Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Updates 17-18 – How September will unfold & A preview of the G20 Summit

[Update 17 – 31 August 2016]

The big month begins tomorrow, and events are tracking pretty much as I expected.

The Olympic terror attack I was expecting to launch the final battle against “ISIS” occurred – just not in the manner I expected. Rather than mounting a large-scale attack at the Olympics and other places, the globalists hit a Turkish wedding party during the last 24 hours of the Games. That, in turn, led to the following sequence of events…

1) August 21 – “Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences in a telegram to Turkey’s president following the attack on a Kurdish wedding party, which he says shows the international community must work together in fighting terrorism.

The Kremlin said Putin on Sunday conveyed Russia’s readiness to increase counter-terrorism cooperation with Turkey, including following through on agreements the two presidents reached during their recent talks in Russia. – From ABC/AP

2) August 22 –
…From Breitbart

3) August 24 –
…From CNN

4) August 27 –
…From Zero Hedge

Can you see how the wedding party attack led to the ongoing final battle against “ISIS” and other US-backed forces? One wonders if an attack on a wedding was chosen to symbolically represent Erdogan’s marriage to Putin.

Also as expected, the globalists have continued their PR rollout of “extraterrestrials” with the recent announcement that a candidate ET radio signal has been detected. This happened hot on the heels of another announcement that an Earth-like planet has been discovered orbiting our closest neighboring star. So in the past few years, they have taken us from…

> the first discovery of a planet orbiting another star to…
> more discoveries of more planets around other stars to…
> the discovery of a gas-giant planet in the habitable zone around another star to…
> the discovery of an Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone around another star.
> Oh, and we’re picking up a potential ET radio signal too.
> And now they’re talking about how they are zeroing in on the discovery of “Planet 9″…
…From RT. And here is CNN’s version of the story
…so both Eastern and Western propaganda organs are promoting it.

Can you see how they’ve been slowly walking us towards their announcement of fake ETs from a fake inhabited planet (“Nibiru”)?

Finally, as expected, war triggers are in place for potential conflict in the 3 sandboxes the globalists have prepared for warplay.

1) Russian military drills along Ukraine’s borders have the Ukrainians suggesting that war could begin in September…
…From Ukraine Today

2) China has warned Japan against joining the US in its freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, and given the supposedly hawkish nature of Japan’s new defense minister, look for Japan to cross that “red line” in a couple of weeks…
…From The Diplomat

3) As was previously noted, US-backed forces in Syria are under attack by Turkey / Russia / Syria, which could lead to a “desperate” escalation by the US in the Middle East.

And in the meantime, we keep getting nuclear war warnings from controlled alt-media propagandists…
…From Zero Hedge. Note how Paul Craig Roberts says, “…for the sake of life on earth.” He is speaking in terms that tie in to the fake ET intervention the globalists have planned. If they go through with that magic show, the “ETs” will stop the nuclear war “for the sake of life on earth,” as I outlined last year in Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016.

Can you see how events in the 3 sandboxes are escalating towards a September crescendo?

With all this set before us, this is how September should unfold…

1) Big announcements and revelations will come in the first part of the month.
2) Big provocations that lead us to the precipice (or just past the precipice) of World War 3 will come in the middle of the month.
3) The big climax (and Putin’s victory) will come in the last part of the month.

If the globalists stick with their core plans, things will happen according to the dates I’ve previously outlined (give or take a week or two). But if they abandon the 3-Step Prophecy Deception or the 2016 Rollout, they can put things off and my dates will be wrong. We’ll find out soon enough.

For more in-depth information on this topic, read…

Your Guide to the Operational Launch of the NWO in 2016

[Update 18 – 1 September 2016]

After surveying the propaganda lead-in to the G20 Summit in China on Sunday and Monday, I’ve identified three paths the Summit could take…

Path 1: “The East Take the Reins” – I outlined this scenario in Why Putin and Xi will announce their new gold standard on September 5, and it involves China and Russia taking the initiative at the G20 Summit by announcing their intention to implement gold and commodities backing for their national currencies. It would be presented as a move to restore order, balance and confidence in the global financial system through the reestablishment of “sound money.” And it would result in massive trading out of the Western “fiat” currencies (especially the soon-to-be-nonexistent euro) and into the ruble and yuan, thus triggering a Western banking collapse.

Path 2: “The West’s Final Insult” – This scenario is foreshadowed in this article from Newsweek

The scenario would involve Western leaders “insulting and embarrassing” China and sabotaging any action to implement “positive change” in the global financial system. The Russians and Chinese would afterwards be publicly seen saying, “This is the last straw! Nothing will change if WE don’t take action NOW.”

The actions they’d take would include…

> forcefully blocking any further Western military “provocations” and attacks, whether the attacks are conducted by the West’s uniformed military services or their intelligence agencies and proxies (such as the regime-change terrorists in Syria),

> releasing all their damning dossiers (either directly or through intermediaries like Wikileaks) on Western leaders and Western “Zionist” central bankers, and

> making their gold announcement at some point between September 6 and October 9 (the final day of the IMF / World Bank annual meetings).

Path 3: “The West’s Final Insult Compels the East to Take the Reins” – This hybrid scenario would involve the West behaving badly on the first day of the G20 Summit and the Chinese and Russians responding with their gold announcement on the second day. The Chinese and Russians would then take the other steps outlined in Path 2.

++++++++++Addendum 1++++++++++

While I was researching for this update, I stumbled back upon an instructive BRICS Post article on the G20 Summit that was published last December…
…So I will continue adding to this update by walking you through its notable points. In doing so, we’ll see why interim President Paul Ryan or newly-elected President Donald Trump might nominate someone like Ron Paul to lead the Federal Reserve Bank. And here we go…

Point 1: Take note of the author of the article…
…and its headline…
…(The “G20 must act,” eh? That sounds like what the IMF just said in the P.S. at the bottom of this entry)

Since the author, He Yafei, is a Chinese government official, the expectations he presents for the G20 are the official expectations of China’s leaders. Chinese officials aren’t known for going rogue and presenting their own personal opinions; they stick to the party line. And the headline, which stresses action over talk, is a common theme of both Chinese and Russian G20 propaganda (see the featured articles in Why Putin and Xi will announce their new gold standard on September 5 for more instances of this).

So with all the noise the Chinese and Russians have been making about action over talk from the G20, do you think they’ll let this Summit pass without any substantive action being taken? It seems unlikely, because it would result in the Chinese “losing face.” That’s why I think the 3 Paths I’ve presented are their most likely plays (unless exposure of their plans causes them to wuss out again).

++++++++++Addendum 2++++++++++

Now let’s begin analyzing the article by starting with the first two paragraphs. I’ll bold key sections and include my comments in [brackets]…

>>> President Xi Jinping announced in Turkey a few weeks ago that China, as the rotating chair, will host the G20 summit in Hangzhou in September 2016, with the theme of “promoting the innovative, dynamic, concerted and inclusive world economy”. It dovetails with G20’s lasting efforts in promoting global innovative economic growth, perfecting economic and financial governance [i.e. perfecting globalist control over the world’s economic systems], stimulating international trade and investment in order to have inclusive and concerted development.

As China assumes its chairmanship, the G20 arrives at a historic juncture of turning itself from a “fire brigade” into the global mechanism for addressing long-term and structural deficiencies in world economy. Greater expectations naturally have surfaced for China’s role in shepherding G20 and world economy in the right direction [So the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is going to “shepherd” the world? Prepare to get the rod if you step out of line]. What are the most important expectations and what should be done for China to meet them? <<<

Looking at this passage, we see them talking about “perfecting economic and financial governance,” an “historic juncture,” and the G20 as “THE global mechanism.” So as they affirm the G20’s place as the global mechanism for perfected global control under Chinese leadership, we must recall what notorious Western globalist George Soros said about China and the globalists’ “New Financial World Order” (NFWO)…

“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate — their voting rights are not commeasurate — to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”

So the New Financial World Order that China is scheduled to inaugurate at the G20 Summit is, in fact, the crystallization of George Soros’ vision of the NWO/NFWO. In other words, the Chinese are about to do EXACTLY what the “evil Western globalists” want them to do. To see the source of Soros’ quote and to understand how the “evil Western globalists” created BOTH the G20 and the BRICS Alliance, read…

George Soros and the China-fronted NWO

++++++++++Addendum 3++++++++++

Let’s move on by examining excerpts, starting with this one…

>>> Why has China chosen that theme? Broadly speaking, there are three background reasons for the choice:

1. Though the world economy is more or less out of the financial crisis, the economic recovery is slow and unsatisfactory with no visible new driving forces.

[The author goes back to the concept of a “new driving force” later in the article, and it’s a doozy.]

2. Reforms in global governance lack progress and international rules-making on economy and trade is messy and confusing to say the least.

[Speaking of “reforms in global governance,” the IMF finally implemented the long-delayed 2010 reforms in January of this year. And while doing this increased the developing world’s representation in the IMF to some degree, it still left the US holding over 15% of the voting power within the institution, which means the US retains its veto power over big decisions. As part of China’s big gold move, they will offer the IMF some of their gold in exchange for SDRs, so watch for those new SDRs to dilute the US’ voting power to under 15%. This will kill America’s veto power and unleash a tidal wave of reforms within the institution.]

3. The G20 feels powerless or has its hands tied in coordinating global macro-economic policies.

[Here the Chinese are bemoaning the G20’s inability to implement coordinated policies. So the coming Chinese initiatives will enable such coordination like George Soros suggested: “…I think this (the New Financial World Order) would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”] <<<

Here’s the next excerpt…

>>> As the G20 creates more than 80% of global GDP, it is safe to say that the world future is in the hands of G20. <<<

“The world future is in the hands of G20,” eh? There is a Soros quote for that too – it is a statement he made immediately after the last quote we examined: “I think the makings of it [the NFWO] are already there because the G20, in agreeing to peer reviews, effectively is moving in that direction.” So according to Soros, the G20 is the nascent NFWO, and that means the Chinese are saying that “the world future” is in the hands of the New Financial World Order that was planned by George Soros and Company. Lovely.

++++++++++Addendum 4++++++++++

Well, it looks like I ran out of time to complete the analysis of the article. The big show is about to start, and I want to relax and watch what they do. I would’ve completed the job today, but the stormy weather finally cleared so I took my son out for Starbucks and grocery shopping. After that I was tired, and I certainly can’t write tonight because it’s Saturday Sangria Night. No earthly crisis (outside of my own household) is ever allowed to interfere with Sangria Night. That’s Ken’s time.

Whenever I do have my sangria, I’m often reminded of when I took “Holy Communion” as a young Christian child. Because Jesus loved me, I was compelled to eat his flesh and drink his blood on a weekly basis, and it would have been alright if he’d tasted better. But alas, his blood tasted like Concord grape juice and his flesh like a tasteless wafer of paper. I think taste is the most overlooked aspect of selecting a god for oneself.

Now that I view Source Consciousness as “God,” I’m so much more pleased with the menu choices. “His” blood tastes like sangria and “his” flesh like jalapeno kettle chips. My new god is, quite simply, delicious. And he offers you a nice buzz too. All I have to do to complete my “Unholy Communion” is take 666 sips of his blood and eat a whole bag of his flesh. I guess you can never be too much like god, right?

Perhaps the Christians would get more converts if they offered a Caribbean jerk messiah…

Anyways, love to all. I’ll see you on the other side of the G20 show.

(P.S. – 1 September 2016) – Yep, here we go! In this simple, made-for-public-consumption video, the IMF is openly calling on the G20 to take “forceful policy actions”…

At the same time, the media are suggesting that the West will coc*block China’s attempts to do so…

“When leaders of 20 major nations and the European Union meet next week, their host China is likely to push far-reaching measures for world economic stimulus. But Beijing’s agenda that covers consolidation of cross-border investment rules and the industrialization of Africa may get just a polite, diluted reaction from the other leaders, who include U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.” – From Forbes

So how can China take forceful action in the face of foot-dragging by the US and Japan? By announcing their new gold standard of course. They and their Russian allies can take that bold step without the need to bring the whole G20 along. And by doing so, they will be seen as forcing the G20 to move past the Western roadblock in governance reform.

It’s a lovely little dialectic dance, isn’t it? I call it the Globalist Waltz…