Donations and My New Blog

I’ve received a number of donation offers over the past few years (including one today), but I can’t accept money for what I do on this blog because…

  • people would think I’m in it for the money and would be more skeptical of my writings,
  • I might grow hesitant to cover controversial subjects out of fear of alienating donors, and
  • I would open myself up to influence and legal risk from the Money Power.

This blog must therefore always remain something done purely in service to others, with no money or notoriety accruing to me. That’s why I don’t even put my full name on it. If I did, I might grow interested in “building a name for myself” and start avoiding subjects that would bring that name under criticism or disfavor.

That being said, I will be starting a second, membership-based blog at some point in the relatively near future. Once I get it going, readers can donate as much as they wish and it will be gratefully accepted. I need to build a small home that is customized to my son’s needs, and offering people a way to help us seems like the only way I can get there. The new blog will feature “things that are fascinating to know,” while the current free blog will continue to cover “things that everyone should know.”

I’ll write more about this when it’s time to start the second blog.

Much love…