The real-life Illuminati card game

If you’ve been poking around the rabbit hole for any length of time, you’ve probably come across the cards of the Illuminati: New World Order game…

…The game was supposedly released in the 1990s – I say “supposedly” because I don’t know with certainty whether the game is real or a psyop invention, although I assume it’s real – and it involves playing cards that represent a variety of groups and plots to achieve one’s objectives.

In similar fashion, the real-life implementation of the globalist agenda also involves the timely playing of “cards” that represent standing contingencies, which are prefabricated plots that contribute to the rise of the NWO and what comes after it. Since the preparatory propaganda for these standing contingencies has already been introduced into the public consciousness, the cards are ready to be played at any time.

To give an example of what I mean, consider the “Fed Mistake” card I identified a few years ago. It will be played after the beginning of the next economic crisis and will involve the politicians and the talking heads blaming the Federal Reserve’s “too loose for too long” monetary policy for contributing to the collapse of the financial system.

The playing of this card will set in motion a full audit and reform of…

  • the Federal Reserve,
  • the central banks of other nations, and
  • the Bank for International Settlements.

The most likely outcome of this “reform” is that the globalists will fold the central banks’ functions into the national treasury departments and the BIS’ functions into the United Nations financial arm (the IMF and World Bank). And as a result of this “reform” process, many central bank duties currently handled at the national level will be handled at the international level “so a financial crisis like this will never happen again.”

Cards like the Fed Mistake card are designed to be played in certain combinations and sequences to achieve globalist aims. I call these combinations and sequences “set pieces,” and each realm of human activity the globalists are trying to overhaul (such as the financial/economic, political, and religious realms) has a set piece in place. To give an example of what I mean, here is a quick outline of the set piece they’ve prepared for the financial/economic overhaul…

1) The “World War 3″ card
the “Black Swan Event” card
will be played to get the Big Financial Crisis started.

2) Once the global economy begins its descent, the “Bank Bail-in” card will be played to seize wealth under the pretense of trying to save the current financial system. The “Fed Mistake” card will also be played to start a public discussion about central bank reform.

3) Once enough wealth has been seized and central bank reform is on the public’s mind, the “Global Financial Heart Attack” card will be played, which will shut down the global financial system and economy to the maximum permissible degree.

4) This will be quickly followed by the playing of the “China Gold” card, in which China will offer gold to back the IMF in exchange for “reforms,” thus leading to the playing of the “Golden Phoenix” card, by which a new “gold/commodities-backed” financial system will be erected to “restore public trust.”

All this being said, I intend add a new section to the Understanding the NWO Strategy page which will outline major globalist goals and sub-goals that cannot be changed, such as their immediate, inalterable goal/sub-goals in the political realm:




  1. Scrapping unilateral vetoes in the Security Council so no nation can stand against the UN mob
  2. Expanding the Security Council permanent membership to include more nations so the UN will appear “more inclusive and fair”
  3. Establishing a regular, standing UN mechanism / procedure for enacting crushing multilateral economic sanctions on non-compliant nations
  4. Strengthening the UN’s military capacity to force its will on non-compliant nations
  5. Setting up Putin to look like the hero of our age and the obvious choice to guide the new UN

Along with these goals/sub-goals, I will outline all the different cards and set pieces that could be used in their attempt to achieve them (such as the UN Nuke Attack” card I recently identified). The expanded page will thus serve as a timeless reference guide to the globalists’ implementation strategy, and I will continue to use the NWO Schedule of Implementation page to track specific times that are well-suited for attempting the set pieces and for playing certain cards.

Since just about everybody is familiar with playing strategy games, I’m hoping this will help people wrap their minds around what the globalists are doing. So in the time ahead, keep an eye on the number next to the strategy page link: Understanding the NWO Strategy [1.5]. Each time I add information to the page, the number will go up: 1.51, 1.52, etc.

I may edit this entry later for better clarity and flow; my brain is a little mushy today.

Much love…