Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 35 – What the Fed might do on Wednesday (Addendum 3 – Drats! No announcement.)

The scapegoat must be sacrificed before the BRICS-fronted NWO can begin…

The globalists don’t need the Federal Reserve to raise rates in order to blame it for causing the coming economic conflagration. Bankster-controlled media and bankster-funded historians can already point to the Fed’s “too loose for too long” monetary policies for that. They also don’t need a Fed rate increase in order to trigger the Next Lehman Moment – any number of black swan events can be utilized for such a purpose. What they do need a Fed increase for is to get the public to see the Fed make a move, then see the economy immediately seize up. This will be a clear example to which the media can point in convincing the public to “blame the Fed.” And once everyone blames the Fed (and other national central banks) for causing the problem, the globalists can offer their solution.

Currently, I anticipate a Fed rate increase in September. This will allow them to shock the global economy just prior to the Pope’s US visit in September and the looming US government shutdown on October 1st. A Fed mistake coupled with a government shutdown will make the US look like idiots, and that will pave the way for the IMF’s accommodation of the BRICS in October. In thinking of how they’ll pull it off, though, one question has been bugging me…

How can the Fed publicly justify raising rates AFTER the Greek situation pops and starts a cascade of financial instability in the EU?

Pondering that question last night, an answer came to me…

They need to announce the rate increase BEFORE Greece pops, and this Wednesday will probably be the last chance they’ll have to do so.

Think about it: before they started tapering bond purchases in January 2014, they publicly announced it the month before. That being so, would they do something as big as the first rate increase in years without announcing it beforehand? If they announced a September increase tomorrow, they would be giving the markets 90 days of advance notice, which they would characterize as being a very responsible thing to do. And by doing it this way, they can follow through with the increase no matter what’s going on in the markets by saying, “The markets have already priced-in the September rate hike we announced three months ago. If we don’t follow through, we fear it could create further market dislocations.”

That being said, don’t be shocked if Yellen surprises the world at her press conference tomorrow.

I may add more supporting material to this update as the day goes on.

[Addendum 1 – 16 June 2015]

Have a look at the following excerpt from this Fox Business article: FOMC Members to Make Case for 2015 Rate Hikes

>>> Members of the Federal Reserve eager to normalize U.S. monetary policy will have two days this week to make their best case for raising interest rates sooner rather than later…

A majority of the FOMC, including the influential voices of Yellen and Vice Chair Stanley Fischer, have expressed their view that rates will likely move higher before the end of 2015.

Prominent global voices, however, have called on the Fed to delay any hikes until 2016. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank both argued last week that the global economy remains too fragile to absorb higher borrowing costs imposed by the U.S. central bank.

David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds, said the Fed should ignore those pleas, suggesting that “it’s not clear that the economists from either institution understand the real position of the American economy.” <<<

Do you see how it displays the “national central bank vs. supranational institution” propaganda format I write about? Who is pushing to raise rates this year? Yellen, Fischer, a majority of the FOMC members, and some Wall Street douchebag. And who is trying to warn them that it’s not the right time? The “prominent global voices” of the IMF and World Bank. So when rates go up and things go pear-shaped, who gets the blame? Who gets credit for being wise?

[Addendum 2 – 17 June 2015]

I just added this addendum to a previous update, but I’ll also post it here so you don’t miss it…

More on Austrian Economics’ connection to the “royals”

Let’s have look at how Austrian Economics began…

“The school originated in Vienna, in the Austrian Empire. Carl Menger’s 1871 book, Principles of Economics, is generally considered the founding of the Austrian School.”source

“Menger was born in the city of Nowy Sącz in Austrian Galicia, which is now in Poland. He was the son of a wealthy family of minor nobility

In 1876 Menger began tutoring Archduke Rudolf von Habsburg, the Crown Prince of Austria in political economy and statistics…

In 1878 Rudolf’s father, Emperor Franz Josef, appointed Menger to the chair of political economy at Vienna. The title of Hofrat [Councilor] was conferred on him, and he was appointed to the Austrian Herrenhaus [Imperial Council] in 1900.”source

As you can see, the connection between the “royals” and Austrian Economics goes all the way back to its origin. Knowing this, ask yourself, “What was the royals’ interest in this? Were they developing this theory for the good of the serfs, or was it developed in an attempt to maximize the power and wealth of their royal families?”

The answer is pretty clear, isn’t it? The interest of the “royals” (who are now the “Occulted Powers” since they erected the Democratic Facade between themselves and their slaves) is in maximizing their wealth and power by finding the best balance between wealth production and wealth extraction. In other words, “How do you get the serfs to produce the most while simultaneously getting them to hand over the most?”

[Addendum 3 – 17 June 2015]

Drats! No announcement.

The FOMC didn’t commit to the September rate hike today — they left only hints

Given what’s about to happen in Europe over the next few months, a rate hike in September would look like the most tone-deaf move in financial history. But maybe that’s the point. We’ll just have to wait till September to see.

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