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Your Guide to the Rio Olympics and Global 9/11

Let the Games begin!…

[Update 0 – 31 July 2016]

The Rio Olympic Games start in a few short days, and they carry with them a very high probability of a very high-profile terror attack. To prepare you for what might happen and explain why it’s being done, I’ll be pulling together everything I’ve written about these Olympics and putting it in this entry. It will be a work-in-progress until the Games begin on Friday. And given the blaring headline I saw on Drudge today…
…let’s start with a section from the first entry I wrote about the Games in January, The Rio Olympics are shaping up to be a showcase of human woe

>>> So if someone wanted to start a holy war in the Middle East in September, this is what they’d do while the world’s attention is focused on the Olympics in August:

1) slaughter Christians at one or more Rio de Janeiro cathedrals in Paris-style attacks,

2) crash an explosive-laden aircraft at the base of Rio’s Jesus statue and watch it fall over, and

3) set off a WMD in the middle of the 74% Christian city.

That being said, the Olympics present a prime opportunity for starting the big war. The Catholic Church would give the West the green light, and the Orthodox Church would give the East the green light. And when Putin inevitably attacks the CIA / US military logistical assets supplying ISIS and the Syrian “rebels,” the guns of Global North and Global South would turn from ISIS towards each other. <<<

Later, in Globalist Agenda Watch Update 6, I put points 2 and 3 together…

>>> And speaking of the Jesus statue, its high position over the city would make it the perfect point from which to disperse a chemical, biological, or radiological weapon…
In particular, I’d watch for a private plane packed with explosives and radioactive material. Such a strike could bring down the statue and spread nuclear contaminants all over the city. <<<

[Update 1 – 1 August 2016]

The most likely date of the attack

The Olympics are scheduled to run from Friday, August 5 through Sunday, August 21. So what is the most likely date of the attack, you ask? That would be Sunday, August 14. I came to this conclusion on account of four factors…

1) 8 – 14 – 20 – 16 was the date encoded on the mysterious cube that was found on the Georgia Guidestones in September of 2014. It was notched into the monument right above its “first commandment,” which relates to depopulating the Earth down to 500 million people. I was struck by the “coincidence” that the encoded date was one that fell right in the middle of the Olympics.

2) August 14, 2016 is a special date in the Jewish calendar, Tisha B’Av, which relates to great catastrophes in Jewish history. Since an Israeli company will be running the Rio Olympics security systems, I suspect Israel will be conclusively tied to the planning and execution of the attack before the end of September.

3) August 14, 2016 falls in the date range of a special appearance of all five visible planets. The planets will be visible in the evening sky of Rio from August 13-19. Given the “elite’s” obsession with astrology, they’ll no doubt want to take advantage of the appearance.

4) August 14, 2016 falls on a Sunday, so Rio’s churches will be packed with sheep for slaughter. Given that “ISIS’s” supposed objective is to trigger the “Great End Times War,” the globalists will hit Christian people and Christian symbols hard with real and/or simulated attacks.

To explore these points in greater detail, read Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 1 – Did the Georgia Guidestones cube reveal the date of the Olympic terror attack?

[Update 2 – 2 August 2016]

The objective of the Olympic attack, why other cities might be hit on the same day, and why Erdogan might seize Incirlik’s nukes

“ISIS” is, of course, a creation of the globalist intelligence agencies, and it is populated by a multinational cadre of radicalized Muslim ideologues. The ideology of these “useful idiots” is centered around triggering the Muslim version of the “End Times”…

“One difference between ISIL and other Islamist and jihadist movements, including al-Qaeda, is the group’s emphasis on eschatology and apocalypticism—that is, a belief in a final Day of Judgment by God, and specifically, a belief that the arrival of one known as Imam Mahdi is near. ISIL believes that it will defeat the army of “Rome” at the town of Dabiq, in fulfilment of prophecy.” – From Wikipedia

So within the mainstream narrative, ISIS wants to trigger the final apocalyptic battle that will bring forth their “End Times” redeemer, the Imam Mahdi. But if we look at the real agenda behind this scenario, the globalists are attempting to artificially fulfill Muslim, Jewish, and Christian “End Times” prophecies so they can put forth religious figures that will bring their flocks into the New World Order.

The globalists have already selected someone to play the role of the Imam Mahdi, and he will be verified as the true Mahdi by Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei. Likewise, the globalists have already selected someone to play the role of the Judeo-Christian Messiah. His status as the true Christ will be verified by two witnesses – most likely Pope Francis and Rabbi Amar – and his name is Vladimir Putin. Putin and the currently “hidden” Mahdi will be the figures that step forward to end the war that ISIS’ upcoming attack starts.

Since the Olympic attack will be ISIS’ attempt to draw the “armies of Rome” to Dabiq, Syria for the Apocalyptic war, what other step could they take to make sure everyone shows up for the battle? Well, they could launch simultaneous attacks everywhere that their cells have been spread by the globalists. This would trigger a 9/11-scale shock all around the world – it would be a Global 9/11.

It is also worth noting that Dabiq is near the Turkish border, and is only 112 miles (by air) and 203 miles (by road) from Incirlik Air Base…
…and Incirlik is where American nukes are supposedly stored. So given that…

> the Russians have already outed Erdogan as a supporter of ISIS, and
> Erdogan is himself a radical Islamist who “abandoned openly Islamist politics” to get elected, and
> Erdogan has used his fake coup to purge the Turkish military of moderates and friends of the US, and
> Erdogan has personally taken control of the Turkish military, and
> Erdogan has already laid siege to Incirlik Air Base twice in the past weeks

…we begin to catch a glimpse of what I call “the Turkey Scenario,” which is…

On the day of, or in the weeks following, ISIS’ Global 9/11, the Turkish military could raid Incirlik Air Base to seize the nukes. And since they are long-time NATO members, they might possess the expertise to bypass the control mechanisms that prevent the nukes from being improperly used. Erdogan and ISIS would then have their own nuclear stockpile.

Now imagine if Turkey actually does this… how fast would the world’s militaries rush to that area to keep the nukes geographically contained? Pretty damn fast, don’t you think?

[Update 3 – 3 August 2016]

An interesting Nostradamus prophecy and likely church targets

One thing you’ll note if you follow globalist prophecy propagandists like Tom Horn is that they pull together prophecies from every spiritual tradition to convince people we’re in the “End Times.” And the globalists work very hard to craft their “End Times” operation so all the prophecies can be passably fulfilled. I guess it should come as no surprise, then, that there is a Nostradamus prophecy they’ll be fulfilling as well.

An eagle-eyed reader put me onto Nostradamus’ 74th quatrain of century 10

“The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
not far from the age of the great millennium
when the dead will come out from their graves.”

If we overlay what I’ve been writing about to this prophecy (which I don’t believe in, by the way), we get this…

Line 1: September (which was the 7th month of the year in a previous version of the western calendar) will mark the 7th anniversary of Obama’s reign as the fake “Antichrist.”
Line 2: “The games of slaughter” refer to “the Slaughter in Rio” I’ve been writing about.
Lines 3 & 4: The great millennium refers to the “1000-year Kingdom of Christ,” and “not far” is referencing that the “Kingdom of Christ” won’t begin until 7 years after this September.

Now if we look to the non-translated wording of the “games of slaughter”…

“Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme
Apparoistra au temps Jeux d’Hecatombe,
Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme
Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.”

…we see the term Hecatombe. And if we look into that term, we see this…

“In Ancient Greece, a hecatomb was a sacrifice to the gods of 100 cattle (hekaton = one hundred, bous = bull). In practice, as few as 12 could make up a hecatomb. Hecatombs were offered to Greek gods Apollo, Athena, and Hera, during special religious ceremonies. At the end of the Olympic Games, a hecatomb was also offered to Zeus at Olympia.” – From Wikipedia

So this word references a sacrifice to the gods, and it has a specific connection to the Olympics. With this concept of making a sacrifice to the gods in mind, let’s recall one of the specific targets I talked about in The Rio Olympics are shaping up to be a showcase of human woe

>>> After posting the update on the Rio Olympics, it occurred to me that Christians from all over the world will be among the visitors coming to see the Games. And the devout among them will likely seek out local cathedrals for sightseeing and worship services. Upon looking into the places they might go, one place really stood out: the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian…
…It is the seat of the local Roman Catholic Archdiocese. And besides looking like the type of cathedral the North Koreans would build, there is something else that’s notable about its architecture…

“The cathedral was designed by Edgar Fonseca in a modern style based on Mayan architectural style of pyramids.” – Source: Wikipedia

And do you remember what the Maya used to do at the top of their pyramids? Pluck out human hearts as a sacrifice to the gods of course. And what modern group is known for plucking out and eating human hearts? It is as if this cathedral was custom-built for human sacrifice. <<<

That being said, the objective of such an attack would be to outrage all Christians worldwide in order to mobilize the “armies of Rome” to march on Dabiq. Given this objective, it’s reasonable to suspect that they would target more than just a single Roman Catholic church; they’d want to hit at least one Eastern Orthodox church and perhaps one or more Protestant churches as well. So which Orthodox church might they hit, you ask?

Here’s a standout candidate…

Here are some things that make it a juicy target…

> The church has the word “martyr” in its name — how appropriate.

> Russia’s chief clergyman attended service at the church after praying at the feet of the #1 target in Rio, the Christ statue, and the prayers were for “persecuted Christians” (ISIS’ specialty).

> A high-powered Russian and Catholic delegation also attended: “Present at the service were Russia’ ambassador to Brazil S. Akopov, Russia’s general consul in Rio de Janeiro V. Tokmakov; Cardinal Orani João Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, and other representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil.”

> Kirill said this about the church: “After the thanksgiving, the Patriarch Kirill addressed the congregation. He spoke about his first visit to that church during one of his first trips to Brazil. The found the church in bad shape with no priest, but there had already been a petition from the parishioners to join the Russian Orthodox Church. Eventually, the church was restored and a priest was sent to serve in it. ‘Exactly today ten years ago I consecrated this church’, His Holiness said, adding, ‘Today the church of St Zinaida is of a great importance because Russia’s relations with Brazil are growing and the development of these relations will reflect the number of Russians coming here. For them all this church will be a spiritual home, a part of their Motherland’.

So if you want to really piss off the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Russian people, there could be no better target.

As for which Protestant churches they might hit, I’ve not looked deeply into it. But here is a candidate based solely on its size…
…From Wikipedia

[Update 4 – 3 August 2016]

The globalist agents who sabotaged the Olympics

Earlier in this entry, I mentioned Israel’s involvement with the Rio Olympics’ security system. So before I call this article complete, I want to flesh that out for you. Let’s begin with what I wrote about it in Globalist Prophecy Watch Update 5

>>> As a reader pointed out to me this week, the entire security system for the Rio Olympic Games is being installed and managed by an Israeli security company called ISDS…
…From Here is a blurb…

“ISDS will be able to draw on a $2.2 billion budget for constructing and managing the complex security system for the event

ISDS will be an integrator for the entire security system at the various sites at which the games will be held, and will provide consultation and supply services for the various systems designed to ensure that the Olympic Games pass without incident.” [LOL]

Some alt-media reports that say ISDS later lost this contract are misleading and inaccurate, and they are still listed as an official supplier on the Rio Olympics website…

So if information later surfaces that Israel agents spoofed the security system to aid the ISIS attacks, the terror event that starts the Holy War against ISIS could also be the event that turns the world (and their assembled forces) against Israel. And it will lead to the downfall of the “Zionist” Jews (the subset of Jews who have been designated to wear the dark hats and act as the fall guys in this drama). <<<

The company we’re talking about, ISDS, is run by a man who has a rather checkered past, Leo Gleser. Have a look at the interview and bio that Israel’s oldest newspaper offers on him…
…From Haaretz. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> Today Gleser and ISDS are an international brand-name…

He and his company are a salient example of the symbiotic connection between the authorities in Israel and the country’s private security consultancy firms. In large measure, he was the forerunner of the system, as the founder of one of the first local security firms that broke into the international market. Since then the system has become more sophisticated, to the point where the boundary between private and state is sometimes blurred. The result, at any rate, is a growing phenomenon of “private armies” from Western countries, which provide security services to governments in the Third World.

In Israel the system works like this: The Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry or the Mossad gets a request to provide security advice or to train army or security service forces for the ruler of a country, usually a tyrant. Because the authorities cannot, or do not want, to assist the ruler directly, although they view his request as important in order to promote security or political interests – they ask a private company to provide the service being requested.

There were years in which “Colonel Gleser,” as he is known in several Latin American countries, was described there as an Israeli mercenary who assists repressive regimes. <<<

Now have a look at what a socialist website,, has to say about ISDS, Gleser, and the “repressive regimes” they aided…

>>> Most sinister of all is the Mossad/death squad connection:

The BMCC course advisory board includes another company whose name spells deadly repression: International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS), an Israeli firm represented by its president, Leo Gleser. The ISDS web site says the company was “established in 1982 by highly experienced officers, former operatives of I.S.A. Israeli Security Agency, the MOSSAD and the Defence Forces.” The Israeli newspaper Haaretz (31 August) says Gleser and partner Arye Avnat “met in the early 1970s during their military service in the Haruv reconnaissance unit” and later set up ISDS, which recently hired “former Mossad department chief Yehiam Meret” and Israel’s former police commissioner. Together with the CIA, the Mossad is one of the deadliest, dirtiest instruments of state terror in the world.

When Gleser attended a Homeland Security fair in Chile last year, the Chilean news magazine Qué Pasa (31 October 2003) ran an article titled “Ex-Mossad Men Come to Chile.” It reported that the presence of this purportedly retired colonel of Israeli intelligence “captivated the attention of military circles.” His company “has become known for its services as advisor to the State Department of the U.S.” – godfather of former military dictator Pinochet – and “has the authorization and sponsorship of the Israeli Defense Ministry for its projects.”

Among Gleser’s “projects,” the article cites the following:

“Leo Gleser has some strong detractors…. One of the harshest criticisms is that in the early ’80s Israeli intelligence sent him to train members of the military in Central America. During his stay there he trained the leaders of the legendary Intelligence Batallion 316, a squad operating with the Honduran Army, which human rights organizations blame for disappearing 191 persons.

In other words, this death squad – part of the CIA’s reign of terror during Reagan’s campaign of exterminating Central American insurgents – used techniques of “disappearing” people perfected by Israel’s intelligence agencies against Palestinian Arabs (as well as Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israel’s huge nuclear bomb factory), and innumerable others around the world. Coverage of Gleser’s training of this Honduran death squad has also cited the 1991 exposé by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn in their book Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the US-Israeli Covert Relationship.

In 1997, ISDS went to Mexico to provide “antiterrorist” training to a special “urban intervention” unit of the Judicial Police, a force so detested for its brutality and corruption that it was later disbanded by Mexico’s president. <<<

So an Israeli security company led by a man alleged to have organized Latin American death squads is running the Olympic security systems. Would you call the “ISIS” assault force that has been assembled to strike Rio a death squad? Yep, I suppose you could.

With all this set before us, there is something I’d like to say to the Brazilians:

Don’t be ashamed of how the Olympic Games turn out. Any country that can successfully build airliners (see Embraer) can successfully hold a sports tournament — just not when it’s being purposefully sabotaged by the globalists in order to make it fit their script. In fact, have a look at three of the guys who screwed you…
From Haaretz. Here is an excerpt

Three of the top officials of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, including its president, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, are Jewish

Nuzman preferred to talk about the robust Jewish connections at the games, including a ceremony to honor the 11 Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972, the Israeli company that is providing security for the games and his own deep ties — as an athlete, sporting official and Jew — to Brazilian sports.”

A German article on the subject offers more detail on their roles…
A Google translation from Judische Allgemeine

A trio organized the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which will be officially opened on Friday. Specifically a Jewish Trio: Carlos Arthur Nuzman, 74-year-old president of the Olympic Committee of Brazil (COB) and also head of the organizing committee (OK), Sidney Levy, financial expert and CEO of OK, and Leonardo Gryner, a former television sports journalist, now a marketing expert and Levy deputy.”

As you can see, globalist conspirators had control of the committees, the money, and the security. Brazil never had a chance. After all, the Old World must burn to ashes before…
…can rise like a phoenix from its ashes. From

Thanks to the reader who put me onto the “trio” links. And with that, I’ll call the main body of this entry complete. For more information on Global 9/11 and the overall globalist plan for this year, see…

Your Guide to the Operational Launch of the NWO in 2016

Love always…

(P.S. – 1 August 2016) – Speaking of what I wrote in Why Hillary will be conclusively tied to “Islamic” terrorism before the election, Wikileaks has already begun connecting her to ISIS. This is from a Julian Assange interview published by Democracy Now on July 25…

“Julian Assange: So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.”

And now it’s moving into the mainstream news realm…
…From The Sean Hannity Show

As I said before, the globalists are using their Wikileaks front to torpedo Hillary’s campaign so Trump can slide into office and bring the US into Putin’s (and the Rockefellers’) NWO. Rest assured that both candidates know their roles in this, so don’t cry for Hillary.

Thanks to the reader who put me onto this.

(P.S. – 31 July 2016) – I received two rather lengthy and interesting communications today, both of which suggested that the real NWO cannot be stopped and that I should change course with my blogging. The first communication, which came as a website comment, culminated in this…

“The way for all good men to beat the machine is to become the machine.”

The second communication, which came as an email, offered these striking passages…

“…please consider suspending, terminating, or even better, derailing your blog…

You are in the way Ken and you will be run down. You can’t stop this runaway truck nor can you negotiate with it. You might however still be able to perhaps change a future outcome in some positive way…

This is your last exit ramp Ken. Please seriously consider taking it. There is not much more you can do anyway. Your son, family and friends will ALL agree with what I am attempting to do here and I know that you know that.”

Allow me to answer the “suggestion” from the first writer with a little story…

I’ve been through two spiritual awakenings in my life. The first was a journey towards understanding spiritual reality, and the second was a journey towards understanding the earthly reality in which I live. Jumping straight to the point, I mistakenly embraced the concept of “the ultimate ends always justify the means” after the first awakening – a concept with which the “elite” are likely quite familiar. And it took my second awakening to realize I was wrong (especially in the case of those who choose the means of lying, stealing and killing in pursuit of supposedly noble ends).

A person who, in the pursuit of some “Great Work,” repeatedly lies takes on the habit of lying. And that habit, left uncorrected, solidifies into his character becoming that of a liar.

A person who, in the pursuit of some Great Work, repeatedly steals takes on the habit of stealing. And that habit, left uncorrected, solidifies into his character becoming that of a thief.

A person who, in the pursuit of some Great Work, repeatedly kills takes on the habit of killing. And that habit, left uncorrected, solidifies into his character becoming that of a murderer.

So over time, you end up with a pack of unrepentant liars, thieves and murderers pursuing that “Great Work” – who no doubt use all manner of high-sounding ideals as justification and rationalization for what they’re doing and what they’ve become.

Now let’s imagine, for a moment, that this “Great Work” is a “New World Order” or a “Kingdom of Christ” that actually comes into being. Who is left running it? A pack of liars, thieves and murderers of course. Through their choice of low means, they took something that started out as a noble-sounding idea and turned it into a nightmare. So would I ever join such an Order and kowtow to such a pack of men? Of course not; I’d have to be a moron. As much as I love them as fellow incarnate aspects of Source Consciousness, I cannot allow their lies to go unchallenged. Lies quite simply piss me off, and I won’t stand for them.

As to the “suggestion” from the second writer, I will not back away from my blog under any circumstances. I do it out of love for all and in service to Spirit, and only a homo sapiens ape would back away from such a spiritual duty out of fear of discomfort or physical death. To be a human, one must choose to follow the call of one’s heart and conscience regardless of the desires of the comfort-seeking monkey we currently inhabit. And although we live in a world where our bodies can be broken by others, our spirits can be broken only by ourselves (by giving in).

In the end, I will do what I feel Spirit calls me to do, they will do whatever they decide to do, and Universe will sort out the results.  And so it is.

[P.P.S. – 4 August 2016]

How a quasi-threatening communication can make you quasi-paranoid

While I was rolling my son to Starbucks this morning, I came across an old woman on the sidewalk. She stopped me and asked me to open a bottle of water for her, and I could tell by her appearance and manner of speech that she was a Jewish lady (I’m equipped with Raytheon’s Advanced Phased Array Jewdar; it can detect and track up to 72 Jews within a 33 meter radius of my position).

Upon detecting her kosherness, I must admit that a few questions flashed through my mind…

Is she one of those dreaded Mossad hit-grannies I’ve read about in Geriatric Spy Quarterly?

Has the bottle cap been dipped in some sort of CBR contaminant?

Is she getting my fingerprints on the bottle so it can be planted at a crime scene later?

After taking a nanosecond to ponder these weighty questions, I opted for kindness over quasi-paranoia and opened the bottle.

Let’s hope it doesn’t cost me. wink

And by the way, if I should die of anthrax in the coming days, don’t tell people a granny took me out; tell them it was “The Zohan”…

How Hillary, Trump and Putin figure into the launch of the New World Order

Guess who will be leading the US when Putin launches the NWO…

In this entry, I’ll continue with what I started in Democratic National Convention Watch: Update 1 – Who was behind “Leaky July”, so here goes:

This is something I wrote early last year in Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags

>>> Once the globalists trigger the New Lehman Event and take down the West, the Western populations will be furious at their leaders. The globalists know this. This is why they’ve been preparing to scapegoat the existing political figures and replace them with pre-marketed “outsiders” who will “set things right again.” <<<

Q – So in the United States, who are the “existing political figures” – which figures represent the “Establishment” in people’s minds?

A – The Clintons (on the Democrat side) and the Bushes (on the Republican side).

Q – Which American political figures were hung out to dry during Leaky July?

A – The Clintons (with the commencement of the Hillary Leaks series) and the Bushes (with the release of the 28 Pages).

Q – In the United States, who is the “outsider who will set things right again”?

A – Donald Trump, who is publicly shunned by the Bushes (the Republican Establishment) and publicly opposed by the Clintons (the Democratic Establishment).

Q – So in the coming US Presidential election, who is the “Establishment candidate” and who is the “Anti-Establishment candidate”?

A – Hillary Clinton represents the entrenched Establishment insider and Donald Trump represents the Anti-Establishment “outsider” who will “set things right again.”

Q – On the global stage, which national leader is most widely perceived to be an Anti-Establishment figure like Trump?

A – Vladimir Putin, who is widely portrayed as a threat to the established world order (which is supposedly controlled by the “US Empire” and its EU “vassals”)…
…From the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Q – What alternative to the established world order does Vladimir Putin offer?

A – A New World Order…
…From The Moscow Times

And Putin’s New World Order is based on a “transformed” United Nations…
…From This graphic shows an excerpt from Putin’s speech to the UN General Assembly during their big 70th session last September. Let’s take special note of some of the ideas it contains…

> In the boxed remarks on top, he is referring to the United States of course. He makes reference to the globalist catchword “American exceptionalism.”

> When he says “…the UN should also undergo natural transformation. Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus,” he is referring to the globalist plan to rejuvenate the UN brand so people will more readily accept its new leading role. To learn more about this effort to rebrand the UN, read…

Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding, which contains this…

>>> The replacement of tainted existing brands by fresh new brands extends beyond globalist organizations of course; it includes political figures as well. Many of the leaders people associate with the current crises (the scapegoats) will be swept aside by “heroic” controlled opposition figures who “saw it all coming” and could have prevented it “if only we’d had the power.”

As I’ve shown in previous entries, the globalists seem to be positioning the “right wing dissenters” to take the political stage after the transition. This is symbolically appropriate given the whole Left Hand/Right Hand approach of the “elite.” They use the Left Hand to cause chaos and destruction and the Right Hand to bring about order and construction. It is for this reason that they’ve carefully built-up a public image of foresighted/conscientious dissent for “right wing” figures like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. They have also done this for “left-winger” Elizabeth Warren, so she must have some role to play in bringing the “political left” into the fold after the transition. <<<

…and also read…

The BRICS and the UN governance reform scam, which contains this…

>>> Observing these three facts, it is abundantly clear that the BRICS alliance was fashioned by the Western globalists. The West brought the BRICS into the global economic governance system back in 1999, the West gave them a name and introduced the idea of them becoming a bloc back in 2001, and the BRIC nations accommodated the West by forming the bloc in 2006, just before the 2007-2009 economic crisis hit. They then held their first BRIC Summit right after the effects of the Lehman Shock eased in 2009, which was the same year that the BRIC-inclusive G20 formally supplanted the G7 as the world’s “permanent council for international economic cooperation.”

Since the G20 nations are all run by politicians owned by the same International Banking Cabal, getting them to form the NWO is something that could be done at any time. It takes more than simply getting the “leaders” to vote for it, though; the general population of these nations must follow their leaders into the new system, and this is what the BRICS alliance is all about. It is an exercise in public relations.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the BRICS alliance “gives form to the dialectic clash between Anglo-American bankers and BRICS bankers which will birth the NWO.” The BRICS concept gives the people of the traditionally oppressed nations the illusion that they have formed a mighty alliance which will take over the global governance system from the imperialist West, and the perception that they have triumphed and taken over is supposed to lead to their enthusiastic embrace of the NWO system. But alas, it is all a scam. <<<

Getting back to the ideas in Putin’s UN speech…

> When he talks about “truly independent states,” he is referring to the phony return to “national sovereignty” that is part of the NWO narrative. The globalist vision for the NWO is to have a world of smaller, seemingly independent nations that must cooperate in order to maintain their security and a modern standard of living. And that international cooperation is to take place through multilateral institutions that the globalists control, with the globalist-created, BRICS-rebranded UN being the centerpiece of it all.

So with all this set before us, what roles do Hillary, Trump and Putin play in the globalists’ NWO plan?

Hillary represents the established world order that will be defeated in favor of the BRICS New World Order. Putin will be the de facto or de jure leader of the New Order (possibly as Secretary-General of the UN). And Trump will cooperate with the New Order due to the fact that it will appear to be a return to national sovereignty. And since newly elected Western leaders must be seen as “Anti-Establishment” and amenable to cooperation with Putin, Hillary is scripted to lose this election. The globalists will not allow the presence of the sullied old Western leaders to stain the reputation of Putin and his NWO.

Much love…

P.S. – For the record, Rand Paul appeared to the Anti-Establishment nominee back when I wrote “Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags.” But his failure to energize the electorate led to his replacement by someone who was more loud, more stupid, and more showy, Donald Trump.

(P.S. – 30 July 2016) – I just updated one of my articles on Putin’s family background. Here is a section that was expanded (with the new information on the bottom)…


While we’re on the subject of crowns, have a look at what this 2002 article from Pravda says about The Mysterious Genealogy of Russian President Putin

“…Is Putin an offspring of the Tver prince? This hypothesis was getting more and more real. The name Putin is not mentioned amid the Russian names. This means that the name is of the artificial origin.

This name has appeared recently, somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. All Putins originally came from the clan of Putins from the Tver region. Illegitimate offsprings of noble families were often given cut names. For example, Russian writer Pnin was an illegitimate son of Field Marshal Repnin. There were lots of other occasions like that – Betskoy instead of Trubetskoy, Gribov instead of Griboyedov. The new names of unofficial clan branches were formed by means of deduction: a syllable was simply taken out of it.

The family book of the Tver region mentions the name of Putyanin – a clan of Russian princes. This clan gave a lot of outstanding military leaders to Russia, as well as artists, politicians and priests. This is one of the oldest clans in the Russian history. If President Putin is a descendant of the Putyatins clan, this means that Vladimir Putin has a relation to all royal families of Europe.”

Since the US Presidents have been shown to be related to European royals, the article’s hypothesis wouldn’t surprise me if true. And if we take a closer look at the Putyatin clan referenced in the article, we find a reference to the Rasputin connection…
…From Wikipedia

With these puzzle pieces set before us, what insights can we draw from them? Given this and previous information I’ve encountered, these are my provisional conclusions…


The article from which this excerpt is taken, Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections, is expanded upon in Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi has confirmed that Putin is a Jew.

(P.S. – 30 July 2016) – Is ISIS’ supporter Erdogan attempting to trigger World War 3 by laying siege to Incirlik Air Base and its nukes?…
…From RT. More on this in the morning…

By the way, the German city of Cologne will wake up to a nasty reality tomorrow: a large rally by pro-Erdogan Islamists…
…From Breitbart

(P.S. – 31 July 2016) – Bloomberg reports…

“Turkish authorities restored access to and from a key air base used in operations against Islamic State militants, local media reported on Sunday, one day before the U.S. top military official is scheduled to visit the country.”

So in this short siege, Erdogan was publicly seen holding a knife to the throat of Incirlik and its supposed nukes on the night before the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visits. This could be the propaganda setup for a “real” seizure of the nukes in the coming weeks. I’ll go deeper into this “Turkey Scenario” in my next entry.

Democratic National Convention Watch: Update 1 – Who was behind “Leaky July”

[Update 0 – 24 July 2016]

Why Hillary will be conclusively tied to “Islamic” terrorism before the election

Here is Hillary and her own personal Osama bitch Laden, Huma Abedin
…It is through Huma that Hillary will be tied to “Western globalist and Saudi-run” “Islamic” terror. In fact, Infowars has already produced a video about how Hillary and Huma connect to the Saudis and the network that recruits and radicalizes young Muslims…
…From (and by the way, if “the elite wanted this information suppressed,” they wouldn’t have released it; they were just saving it for the right time).

I looked into the Hillary-related information in the video, and it all checks out except for one detail: it appears that Osama bin Laden’s son Abdullah bin Laden, not his brother Abdullah bin Laden, was connected to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. In the coming months, watch for Wikileaks to flesh out the connections offered in the video as part of their new Hillary Leaks series.

On a related note, there is something quite remarkable going on this month…

1) The UK’s long-delayed Iraq Inquiry report, which sets up Tony Blair to take the fall for the Iraq War, was released on July 6.

…and only 9 days later…

2) The long-delayed release of the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 Report, which sets up the Bushes to take the fall for 9/11, was released on July 15.

…and only 7 days later…

3) The first installment of the Hillary Leaks series, which will eventually set up Hillary to take the fall for any number of wrongdoings, was released on July 22.

As you can see, what we have here is a coordinated campaign. And in the next part of this entry, I’ll show you who is behind it and why they’re doing it (hint: it’s not the Russians). As for the Democratic National Convention, I’m wondering if it will be as unexpectedly rocky as the RNC was unexpectedly smooth.

[Update 1 – 26 July 2016]

Who was behind “Leaky July”

Let’s take a closer look at the three timed-release information dumps that we’ve seen this month…

1) The Iraq Inquiry Report — Here is some basic background on it from Wikipedia

>>> The Iraq Inquiry (also referred to as the Chilcot Inquiry after its chairman, Sir John Chilcot) is a British public inquiry into the nation’s role in the Iraq War. The inquiry was announced in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and published in 2016 with a public statement by Chilcot…

The report – described by BBC News as “damning”, by The Guardian as a “crushing verdict”, and by The Telegraph as “scathing” – was broadly critical of the actions of the British government and military in making the case for the war, in tactics and in planning for the aftermath of the Iraq War. Richard Norton-Taylor of The Guardian wrote that the report “could hardly be more damning” of Tony Blair and “was an unprecedented, devastating indictment of how a prime minister was allowed to make decisions by discarding all pretence at cabinet government, subverting the intelligence agencies, and making exaggerated claims about threats to Britain’s national security”. <<<

The release of the Report has led to calls for the prosecution of Tony Blair for his role in the war…
…From The Guardian

And who released it? It was none other than the London Establishment who did the honors…
…From Wikipedia

As you can see, the Inquiry was done by 4 Sirs and a Baroness. So it was the people they represent, the “royals,” who were behind the preparation of the Report, the delaying of its release using various excuses, and the final dumping of it just 9 days before the next item on our list was dumped. Thanks to the reader who put me on to the Inquiry, and we’ll get back a little later to the (non) punishment Blair (and the Bushes and the Clintons) can expect to face as a result of all these exposures.

2) The 28 Pages — Since we already know the nature of what’s in the pages, let’s go straight to looking at who was behind their release. This is what CNN said about it

“The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday, actually contains 29 pages of material, plus a letter from then-CIA Director George Tenet…

Under pressure from the victims’ families and lawmakers, President Barack Obama said in April his administration would declassify the 28 pages.”

So it was Obama who released the Pages. This raises some obvious questions…

Why would Obama, a “closeted Muslim” who bows deeply to the Saudi King, release information that is damning to the Saudis (and the Bushes)? And why would he do it just 9 days after the “royals” release a damning report on Bush’s partner in crime, Tony Blair? Were there giant demonstrations and widespread civil disobedience that forced him to do it?

No, there was no big surge in the supposed public pressure that made him release the Pages; he released them at this specific time because his bosses told him to do so.

3) The Hillary Leaks — We all know who supposedly released the DNC emails: Julian Assange and his Wikileaks organization. But doesn’t the near-magical ability of Wikileaks to summon classified information on any given subject-du-jour give you pause? It should, and that’s because…

Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Edward Snowden are all globalist fronts. The globalist intelligence conglomerate uses them as conduits to do limited hangouts of classified information. The leaked information is then used by their agents in the mainstream and alternative press to do credible stories that uphold the globalist narrative.

And what is that narrative?

“America and its EU ‘vassals’ are an evil empire that is destroying the world, and only Russia and the BRICS (and the ‘benevolent’ New World Order they offer) can save us.”

Just have a look at the cover of Wikileaks’ book, The Wikileaks Files…

And as Assange was releasing this book about the “US Empire,” he did an “exclusive” appearance on Russian TV…
…From RT

He was even given his own show on RT…
…From RT

With all this set before us, we see who is behind the Leaky July we have just experienced. The British “royals” are a leading element of the Occulted Powers network which runs the whole show, Barack Obama is a frontman who serves that network in its US division, and Wikileaks is a project of the intelligence division of that network. It was the globalists (the royals, the Jewish central bankers, and their Freemason minions that all together constitute the Occulted Powers) that orchestrated Leaky July. It wasn’t the globalist frontman Putin or his Russia division; he’s just playing his part in the phony East vs. West dialectic drama. As for the purpose of the leaks, they are aimed at facilitating the takedown of the West so the East can bring in the New World Order the globalists have been planning all along.

If you are a new reader, read Understanding the NWO Strategy to better grasp what I’m talking about.

The ideas contained in this entry are further elucidated in…

How Hillary, Trump and Putin figure into the launch of the New World Order

A note on Wikileaks and the Democratic National Convention

It’s quite notable that Wikileaks – one of the globalists’ fronts for leaking information that supports their NWO media narratives – released the Democratic National Committee email files on the 22nd, just three days before the Democratic National Convention. The release confirms that the Establishment does indeed want Hillary to lose the Presidential election…
…From Zero Hedge

One of my readers has suggested that the release will result in a contested convention which Sanders will win. While I doubt they’ll go that far, the release should make for a divided and ugly convention, and it will be a poor start for Hillary’s candidacy. Really, it doesn’t matter if Clinton or Sanders is the Democratic candidate, because he or she is destined to lose. Remember my rule of thumb: the candidate that is friendly with Putin will win; any Putin opponent will lose. And Putin certainly wouldn’t care for Sanders…