Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 7 – Why the globalists might replace Trump with Rand Paul

After I wrote about the Vindex Falls scenario in Update 5, I started wondering who would be the one to take Trump’s place after the counter-coup sweeps in to make arrests and “restore the republic.” This question was answered just a few days later when I saw this on the March 7 Drudge Report…

The second I saw it, I knew the globalists were using the Obamacare replacement debate to put Paul back in the public eye, thus positioning him to be Trump’s replacement should they opt for Vindex Falls. This impression was bolstered when I saw this Alex Jones video yesterday…

…From YouTube

The video talks about Senator John McCain’s outburst on the Senate floor in which he claimed Paul was working for Putin. McCain’s stunt thus served the purpose of positioning Paul as a clear opponent of his, which will make Paul look very good after McCain is arrested in the counter-coup and charged with all the evils Alex Jones attributes to him in the video. Alex also takes the time to personally plug Paul at the 2:24 mark of the video

“…Rand Paul is a professional doctor – (he) isn’t screwing around, and he is VERY effective – not in his rhetoric so much but what he gets done. He’s one of the best senators we’ve seen in decades – and a patriot. Amazing. I wish he was part of the (Trump) administration.”

Now if you think about it, after the counter-coup takes place, America is going to need a president whom the whole country can trust and get behind (unlike Trump, whom half of the country viscerally despises), and who can work well with Congress to get the nation moving again. Can you see how the “genial, effective and vindicated” Rand Paul would fit the bill?

But how would they maneuver him into the presidency, you ask? That’s where the giant alt-media / mainstream media pedophilia propaganda effort comes into play…


I call the allegations of widespread Establishment pedophilia a “propaganda effort” not because I don’t believe it’s factual to some degree, but because it is being pushed the hardest by media sources I know to be disinformation agents. Whenever Establishment-controlled media push a story like this, you have to realize that it serves the Establishment agenda in some way. And in the case of these pedophilia revelations, they serve as the pretext by which the Establishment’s designated scapegoats (the “Deep State Zionists, Nazis, Neocons and Neolibs”) will be rounded up in mass arrests by the US military…

…From YouTube

Should the globalists opt for the Vindex Falls scenario, it will go down something like this…

Trump will be removed from the presidency by the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State Coup” by being impeached, assassinated and/or suicided. Mike Pence will then take office and lead us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia this autumn. It is at this point that the “Progressive Deep State” is scripted to stage its counter-coup.

In the counter-coup, the US military – acting on information provided by “Progressive Deep State” operatives in the intelligence services – will flood Washington with troops and arrest virtually all of the elected officials and senior bureaucrats. The charges against the arrestees will include treason, conspiracy, corruption and the rape of children, and these rape charges will mobilize public sentiment in support of the arrests.

When the arrests are over, the entire presidential line of succession may be in jail because Trump picked insiders for his cabinet…


As a result, the military will turn the presidency over to the most senior elected official remaining, who will likely be a senator. And since Rand Paul might be the only senator left standing, he’ll “accept the responsibility of leading the nation through its darkest hour.”

Under an alternative scenario, a member of the Trump cabinet will take office until snap elections can be held to reconstitute the government, and Rand Paul will win the presidency in that election. One possible candidate for the short caretaker presidency is this man…


It’s important to note that Rand Paul was actually the globalists’ first choice to fill the post-Obama presidency, but he proved incapable of sufficiently exciting the public with his candidacy. As Alex Jones put it in the above-mentioned quote, Rand “is VERY effective – not in his rhetoric so much but what he gets done.” So the globalists brought in the rhetorically-gifted Donald Trump as a pinch hitter. Have a look at what I wrote about Rand’s candidacy back on April 10th of 2015 and see if it turned out to be true for Trump…


Now that Rand Paul, the chosen candidate of the Rockefeller/BRICS New World Order, has officially entered the race for President, both his campaign and the mainstream media have been offering previews of how the globalists will sell him to the public.

His campaign is presenting him as the anti-Establishment candidate. This is reflected in his campaign slogan…

As he presents himself in this light, the mainstream media will attack him in a ham-fisted manner…

With one hand, the MSM will attempt to tie him to the “extreme views” of his father, Ron Paul, which will actually enhance his popularity with the frustrated electorate. And with the other hand, they will distort his views in such an obvious way that their attacks will come across as unfair in the public eye. As they fling each absurd allegation at Rand, they will effectively serve him with softballs that he can knock out of the park with his rebuttals. The public will thus perceive him as being under severe attack by the Establishment, and they will see him effectively defeating the attacks and making the attackers look like fools. All this will cement his image as an “outsider” who “strikes fear into the heart of the Washington machine.”


Now have a look at Rand receiving the “Trump treatment” from the mainstream media before he even announced his candidacy, and note the policy over which he’s being attacked…

…From MSNBC. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> Paul, by any fair measure, is one of the most prominent conspiracy theorists in American politics. I’ve generally assumed, however, that he’ll tone down his more colorful views in order to appear more like a mainstream candidate and less like a fringe ally of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones (which the senator is).

It was of interest, then, to see Paul express support yesterday for dissolving the United Nations.

“Rand Paul is not a fan of the United Nations, and on a campaign-style swing through New Hampshire on Wednesday, the likely Republican presidential hopeful said that he would support dissolving the international governing body entirely.

Speaking to a room full of gun rights advocates at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club, Paul said that while the concept of having a multinational body to “discuss diplomacy” isn’t necessarily a bad one, he objects to the current structure, in which the United States has to foot “a huge chunk” of the U.N.’s bill.” <<<

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, the most important globalist objective in electing Paul/Trump and other controlled opposition candidates in the P5 nations is filling the P5 with leaders who will work with Putin in “reforming” the UN into the NWO. And as I’ve also mentioned numerous times, this “reform” will be sold as a move to restore respect for national sovereignty, even though it will actually undermine such sovereignty by removing veto protections and making the UN more powerful.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at what Putin said on the subject at the Valdai International Discussion Club last October…

“Colleagues, it is clear that the international community should concentrate on the real problems facing humanity today, the resolution of which will make our world a safer and more stable place and make the system of international relations fairer and more equal. As I said, it is essential to transform globalisation from something for a select few into something for all. It is my firm belief that we can overcome these threats and challenges only by working together on the solid foundation of international law and the United Nations Charter.

Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality, a unique venue for equitable dialogue. Its universal rules are necessary for including as many countries as possible in economic and humanitarian integration, guaranteeing their political responsibility and working to coordinate their actions while also preserving their sovereignty and development models.

We have no doubt that sovereignty is the central notion of the entire system of international relations. Respect for it and its consolidation will help underwrite peace and stability both at the national and international levels.

If you take the time to read his whole speech, it follows the standard globalist “problem / reaction / solution” format. He outlines the problems posed by Western globalism, then offers the UN and multilateral globalism as the solution. I’ll write an entry on the whole speech at a later date.

I will continue to expand and enhance this update over the coming weeks, and in the next part, I’ll continue giving you background on Rand Paul’s relationship to the globalists – specifically relating to their Austrian economics agenda.

With love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 6 – China’s coming humiliation in the South China Sea

It looks like the globalists have set the timeframe for the expected Trump vs. Xi showdown in the South China Sea…

…From Yahoo News / Reuters. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Japan plans to dispatch its largest warship on a three-month tour through the South China Sea beginning in May, three sources said, in its biggest show of naval force in the region since World War Two

“The aim is to test the capability of the Izumo by sending it out on an extended mission,” said one of the sources who have knowledge of the plan. “It will train with the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea,” he added, asking not to be identified because he is not authorized to talk to the media. <<<

If you recall, China has previously stated that joint US / Japan operations in its claimed “territorial waters” would be the red line for war. So if Japan’s largest helicopter carrier starts sailing beside the US aircraft carrier that is already in the area, the USS Carl Vinson, political and/or military fireworks could ensue. And as I stated in Update 1, the globalists have scripted that any Chinese confrontation with Trump will end in humiliation for China and political death for Xi.

Speaking of Xi, his likely replacement, Li Keqiang, came out a week ago to publicly proclaim that Xi is the boss and the “core” of China’s leadership, so any humiliation suffered in the South China Sea will fall squarely on his shoulders. This will open the path to Li’s ascension to the top leadership position at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China this autumn.

One question you might be asking yourself is…

Why would the globalists get rid of Xi?

It all started a couple of years ago when their “the benevolent BRICS and Putin will save us” narrative started falling apart. As more and more people began to see the BRICS and Putin as the controlled opposition mechanisms that they are, the alt-media propaganda corps began to circle their wagons around Putin in order to preserve his reputation as a supposed globalist fighter. Instead of portraying Putin in the laughably adulatory light they had been, faux-truthers like Alex Jones started saying this…

“OK, Putin’s no angel, but at least he kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia and he’s standing up to the New World Order. The ones you really need to watch are the communist Chinese…”

This statement would be followed by a long diatribe against the “globalist-controlled Chinese.” And this technique of distracting negative attention away from Putin by pointing at the Chinese and Xi has turned Xi into something of a scapegoat. By getting rid of Xi, the Occulted Powers hope to remove the taint of globalism from the BRICS and Putin, leaving the public with these basic impressions…

“Communist China is a globalist-controlled monstrosity.”

“There has been a change in China.”

“China has a new leader (Li Keqiang) who is kinder, gentler, and more cooperative.”

Just like the globalists are portraying a phony battle between the “neocon-neoliberal deep state led by Obama” and the “progressive deep state led by Trump” here in the US, they are portraying a phony battle between the “princeling faction of the Chicom party led by Xi” and the “Youth League faction of the Chicom party led by Li” in China. When all is said and done, Trump and Li’s factions are scripted to win their battles.

So if the globalists choose to activate the South China Sea confrontation option, Xi is a goner. From the globalist perspective, he is just another expendable Chinaman, but Putin is the central figure of their NWO plans. If Xi has to go in order to carry the stink of globalism away from Putin, they consider it a small price to pay.

[Addendum – 2 April 2017]

China built its South China Sea bases for the United Nations

Behold the future UN Peacekeeper base on Fiery Cross Reef…

As I’m sure you’ve heard, China has built military bases atop manmade islands in the highly contested South China Sea. Ostensibly, they did it to enforce their supposed historical claims in the area, but the true purpose behind the construction was to provide the post-“reform” United Nations with bases of operation for their peacekeepers, fishery enforcers, and environmental police.

When the Chinese hand over the bases, though, they won’t be left empty-handed. By claiming exclusive rights in the area and moving to enforce them, they have established themselves as a “claimant” and staked-out a strong bargaining position. In negotiations, it is standard practice to ask for way too much, then “compromise” your way back to what you really want. So once the newly-“reformed” UN rules on what each claimant will get, China will be left with assets in the area that they wouldn’t have received if they hadn’t barged in. Instead of owning nothing in the South China Sea, they’ll own something, and something is better than nothing.

To understand why I say all this, let’s have a look at the situation in the South China Sea…

> China’s globalist-controlled communist government has made claims in the South China Sea that are deliberately ridiculous, outrageous and provocative…

…Just look at how far their red-line region extends from China – and how close it cuts to their neighbors.

> This absurd overreach has led their aggrieved neighbors to begin groping for a regional grouping that can counterbalance Chinese expansionism…

…From the Tokyo Foundation. Here is a notable passage…

China prefers bilateral talks to multilateral talks for discussions of the dispute in South China Sea because it recognises that multilateral talks will result in it losing advantage over individual ASEAN countries. On the other hand, the problems it creates for multilateral security cooperation isolates China in international society.”

In other words, “the individual ASEAN countries need to act multilaterally to take away China’s advantage.” And “China has to stop acting up or it will wind up an isolated backwater like it was before.”

> The Chinese overreach has also set up aggressive nationalists in China for a fall. The Chinese will be chastened by their coming humiliation in the South China Sea, and strident nationalistic voices will lose face and fall out of favor. This, the globalists hope, will leave the Chinese “better multilateral citizens.” Just have a look at the thinking behind this strategy…

…From LSE Research Online

In case the insufferable “academic tone” of the abstract obscures its point, it’s basically saying that Chinese nationalism is getting in the way of its multilateralism (and from the globalist perspective, that’s a big no-no)…

“…multilateralism is an effective way for Beijing to increase its regional power while avoiding confrontation with the United States or regional powers like India and Japan. However, Beijing’s multilateralism is still premised on hard conceptions of state sovereignty and has to be developed in the context of a nationalistic political culture that prevents the achievement of regional stability through compromise on issues such as the South China Sea disputes…”

With the three preceding bullet points in mind, you begin to see how the South China Sea scenario is scripted to play out…

1) Trump and Xi will blunder into a confrontation over the area.

2) China will be forced to compromise and retreat.

3) When they retreat from their bases, they’ll have to hand them over to someone. Since they won’t want to give the bases to their regional rivals or the United States, they’ll hand them over to a “neutral party” that will enforce and secure their “legitimate” economic claims and security needs in the area: the “reformed” United Nations (NWO) that will rise after the conflict.

4) The UN NWO will use the bases to enforce the post-conflict compromise, patrol the fisheries to stop the conflict among fishing and coast guard vessels in the area, and take control of maritime environmental monitoring and management.

That being said, the Chinese won’t be the only ones chastened by a South China Sea conflict. Although the clash would end in a victory or favorable draw for the US side, America would likely suffer a serious bloody nose. Considering all the media attention given to the nuclear threat supposedly posed by the North Koreans, this bloody nose could take the form of a nuke going off somewhere – either in a US territory or a US military base – but the most likely scenario is that the globalists will script the destruction of the USS Carl Vinson (either through conventional or nuclear means).

The aircraft carrier is the most potent symbol of America’s ability to project power anywhere in the world. By having one sunk along with the 6,000 lives aboard, the globalists will shatter the American sense of invincibility, and the nation will thereafter be much more skittish about sending its carriers into other nations’ backyards. This will result in BOTH China and America pulling back after the conflict, and that will open a power vacuum that a stronger United Nations can fill.

Also, the globalists could use the event to trigger their coup/counter-coup psyop with Trump. The psyop script calls for the supposed “neocon-neolib Deep State” to pounce on Trump and remove him from office through either impeachment, assassination, or suiciding. And if they use the conflict with China as cover for making their move, this is the argument they’ll present…

“Trump has only been in office a few months, and he has already got us into a shooting war with nuclear-armed China and got an aircraft carrier sunk. We have to remove this bumbling lunatic before he destroys the nation!”

So a South China Sea conflict could end up taking out both Xi and Trump. This would be no surprise given that both are considered nationalists, and that both the Chinese and the Americans are known for their nationalistic fervor. Therefore it’s not just Chinese nationalism that will take a hit if the two nations come to blows.

As is outlined in Update 1Update 7, and this update, leaders who are “more reasonable, soft-spoken, civil, and cooperative” will take the place of the fallen nationalists, namely Li Keqiang and, after the counter-coup, Rand Paul…

…From Zero Hedge

Rand Paul will play Galba to Donald Trump’s Vindex…

“Galba, acclaimed by the Senate, struck coins to commemorate Vindex, to whom he owed his position as emperor.” – From Wikipedia

Now if we step back and take a bird’s eye view of what the globalists are doing with China and the South China Sea, we see the strategy they hinted at back in 1961 at play…

…From Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Reports, page 26

As the underlined passages suggest, they are using China’s seizure of the South China Sea to create a problem “the separate [ASEAN] nations will not be able to solve alone.” This pressures those nations to “organize and act in common effort” in a “regional institution” to preserve their national interests.

So let’s make a list of all the ways the South China Sea conflict serves the globalist agenda…

1) It serves as one of the three conflict zones (along with Syria and Ukraine) through which they are fomenting a global war crisis that will give rise to its “logical solution”: the “reformed” UN system (the multilateral / multipolar NWO).

2) It serves to push the ASEAN nations towards a multilateral approach to their (manufactured) common problem. As each aggrieved nation sees the futility of facing China on its own, they grope their way towards a regional security institution that can counterbalance Chinese aggression.

3) It serves as an object lesson to the Chinese and American peoples on the fruits of aggressive nationalism. Once their overreach in the South China Sea leads to their national humiliation, the Chinese will see the wisdom of working with others multilaterally rather than aggressively confronting them unilaterally. And once the Americans get shocked and bloodied by unilaterally poking their nose into a foreign conflict, they will be more inclined to fall back and stick with a multilateral diplomatic approach. This will make both peoples better citizens of the New World Order.

As for when the direct clash between the US and China could begin, we could see the first step in that direction next week when Trump meets Xi at the Mar-a-Lago resort on April 6-7…

…From CNN

If the meeting is portrayed as having gone south, a personal conflict between them could be narrated from there. And given that the Japanese will send their helicopter carrier into the South China Sea in May, a shooting war could be triggered any time from May onward.

Love always…

[Special Note 1 – 14-15 March 2017] – Do you think it’s merely a coincidence that there was a big dust-up between Turkey and the Netherlands just four days before the Dutch election? Do you think it’s also just a coincidence that Turkey threatened to unleash millions of refugees on Europe just two days before the election? Obviously, the globalists want to scare the Dutch into voting for their controlled opposition candidate, Wilders…

…From The Sun

If millions more refugees are on their way to Europe, to whom can Dutch voters turn to keep them out of the Netherlands? This orchestrated spat with Turkey serves to energize Wilders’ base and anti-immigration independents while simultaneously making opposing voters less enthusiastic about showing up and voting against him.

And to put a finishing touch on their electioneering efforts, the globalist intelligence agencies put on their “Turkish hacker” masks and staged a propaganda assault on election day…

…From ZeroHedge

This was done to create further outrage among the Dutch and get the voters racing to the polls to elect Wilders.

Looking now to France, do you think it’s merely a coincidence that Fillon was saddled with corruption charges, thus leaving Le Pen to square off against Macron, a former Rothschild banker, in the ultimate Anti-Establishment versus Establishment showdown? Again, the globalists are giving their controlled opposition candidate (Le Pen) a helping hand by eliminating a candidate that would have split her voting base.

Here is a beautiful example of another recent dust-up orchestrated to help Le Pen…

…From The Telegraph

This supposed “error in judgment” by Fillon’s party serves two purposes…

1) It drives more voters away from him, and
2) It highlights Macron’s Rothschild connection, which aids Le Pen.

Now if you look at Macron’s policies…

  • He’s confrontational with Russia
  • He’s pro-immigrant
  • He’s pro-EU
  • He’s pro-climate change agenda

…you see that he is the “French Hillary” who is “leading in the polls” against the “French Trump,” Le Pen. I suspect more Establishment outrages will surface before the French election to make its outcome mirror that of America’s.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the globalists are electing Putin-friendly leaders in Europe who will join with him in “reforming” the UN into the (real) New World Order.

[Special Note 2 – 15 March 2017] – Even with all the help he was given, including a revelation two days before the election that Prime Minister Rutte had conspired with Merkel to bring in the refugees, Wilders fell short in the election. Of course, none of the European elections really matter except those in France and the UK (which has yet to be scheduled), so this Dutch election was merely a “test of the Anti-Establishment mood in Europe.” Given that the test showed much work left to be done, I’m expecting something really dramatic to happen before the French election to give Le Pen a boost. The globalists’ objective is to install Putin-friendly leaders in all the P5 nations, and France and the UK are the only ones left to go.

If Le Pen falls short next month, both a UK snap election and UN reform won’t likely happen this year, so a Macron victory won’t bother me at all.

[Special Note 3 – 16 March 2017] – In tomorrow’s update, I’ll cover why Rand Paul is being reintroduced into the spotlight. And we’ll see how the alt-media pedophilia propaganda meme will figure into clearing the way for his ascension to the presidency (if the globalists opt for the Vindex Falls scenario). So before tomorrow, you might want to read Update 5 to understand what the Vindex Falls scenario is, if you haven’t read it already.

Thoughts on “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeater, Part 2 – Where Theosophy starts going to sh*t

Let’s resume our exploration of The Astral Plane with a passage that spans pages 2 and 3…

In this passage the author admits that he is peddling a religion (“the Wisdom-Religion”), and he goes on to describe a core doctrine of it: “the fact that in our solar system there exist perfectly definite planes.” He then explains that there are 7 such planes and he names 5 of them.

When I read this, I immediately wondered who was the first person to come up with this “7 planes” idea. It’s not hard to imagine how it got started: a spiritual seeker / meditator in the distant past came up with his own pet theory of how the world worked, then he went into the astral and was shown what he was expecting. Upon sharing the idea with others, he taught them how to see what he was seeing, and since they all then saw it, they thought it was objective reality. The students then became masters who passed it down to more students who became masters until it became widely accepted doctrine.

In truth, the 7 planes are a subjective reality that has been constructed in the collective subconscious – it is a subjective form that has been overlaid upon the Astral Plane by those who believe in it. It isn’t objectively real at all, which is evidenced by the fact that the 7 planes can be seen only by those who have been programmed to see it (either because they’ve been taught by a “master” or they’ve picked up the idea somewhere – in a book, on a website, etc. – and accepted it). If the first master had instead came up with the idea of 11 planes, the Theosophists and others would now believe in and see 11 planes.

That being said, I would suggest that there are not 7 planes; there are only the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and when we consciously enter the subconscious mental space, we are shown what we most expect / fear / want to see, whether that’s 7 planes, 11 planes, or no planes at all. Just because two or more conscious minds can be programmed to see the same subconscious illusion does not change the fact that illusion is what they’re seeing.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; the author inadvertently admits this is the case when he says this about the Astral Plane…

It has often been called the realm of illusion – not that it is itself any more illusory than the physical world, but because of the extreme unreliability of the impressions brought back from it by the untrained seer.”

In this statement, he calls anyone who isn’t programmed to see what he’s been programmed to see an “untrained” seer (thus implying their incompetence), and he calls their unprogrammed impressions of the Astral Plane “extremely unreliable” (because their impressions do not reflect what he’s been brainwashed to see). I find this a rather condescending attitude coming from a 19th Century Kool-Aid drinker. In reality, “untrained” seers are “unprogrammed / unbrainwashed” seers, and they see subconscious illusions according to their own dominant expectations, not the dominant expectation they’ve allowed someone else to place in their minds.

With this concept of programmed seeing in mind, let’s switch for a moment to the Introduction offered in the Kindle edition of The Astral Plane. It was written by C. Jinarajadasa, the man who assisted Leadbeater in writing the book. In describing his own “psychic education” under “Master Djwal Kul,” he says this…

>>> I know not how to thank Him for the enormous amount of care and trouble which He took in my psychic education; patiently and over and over again He would make a vivid thought-form, and say to me: “What do you see?” And when I described it to the best of my ability, would come again and again the comment: “No, no, you are not seeing true; you are not seeing all; dig deeper into yourself, use your mental vision as well as your astral; press just a little further, a little higher.”

This process often had to be many times repeated before my mentor was satisfied. <<<

So here we see a very clear example of a master programming his student to see what he wants him to see, and this process of mental and psychic entrainment continues in all the things the master trains the student to see, including the 7 planes. They too are another thought-form conjured up by the masters.

Much love…

Thoughts on “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeater, Part 1 – Source and Reality

For the past week, I’ve struggled in finding the right words and the right sequence of concepts to convey the thoughts I want to share in the most clear and concise manner possible. So like the rest of this series of entries, I’ll just go one thought at a time, then piece them all together in the proper sequence later on.

As we begin reading the remarks in the Introduction of the book, we run across the first notable passage on page 2…

So far, so good. The author seems to be talking about Source Consciousness (the “One Unmanifested,” a.k.a. “God”) and the fact that only two things can be said to exist…

The Thinker
Its Thoughts

The Thinker is permanent and considered to be real, but Its Thoughts are impermanent and considered to be “unreal.” In other words, thoughts come and go, but the mind thinking them always remains.

All of the imaginings of The Thinker are projected as forms in the mental space of Eternal Mind, so all things, including our physical universe, can be said to be “illusion” because they have no real existence beyond being thoughts. This also includes the forms we call our souls and our incarnations, so both the soul form and the body form you currently inhabit are illusion / not real.

All forms manifest according to definitions, so anything that can be defined is a form. If you take a moment to describe the electronic device by which you are reading these words, including its physical dimensions, its materials, its color, its functions, its configuration, et cetera, you are back-engineering its definitions. Eternal Mind is projecting its existence according to those definitions you’re describing.

Now if you take a moment to describe your own body, you’ll realize that it can be defined, so it is a form. And if you take a moment to describe your soul, including the things that make it different from all the other souls, you’ll realize that it too can be defined, so it too is a form.

All forms have a beginning point and an end point, with the beginning point being the moment consciousness focuses upon them, and the ending point being the moment consciousness finally casts them aside. For example, in the case of the human body you are currently experiencing, it is projected by the consciousness that creates this reality, with its beginning point being the moment of “conception,” and its end point occurring when posthumous decomposition finally renders it to dust. After that, it exists only as a memory.

The soul form is a little different, though. Its definitions do not provide for aging, degradation, death and decomposition like those of your body form. So when Source Consciousness sets it aside, it is stored in memory in usable form and can be reinhabited. You can think of your soul as a telescope with a lens that is unique in all Creation. Source looks through it to see Creation in an entirely unique way, then sets it aside sometimes until it picks it up again.

So when your soul is set aside, do you die? Of course not, you simply realize that you are not the soul through which you were viewing Creation; you are, in fact, Source Consciousness, and the concept of you and I was just an idea you were exploring. You are One, and you experience being many through soul forms.

Moving on, another point in the book passage that’s worth addressing is its claim that the astral world and its forms are just as real as the physical world and its forms. Given that both the astral and physical are mere thoughts within Eternal Mind, this is true. But there is an important difference between the two worlds that must be noted: we humans can create objects in the astral world through thought, but we cannot do the same in the physical world.

In the physical world, we can work only with the objects that are already here through the application of physical effort; we cannot create objects out of nothing. Our inability to conjure physical objects into existence is a pretty good indicator that the physical world isn’t the product of OUR minds, but of another level of consciousness. And the fact that we CAN conjure astral objects into existence is a pretty good indicator that the astral world IS the product of our minds.

Some magician-types may claim that they can conjure physical objects out of thin air, but this is merely a trick of perception caused by a breaching of the barrier between the conscious and subconscious minds. In such cases, the effected minds aren’t seeing a real physical object being created; they are merely perceiving an astral overlay being projected upon the physical world.

To understand what I mean by this, take a moment to look at the floor and imagine a red book lying upon it. By imagining the red book, you are creating it in the astral world, but since you are viewing the floor through your conscious mind, you can see that your thought hasn’t really created a physical book there. But if I were to hypnotize you and suggest that the red book was really there, you would see it just as clearly as the real physical floor. By using hypnosis to compromise the normal function of your mind, I’d be causing you to see the astral book overlaid upon the physical floor, but I wouldn’t actually be creating a real physical book. Other people in the room whose minds weren’t hacked would see that there is no book there.

Let us now proceed to the final point from the passage: the “majority of mankind” being “yet unconscious, or but vaguely conscious” of the Astral Plane. Because of our general lack of awareness of the subconscious mental space and how it functions, most of us are unaware that we create within it, so our creations are all over the place. Resultantly, our collective subconscious has accumulated a vast grab bag of diverse and disorganized forms and realities.

There is no real order to the Astral Plane, but the illusion of order can be created when two or more minds synchronize their expectations about it. This is exactly what occultists like the Theosophists have done, and we’ll explore this concept of imagined / imposed order as we go deeper into the book.

On a somewhat related note, I’d like to clarify my reasons for taking you on a tour of this book. I’m not doing it to promote Leadbeater or Theosophy; I’m doing it because this book offers a good overview of the Astral Plane from the perspective of the occultists. And after we’re done looking at it, we’ll be exploring material from other ideological groups – none of which I’m trying to promote. I’m doing this survey in order to challenge the conventional wisdom about the Astral Plane and to suggest that a fundamental misunderstanding of it exists in the public mind, and there is no more powerful a way to point out this misunderstanding than to use the very words of those who wittingly or unwittingly promote it.

In the next passage we examine, we’ll see where the book starts to jump the tracks.

With love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 5 – The globalist preparations for the Ides of March

Has Trump been rescripted to play Vindex to Obama’s Nero?…

Let me preface my remarks by telling new readers that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama – both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging this dialectic conflict in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the New World Order) in its place. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy for more information on what they’re doing.

That being said…

Now that we’re approaching the first implementation window for the globalists’ 2017 script – which begins on March 15 – it’s time to have a look at the preparations they’ve made for the big show. And looking at those preparations, three things really stand out…

1) The Coup/Counter-Coup contingency has been kept alive, and Trump has been painted as a man surrounded by (“Western globalist”) enemies who are ready to pounce.

In the original version of the coup/counter-coup, the globalists were going to have Hillary’s forces attempt to reverse Trump’s election through the Electoral College. Their “white hat” minions in the government would have then staged a counter-coup to preserve the result of the election and restore Constitutional order.

In the revised version of the coup/counter-coup, the globalists are aiming to have their “black hat” minions in the government (who are described as “globalist agents” and “Obama/Clinton/Democrat loyalists” in the controlled alt-media) make a move to unseat Trump. Their “white hat” minions (who are described as “patriots” and “constitutionalists” in the controlled alt-media) would then stage a counter-coup to take down the black hats either before or after Trump is removed.

2) An American aircraft carrier has been deployed to the South China Sea. This provides the globalists with a standing opportunity to start the fireworks between Trump and China. Will the supposed coup-plotters make their move when a potentially war-provoking incident occurs (under the justification of “this madman Trump is going to get us in a war with China”)?

3) The Pentagon plan for defeating ISIS will be released in draft form on Monday. If it calls for the intervention of substantial American ground forces, will Trump’s reluctance to carry it out be attributed to his “Russian ties”? Will it be used as another justification for the coup?

And getting back to the question and picture at the top, will the globalists reignite the Syria war contingency and the End Times script by writing Trump out of the script as “Vindex”?

Vindex, a Roman governor who “had a passionate love for freedom and a vast ambition,” led a rebellion against the wicked Emperor Nero and was defeated and died. Should they decide to dust off the old Roman script for Trump, there is no more appropriate time than the Ides of March to get things started.

In the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017 page, I predicted that Trump would emerge victorious from the coming big crisis, and he would join with Putin and the newly-elected “Anti-Establishment” EU leaders to transform the UN into the NWO. This scenario is still in play. But now I also see the Vindex scenario in play with Trump, and here is the outline of it…

> Obama has remained in Washington D.C. and supposedly has a 30,000-person “neoliberal” provocateur army ready to stage an “American Spring” against Trump…

…From (top) and (bottom)

> “Neoconservative warmongers” in the government, especially those in the intelligence agencies, are also being portrayed as attempting a coup against Trump…

…From The Nation

> According to the globalist propaganda narrative, these combined forces of the “Neocon-Neoliberal Deep State” (the black hats) are locked in a life-and-death battle with Trump and the “progressive Deep State” (the white hats). Needless to say, the only difference between these two supposed factions is the role each has been given by their globalist masters.

As for the “Deep State” concept itself, whenever you see an article talking about it, you are looking at a globalist propaganda piece. The “Deep State” is the collection of minion-level scapegoats the Occulted Powers have tasked with playing the soon-to-be vanquished “bad guys” in the dialectic drama. It is a manufactured propaganda concept meant to obscure our view of the real powers driving the globalist agenda: the world’s royals, the worldwide network of Jewish banking interests (which is much larger than just the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds, and which encompasses ALL of the G20 nations and beyond), and the Freemasons and other such secret societies and mafia groups.

> Under the new “Vindex Falls” scenario in which Trump is deposed, the white hats will not step up to rescue him because they view him as too weak to stand up to the black hats. They will point to such things as…

1) His lapdog status with Israel…

…From Al Jazeera

2) His cave-in to Xi on the “One China” policy…


3) And his failure to protect his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, from “Neocon” attack…


…as proof that he is unsuitable to lead the revolution against the Neocons/Neolibs.

So according to the Vindex Falls narrative, the white hats will preserve their position by not sticking their necks out for Trump; they’ll intervene only when his replacement, Mike Pence, brings us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia.

> Replacing Trump with Vice President Pence will allow the globalists to continue progressing towards the new financial system and UN reform while simultaneously allowing them to reopen the door to war with Russia via Syria.

Pence is a fiscal conservative who supports the gold standard, so the globalists can continue preparing the new “gold valuated” financial system that will kick in after the Big Crisis. And he is a social conservative and former Tea Partier, so he would be amenable to the initial moves towards a “sovereignty respecting” UN overhaul, especially if it ends the UN’s Population Fund and its abortion activities. And when it comes to Putin and Syria, he’s the right man to resurrect the World War 3 / End Times (WET) scenario…


Exposure forced the globalists to abandon their WET dreams for last September, but replacing Trump with Pence in the first half of the year would allow them to try again this September.

All this being said, which scenario can we expect to see…

“Trump’s Triumph”
“Vindex Falls”?

Although both scenarios are still in play, it seems like the globalists are moving more towards Vindex Falls since the 13th of February or so (just look at the dates on all the articles). And this recent move by Putin could be an indicator of what’s ahead…


Another harbinger of Trump’s likely new fate is this article from a known globalist alt-media disinformation agent called “The Saker”…

…From ZeroHedge. Here are some notable passages…

>>> Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA…

The Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext that he had a telephone conversation, on an open, insecure and clearly monitored, line with the Russian ambassador.

And Trump accepted this resignation.

Ever since Trump made it to the White House, he has taken blow after blow from the Neocon-run Ziomedia, from Congress, from all the Hollywood doubleplusgoodthinking “stars” and even from European politicians. And Trump took each blow without ever fighting back. Nowhere was his famous “you are fired!” to be seen. But I still had hope. I wanted to hope. I felt that it was my duty to hope.

But now Trump has betrayed us all….

It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.

From now on, Trump will become the proverbial shabbos-goy, the errand boy of the Israel lobby…

Today’s Neocon victory is a huge event and it will probably be completely misrepresented by the official media. Ironically, Trump supporters will also try minimize it all. But the reality is that barring a most unlikely last-minute miracle, it’s over for Trump and the hopes of millions of people in the USA and the rest of the world who had hoped that the Neocons could be booted out of power by means of a peaceful election. That is clearly not going to happen.

I see very dark clouds on the horizon.

UPDATE1: Just to stress an important point: the disaster is not so much that Flynn is out but what Trump’s caving in to the Neocon tells us about Trump’s character (or lack thereof). Ask yourself – after what happened to Flynn, would you stick your neck out for Trump? <<<

Seeing “The Saker” stick a fork in Trump like that is a powerful signal for those with eyes to see.

And with that, I’ll call this entry complete.

Much love…

An Alternate Perspective on the “Astral Plane”

Does the “Astral Plane” exist “above” our waking reality or “below” it?…

…Let’s explore the latter possibility, and we’ll begin with the definition of what the astral is…

“The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings. In the late 19th and early 20th century the term was popularised by Theosophy and neo-Rosicrucianism.” – Wikipedia

Among those who have experienced or who believe in the Astral Plane, it is generally assumed that it is a higher realm than the physical world we experience when alive and conscious. But after years of exposure to a broad variety of information about it, I’ve come to hold a different view. So this entry will be devoted to surveying the Astral Plane through the lens of the working hypothesis I’ve developed, which is…

> The Astral Plane is not a higher, superior realm of consciousness, but a lower, subordinate one. It is entirely our creation.

> It exists only within the collective human subconscious, and it is an imaginary realm which is the “dumping ground” of every human thought, desire, fear and memory. There you will find every creature and vista that any human has ever imagined, so it is a vast and diverse place.

> It is populated by creatures/beings that humans have imagined into existence, and it may also be a place where disembodied spirits have become trapped due to the activity of occultists who have been consciously creating regions of “order” within it.

So this exploration of the Astral Plane will begin with me fleshing out the points I’ve just made, and will continue with a broad survey of astral information offered by the Theosophists, the New Agers, and many others. This survey will likely take many months to complete, and by the time we’re done, my working hypothesis will either be confirmed or destroyed. We’ll see, and you’ll decide.

MUCH more to come.

Love always…

[Addendum A – Same Day]

There are so many ideas on this subject pushing to be expressed that it feels like there are a thousand hummingbirds flitting about my head – all wanting to land on my keyboard. Rather than trying to herd the swarm into a logical structure before expressing them, I’ll just share them brainstorm-style. And once they’re all expressed, I’ll go back and weave them into a structured presentation. So here goes…

1) Accessing the Astral Plane: Most people’s experience with the astral occurs in the dream state, which I’ll term the “quasi-conscious state.” In that state, it seems like we’re conscious and experiencing something, but we’re actually being taken on a ride by the subconscious. It is only when we realize we’re dreaming that we can enter the lucid state, in which both the conscious and quasi-conscious states are active at the same time. It is in the lucid state that we have control of our dreams and can consciously create in the astral.

What the occultists have done is develop techniques to induce the lucid state on demand, so they are able to consciously create within the astral whenever they wish. And since each occult society is of one mind and agenda, its members synchronize their efforts to create beings, structures, and currents of thought within the collective subconscious that advance their aims.

2) The Astral Realm as the Collective Subconscious: We know that we’re speaking of the subconscious realm when we talk of the astral because of the way people access the astral. All methods of entry involve either idling or fracturing the conscious mind, thus leaving a vacuum into which the subconscious can flow. Consider these methods of entry…

  • sleeping (during which the conscious mind goes into hibernation);
  • using “entheogens” (drugs which disrupt the electrochemical balance of the brain and thus interfere with the normal functioning of the conscious mind);
  • working one’s self into a frenzy through manic dance, emotional overload, excessive sweating, etc. (all of which can naturally disrupt the electrochemical balance of the brain and thus interfere with the normal functioning of the conscious mind);
  • using hypnosis, meditation, rhythmic rocking, rhythmic sound, etc. (which empty and idle the conscious mind);
  • operating a non-standard, damaged, or trained brain (some are born with or develop anomalies or changes in the brain which inhibit the function of the natural partition between the conscious and subconscious minds).

All of these techniques create a whole or partial gap in the conscious mind, thus allowing the subconscious mind to step forward and fill the gap. So when you use one of these methods to access the “spirit world,” you are actually accessing the subconscious / astral world. That’s why everyone sees what they expect to see (or fear to see) when they go there – American Indians might see the “Great Buffalo Spirit,” South Asians might see “Vishnu,” Christians might see “Jesus,” so on and so forth. All of the gods we’ve invented can be found there, and all the devils too.

[Addendum B – 17 February 2017]

3) Why the Conscious and Subconscious Minds are Partitioned: Consciousness is the only thing that truly exists. All other things, like the earthly reality we are now experiencing, are nothing more than fleeting thoughts in the mind of God (just like it is with your own mind, the mind is permanent, but its thoughts are not). And since consciousness is both the creator and experiencer of all realities, an obvious challenge arises…

How do you project a reality and experience it at the same time? How can a reality hold any mysteries and wonder if you are aware that you are projecting it and know everything that will happen?

In order to have a true, immersive reality experience, it is necessary to separate the consciousness that projects it from the consciousness that experiences it. That way, the experiencing consciousness views the reality around it as a mysterious place of wonder. I suspect that it is for this reason that there is a partition between the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind does the grunt work of projecting realities so the conscious mind can have a convincing experience within them. But this raises another question…

Does the human collective subconscious generate the reality we are experiencing?

I suspect the answer is “no.” It makes more sense to me that our reality is being generated by the subconscious mind of the next level up, so it is the subconscious of the soul level that generates realities for the conscious mind of the spirit level (our level) to experience. To put it a bit more simply, our earthly reality is a dream imagined and projected by our souls, and we spirits are the dream characters our souls have created to live in it.

So here is my working model of the structure of consciousness (at our level and the ones directly above and below it)…

And if we focus in on our level of consciousness, here’s what’s going on…

Looking upon this, we see the reason why our waking reality is so much more substantive and “real” than astral reality: it is generated by a more powerful (less limited) consciousness. Due to the limitations we are experiencing at our level, our creations just aren’t as solid (from our perspective at least).

[Addendum C – 18 February 2017]

4) Why do we reincarnate here?: Among those who have experienced or believe in the Astral Plane, it is generally assumed that we reincarnate onto the Earth over and over again. So why do we keep reincarnating as slaves in a world run by predatory, parasitic, criminal elites? Is it really that much fun being a slave over and over again?

> As we touched upon in the previous entry, it may be that the consciousness that administers this reality is self-serving, so it mindscrews us into running in circles by convincing us that we are here to “evolve.” And as we reincarnate over and over trying to level-up our ego character, it feeds on us.

> It may also be that the administrating consciousness isn’t self-serving; it’s simply running a reality in which one can experience the concept of evolving. And what we see as a soul trap is actually a system that was established to ensure that you don’t quit the process before you’ve completed the full experience (or have grown so weary of it that you self-terminate your ego character).

> A third possibility is that the Earth reality has been hacked by some of our fellow spirits. Have the occultists created phony “spiritual realms” in the Astral Plane, and do they lure us into those realms by misdirecting us at the moment of death? If so, how do they insert us into new physical bodies without running afoul of the administrating consciousness?

It may be that the occultists have created not only fake spiritual realms in the astral, but a fake Earth reality as well. And once we’re lured into their “synthetic afterlife,” we get reincarnated onto their “synthetic Earth.” So are we living on the original Earth or on an astral copy?

5) What the body’s aura tells us about the Astral Plane: One of the first astral sights many people see is the aura that surrounds the human body. So let’s ask ourselves a simple question that lends itself to an intuitive answer…

Does the aura radiate INTO the body, or does it radiate FROM the body?

Just like light comes OUT OF a light bulb, I would suggest that the aura comes OUT OF the body. And whatever thoughts are taking place in the mind of the incarnate being give rise to the color of aura it radiates. In other words, the body/spirit complex is the cause, and the astral aura is the effect.

Likewise, all the rest of the Astral Plane radiates out of the body too – out of all our collective bodies. The Astral Plane is what emanates from the mental activity of incarnate physical beings. It is the residue of our thoughts held in the collective subconscious.

[Addendum D – 19 February 2017]

6) The Subconscious Servant and the Descended Masters: The role of the subconscious is to serve the conscious mind; it is the conscious mind’s “robot slave” that does everything asked of it…

  • It stores and manages memories
  • It automates tedious, repetitive tasks (like walking, riding a bike, driving, etc.) so the conscious mind can focus on other things (making decisions and experiencing the consequences of them – experiencing this reality).
  • It finds solutions to problems the conscious mind has set aside (that’s how ideas and answers pop into your head “from out of the blue”).
  • And it animates the things we create in our imagination.

It is this last function which gives rise to the Astral Plane, and it is the subconscious’ overall role of giving us what we want and expect that makes the astral such a tricky place. When you consciously enter the subconscious domain, it bends over backwards to meet your desires and expectations, so you are shown what you most expect to see. The “dominant expectation” it reflects back to you is a compilation of every idea you’ve previously encountered, thought, and accepted about the “spiritual world” / Astral Plane. That’s why everyone sees differently when they go into the astral; two or more people see the same things only after they’ve synchronized their dominant expectation, usually through a “master” who teaches them to see things the way he/she sees things.

This is where the “wisdom” of “spiritual masters,” “Mahatmas,” “Ascended Masters,” and other such real or imagined figures comes into question. Such gurus base their spiritual systems on what they’ve encountered while in the astral. And although they thought they were feasting upon the banquet of spiritual wisdom while there, they were actually eating their own vomit. They were seeing their own dominant expectation reflected back to them, then turning around and proclaiming it as the “true nature of the spiritual world.” For this reason, the “Ascended Masters” never ascended at all; they descended into their own imaginary creation. In truth, they are the “Descended Masters.”

On a related note, it was these properties of the subconscious that got me started in writing. One night back about 2003 or so, my subconscious showed me a hyper-vivid dream in which I was speaking on spiritual matters from the podium of a hotel conference room. As I spoke, I was utterly amazed at what was coming out of my mouth, but I soon realized that it was the compilation of all the spiritual thoughts I’d had over my lifetime. Apparently, my subconscious had taken all my thoughts and organized them into a coherent system, and the dream was letting me know that the process was complete. Upon waking, I started writing down everything I dreamt, and since then, I’ve been unable to stop. I still have barely scratched the surface of all the ideas I want to share.

Oddly enough, the dream also showed me the sort of audience I would be drawing. The conference room was moderately large and sparsely occupied, but everyone there was leaning forward with rapt attention. And the doors were open, with more people steadily filing in. When the globalists stop stalling and make their move, perhaps the conference room will finally fill to capacity.

[Addendum E – 20 February 2017]

7) Hypnotic Suggestion and Astral Sight: I once saw a stage hypnotist tell his subjects that the people in the audience were on fire and they should go put the fires out. Needless to say, the subjects saw what they were told to see and dutifully waded out into the audience and attempted to pat out the fires, much to the amusement of those on the receiving end of their efforts.

So in that case, the hypnotist placed his subjects in a state of quasi-consciousness in which the conscious mind was passive and the subconscious mind was active. And upon being given the hypnotic instruction, the subjects’ subconscious minds overlaid a projection of fire upon the superconsciousness’ projection of physical reality.

A similar dynamic takes place when a “master” instructs his pupil on the “proper seeing” of the Astral Plane. The master’s suggestion of what the pupil should be seeing becomes a hypnotic suggestion of sorts. But since the pupil has both his conscious and subconscious minds in active mode, it takes some degree of effort to finally see what his master is suggesting to him. And if the pupil’s conscious mind – which is the decision-making mind – were to reject his master’s suggestions, he would not see anything his master is programming him to see; he’d see according to his own dominant expectation.

The more you dig into what the earthly elite and their companion occultists are doing in this world, the more you see what a HUGE role hypnotic suggestion plays in it. They are training us all to see what they want us to see, because by controlling what we perceive, they can influence the decisions we make.

[Addendum F – 24 February 2017]

With all the preceding points in mind, let’s begin a systematic survey of astral information from a variety of sources. We’ll start with a book that was itself an attempt at a systematic survey of the Astral Plane by a high-level Theosophist…

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena by C.W. Leadbeater

The link leads to a free PDF of the book on, or if you are a Kindle reader, you can download it for 99 cents on Amazon. I encourage you to read along as I point out the parts that grab my attention. And as we explore this and other works on the astral, I’ll continue making my case for it being a subordinate reality. Through this approach, I’ll be able to gauge whether my hypothesis grows stronger and stronger or weaker and weaker in the face of contradictory information.

Since this survey will take a while, I’ll do it on a page devoted to this subject: Exploring the Afterlife.

On the “Astral Plane” and the Afterlife

The region beyond this physical life is not what you’ve been programmed to believe it is…

…but Don’t Panic. Nothing can make a meal of you without your consent, and my intent in writing this is to help you explore how to withdraw that consent if you no longer wish to be recycled in this earthly meat grinder.

This entry is one of those that will require a long, painful birthing, so it may take weeks or even months to complete. But I shall beaver away in my spare moments to bring it to fruition. You won’t have to wait all that time for the basic points and conclusions, though. Here is what we will explore and discover…

> If you die and find yourself still in a form (whether your perceive it as a human body or a blob of energy) and still surrounded by other forms (whether they appear to be earthly sights or things more exotic), you are not truly home yet; you are in the “waiting room” of this earthly reality.

> Just like this physical world is organized according to the themes of predation and parasitism, so is the “world” immediately beyond it. And just like you are surrounded in this world by smiling faces that would make a meal of you, so it is in the world beyond. In that place, the predators / parasites call themselves “spirit guides,” “guardian angels,” and many other sweet-sounding names. And their agenda is to keep you under their system of control.

> In this physical life, those who do not take conscious control of their lives have their lives controlled by the systems established by the earthly ruling class. And in the world beyond, the same principle applies.

By the time this entry is complete, we will have explored the world beyond this physical life, which is a greatly misunderstood place commonly termed the “astral plane.” And we will have examined if we’re really ready to leave this reality and how we might bypass the honey traps that await us if we are. Due to the complexity of the subject matter and the endless distractions of my personal duties, I will be posting addenda to this entry in discrete chunks, then I’ll put it all together when all the necessary chunks are in place.


Living in this earthly reality, one can’t help but question it…

Is Earth supposed to function this way? Was it designed to be exactly like it is, or did it go wrong somehow? And what about the consciousnesses that administer this reality – do they do it to benevolently offer a unique experience to souls that desire it, or did they lure us in here to use us somehow?

There are only four fundamental ways to answer such questions…

1) Our Earth reality is functioning properly, and it is administered by benevolent consciousness.
2) Our Earth reality is functioning properly, and it is administered by self-serving consciousness.
3) Our Earth reality is malfunctioning, and it is administered by benevolent consciousness.
4) Our Earth reality is malfunctioning, and it is administered by self-serving consciousness.

So let’s take a moment to explore each of these four answers…

1) Our Earth reality is functioning properly, and it is administered by benevolent consciousness.

It could be the case that there is nothing really wrong with this world. Source Consciousness (God) is eternal mind that is exploring the unlimited possibilities of thought. And as it explores the limitless possibilities of existence, it becomes all the things it thinks about in order to experience them and answer its questions.

Among the limitless thoughts that have occurred to Source Consciousness are these: What’s it like to live in a reality where you have to fight to survive? What’s it like to be predator and prey? What’s it like to be parasite and host? What’s it like to live on a mafia planet run by armed groups of thugs?

Living on Earth certainly answers these questions, doesn’t it?

So it could be that the Earth reality is administered by benevolent consciousness providing a venue for the aspects of Source (us) who are exploring these questions. And as such, Earth is working exactly like it’s supposed to, and the consciousness running it is providing a necessary service for Source and us. Just like you might have played Mafia Wars on Facebook, Source is playing Mafia Planet here on Earth, and the administering consciousnesses are the coders keeping the game running for us.

2) Our Earth reality is functioning properly, and it is administered by self-serving consciousness.

This school of thought is pretty straightforward: the Earth is a predatory and parasitic reality because the consciousness that created it is exploring the idea of being predatory and parasitic itself. And we are here because we were either lured in by flashy inducements…

…or we simply wanted to know what it would be like to live under a such a system. Perhaps we even wanted to trap ourselves just to see how we would get ourselves out.

Presumably, the administrating consciousness has lured us into this domain to feed Matrix-style on our spiritual energy, which is released by us in the form of emotions. We therefore serve as cattle to be milked by this ruling consciousness, just like we are cattle to our earthly rulers.

This scenario gives rise to some interesting considerations…

Regardless of the set of intentions that gave rise to us being here, we find ourselves in a reality in which we are cleverly led around by the nose and exploited, and which is difficult to leave. When it becomes so painful here that we want to escape, we are presented with a beckoning oasis of peace and enjoyment that saps our will to go. And once we’re fat, happy, and have forgotten our grievances, we’re convinced to go back into the physical pit for another “adventure.” Getting out of a trap like this requires clear thought, unbendable will, and a willingness to leave behind everything that ties us here.

The thing is, though, that as long as we enjoy it here, this world isn’t really a trap; it’s just a place where we are pursuing experiences that interest us. It is only when the pleasures this world offers can no longer offset the pains that come with them that we begin to grow uncomfortable here. And our discomfort lasts only as long as our lack of clarity on what to do.

Are you really ready to completely leave behind all the earthly experiences you enjoy – to never again fall in love as a human, spend a day on an earthly beach, et cetera?

Are you confident-enough in yourself that you’ll follow your own internal guidance over the sweet-sounding spiritual bullsh*t your captors will feed you to convince you to stay?

Are you ready to leave your loved ones behind? Love and the idea that “I won’t go until my loved ones / everybody else leaves” is something that can keep all of us trapped here. There may be more souls coming into this system all the time, and it will almost always be the case that a certain percentage will want to stay. So the noble-sounding sentiment of “leaving no one behind” is a mindset that can result in no escape for anyone. Such romantic thinking is so insidious that I suspect it is our jailers who promote it. The stark reality is that departure from this place is possible only when we realize that our loved ones and all the others are tough-enough and capable-enough to find their own way out when they’re ready. They are God too, and like you, they can handle this.

Are you ready to die if necessary? Just like we cannot escape this earthly life without throwing off our physical body, it may be that we cannot escape this reality system without throwing off our “energetic body.” Is the definition of our energetic body form tied into the definition of this reality in the same way that the definition of our physical body form is tied into the definition of Earth? If it is, we cannot take our energetic body out of this reality system any more than we can take our physical body out of earthly life. So is your will to escape strong enough that you’re willing to face the unknown – and the fear of “eternal death” – to make it out?

If you lack the clarity and strength of will to answer yes to all these questions, it is doubtful you’ll escape the “gravity” of this place. That being said, though, there is no shame in not being ready to leave quite yet. There is nothing wrong in sticking around here to experience more of what this reality has to offer, and we are in no race to get to the exit. Just like all realities in Creation, this one exists for the amusement of Eternal Consciousness, and if you like it here, you are exactly where you need to be right now. You’ll make your way out in your own time.

The purpose of these writings, then, is to hopefully help you achieve clarity more quickly so you’ll spend less time suffering in the no-man’s land of indecision.

3) Our Earth reality is malfunctioning, and it is administered by benevolent consciousness.

Examples of this school of thought can be found floating about the internet. Some claim that our human soul collective suffered through a planetary cataclysm on either Mars or “Tiamat,” and it left us deeply traumatized. As a result, the reality we’re projecting is fu*ked up, but benevolent beings are supposedly working to help us slowly release our fear. Personally, I put no stock in such narratives for two reasons…

  • They stem from the Planet X / Nibiru con being promoted by Crypto-Masonic propaganda figures like Zecharia Sitchin (read How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth for more information on that subject).
  • Fear is a necessary component of any physical incarnation in a competitive system. Without fear, the spirit wouldn’t know to withdraw from situations that might damage or destroy the physical body – just like without pain, the spirit wouldn’t know to pull back from activities that ARE damaging the body. Fear is a natural component of a physical body, not of the spirit that indwells it.

4) Our Earth reality is malfunctioning, and it is administered by self-serving consciousness.

A classic example of this scenario is the Yahweh versus Satan story. In it, Yahweh supposedly created a lovely Earthly reality, but it was ruined by a rebellious lieutenant, Lucifer, and by Adam and Eve’s choice to listen to him. So the supposedly evil and self-serving Lucifer/Satan is the ruler of this world, and we’re suffering because of it.

I give little credence to this narrative for reasons I outline in Debunking the Christian Myth.

Of course, these four fundamental ways of looking at this reality are based on the assumption that Earth is an administered reality. But some believe it is actually a collective reality. To do a quick review of the different types of realities, let’s look at an excerpt from the Systems of Reality articles I wrote in my second blog…


In my current thinking, there are three possible types of realities, and each type is based on who the architect of the reality actually is. Those three types are:

1) Self-Generated Realities,
2) Collective Realities, and
3) Administered Realities.

A Self-Generated Reality is one that is based on the idea that “I am the creator of my reality, and everything I see around me is a reflection of what is in me.” Many metaphysical thinkers espouse this view, and while it seems to be a simple idea on its surface, there are some interesting nuances to it…

Moving on to the second type, a Collective Reality is one that is created by a group of consciousnesses who have decided to explore certain concepts together. In this sort of reality system, the nature of the reality is decided by the collective agreement of the participating beings. If this system were applied to Earth humanity, for instance, the boundaries of our reality and the happenings that occur within it would reflect the consensus decision of our subconscious minds. In other words, in each quantum moment, our subconscious minds get together and vote on what we want our reality to look like at that moment, and the result of the vote is what we see around us. In this sort of reality, the world we see around us is the reflection of our collective beliefs, and there are no boundaries limiting us except the ones we choose for ourselves.

In the third type, an Administered Reality, there is a consciousness (or group of consciousnesses) that sets the general structure and rules of the world we inhabit, and we go in as spirits to experience life within that defined structure. A world run like this is akin to an amusement park: someone designs and builds the park and sets the rules that its guests must follow. We can then go in and enjoy the attractions that appeal to us, but if we break the rules, we get tossed out. In such a reality structure, there are hard boundaries which cannot be changed by either one guest or a group of guests. If we want to enjoy the amusements set up by the creator, we must do so within his/her guidelines.


If you spend some time exploring the idea of Earth being a collective reality, you come back around to a core spiritual question…

Whence do our “souls” come? Are they refractions of Source itself, or do they originate from a devolved copy of Source?

In my own current model of how Spirit works, I see Source creating direct extensions / fractal copies of itself in the form of souls. And I see each of us souls being free to create and experience our own and others’ realities at will. So our souls transcend individual reality systems like this one.

But there is a competing school of thought which holds that Source creates fractal copies of itself in the form of “creator-gods” / “mini-Sources,” and each of these creates its own reality/universe as well as the beings that experience it. So in this model, you and I are the products of a creator-god and have no existence apart from this reality system. And this creator-god can either imbue us with part of its Source consciousness, thus giving us an eternal soul, or it can withhold its essence, thus leaving us a soulless artificial intelligence that will die one day.

It is to this “creator-god” model of soul creation that the occultists seem to gravitate, and I suspect it’s because it leaves room for elitism and exploitation. They imagine their families as being the bloodlines to whom the creator-god gave of his essence, and because of it, they believe they have the “divine right” to rule and guide us poor, soulless goyim. So to some of them, we are mere automatons that exist for their use. And to others, we are sheep that – if properly guided – can earn our way into eternity by being granted a soul.

Looking at this model in terms of reality systems, it implies that the Earth is actually a special form of administered reality in which there is no “other consciousness” administering it; it is administered by the same consciousness that experiences it. The creator-god is the “one consciousness” that both creates this world and devolves itself into “souls” to experience its creation. And souls can collectively and individually create only within the boundaries of the framework projected by the creator-god, just like in any other administered reality.

So which model of soul creation is right, then? Do souls branch out from Source or from the creator of this reality? The short answer is…

Hell if I know.

Since I am currently experiencing the limitations of being human, I cannot tell you with certainty what lies beyond this life. No one can. Any humans who think they can are either full of sh*t or deluded by the teachings of earthly or “astral” gurus. All I can tell you with certainty is that every time I’ve tried to swallow the idea of something standing between me and Source, I’ve had to spit it back out. My spiritual core rages against it, and that’s why I’ve adopted my current model of how things work. After trying on everything else, it was the only thing that fit all the evidence and left my core at peace.

Now if we set aside the creator-god model and go back to the idea of our world being a projection of our collective or “soul group,” we find that some think we’re permanently or semi-permanently bound together in the collective like a close-knit tribe. But my internal guidance suggests that our soul group is less like a tribe bound together by necessity and more like a neighborhood bound together for mutual advantage (that mutual advantage being the ability to experience this reality). I suspect that like any earthly neighborhood, souls are free to move in and out of our collective / soul group according to what they want to experience next. But if it is administered by self-serving consciousness, that consciousness does what it can to convince you to stay.

Looking upon all the possibilities we just explored – and tossing in the possibility of an indifferent administrating consciousness for good measure – what conclusions can we draw about what we should do when we die? In answering this question, I’ll share what I’ve decided for myself…

Since I have no certainty about the nature and intentions of the administrating consciousness, it seems prudent to remember the lessons I’ve learned on Earth and take commonsense precautions upon casting off my physical body:

> When I find myself outside of my broken physical vessel, I intend to stand my ground. I will not “go to the light” or allow myself to whisked along by any forces either seen or unseen. Any action that isn’t consciously initiated by me will be commanded to stop. If the administrating consciousness is benevolent, it won’t mind me wanting to pause a moment to get my bearings. If it’s indifferent, it won’t care whether I pause a moment or not. It is only if it’s self-serving that it will take exception to my actions.

> If I encounter the forces of a self-serving consciousness at the moment of death, they will likely come in the form of minions sent to convince me to “relax and go with the flow.” So if any other being comes my way during my pause – even if it appears to be the most glorious “angel,” the most ferocious “devil,” or my most loved companion from Earth – I intend to give it a standard greeting: “You do not have permission to be in my presence. Fu*k off. NOW.”

> Having established conscious control over my post-death circumstances, I intend to ponder every question and concern I’ve ever had about my life and the afterlife. And I’ll rely on my own internal voice in getting the answers; no “other consciousness” voice will be allowed to intrude on my deliberations. Once I am satisfied with the answers that come to me, I’ll decide what to do and do it. My current intention is to leave this reality and never come back.

That being said, there may be challenges in doing what I intend…

> When I die, I may be hit by a wave of euphoria that puts me in an “it’s all good” frame of mind, and I might be tempted to allow myself to be swept away by whatever forces are acting upon me. Just like earthly human traffickers and sexual predators often drug their victims before whisking them away, the minions of a self-serving consciousness would likely load me with “vibrational crack” to put me in a passive, blissed-out state of mind. So while I intend to enjoy any such euphoria, I will not allow it to divert my focus from what I’ve resolved to do.

> Once separated from my body, I might find myself besieged by a series of offers and threats that play on all my earthly desires and fears. They might offer me every happy dream I’ve ever imagined, or attempt to frighten me with every fear I’ve ever had. And they will certainly attempt to play on my sense of obligation and guilt using their two greatest weapons: 1) my own love for my earthly companions, and 2) their spiritual debt-bondage system (“karma”). But I have resisted their offers and veiled threats in life, and I will only be stronger once I’m free from this body.

So with that being said, it’s time to start examining the trap we might face by exploring the “place” in which it has been built: the “Astral Plane” (otherwise known as the Collective Subconscious). In doing so, we might find that the “Matrix” is not the product of some malevolent “higher” consciousness, be it spiritual or “extraterrestrial,” but of our own human occultists who have been mucking about the nether regions of our collective mind.

If that last paragraph is a little unclear to you, don’t fret. It will become quite clear in the next installment on this subject: An Alternate Perspective on the “Astral Plane”.

With love…

Globalist Prophecy Watch 2017

In keeping with the globalists’ End Times prophecy script, Trump has stepped up beside Putin to save the Christians…

…From CBN

And when Trump and Putin finally meet this year, the next phase of the globalists’ artificial prophecy fulfillment effort will begin.

The globalists seemed to abandon their prophecy fulfillment plans vis-a-vis Obama last September, but you can be sure that they haven’t given up on their goal of foisting a Kabbalist Christ (I call him the “Kabbalah-Christ”) upon us. That being the case, allow me to offer my best estimate of their amended plans, and I’ll begin with two key points…

Point 1: There is a widespread expectation among Christians that “Satan” will attempt a deception and try to take “Jesus’” throne before “Jesus’ Second Coming.” And to ensure that their Kabbalah-Christ is accepted by Christians, the globalists intend to provide them with just such a deception.

Under their original plan, Obama and Putin were to be the central characters of the deception, with Obama playing the fake Antichrist to Putin’s fake Christ. Then the “real (Kabbalah) Christ” was to show up 7 years later to defeat the “fake Christ / real Antichrist” Putin.

Under their amended plan, Obama and Putin retain their roles (as does Erdogan with his “Dajjal” role), but the timetable has been changed.

Point 2: There is disagreement among Christians over whether the “Tribulation” period that precedes Jesus’ Second Coming is 3.5 years long or 7 years long…


The globalists are making use of this confusion in amending their timetable.

With these two points set before us, let’s compare and contrast the globalists’ original and amended plans…

1) Under their original plan, there were two phases to their introduction of the Kabbalah-Christ: the Obama versus Putin deception phase, and the Putin versus Kabbalah-Christ “real” phase.

Under their amended plan, this two-phase approach is still in play.

2) Under their original plan, the deception phase was to involve a 7-year “counterfeit Tribulation” which began when Obama sat as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2009. It was to end in Putin’s defeat of Obama in Syria in September of 2016.

Under their amended plan, the deception phase has been shortened to a 3.5 year counterfeit Tribulation which began when the “Satanic” West attacked the “Christian” Putin in Ukraine between 21 November 2013 and 23 February 2014. It is to end in the defeat of Satanic forces in the West between May and August of 2017.

3) Under their original plan, the “real” phase was to involve a 7-year “real Tribulation” which would begin when Putin takes the reins of the “reformed” United Nations. 3.5 years after taking UN leadership, he would go stand in the newly built Third Temple in Jerusalem, thus symbolically taking Jesus’s throne. And in the 3.5 years following that, there would be great ugliness and war until the “real Christ” shows up to take back his throne.

Under their amended plan, they might retain this 7-year timeline, but they might also shorten it to 3.5 years. If they shorten it, look for Putin to travel to Jerusalem shortly after taking over the UN. During the visit, he would stand on the Temple Mount where the Third Temple will be sited, thus fulfilling an important prophecy. Construction of the Third Temple would begin around that time, and it would be completed 3.5 years later. At that point, they’d cue the “big magic show” in which “the True Antichrist Putin” leads the armies of the UN against the Kabbalah-Christ and his forces. This “Battle of Armageddon” would decide who sits on the throne of the Third Temple.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“Ken, where do you get all this?” – To get the answer to that question, read the End Times Programming material I wrote last year. It’ll give you a good basic background on what the globalists have been up to.

“Ken, do you really they’ll try something like this?” – Normally, I would write off all talk of prophecy as the wishful thinking of religious nuts. But the fact that the Kabbalist Chabad-Lubavitch End Times cult has orchestrated the rise of both Putin and Trump tells me that the globalists really mean business with this artificial prophecy fulfillment stuff. Read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch. It will open your eyes to the true weirdness of what the globalists are trying to do.

After that, go to the End Times Programming page to read all the background material from last year. You’ll find this entry at the top of the page, so scroll down till you see all the plus signs (++++++++++).

Love always…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Updates 3-4 – The first week of the Lubavitch presidency & The globalist schedule for the Trump-Putin Summit

[Update 3 – 26 January 2017]


Behold the REAL President of the United States…

…Trump’s Chabad-Lubavitch handler (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner

President Trump has wasted no time in getting his handler a top position in his administration…

…From NPR

…And both the handler and his wife (Trump’s daughter Ivanka) have now moved into “the real White House”…

…From Business Insider

It is through Ivanka and her rumored incestuous relationship with her father that the Kabbalists exercise complete control over Trump…

Should Trump step out of line, they need only have her say “daddy diddled me” and his life, brand, and presidency would come crashing down. So Trump will in no way vary from the Lubavitch End Times script, which calls for both Putin and him to be outed as the forces of “true Antichrist” in the next few years. Why else do you think they gave him a slick-looking handler who worked out of 666 Fifth Avenue?…


Kushner looks like someone straight out of the cast of The Devil’s Advocate, and that’s no accident. The End Times prophetic show is a Hollywood production after all.

On a related note, if you are unfamiliar with Chabad-Lubavitch’s connection to Kabbalism, just have a look at some of the courses offered by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (Chabad’s adult education arm)…

Kabbalah Rhythms: A Spiritual Roadmap to Higher Living
Men, Women & Kabbalah: Wisdom and Advice From the Masters
Soul Maps: Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World
The Kabbalah of Time
The Kabbalah of Character
The Kabbalah of You: A Guide to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential
Kabbalah Unplugged: The Secret Power of Prayer

And speaking of Chabad’s obsession with scripting the End Times to lead to total Kabbalist Jew control, this course looks interesting…

The Messiah Mystery: Toward a Perfect World

For more information on Trump and Putin’s connection to the Kabbalist Chabad-Lubavitch End Times cult, read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch.

[Update 4 – 27 January 2017]


During this morning’s infoscan, something caught my eye…

…From ZeroHedge

The reason the underlined passage stood out is because the globalist prophecy script calls for a 3.5-year “Great Tribulation” period to precede the arrival of the “Christ.” In fact, there will actually be two Great Tribulation periods: 1) the “counterfeit” one they’ve scripted to precede Putin’s elevation as the “false Christ” and 2) the “real” one they’ve scripted to precede the arrival of the “true Christ.”

So if we trace back the source of the “open hostility” between the “Satanic Western leaders” and the “Christian Putin,” it goes back to when the West most directly attacked Russia: the Euromaidan color revolution in Ukraine…

…From Wikipedia

Since that point, the West has been portrayed as being at Russia’s throat as “the heroic Putin bravely stood his ground.” So if we look to the Ukraine confrontation as the beginning of counterfeit Great Tribulation, the two obvious dates that stick out as the starting point are the day Euromaidan started and the day the Russia-friendly Ukrainian government actually fell.

Now if we count forward 6 months from the day Euromaidan started, 21 November 2013, we get 1) December 2013, 2) January 2014, 3) February 2014, 4) March 2014, 5) April 2014, 6) May 2014. And if we count forward three years from May 2014, we get May 2017. So the first candidate date for the end of the counterfeit Great Tribulation period is on or about 21 May 2017.

And if we count forward 6 months from the day the Yanukovych government fell, 23 February 2014, we get 1) March 2014, 2) April 2014, 3) May 2014, 4) June 2014, 5) July 2014, 6) August 2014. And if we count forward three years from August 2014, we get August 2017. So the second candidate date for the end of the counterfeit Great Tribulation period is on or about 23 August 2017.

Since the first Trump-Putin Summit is the obvious venue for establishing peace between “the new populist leaders of the West” and Putin’s Russia (thus ending the counterfeit Great Tribulation period), it should be scheduled at one of the two aforementioned dates.

Most likely, the Trump-Putin Summit will be scheduled in August, as this would give France and the UK time to elect new Putin-friendly leaders, and it would give Putin time to bring peace to the Trump/China relationship. A late-August summit would also segue nicely into the 9th BRICS Summit and the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, which kick off in early September. That’s when we can expect the UN “reform” process to begin — unless we back them off again.

There is much more to write about this, but I think that’s enough for today.

Much love…

More about “Jesus”

A reader sent me a rather common type of comment, so I thought I’d share the comment and my response (in hopes of preventing future comments of this type)…

Comment: I find your website fascinating, probably a bit too fascinating! One wonders if you have been led down a few paths by dark spirits as well? I agree with most of your projections regarding the NWO and their relation to biblical scripture. HOWEVER, the part that the NWO enacts or plays WILL bring the true CHRIST who will destroy the false christs, false prophet, false watchmen, zombie world armies. No matter how much you try and debunk Christianity you will not prevail. You make many references to Old Testament scriptures that were rules intended for God’s chosen people, the true Jews, not rules for us, the Gentiles. Apart from the ten commandments, these rules changed when Christ died on the cross for us. We are free from sin if we repent. Having done all your research, do you deny the dark side? Are you telling me that the occultists have not sold their soul to the devil? Do they just ‘put on or fake’ their demonic possession! I think we know the answer, just look at the world today! The only thing that can control and destroy the darkness is the light. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light, and he will come again, this time to destroy Satan and judge the wicked. When Christ comes we will know it is not a deception like the NWO will stage because the whole world will see him at once and his mere presence will have us quaking. Time is short, you know this only too well. Repent and be saved. Ask Jesus to come into your life and he will. You will then see the real truth. Amen

My Response: Whether you view the Biblical characters as real beings, beings we manifest in our collective subconscious, or myths, one thing is abundantly clear: they are ALL “demonic” (including “Jesus” and “Yahweh”). A demon cannot force you to worship it or do what it says, so it has to trick you into choosing to do those things. That is what the Christ versus Antichrist dialectic is for: to use fear of Satan to trick people into choosing to worship and obey Yahweh.

Even the Bible admits that Satan works with Yahweh’s permission, but they just spin it differently. Rather than being there to “test the faithful,” Satan is actually there to scare people so they’ll run to Yahweh for relief and protection. It’s a spiritual version of the tried and true Bad Cop / Good Cop deception.

As for Jesus, he is the crown prince of the demonic realm. That’s why the demons said, “Have you come here to torment us before the appointed time?” when he commanded them into the pigs. The demonic realm has a “timed” plan (whether it is real or imagined), and the demons knew their boss was confronting them too early. Still, they did what they were told by their master and commander because they didn’t want to get their asses kicked.

As I’ve written before, we are not born with a Bible slung around our necks, so the Bible does not come from God. We are, however, born with capacities for common sense, rational thought, intuition, and feeling, and when we use all those God-given gifts together – without listening to some and ignoring others – we are guided to Truth. So will you now deny the gifts God gave you to embrace the book men gave you? I wouldn’t recommend it. Christianity is a cult, nothing more, and it is a ridiculous one at that. The only reason it has grown large and gained social respectability is because the Roman Empire embraced it for mind control.

So before you write to me in hopes of converting me back to Christianity (which I’ll never do), have a look at the brainwashing techniques used by cults and compare them to what happens among Christians. Know what you’re selling before you knock on the door.

Here is a closing thought…

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Isn’t it time to put away childish spirituality? Isn’t it time to stop believing in manmade fairy tales and start embracing Truth and the responsibility of what you really are? If you do the right thing only out of a desire for blessings and a fear of hell, you are merely an animal responding to a master’s carrot and stick. But when you understand that you are God and so is every living thing around you, you begin to do the right thing because it’s the only thing that makes sense. Will you continue to be a sheep led around by false shepherds, or will you start being a human embracing the responsibility of spiritual adulthood/godhood?

On a related note, when the time comes for the globalists to introduce the post-Putin “real Christ,” they will be presenting him in the context of “pre-Roman Christianity.” They will say that the Romans took over “real Christianity” and perverted it, and this approach will allow their Christ figure to wash his hands of all the Christian atrocities over the past centuries as well as old Christian doctrine. You’ll find it quite remarkable how closely “pre-Roman Christianity” resembles Jewish Kabbalism. 

[Addendum 1 – 23 January 2017]

Let’s look again at a particular passage from the comment…

“No matter how much you try and debunk Christianity you will not prevail. You make many references to Old Testament scriptures that were rules intended for God’s chosen people, the true Jews, not rules for us, the Gentiles. Apart from the ten commandments, these rules changed when Christ died on the cross for us.”

In this quote, the commenter is addressing some troubling Bible passages I bring up in Debunking the Christian myth. The referenced scriptures are the ones in which “god” tells Moses the proper rules for selling your daughter into slavery and the proper guidelines for beating your slaves without incurring a civil penalty. And like many Christians, the commenter’s defense is to discount the Old Testament as either not applying to us or being obsolete after the supposed coming of Jesus. But the true question is not…

Do these Old Testament rules from the Christian god apply to us?

The real question is…

Would the one, true God EVER tell ANYONE such things?

If you look at those scriptures and ask yourself that question, your undeniably God-given intellect, heart, intuition, and common sense give you a very clear and resounding answer: “NO!” The only way you can answer “yes” to the question is if you ignore your inborn guidance system in favor of blind belief in what men wrote in the Bible.

The truth about the Old Testament slave scriptures is that Moses never talked to the one, true God. He either made up the things he said god said or he channeled demons (just like the New Agers do today). And either way, his God paradigm is profoundly flawed and invalid. This realization is both very simple and profound for any Christian, because…

If Moses’ god is not the one, true God, then Jesus, whom the Bible presents as the son of Moses’ god, is not the “son of the one, true God.”

The Christ concept is based on Moses’ god. So if his god is a lie, so is Christ.

The logic of this is inescapable.

And here’s another thing about the commenter’s passage: the one, true God does NOT play favorites. So the Biblical assertion that the Jews are “god’s chosen people” is a sure sign that the god of the Bible is not really God. God (Source Consciousness) is equally present in all people, so no person is inherently superior to another on the basis of his/her spiritual relationship to God.

The actual reason that Jews are the chosen people of the Biblical god is that the Biblical god was imagined as the patron god for the Jewish tribe. So why should anyone who is not Jewish believe in the Jewish tribal god? You have to be a spiritual masochist to believe in a god who sees you as a second-class citizen. Your innate guidance rages against it, so why do you continue your unreasoned belief in such silliness?