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On the Gifts of God and the Doctrines of Men

In all the annals of medical practice, you’ll not find a single recorded case of a baby being born with a Torah, Bible or Koran tethered around his neck. And why is that so? Because God does not give us those books, men do. This does not mean we are born without guidance from God, though, because every baby ever born in a properly formed body came with the gifts of intellect, intuition, emotion and common sense pre-installed. God gives all humans these gifts so we’ll be able to find our way through this world of deception and confusion. God’s gifts are our homing beacon to Truth. This being so…

I encourage you to set aside the doctrines of men and all of the mental and emotional programming they have instilled in you and start listening to the gifts God gave you.

If you are currently a Christian, you probably believe that people in all the other religions, such as Hinduism for example, are embracing false doctrines. So let me ask you this…

What if you had been born in India instead of here?

What would you believe if all the authority figures around you had brought you up with the Hindu writings and all the associated mental and emotional programming of that religion? Being a person who strives for a relationship with God, you probably would have accepted what they told you and embraced their “false doctrine,” is that not so? Now look at that Hindu you from your current Christian perspective – how would you find your way out of their “false doctrine” to embrace “salvation in Jesus Christ”? You would have to question everything they taught you and consider something new, wouldn’t you?

Well here I am standing beyond the maze of Christian thought telling you that you have embraced false doctrine. Do you care enough about the Truth – do you care enough about God – to find out if I might be right? If you are standing in Truth right now, you have nothing to fear by using God’s gifts to question it. It would only be affirmed by such questioning. But if you are standing in falsehood, wouldn’t you want to know? Do you care enough about your relationship with God to do the work and find out? Or will you hide in the Land of “Just Have Faith”?

Going back to the Hindu you we just discussed, would you be able find your way out of Hinduism if those around you told you to “just have faith” and you accepted that? Certainly not, right? “Just have faith” would be your spiritual prison for life. This being so, we must recognize that…


In telling you to “just have faith,” the manipulators are telling you to turn off God’s gifts and blindly accept the doctrines of men. Common sense, which is one of God’s gifts, would suggest instead that you turn off your blind acceptance and wholeheartedly embrace the gifts God gave you. Use your intellect. Use your intuition. Use your emotions. Use your common sense. And use them all together, ignoring none of them. The only way to find the Land of Truth is to apply your indomitable will to Truth in navigating the Sea of Lies using the compass God gave you. Cast off your fear and let’s get to sailin’.

Much love…

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Why strive to become “a” god when you’re already “the” God? (+ a P.S.)

A reader who saw my About Me page asked, “Why are you a god?” It stirred an interesting response in me, so I thought I’d take a quick break from the NWO watch and share my answer…

I personally view the desire to be a god as an unworthy aim born of impure motivations. Besides, I am not “a” god – I am “the” god, and so are you, and so is every living thing in every corner of Creation. It is Consciousness indwelling form that makes a living thing, so “God” dwells in every living being (even the nasty ones).

All forms arise from definitions, and every definition ascribed to a form increases its level of limitation. This being so, the “pieces” / “focal points” of Consciousness indwelling forms can sometimes experience frustration and dissatisfaction, and some strive to become something they see as being “more” than what they currently are. That is a valid choice, just as it’s a valid choice to accept one’s limitations and savor the unique flavor of experience it offers.

But what about those who strive to be “gods”? Why do they do it? Is it so they can wield power over other focal points of Consciousness? Is it so they can feel “better than” others? Given the limitless perspectives from which any form can be compared to another, there is no such thing as “better than”; there is only “different than.” Since I have no desire to exercise power over others or to be seen as “better than,” I feel no urge to become “a” god.

I am experiencing being human right now, and however painful and frustrating I often find it, it’ll do. The mission I’ve chosen for my life is crystal-clear: I will see my son safely through his life and do what good I can on the side. Striving for godhood just doesn’t fit into that.

Thanks for the question…

P.S. – Another reader brought this to my attention: Tomorrow’s summit is the Eurozone’s 13th. I wrote an update about it in the previous entry. Just scroll down or click here.