Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – January Updates

(3 January 2022) – Howdy, all: If you were wondering about my recent “disappearance” and failures to respond, it was because I was dying from the illness I mentioned back around the 17th. I was totally out of it, and taking care of my son was the only thing I could manage. But things took a turn back towards life a few days ago when I finally felt hunger for the first time in weeks. And now I am eating to regain my mind and stamina.

Looking back now upon the totality of the experience, I’m left wondering if it was an illness or a purification. I’ve come out of it with so many positive changes.

I’ll try to write short notes from time-to-time until my writing ability returns to normal. And the current globalist event track starts with the Beijing Olympics (early February) and runs through Passover (April 23). Communism will fall to the false saviors during that time. ~ Ken

(14-22 January 2022) – Why February through April is so important to the globalists

After the ridiculous number of difficulties I’ve faced in my private life over the past month, I find myself feeling better than I have in a long time. I also find myself very much in the mood to go straight for the jugular of the globalists’ plans for February through April. So let’s begin by looking at why that time period is so key to their “End Times” stageplay. And once this core information is out, I’ll construct a guide entry around it (which should be understandable to everyone) and a timetable for tracking their attempt to manifest their (arid) wet dream.

Here goes…

As you can read about in The “End Times” Deception, the globalists are attempting to stage TWO Christian Tribulation periods

  1. The first one will feature a Communist Antichrist who will be defeated (this Feb-April) by an apparent savior. This apparent savior (who is secretly the “Nazionist Antichrist”) will build a New World Order and lead it for 3.5 years before being defeated by another apparent savior, Vladimir Putin. This Tribulation will be billed as “Satan’s Great Deception,” because it is intended to lead to the world accepting Putin as the “returned Jesus Christ.”
  2. The second one will feature Vladimir Putin posing as Jesus, changing the NWO in a crowd-pleasing way, and openly leading it for 3.5 years (it will turn very nasty by the end of his rule). This second Tribulation will be billed as the “God’s Real Tribulation,” because the globalists want you to accept the person they put forward to defeat Putin as the “real Jesus Christ.”

Each of these Tribulation periods will last for two 3.5-year prophecy periods, totalling 7 years. And these two 7-year Tribulations can run consecutively, with a gap between them, or OVERLAP. In the current implementation timetable, they overlap…

In the next section, I’ll tell you why they’re currently planned to overlap. I’ll also tell you why you’ll see TWO Antichrists “stand in the holy place” in the years ahead

  1. Trump/Pence/Kushner in “Moses’ original tabernacle” this March/April, and
  2. Putin in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in 2025.

(If you are a new reader and don’t understand what I mean by this, stick with me. By the time I finish the Guide, you’ll get it.)

Until I post again, read this section from 13-14 December 2021 update. It hints at why 2022-2029 is currently planned to be the time period of “God’s Real Tribulation”…

What do 20 April 2022, 1 October 2025, and 13 April 2029 have in common? – They may be the key fulfillment dates during the globalist-staged 7-year Tribulation, because…

April 20, 2022 is the day in Passover 2022
that is separated by 1260 days from
October 1, 2025, which is the day Yom Kippur begins in 2025
that is separated by 1290 days from
April 13, 2029, which is the day of the Apophis asteroid “impact.”

~ MORE – 15 January 2022 ~

The globalists have spent decades propagandizing Christians to expect the Tribulation to unfold in the way they have planned. And in my past writings about the two-Tribulation deception, I noted that the globalists need not — and in fact cannot — engineer a perfect fulfillment of those expectations in the first Tribulation. They’ll get by with “passable fulfillments” instead. But in the second Tribulation (“God’s true Tribulation”), they will fulfill every expectation with precision, including hitting the exact numbers in the Bible that are interpreted as being part of the Tribulation timeline. Those numbers are 1260 days, 1290 days and 1335 days.

So this is why the February-April timeframe is so dangerous…

  1. It affords the globalists the opportunity to run a 1260-day first half of the “real Tribulation” that will begin during the 2022 Jewish spring holidays and end during the 2025 Jewish fall holidays,
  2. it allows them to run a 1290-day second half of the “real Tribulation” that ends on the exact day of the next Apophis asteroid flyby, and
  3. it permits them to launch their Kabbalah Christ’s “Millennial Kingdom” 45 days after the “asteroid day climax” on the 1335-day mark.

This would provide a perfect fulfillment of the biblical numbers.

~ MORE – 16 January 2022 ~

Now if we look at the Bible verses in which the numbers appear…

Revelation Chapter 12 offers a “prophetic vision” which features a 1260-day period that begins right after the “Dragon”/”Satan” and his angels are cast down to the Earth. The globalist prophecy propagandists will claim that this vision represents “the time when Satan’s spirit comes down to Earth to indwell the Antichrist and start the 7-year Tribulation,” thus attaching the 1260 days to the first half of the Tribulation.

Daniel Chapter 12 offers another “prophetic vision” — supposedly caused by an “angel” appearing to the “prophet” — which says this…

Daniel 12:11 – And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days.

This verse refers to “the Antichrist’s desecration of the Jewish Temple” (by either standing in the holy place of the Temple himself or having an object placed there, such as a counterfeit Ark of the Covenant). Globalist prophecy doctrine holds that this desecration will occur in the middle of the 7 years, so this ties the 1290 days to the second half of the Tribulation. And both the 1290 days and the 7-year Tribulation will end with the arrival of the globalist-selected “Jesus Christ” to defeat the “Antichrist” (on the day of the asteroid flyby).

If the globalists stick to this timeline, the first Tribulation desecration of the Temple will occur on 20 April 2022 (during this year’s Passover holiday period). And to make the fulfillment possible, they may “miraculously discover” Moses’ original tabernacle, which would be placed upon the Temple Mount after the war. If it’s counterfeit and “Satanically bewitched,” the entire tabernacle and its contents being erected over the former location of the Second Temple’s holy place could turn out to be the planned desecration.

In the very next verse of Daniel Chapter 12, we are told this…

Daniel 12:12 Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.

This verse implies that the 1335th day after the Temple desecration will bring something wonderful. And this would most likely be the start of the Kabbalah Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, thus giving “Jesus” 45 days to defeat the Antichrist, provide needed aid after the battle, and explain to the world what just happened (according to the globalist-penned “official story”).

~ MORE – 17 January 2022 ~

So now that we’ve looked at why April 20, 2022 is such an attractive day for the globalists to start the second Tribulation, let’s look back to the start of the ongoing first Tribulation to see how that fits with April 20.

In a previous (2009-2016) attempt to fake the first Tribulation, the globalists cast Barack Obama as the decoy Antichrist that would be defeated at the end of the 7 years. And they marked the beginning of those 7 years by having him sit as President of the UN Security Council for a September 24, 2009 meeting on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament

…from YouTube

The 7-year “covenant with the many” Obama made that day (Resolution 1887) was set to expire with an attempted nuclear exchange in September of 2016. But instead — according to the globalist script — “God intervened and paused the Satanic plan by sowing dissention in the ranks of the Global Deep State, setting the Nazionists against the communists in a battle for control over the Satanic New World Order and bringing Nazionist Trump to power.”

In keeping with this script change, the globalists had “Nazionist Antichrist” Trump/Pence/Kushner mark the beginning of his 7-year tenure in the same way Obama did…

…from YouTube

And when they did this on 26 September 2018, they started a 3.5-year countdown to the desecration of the holy place / Temple, which will mark the halfway point of the first Tribulation.

3.5 years after Obama’s countdown started ticking, they had him do this…

…from YouTube (top) and Time and Date (bottom)

With no Jewish tabernacle or temple on the Temple Mount to desecrate, the globalists had their Antichrist character stand in another holy place: the supposed birthplace of Jesus. Having the “Obamanation that brings desolation” stand in “Christ’s birthplace” passably fulfilled the “desecration of the holy place” expectation and marked the beginning of the second half of that aborted Tribulation.

So when will Trump/Pence/Kushner’s 3.5 year “countdown to desecration” end? April 20 is a good candidate…

…from Time and Date

While having the first half of the first Tribulation run for 1302 days does not hit any of the exact numbers in the Bible, it does lie within the 1260-1335 day range of the exact numbers. This makes it a passable fulfillment — one that will be all the more acceptable to prophecy watchers when the second half of the first Tribulation ends up running exactly 1260 days.

(22 January 2022) – As my longtime readers know, the globalists use historical, numerological, and astrological cues in timing their events. And I just found an astrological cue that explains why the Chinese scheduled the start of the Beijing Olympics on February 4 (of all days) and why the globalists’ chief prophecy propaganda mill has been pushing the return of the god Saturn (as the Antichrist)” narrative so hard.

There is a conjunction of the planet Saturn with the Sun on February 4!…

…from (tom) and Stellarium (bottom)

Also, let’s not forget the solar conjunction symbolism associated with the start of the war in the occult video I, Pet Goat 2

…from YouTube

So the war can be expected to start in close proximity to the start of the Olympics (which is the real reason globalist agent Putin is mobilizing his whole navy by then), and it will bring the communist onslaught that will defeated by a savior figure before or during Passover in April.

I’ll expand on all this later today (hopefully). Also, watch for a preliminary false-flag terror event (staged by the government) at the Washington, DC antivaxxer rally tomorrow.