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The only way to set up a democracy that works

This is how you set up true democracy…

1) I take responsibility to reach out to the neighbors on my street or in my apartment building, and I’ll set up a time and place where we all can meet weekly to discuss our concerns and hopes. Only a few might show up at first, but if I keep notifying everyone of the time and place of the weekly meeting, more will show up when things start getting rough. And at times of real crisis, ALL will likely come. This will be the beginning of my block council.

After I set up my block council, I’ll reach out to everyone I know and encourage them to do the same where they live. I’ll also take responsibility to reach out, face-to-face, to the people on the next block until I recruit an organizer who will get their block together. In this way, the community-building will spread.

2) Once block councils form, each one can elect a representative to meet with the representatives of the neighboring block councils. They can then discuss the concerns and hopes of the people on their blocks. Ideas will be shared and consensus will start to form. This will be the beginning of the community council.

3) Once community councils form, each one can elect a representative to meet with the representatives of the neighboring community councils. They can then discuss the concerns and hopes of the people of their communities. Ideas will be shared and consensus will start to form. This will be the beginning of the local council.

4) Once local councils form, each one can elect a representative to meet with the representatives of the neighboring local councils. They can then discuss the concerns and hopes of the people of their localities. Ideas will be shared and consensus will start to form. This will be the beginning of the area council.

5) Once area councils form, each one can elect a representative to meet with the representatives of the neighboring area councils. They can then discuss the concerns and hopes of the people of their areas. Ideas will be shared and consensus will start to form. This will be the beginning of the regional council.

6) Once regional councils form, each one can elect a representative to meet with the representatives of the other regional councils. They can then discuss the concerns and hopes of the people of their regions. Ideas will be shared and consensus will start to form. This will be the beginning of the global council.

This simple process of individuals talking to their neighbors to form a community, and those communities reaching out to form broader communities, can cover the entire global population in just these seven steps:

1) Asserting individual sovereignty.
2) Forming block councils.
3) Forming community councils.
4) Forming local councils.
5) Forming area councils.
6) Forming regional councils.
7) Forming a global council.

And each council at each level would need no more than 70 people, and this allows everyone at each level to know each other well. It also allows the voice of every single person to truly matter.

With this seven-tired council structure, the entire population of the Earth, if it were evenly distributed, could be represented by councils no larger than 45 people…

individual (1) x block (45) x community (45) x local (45) x area (45) x regional (45) x global (45) = total people (8.3 billion)

Since populations in different regions (and different blocks) can vary, though, the sizes of the councils at each level would vary. For instance, populous nations such as India and China, if treated as regions, would need councils of up to 70 people…

individual (1) x block (70) x community (70) x local (70) x area (70) x regional (70) = total people (1.68 billion)

And the United States, if treated as a region, would need councils of about 50 to cover the entire population…

individual (1) x block (50) x community (50) x local (50) x area (50) x regional (50) = total people (312.5 million)

As I expand and enhance this article, I’ll explain the very simple rules that would make this system work, and I’ll go into the many benefits it offers. I call this system of government “fractal democracy,” and it is based on the concepts of personal human relationships, anti-hierarchy, decentralization of power, and self-organizing collectivization. It is a way that humanity can cooperate and unite on a global level without the need for artificial states or a troublesome ruling elite.

It’s also as simple as the boogers in your nose, and it has to be that simple in order for people to actually understand it and do it.

Till later, much love….

Behold the Insanity of Current Elections and Imagine Something New

Have you ever looked at an election ballot…

…and realized…

> you didn’t even know all the various offices were up for election?

> you didn’t personally know any of the dozens of candidates, except for one or two whose hands you might have shaken one time?

> you didn’t even recognize most of their names, except for maybe the ones running for the biggest offices or the ones you saw on yard signs?

> you didn’t know their stances on the issues of the day, except for what you might have picked up from a canned political commercial or from a superficial answer on some “voters information” questionnaire?

> that even in the cases in which you were acquainted with a candidate’s stances on certain issues, you knew that he or she was almost certainly blowing hot air and telling you what you wanted to hear?

So on what basis did you end up choosing each candidate? Because you saw his yard sign? Because of her party affiliation? Because he was more attractive than the other candidate or had a better smile? Because you agreed with her public stance on your “hot button” issue, even though you knew she was probably lying and would give little more than lip service to the issue once she was in office?

Asking yourself all the questions above, have you ever come to appreciate that when you cast a ballot under our current system, you are voting for complete strangers whose true agendas you don’t know to take offices of which you have little or no working knowledge? How can that ever lead to a well-functioning government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Since it was the system you were brought up in, you have accepted it as normal and the way things should be. But if you stand back and take a hard look at it, it’s actually quite insane and unworkable, isn’t it?

Now let’s imagine something entirely new…

Imagine a system where you’d vote for only one representative, and it would always be someone you personally know.

Imagine that you could talk to that representative face-to-face on the issues that concern you and build a real human relationship with him or her.

Imagine your vote and your influence on other people’s votes being very significant to that representative — that you are not just one insignificant vote out of thousands or millions.

Imagine that you could replace that representative with someone else you personally know whenever he or she steps out of line.

Imagining this, you begin to move your mind towards a sane and workable representative democracy — one that is built on real human relationships, not on abstract groupings of nameless, faceless demographic herds.

But what form would such a system take? Having considered this question, I’ll offer you my perspective in the next entry. And to give you a little hint, it is the polar opposite of a hierarchy.

Love always…

Solutions, Part 2: The main problem with government is hierarchy

He who places the person on top…
…controls all that is below.

When pondering a properly functioning government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” it’s hard to imagine a more ill-suited organizational structure than a hierarchy…

A hierarchy, by its very nature, is structured for the rule of the few over the many, not the rule of the many over themselves. As such, it is utterly antithetical to the democratic ideal.

Let’s consider a few reasons why this is so:

1) Since the person atop a hierarchy exercises authority over all those below, a hierarchical government is easily corrupted. This predisposition towards corruptibility is so strong, in fact, that corruption is inevitable (so it is no accident that this structure was used in the design of our fake democracies). A corrupting force need only place their agent at the top of the organization to completely capture it. And should they fail to achieve that, the corruptors need only bribe, blackmail, or intimidate the person at the top to do their bidding. Providing corrupting forces with a single target makes their work child’s play.

2) Since a hierarchy concentrates power, that concentrated power attracts all the wrong people into government and sets in motion what I call the “cesspool effect.” The cesspool effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby people of questionable character and dubious motives are drawn to the power and money of government, then in turn draw others of their type into the offices around them…Original caption: President Richard Nixon, claiming he was misled by his staff, has assumes "full responsibility" for the Watergate bugging and indicated a special prosecutor may be named to investigate the worst crisis of his presidency. Six top administration officials have resigned as a consequence of the case. Attorney General Richard G.Kleindienst and top White House aides H.R.Haldeman, John D.Ehrlichman and John W.Dean III all resigned April 30. Last week, L.Patrick Gray III, acting director of the F.B.I., and Jeb Stuart Magruder, a former Haldeman aide, also resigned.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider what kind of people run for political office? Since most good, honest people are busy doing real, productive things in the world and are not motivated by the desire to have power over others, running for office is left mostly to a rather motley pool of potential candidates: charismatic Illuminati family members and Freemasons; attractive, intellectually underdeveloped people with a sense of entitlement and grandeur; favored sons and daughters carrying on the family business (politics); clueless crusaders who are trying to “change the world” (even though most of them barely understand how the world really works); sharp criminals trying to put themselves within arms reach of the biggest pools of money; and slick opportunists who want power, sex, and whatever else they can parlay from being in government. This is quite a lovely bunch we’re left to choose from, is it not?

Of course, good people do sometimes run for office, but they find themselves greatly outgunned. Since honest people are prone to following campaign finance laws, they often get outspent by those who respect no boundaries. And when they do get in office, they find themselves amidst a very bad element, and are often subject to bribery, intimidation and blackmail. Most succumb to corruption or leave office, with only a few – if any — remaining to fight the good, but futile, fight.

Once ensconced in office, the corrupt find themselves threatened by any honest person in an elected or appointed post. They therefore collude to drive the honest ones out of office and bring in other unsavory people, thereby intensifying the cesspool effect. A crooked governor, for instance, can be held in check by an honest attorney general. But if that governor can help maneuver an unscrupulous friend into that office, “he” can run all of the scams he wishes, and working together, they can launch even grander schemes of villainy. In this way, standing hierarchical government becomes progressively more criminal over time.

We see the result of this cesspool effect in the current-day federal government of the U.S. It is an organization of such brazen and thorough corruption that it boggles the mind. The governments in virtually all other nations are no different. Some are simply better than others at putting up clean-looking facades.

3) Hierarchy breeds megalomaniacs and sheeple. When someone takes or is given power over the lives of others, there is a progressive tendency for “him” to view himself as smarter and grander than those he rules, and this results in arrogance which leads to bad decisions. Hitler’s generals received a great lesson in this principle during the campaign against Russia, as did Mao’s followers during the Great Chinese Famine.

On the opposite end of this, as power and responsibility over their lives is taken or given away, the people become progressively more weak and irresponsible under a hierarchy. In this, the “sheeple” are no different than children whose parents decide and do everything for them: their growth is retarded. Hierarchy thus turns its subjects into spoiled, incompetent, dependent children and retards humanity’s progression from a herd of primitive apes to a civilization of developed humans.

So this is the second concept I offer: since hierarchy is antithetical to government by the people, a proper government must be anti-hierarchical in nature. In the next entry, we’ll explore the structure of elections before going on to outline a system of government that incorporates the three concepts: fractal democracy.

For the first part of this series, click here: Why standing government must be replaced by coalescent government

With love…

Solutions, Part 1: Why standing government must be replaced by coalescent government

I’ve been getting requests to present my ideas for the solution to “all this.” And since doing so would give me a break from having to write about Greece, I’m happy to oblige. 🙂 So I’ll dust off my old writings and present them one concept at a time. Hopefully, they can be of some use to you.

Behold the chains that bind you…
…The “rule of law” is the “rule of those who write the laws.”

With every passing day, the government makes more and more laws and regulations, so with every passing day, the government grows bigger and stronger while you become smaller and weaker. If we were to pile all the books of federal, state and local laws, regulations, court cases and legal precedents in a single stack, one wonders how close to the Moon it would reach. The weight of these books crushes the spirit of humankind.

Standing Government versus Coalescent Government

Throughout history, many cultures have understood the perils of maintaining a standing army (an army that remains in place even in times of peace). Such armies consume resources that are better used on other things, and since they have little to do in times of peace, they can be quite mischievous. They can pick unnecessary fights with neighboring nations, and they can use the power of their arms to subjugate their own people. An organized, powerful group with nothing to do can become quite the nightmare. “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop,” it is said.

As we are increasingly seeing in the events unfolding in today’s world, the same problems exist with standing government. The primary problem with permanent government is that it constantly exerts power over our lives, and this can become quite cumbersome and oppressive. Once they have completed their rightful work, they are still there, so they tend to create make-work to keep themselves busy.

The make-work governments create can take the forms of ever more laws and regulations, ever more paperwork to process, and ever more intrusion into more and more details of our lives. With each passing day, governments continue moving further and further past the point of diminishing returns they crossed long, long ago. Thus, they usurp ever more power and resources from those below them, and as they do so, those below them become weaker and more in need of the government’s help. It becomes a vicious downward spiral for the whole society.

In a properly functioning world, the tasks governments perform should be quite few. To understand why, let’s consider the model of a world that works correctly. In a sane world…

Individuals have total freedom, as long as they don’t cause real, unjustified harm to others. They also have total power over, and responsibility for, themselves. They take action to provide for their own needs and desires, they create their own opportunities, and they solve their own problems. Since people are indeed made in the image of Source Consciousness, each person has total power, total freedom, and total responsibility over his or her own life.

ONLY in situations where an individual cannot, despite “his” best efforts to do so, provide for a particular need, he should turn to his family, friends, neighbors, and sympathetic strangers for help. Such private, voluntary cooperation can handle most basic needs, wants and desires, and meeting those needs in this way allows everyone to do so of their own free will. Since every one of us will need such help at certain times in our lives, we must devote ourselves to helping others in this way (and to creating the community networks for cooperative effort along these lines). If you do not give, you cannot expect to receive. Do unto others…

ONLY in situations where individuals and private cooperation cannot efficiently and effectively provide for an individual or public need, local coordinating bodies (local governments) should be convened and tasked with doing what is needed. Difficult and time-consuming work, such as laying water mains and building local streets, cannot be reliably done by volunteers. Local coordinating bodies can organize such tasks as well as the monetary compensation for doing them.

ONLY in situations where individuals, private cooperation, and local coordinating bodies cannot efficiently and effectively provide for an individual or public need, regional coordinating bodies (regional governments) should be convened and tasked with doing what is needed. Regional tasks might include such things as building levees, constructing roads linking area cities and farms, creating regional water distributions systems, etc.

ONLY in situations where individuals, private cooperation, and local & regional coordinating bodies cannot efficiently and effectively provide for a public need, continental coordinating bodies (continental governments) should be convened and tasked with doing what is needed. This might include building expressways and railways, creating a continental aqueduct system, etc.

ONLY in situations where individuals, private cooperation, and local, regional & continental coordinating bodies cannot efficiently and effectively provide for a public need, a global coordinating body (global government) should be convened and tasked with doing what is needed. This might include managing ocean fisheries, building global communications systems, etc.

In such a sanely configured system of government, governmental bodies are not standing organizations; they are called together only at specific times for specific purposes. Under such a system, higher bodies do only those things the lower bodies cannot do for themselves, and higher bodies have no power to do anything the bodies below them do not specifically request. This way, government coalesces only when it is needed, and power and responsibility is concentrated towards the grassroots, citizen level. As we all know, this is not the way government is currently done (because it is currently run by an interlocking syndicate of criminal families and interests).

So this is the first concept I offer: Government (for lack of a better word) must be called into existence only as needed, then allowed to dissipate when the specific task at hand is completed. Later on, we’ll explore the best way to provide services that are needed on a continuous basis (and are typically performed by governments under the current system), We’ll also explore the simple mechanisms that will allow a coalescent system to work (and to displace the current system).

On a related note, many programmed minds have difficulty embracing simple solutions to problems, but simple solutions are the only ones that reliably work in the real world. The more complex any system becomes, the more potential points of failure it develops (in other words, the more parts an engine has, the more parts there are to break down). For a government of the people, by the people, and for the people to actually work, it must be simple enough for the average person to understand. It must also be based on the natural ways people interact with each other. When you try to apply complex, abstract systems to government, you are setting yourself up for endless dysfunction, as you can observe all around you.  ‘Nuff said (for now).

Much love…

The Solution to the New World Order is OUR World Order

The challenge before our race is to stop looking to our abusive “elite” parents for guidance and sustenance…
…and to start being grown-ups who do for themselves.

I keep getting messages that ask me to point out a person or organization to follow out of this mess, but if you are asking such questions, you aren’t really understanding what I’m trying to convey in my writings. So allow me to address such thinking in the clearest way I’m able…

STOP LOOKING FOR A LEADER TO FOLLOW. When you follow a leader, you are handing your power to someone else. And when it comes to power over your life, you should hold as much of it in your own hands as you’re able. In the event you do give some of your power to others for specific reasons, you should keep it at arm’s length so you can snatch it back if it’s used improperly. When you let most of the power over your life be taken away to some distant capital city… well… you’ve seen the results.

STOP LOOKING FOR A STANDING ORGANIZATION OF STRANGERS TO JOIN. Virtually all large organizations are built using a hierarchical structure and are made up of relative strangers, which makes them VERY easy to infiltrate and subvert (if they weren’t started by the “elite” as a leadership marketing tool to begin with). No hierarchical structure can be trusted. EVER. A truly human future must be based on real human relationships, not upon herds of strangers led by corrupted shepherds.

When it comes to looking for outside saviors, whether they be persons or organizations, here are some things I wrote in an old entry…

>>> In the aftermath of my recent entries, there are some who have been left a bit deflated. The idols to which they were looking for salvation have crumbled before their eyes, and the false hope that buoyed their hearts has dissipated like the hot air it always was. But there is no need to fret. Releasing false hope, which can lead us to a fall, is necessary in order to free our arms to embrace real hope. And real hope provides us with the inspiration and motivation needed to achieve victory. So today I thought I’d take a break from poking holes in hopium bubbles and share what I personally consider to be real hope.

Let me start by answering two common questions I’ve received from readers…

“Ken, are you saying there are no ‘good guys’?”

Of course there are good guys! They just aren’t in the high-up places many have been looking. I really don’t know how this rumor that there are good people in the top positions of the earthly hierarchies managed to gain any traction. When it comes to major governments, corporations and intelligence agencies, there are two kinds of people who make it to the top echelon:

1 – Those who are placed there by powerful behind-the-scenes forces. Such people are typically from the Illuminati and their server families.

2 – Those who are the most cunning, money-lusting, power-hungry sharks in the pool. And they are allowed into the top positions only if they sell their souls a dozen times over.

This is so because the Cabal realizes that you don’t need to fill a hierarchical organization with your own people to control it; you need only occupy the top spots. Since everyone in the organization follows the dictates of the people above them, you need only a few people at the head of the hierarchy to steer any organization in the direction you want it to go. Decent, patriotic people tend to be concentrated and compartmentalized in the lower and middle levels (where they face a glass ceiling).

That being said, are there any “useful idiots” who might belong to a “white brotherhood” and believe they are working for the good of humanity placed into high positions? Sure, I can see that happening. And that’s where some of the “white hats / white knights” might come from. They simply do not realize that their higher-ups are feeding them noble-sounding BS justifications for the policies they are helping to implement. And they don’t understand that the Right Hand which pulls their strings is on the same puppet master as the Left Hand that pulls their opponents’ strings.

So if you want to see good guys / good gals, stop looking up to the Clown Posse / White Hats / White Knights and start looking sideways at each other. The key to our salvation lies in disconnecting from the self-serving strangers-on-high and reconnecting with our neighbors (or finding new neighbors we want to connect with).

“Ken, do you see any hope for humanity?”

Of course I do! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t spend my time and energy writing these articles; I’d just do the things I like to do until the end. But my hope comes from a different place than listening to Poof/Zap, Fulford, the OPPT, etc. And that being said, I will share the things that give me hope for our future… <<<

And when it comes to savior events like “Ascension,” I wrote this…

>>> The concept of a big metaphysical event that comes along to save the day (in effect, a “savior event” rather than a savior being) has been greatly discredited in my mind, and it continues to fade in my thinking. And looking back at who was pushing the Ascension narrative over the past few decades, I find it was all the wrong people <<<

Can you think of anyone who might benefit from teaching people to “relax and wait for Ascension; it’ll come before the New World Order imprisons you”? Since such a mantra turns aware people who could offer resistance to the NWO into passive observers, the NWO-builders benefit from it, do they not? Using the propaganda principle of “no matter how big the lie, repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth,” the New Age Mind-F*cking Division of the Establishment has been endlessly repeating the Ascension lie for decades. And many people seeking hope have embraced it. Unfortunately, fairy tales and false hope are easy to sell; personal responsibility and the need to take action aren’t as naturally appealing.

Let me put it plainly: there are no leaders, organizations, aliens, or metaphysical events coming to save you (although the “elite” will present you with counterfeits of these things to lure you into the NWO). If you want to be saved, you must stand on your own two feet and do it yourself.

The alternative to looking for salvation outside yourself is simple: talk to your neighbors and join together in a peer-to-peer framework to exercise power on things you can agree on, then painstakingly work to expand the scope of your cooperation. If you don’t build your own structure to exercise political power, you will submit to the “elite’s” power structure by default.

START LOOKING FOR EVERY WAY, BOTH LARGE AND SMALL, TO BECOME SELF-SUFFICIENT (in food, water, and all the necessities of life). AND FOR THINGS YOU CAN’T DO YOURSELF, CREATE YOUR OWN FRAMEWORK FOR TRADE/BARTER WHICH BYPASSES THE “ELITE’S” CURRENCY SYSTEM. If you don’t create your own trade/barter/currency system, you will use the “elite’s” structure by default.

I wrote about this in an old entry…

>>> I feel led to progressively disengage myself from all of the Cabal’s systems of control, including…

> their political system,
> their economic system,
> their legal systems,
> their religious systems, and
> their media systems.

How do I do this? Well, I imagine that if I set forth the intent to do so, I’ll start noticing opportunities to take one simple step, then another, then another, until I find that I’m completely free of their control. I figure I don’t need to design a grand strategy to do it; I just need to follow internal guidance as it shows me each little gap in the containment wall into which I can move forward.

The way I see it, our eventual escape from Cabal control will be like a pent-up mass of water escaping from a cracked dam…
…There is no need for the water molecules to conspire and map out their escape; each of them needs only flow into the closest crack, and as their siblings follow them in, the resulting pressure will expand the cracks until the whole thing comes crashing down. It’s just a matter of time and gravity.

I see this as the most realistic approach to breaking free of them, since doing it requires no big catalytic event, either physical or spiritual. They got us into the mess we’re in in a gradual, incremental way, so it stands to reason that a gradual, incremental exit should work. They’ll fight us every inch of the way, of course, but consciousness always finds a way around any obstacle.

All this being said, that is why I see hope for humanity’s future. But it is a future that requires these…
…So you might want to pick up a pair. Cotton candy and Kool Aid just ain’t gonna cut it. <<<

All this being said, these are the brass tacks: you can either build the world you want to live in or live in the world the banksters build for you. The choice is yours. And it will take more than sitting still saying prayers and setting intentions; you have to work for it (because physical work is spiritual intent crystallizing its vision into physical reality).

To offer some basic ideas on how to approach building a new system for yourself, I’ll be dusting off some old entries on the subject and reposting them. But basic principles are all I can offer you; the road to a human future involves you improvising, adapting, and overcoming the unique local conditions you face.

When it comes to “government,” I’ll be offering principles on how to organize an anti-hierarchical, peer-to-peer Our World Order (rather than the hierarchical domain the globalists are building in the New World Order). I used to call the structure I envisioned “pyramidal council direct democracy,” then I called it “council-based direct democracy.” Now I just call it what it is: “fractal democracy.” It is a system in which you vote for only one representative (the one from your own council), and each council has only about 40-70 people so personal relationships can enforce human values.

As for money/currency, I’ll be offering principles on how to understand it and create your own. Unlike the government concept, I never got around to finishing my old money series (the subject was too boring for me), but I’ll try, try again. The parts I did complete will get you thinking in the right direction, though.

You can find links to these solution entries (as they are added) in the Solutions category or on the Solution page, which can be accessed at the top left of the webpage next to HOME and ABOUT ME.

Much love…