Information about the June 18 scenario has been added to the NWO Schedule of Implementation (Update 2 – What the Fed might do on Wednesday)

I’ve added this to the NWO Schedule of Implementation page as Mod 1.7…

> June 18: On this, the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, two “opposing” meetings will convene…

1) In the “Evil West,” the Eurozone Finance Ministers (known as the Eurogroup) will meet to discuss what to do about Greece.

2) In the “Good East,” the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will begin.

In an interesting dramatic setup, the globalists have arranged for the Greek Prime Minister to attend the Russian meeting, where he will reportedly sign a memorandum supporting Russia’s Turkish Stream gas pipeline to Europe. In return, it is possible that he may receive an advance on Greece’s future pipeline profits in the form of a loan from the Russians, and the Greeks might use that money to pay the IMF.

It is important to note that EU energy security policy calls for diversification away from Russian gas, and the EU officially supports a competing pipeline project called the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline. By signing on to the Turkish Stream project, Greece will be directly contradicting EU policy.

So while the Eurogroup is meeting to determine Greece’s fate, the Greek leader will be in Russia stabbing the EU in the back. This could be used as justification for the EU to cut liquidity support to Greece’s banks, which could trigger an economic convulsion as early as June 22 (the first day that Greek banks open after the meetings). Should EU officials do or say something that triggers a Greek banking collapse after Greece has secured funds that could be used to make their immediate payments, it would make the EU look vindictive and destructive. This suits the globalists’ “Good East versus Bad West” propaganda template just fine.

(P.S. – 15 June 2015) – The best way to bring down a nation is to wreck its currency, and this is why the Eurozone was formed. The only way to crash the separate nations of Europe all at once was to lash them together in a common currency. The globalists put Europe’s eggs in one basket, and now they’ll let the basket drop.

[Update 1 – 15 June 2015]

Today is 6/15/15 (6/6/6 Day), and the globalists have started out the weekly news cycle as expected (per Update 33). Have a look at the language they’re using now…
…(a screengrab from the Drudge Report)

Since I am a man of my word, I ordered a popcorn popper today…
…Being a Prime member of you-know-which-site, I should receive it on Wednesday, just in time to watch other things begin to pop.

(P.S. – 15 June 2015) – This one definitely qualifies as “significant news… concerning what will happen later in the week”…

I have to remember to pick up butter for the popcorn…

If you are a new reader and wish to understand what’s really driving the Greek crisis, I encourage you to have a look at Update 19: The Greek People’s Revolution and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO. It offers an in-depth look at the globalist agenda in all this.

[Update 2 – 15 June 2015]

Don’t be shocked if the Federal Reserve announces a September interest rate hike this Wednesday. I’ll tell you why they might in tomorrow’s Globalist Agenda Watch update.