish a repeat this year. wink

Over the next few days, I’ll be putting together the timeline for this year, but let me give you a quick preview:

September is the key month of 2016. As we get closer and closer to it, things will get worse and worse. And once September passes, it will seem like we have come out of a horrific storm into a beautiful, calm dawn. But the time that comes after September is only the eye of the hurricane, and the other side of the eyewall will hit us 3.5 years later… unless we can stop them.

That being said, let me tell you why September is so important…

Up until the end of last year, I was tracking the globalist conspiracy on a purely secular basis. I was watching the activities of the multilateral institutions and pretty much ignoring prophecy, viewing the latter as a nonsensical distraction. But that changed when I took a closer look at Obama.

With all the “Antichrist” buzz that has surrounded him, I decided to see if he fit the 7-year timeline prophecy prescribes for the Antichrist, and he did! It soon became clear to me that the globalists were putting him in all the right places at all the right times to passably fulfill the prophetic requirements. I wrote about this in Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016.

According to the globalist prophecy-fulfillment script, Obama began his global reign as the Antichrist in September of 2009 when he went to the UN and sat as the President of the Security Council…

And in order to continue fulfilling the prophecies, Obama would have had to be revealed as the Antichrist halfway through his reign when the “abomination of desolation” stands in the “holy place.” And wouldn’t you know it, exactly 3.5 years later (to the month), the History Channel aired a miniseries called The Bible which showed what the devil looks like…
…The episode which first showed the devil aired on 17 March 2013, just 3 days before Obama flew to Israel for a state visit.

Just 5 days after the devil’s face was shown on TV, on 22 March 2013, the “Obamanation” stood in the “holy place”
…the Church of the Nativity – which sits on the spot where Jesus was supposedly born – thereby fulfilling the prophetic requirement of being revealed at the halfway mark…

So what are the odds that these events transpired according to the prophetic calendar purely by accident? And why would the globalists go to all the trouble of arranging such things if they weren’t going to do something with it? There is no way this is just coincidental or insignificant, and you can read more about what happened in Alex Jones and the Christ Conspiracy.

Since Obama’s reign as the Antichrist began in September of 2009, it has to end 7 years later in September of 2016 when he is defeated by “Christ” during “the second coming.” So if the globalists hope to fulfill the prophetic requirements and pursue their “End Times” agenda, SEPTEMBER IS A HARD DEADLINE. If they don’t take down Obama that month, their whole plan falls apart. To fully understand their plan and why this 2016 “second coming” is a deception, you’ll need to read “End Times” Programming.

All this being said, September is the month when all the simmering crises the globalists have created will reach their full boil. And the closer we get to it, the worse things will get. One specific lead-in to the big month is ISIS terror, and we’ll explore that in the next update.

++++++++++New Material++++++++++

The Summer of Terror and the Fall into war

If we look to the Masonic propaganda coming out of Lindsey Williams, there is one part that I suspect is quite accurate…

“In the June-August timeframe, the U.S. will be facing ISIS attacks…

The second possibility proposed – martial law could happen for Obama to remain in power. If during June-August ISIS attacks, America could be in such disarray, martial law could be declared and no election would take place. Obama would by default serve into a third term.

Right now, there are thousands and thousands of dissidents, Muslim terrorists embedded within refugee groups is secretly being done on purpose.”

…although Obama will never make it to either a third term as US President or a first term as UN Secretary-General.

Clearly, the globalists are using ISIS as the catalyst to get World War 3 (a.k.a. the Gog/Magog War) going, so it makes a lot of sense that ISIS activity will peak as we head into the outbreak of full-scale hostilities this September. If you want a war in September, a “Summer of Terror” will do quite nicely to get it started.

The Summer of Terror will serve the globalist agenda in a number of ways…

1) It will create an atmosphere of tension and fear throughout the nations that experience it. They want to generate maximum dread as they go forward into the war; this will make the solution they offer after the war look enormously appealing to the populace.

2) It will create an angry backlash against ISIS among the sleeping populations of the affected nations and make them eager for payback and war. “Onward Christian soldiers!”

3) It will allow the Western governments to selectively lock down the public whenever they wish. Although they’ll allow many demonstrations to go forward (to create the public appearance of popular unrest), they will disperse demonstrations they don’t like by dispatching a terror squad to bomb or shoot up the demonstrators. As the banksters begin their final looting of the world’s economies through bank bail-ins and asset seizures, ISIS terror will be the knife they hold to the public’s throat to prevent us from uncontrollably rising up.

4) It will allow the Western governments to institute draconian domestic controls that will make the population see their governments as evil and Satanic. This will make the populace all the more welcoming towards the Christ figure who ends the war and defeats the “Satanists.”

As you can imagine, setting up for the Summer of Terror is one of the primary purposes of the globalists’ “migrant invasion.” They have had their United Nations coordinating the dispersal of refugees and their embedded ISIS cells, and here is a particularly important instance of that…

With this in mind, let’s look at a few facts about Brazil…

> They will be hosting the Olympics this AUGUST, which is at the tail end of the Summer of Terror and right on the eve of the September conflagration.

> The Brazilians have hired an Israeli security company, ISDS, to install, integrate and manage all of the Olympic security systems. So the grandmasters of false-flag terror, the Israelis, will have their fingers on the controls of Olympic security.

> The city hosting the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, has a giant Jesus statue that’s just begging to be blown up by a group that’s known for blowing up religious icons and structures

> Rio de Janeiro is 74% Christian, and is full of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches that are just begging to be blown up or have their flocks slaughtered. So don’t be surprised if the attack comes on a Sunday.

> Brazil has allowed at least 8,000 Middle Easterners, mostly from Syria, into their country. This means that an entire battalion — or even a brigade — of ISIS fighters may have entered the country along with the women, children and older men who were used for cover. A force of that size armed with Uzis, suicide vests, and radio jammers could wreak a helluva lot of havoc during the Olympics, especially when they have their Mossad handlers controlling the security system.

All that being said, what happens during the Summer Olympics in August may be the outrage that starts the full-on war in September. If you want all the world to go to war in the Middle East this September, you kill athletes and spectators from all over the world in August. For more information about the Olympic scenario and Israel’s involvement, read these entries:

The Rio Olympics are shaping up to be a showcase of human woe

Dear Muslims, the Jews will use the Imam Mahdi to destroy you

Next, we’ll explore what the economic timeline looks like this year. Here is a quick preview…

> Continued downward movement until the Summer of Terror begins.
> A Summer of bail-ins, capital controls, and financial looting overshadowed and enabled by terror attacks.
> A total economic seizure and bank holiday during the two-week September war.
> The “mass arrests” of the scapegoats and the launch of the new gold-valuated financial system after the war.

(P.S. – 9 February 2016) – The globalists continue to build up the Mashiach/Christ figure who will defeat the “Antichrist” Obama…
…From Sputnik

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this…
…From The Washington Times

After building him up like this in the months approaching September, they’ll do the one last thing that’s needed to elevate him from mere man to Christly status: fake his assassination and then his resurrection.

Love always…

The CIA, the X-Files, and the North Korean H-bomb: A coordinated campaign?

The truth is out there… but you won’t find it in Hollywood…
…(former Hollywood bigwigs Michael Eisner and George Lucas with alien deception propagandist Jordan Maxwell)

The CIA connection to Hollywood should already be well known by any awakening person. The mass media complex of which Hollywood is an integral part serves as one of the twin towers of globalist manipulation of the public’s perceptions and beliefs (the other tower being the “education” system). And the CIA’s fingerprints are definitely all over the new X-Files miniseries and its attempt to influence the public’s beliefs about UFOs. Just 3 days before the series premiere, the CIA released this on its website
…So clearly, this is a coordinated campaign to put certain ideas into people’s minds. But what ideas are they trying to implant?

This question can be answered by looking at the two conspiracy dialogs offered in the first episode:

1) The first dialog is offered at the 27:23 mark, and it features Mulder speaking with a old doctor who was a first-responder at the Roswell UFO crash site.

2) The second dialog is offered at the 32:20 mark, and it features Mulder, Scully, a conservative TV host, and a UFO abductee talking about the overall conspiracy.

This is the first point of the scenario they outline…

“No sooner had we defeated Germany than a new threat started appearing in skies over America, drawn to Earth by the latest threat to extinction: the H-bomb. Explosions acting as transducers, drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electro-gravitic propulsion. Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting us, concerned for mankind and the threat of our self-destruction, forestalling our annihilation through their own self-sacrifice. The crashes at Roswell. More importantly, places like Aztec. ”

So the CIA/Hollywood complex is suggesting that “real, benevolent aliens” came to Earth due to the “H-bomb,” and one of their spaceships crashed at Roswell. There are two things to note about this:

1) This narrative upholds the alien scenario that the Rockefellers, the Jesuits, and the Vatican have been trying to sell us: that friendly, advanced aliens have shown up to help us avoid self-destruction, especially annihilation due to a nuclear holocaust. It also supports the scenario I wrote about in “End Times” Programming: that the globalists will use black-budget aerospace craft and GMO humanoids to fake an “alien intervention” that stops nuclear war this September.

If the Rockefellers, Jesuits, and Vatican are trying to convince you that friendly aliens have come, what does that tell you?

That either there are no aliens or they aren’t friendly. So if something looking like friendly aliens shows up to stop a nuclear exchange this year, it is either human beings faking the intervention or hostile aliens pretending to be nice guys by saving the day. Of these two options, the former seems the more plausible one.

2) This narrative is technically incorrect. The Roswell “crash” took place in 1947, but the first H-bomb wasn’t exploded until 1952. This raises some obvious questions…

Was this a simple mistake made because the show’s writers didn’t know the difference between a fission bomb (the kind that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and a fusion bomb (the “H-bomb”), or was this a deliberate mistake that counted on the public not knowing the difference?

If this was a deliberate mistake, why did they choose to specifically mention the “H-bomb”?

Could it be because the CIA knew what was going to happen in North Korea this month?

With North Korea testing an H-bomb, openly threatening to use it against the US, and preparing to fire off a missile, are the globalists preparing us to see increased UFO activity due to the increased thermonuclear threat posed by an “irrationally-governed rogue nation”? Will this increased UFO activity lead to a full-on intervention later this year?

Here’s an even more direct question: when North Korea conducts either the currently-planned or a future missile launch, will a “mysterious object” (UFO) be spotted near it before it explodes in midair or crashes harmlessly into the ocean? Will the US be miraculously saved from a North Korean “EMP attack” disguised as a satellite launch?

Let’s move on to the second point of the scenario they outline…

“World leaders signed secret memos directing scientific studies of alien technology and biochemistry. Classified studies were done at military installations, S4, Groom Lake, Wright Patterson and Dulce – extracting alien tissue. Tests were done on unsuspecting human subjects in elaborately staged abductions, in craft using alien technology recovered from the downed saucers… including human hybridisation through gene editing and forced implantation of alien embryos.”

So the CIA/Hollywood complex is suggesting that secret scientific studies were done on crashed alien spacecraft and alien corpses, and that the alien abduction phenomenon was a human-directed effort to blend human and alien genetics. Since they are suggesting this, though, we know it’s a lie. What, then, is the truth they are attempting to shield with this lie?

That the electrogravitic propulsion technology of the UFOs is human technology, and the genetic material they are attempting to fuse with humans is of animal and synthetic origin, not “alien.” And why would they want to hide this? Because saying that it all started with Roswell and a government cover-up deflects attention away from what really happened and who is really behind it.

In all likelihood, “UFO technology” originated from discoveries made in the late 1800s and early 1900s, which was the age of Nicola Tesla and other such scientific titans. In fact, Tesla himself had an association with J.P. Morgan that may have led to a transfer of ideas to the banksters. After picking his brain, they starved him of funding and likely developed his ideas in their own secret research programs.

By November of 1944, their research bore fruit in the widely reported “foo fighter” phenomena of World War 2…

The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations

The first sightings occurred in November 1944, when pilots flying over Germany by night reported seeing fast-moving round glowing objects following their aircraft. The objects were variously described as fiery, and glowing red, white, or orange. Some pilots described them as resembling Christmas tree lights and reported that they seemed to toy with the aircraft, making wild turns before simply vanishing. Pilots and aircrew reported that the objects flew formation with their aircraft and behaved as if under intelligent control, but never displayed hostile behavior. However, they could not be outmaneuvered or shot down. The phenomenon was so widespread that the lights earned a name – in the European Theater of Operations they were often called “kraut fireballs” but for the most part called “foo-fighters”. The military took the sightings seriously, suspecting that the mysterious sightings might be secret German weapons, but further investigation revealed that German and Japanese pilots had reported similar sightings.” – from Wikipedia

There are some things worth noting in this:

1) The foo fighters first appeared over Germany. Given that Germany is an Illuminati stronghold, that the Germans were technological leaders in that era, and that the Nazis were funded by the London Establishment, it makes sense that the Occulted Powers based their electrogravitic research project there.

2) The foo fighters never displayed hostile behavior. This means that they weren’t the result of a government-level research project; they came from the people who operate above the governments. And since World War 2 was deliberately created by the Occulted Powers, their electrogravitic craft didn’t intervene.

3) The foo fighters were first spotted in November of 1944, but the very first atomic explosion (the Trinity test) didn’t occur until July of 1945. So clearly, the UFOs didn’t show up due to “aliens” responding to the detection of nuclear explosions.

Pondering these points, one wonders if the Roswell incident was the result of an Illuminati electrogravitic craft crashing and being found by the US military. Did the Occulted Powers pull strings to take it away from the military and cover it up?

As for genetic technology, it likely followed a similar development process. Biotechnology developed in secret labs progressed at a much faster pace than that of public labs. In a public lab, scientists must go begging for funding and are limited in what they can do by ethical concerns. In bankster-funded secret labs, though, resources are practically unlimited and no ethical concerns are allowed to inhibit research. For this reason, all sorts of sad creatures were likely created as the scientists experimented with different blends of human, animal, and synthetic genes. When the so-called “aliens” show up, you’ll see the results of all that work. And you’ll see their crowning achievement when the “angels” show up in 2023.

Moving on to the next point of the X-Files alien scenario, here are some scattered quotes from Mulder and O’Malley (the conservative TV host) about who is behind the scenario they outline…

MULDER: 60 years ago we were warned about the military industrial complex gathering too much power.

MULDER: World leaders signed secret memos directing scientific studies of alien technology and biochemistry.

O’MALLEY: But it’s not hard to imagine… a government hiding, hoarding… alien technology for 70 years, at the expense of human life and the future of the planet. Driven not only by corporate greed, but… a darker objective.

O’MALLEY: By a well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites that will cull, kill and subjugate.

So the CIA/Hollywood complex is suggesting the “well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites” behind the alien conspiracy are…

1) the “military industrial complex,”
2) the political-level “world leaders,”
3) the “governments,” and
4) the “corporations.”

But as any student of this conspiracy should know by now, these four groups are NOT the bosses; they are mere mid-level minions. Operating above all of them is the banking complex (the commercial and central banks), and operating above the banking complex are the real bosses and their top-level minions (the Occulted Powers):

1) the Roman Empire (the Catholic and Orthodox Churches + associated global religions and priesthoods),
2) the royal families,
3) the Jewish bankster families,
4) the Freemasons and other secret societies, and
5) the Mafia and other sanctioned criminal groups.

Did you notice how NONE of these five groups was mentioned as taking part in the alien conspiracy? And why is this? As I said before, the CIA and Hollywood don’t want you to know what’s really going on and who’s really behind it. They want you to believe in benevolent aliens so they can pull off the next step of their “End Times” plan to unite the world under a theocratic dictatorship (and have us believe it’s a paradise).

The next point in the X-Files scenario we should address is its endgame. It is outlined in the second conspiracy dialog…

SVETA: What are they trying to do?

MULDER: That’s the missing piece.

O’MALLEY: But it’s not hard to imagine… a government hiding, hoarding… alien technology for 70 years, at the expense of human life and the future of the planet. Driven not only by corporate greed, but… a darker objective.

MULDER: The takeover of America.

O’MALLEY: And then the world itself – by any means necessary, however violent… or cruel… or efficient. By severe drought brought on by weather wars conducted secretly using aerial contaminants and high-altitude electromagnetic waves. In a state of perpetual war to create problem-reaction-solution scenarios to distract, enrage and enslave American citizens at home with tools like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which abridged the Constitution in the name of national security. The militarization of police forces in cities across the U.S. The building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no stated purpose. The corporate takeover of food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and health care, even the military, in clandestine agendas, to fatten, dull, sicken and control a populace already consumed by consumerism.

O’MALLEY: A government that taps your phone, collects your data and monitors your whereabouts – with impunity. A government preparing to use that data against you when it strikes, and the final takeover begins.

As you can see, they paint a scary scenario, and what they are describing is the Evil Western Decoy NWO. This Decoy New World Order is being widely publicized in order to scare people, and with the PROBLEM presented by this NWO creating the REACTION of fear, the globalists are hoping that everyone will welcome the SOLUTION, which is the multilateral / multipolar NWO being brought in by the BRICS Alliance. If you wish to understand how the two “competing” NWOs are being used to advance the globalist agenda, read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

The final point to be noted about the X-Files alien scenario is what it’s lacking. See if you can guess what that is from these two quotes — the first is from the old doctor who was a first-responder at the Roswell crash…

DOCTOR: Because you weren’t even close. Warring aliens lighting each other on fire and other such nonsense.

MULDER: Alien technology being used against us. Not BY aliens, not WITH aliens, but by a venal conspiracy of men against humanity.

What’s missing is the “secret space war” between reptilian aliens and human aliens…

The globalists have been beta-testing a number of different alien narratives on the fringe alternative community over the past few decades. And according to a leading, previous version of the alien script, the US got its alien technology by making a deal with evil reptilian aliens. These aliens offered the technology in exchange for permission to abduct a certain number of humans each year. Supposedly, this reptilian / US alliance was the force behind the evil Western New World Order, and they were being opposed by human “Nordic” aliens who were helping the BRICS Alliance block the NWO takeover. So basically, you had two major warring alien factions…

the evil lizards from outer space
the benevolent Nordic swimsuit models from the 5th dimension.

As you can see from the X-Files quotes, they are now specifically ruling out any warring factions and are seemingly ruling out reptilians too. Perhaps the globalists finally decided that “evil space lizards” would be too hard to sell, so they settled with a slightly more plausible scenario: that the technology came from crashed alien spacecraft, and it was used by the government to abduct humans for human/alien genetic testing. Since the X-Files will reach a much broader global audience than any fringe alternative media site, and since the CIA is helping to promote the show (and by extension, its narrative), we may be looking at the final version of alien deception script. And as I’ve pointed out, it’s full of holes. Good luck selling that sh*t, fellas.

More than anything, the globalists want you to believe in benevolent aliens, at least for now. This is because they are planning to send in their electrogravitic craft and GMO humanoids (posing as UFOs and aliens) to save us from a staged nuclear exchange this September. They want to totally blow people’s minds, and once those minds are blown, they will construct a new paradigm in them which will facilitate the rest of their “End Times” agenda.

One wonders what would happen if they put on their big UFO show and the whole world yawned. Let’s spread the word on this deception so we can find out. wink

Much love…

(P.S. – 6 February 2016)

The North Korean missile and the Super Bowl

I couldn’t help but notice this headline on Drudge this morning…

> the CIA and Hollywood are talking about alien intervention vis-a-vis H-bombs,
> North Korea supposedly tested their first H-bomb a month ago, and
> North Korea will be ready to fire an ICBM capable of reaching the US West Coast just in time for the Super Bowl, which is being played on the West Coast.

Can anyone see how this whole situation has been coordinated to produce a dramatic moment? What will happen if North Korea fires the missile in the direction of the West Coast during the Super Bowl? Will the networks pause TV programming for a news alert? Will the missile defense systems be able to stop it? If they miss it, WHO WILL SAVE THE DAY?

But will they even try this now that the plan has been outed?

(P.P.S. – Same Day) – North Korea has fired their missile, so if they had any drama planned for this launch, it was aborted. It’s also possible that this was just a warm-up for an upcoming missile incident.