Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 36-37 – The active phase of the “People’s Revolution” kicks off & Waterloo all over again: a Frenchman drops a bomb on Greece’s banks (+ a P.S. x 5)

[Update 36]

Going into today’s dueling Eurogroup and St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) meetings, I thought the Russians might give the Greeks a pipeline advance and the Greeks might at least make the pretense of offering it to the IMF, but they seem to be going in a different direction. So far this week, Tsipras has called the IMF “criminal” and the Greek “Truth Committee on Public Debt” has called all Troika debt “illegal, illegitimate, and odious.” And news out of St. Petersburg is saying this…
from RT’s live coverage of the SPIEF

So it looks like the Greeks will stiff both the EU and the IMF and won’t get BRICS money before July 8-9 at the earliest. As I think about it, this approach makes better sense from an engineered “people’s revolution” perspective. By repudiating the debt, campaigning against austerity, and publicizing the treachery of the EU and IMF, the Greeks will be providing the narrative for rebellion by other marginal EU countries and for the governance reform of the IMF.

To get the revolutionary ball rolling, the globalist color revolution engineers arranged for an anti-austerity protest in Greece Wednesday evening. When most people see a banner like this, they might think, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it!”…
…But when I see it, I think, “That banner looks expensive. Who paid for it?” The Money Power’s policy is to lead every revolution against themselves. That way, the outcome is always to their liking. When the Western Interim World Order falls and the East brings in the New World Order, that is very much to their liking.

On a sidenote, guess what else I found in RT’s live coverage of SPIEF…

You might remember Jim Rogers from this Mises Mafia photo I talked about in Update 34
…It’s no surprise to find the Mises Mafia in bed with the BRICS. They all work together on selling the globalist solution to all the problems the globalists are causing us.

[Update 37 – 18 June 2015]

Waterloo all over again: a Frenchman drops a bomb on Greece’s banks

Here is a little excerpt from Update 28

“On a historic side note, June 18 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. It commenced with a French attack (at Hougoumont). Also, the number 18 is the sum of 6 + 6 + 6. Will the EU’s Waterloo begin with an attack on Greece’s banks on the 18th? Who knows, but it’s a date to watch. The ELA card can be played at any time starting today.”

Wouldn’t you know it, the ECB — specifically citing a French executive board member named Benoit Coeure – leaked to the press that Greece’s banks may be unable to open on Monday. Needless to say, such a suggestion will send every Greek to the bank tomorrow to withdraw funds. So it appears that the EU’s Waterloo began with a French attack, just like the last one.

(P.S. – 18 June 2015)Bloomberg is reporting that the ECB will hold an emergency session on Friday to discuss a Greek request for more than 3 billion euros of additional Emergency Liquidity Assistance. This will happen on the same day that Greeks will be in full bank run mode and Tsipras will be in St. Petersburg signing on to the EU-opposed Turkish Stream pipeline project. Gee, I wonder if they’ll say no…

(P.S. – 19 June 2015) – Now that I think about it, it is possible that the ECB may give the Greeks just enough ELA to open their banks on Monday. There will be an emergency meeting of Eurozone leaders on that day, and the leaders might want to be the ones who “cut the ribbon” to commence the carnage…

Cutting red tape
Guess what time on Monday they’ll meet… 7PM. Yep, the “magic 7,” as Christine Legarde called it, and the meeting takes place on the master number of June 22. Who needs soap operas when the world’s a soap opera?

(P.S. – 19 June 2015)The Canadian Press is reporting that Putin and Tsipras have signed the pipeline deal, and the RT live feed of SPIEF has a video which appears to show the signing…

(P.S. – 19 June 2015) – More from the RT’s live feed of SPIEF

China is continuing the drumbeat on IMF governance reform in accordance with the globalist plan. The stage-managed revelations about the IMF that will come out over the next few months will strengthen their case in the public eye. The big move comes in October.

(P.S. – 19 June 2015) –  Yep, it’s on for the Monday ribbon cutting: ECB Gives Greek Banks Barely Enough Cash To Cover One Day’s Bank Run

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