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Behold the Insanity of Current Elections and Imagine Something New

Have you ever looked at an election ballot…

…and realized…

> you didn’t even know all the various offices were up for election?

> you didn’t personally know any of the dozens of candidates, except for one or two whose hands you might have shaken one time?

> you didn’t even recognize most of their names, except for maybe the ones running for the biggest offices or the ones you saw on yard signs?

> you didn’t know their stances on the issues of the day, except for what you might have picked up from a canned political commercial or from a superficial answer on some “voters information” questionnaire?

> that even in the cases in which you were acquainted with a candidate’s stances on certain issues, you knew that he or she was almost certainly blowing hot air and telling you what you wanted to hear?

So on what basis did you end up choosing each candidate? Because you saw his yard sign? Because of her party affiliation? Because he was more attractive than the other candidate or had a better smile? Because you agreed with her public stance on your “hot button” issue, even though you knew she was probably lying and would give little more than lip service to the issue once she was in office?

Asking yourself all the questions above, have you ever come to appreciate that when you cast a ballot under our current system, you are voting for complete strangers whose true agendas you don’t know to take offices of which you have little or no working knowledge? How can that ever lead to a well-functioning government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Since it was the system you were brought up in, you have accepted it as normal and the way things should be. But if you stand back and take a hard look at it, it’s actually quite insane and unworkable, isn’t it?

Now let’s imagine something entirely new…

Imagine a system where you’d vote for only one representative, and it would always be someone you personally know.

Imagine that you could talk to that representative face-to-face on the issues that concern you and build a real human relationship with him or her.

Imagine your vote and your influence on other people’s votes being very significant to that representative — that you are not just one insignificant vote out of thousands or millions.

Imagine that you could replace that representative with someone else you personally know whenever he or she steps out of line.

Imagining this, you begin to move your mind towards a sane and workable representative democracy — one that is built on real human relationships, not on abstract groupings of nameless, faceless demographic herds.

But what form would such a system take? Having considered this question, I’ll offer you my perspective in the next entry. And to give you a little hint, it is the polar opposite of a hierarchy.

Love always…

Behind the NFL Madness: the Goodells and the Rockefellers

Guess which family the Goodell family serves…

The man who is going against the NFL’s own rules and crashing the League with all this kneeling business is its commissioner, Roger Goodell. And Roger Goodell is the son of former US Senator Charles Goodell (now deceased). Here is some rather interesting information you might want to know about the latter…

“Charles Ellsworth Goodell (March 16, 1926 – January 21, 1987) was a Republican U.S. Representative and a Senator from New York. In both cases he came into office following the deaths of his predecessors, first in a special election and second as a temporary appointee.

He was elected to four terms in Congress after winning his first race in 1960. He resigned on September 9, 1968, to accept an appointment by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller to fill the vacancy caused by the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.” – from Wikipedia

So after the globalists killed RFK, the American Globalist-in-Chief Nelson Rockefeller assigned Roger Goodell’s father to RFK’s Senate seat. This means the Goodells are a server family of the Rockefellers.

Here’s something else a new reader might need to know: the man who appointed Charles Goodell to his Senate seat, Nelson Rockefeller, is the same man who recruited Henry Kissinger to lead the Rockefeller-funded Special Studies Project of the late ‘50s. As I outline in The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…, this project was responsible for coming up with the strategy for taking down the United States in the process of building up the New World Order (and yes, they specifically used that term in describing what they were planning).

So how does this relate to what’s going on today, you ask? This brouhaha over the kneeling is part of the globalist effort to simulate a crypto-communist (“progressive”) revolution in the United States. And activities such as the kneeling at NFL games and the Antifa thuggery at Trump rallies are meant to shock, infuriate, and traumatize the general public. “What the hell has happened to our country,” we’re meant to ask ourselves, “and when will this insanity end?”

It will end after the current worldwide crisis comes to a climax. The globalists are deliberately subjecting us to insanity, lawlessness and chaos so we’ll be profoundly relieved and thrilled when sanity, rule of law, and order is returned in the form of the New World Order. They’re scaring us with their Left Hand, the politically-correct Communists, so we’ll welcome their Right Hand, the “free-thinking” Austrian Economists, with open arms…


So in the end, this whole NFL drama is just part of the script to create a problem and offer a solution. That’s why Jerry Jones had that smirk on his face when he knelt down with his players last night…

…”Just theater for the masses, fellas!”

Much love…

[Addendum – 27 September 2017]

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about from the globalist disinfo site Infowars:

In this headline, we see Infowars attaching the concepts of communist infiltration, communist victory, Antifa thuggery, Trump hatred, and the killing of capitalists to the kneeling issue…

…from Infowars

And in this headline, we see Ron Paul and Alex Jones attaching the concept of cultural Marxism to the kneeling…

…from Infowars

Beyond being the globalists’ leading American controlled-opposition political figure, Ron Paul is heavily involved with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which exists to promote “teaching and research in the Austrian school of economics, and individual freedom, honest history, and international peace, in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray N. Rothbard.” So here we have a clear example of the Right Hand (the Austrian Economists) calling out the Left Hand (the Communists). Can you guess which hand is scripted to win this culture war?