What to Watch For in 2021

For the globalists to advance their agenda, there are certain things that need to happen this year. Here is a partial list of them…

  1. Watch for the impeachment trial of Donald Trump to be a propaganda event for the demonization of Trump, Republicans, conservatives, populists, constitutionalists, and patriots. This will set the stage for new homeland security legislation that targets all such Americans, leading to an ever-tightening crackdown that will turn full-Hitler next year.
  2. Watch for a major international incident between China and the rest of the world. The occurrence of this event will be blamed on Xi Jinping’s policies and lead to his disappearance and replacement by a “pro-West” Chicom leader. This will turn China’s vote in the UN Security Council from pro-Putin to pro-West.
  3. Watch for internal and external pressures (and possibly a catalyzing event) to lead to Vladimir Putin’s removal/resignation and replacement by a “pro-West” Russian leader. This will turn Russia’s vote in the UN Security Council to pro-West.
  4. As an alternative for events 1-3, watch for Trump’s defense at the impeachment trial to lead to revelations that are devastating to Biden/Harris and the “Deep State.” This would lead to the fall of the “Global Deep State” in the US, Russia, and China at some point in late February to early April (likely during a Jewish holiday). This scenario would also lead to Netanyahu’s decisive reelection in Israel on March 23, and it would indicate that the globalists will use a previously-expired prophecy fulfillment timetable as the First Tribulation.