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Notes and Addenda 2017B – The media “overlook” Kushner’s Chabad back channel to Russia & The new trigger for Erdogan’s holy war


You may have noticed that the globalists have gone ahead and connected Jared Kushner to the idea of secret back channel communication with Russia…

…From Foreign Policy

In doing so, however, they have directed public attention to Kushner’s meetings with the Russian ambassador and a Russian banker, thus totally bypassing Kushner’s glaringly obvious back channel through Chabad-Lubavitch. I suspect they’re doing this so they can save mention of the Chabad connection for the positive narrative they’ll present after the Big Crisis, when Trump and Kushner’s scripted attempts to reach out to Putin are vindicated in the public eye.


After bypassing previous triggers for the coming holy war (Le Pen’s election, the Turks’ “final offer” on visa-free travel, and Erdogan’s summit with the EU), the globalists have installed a new one…

“Erdogan has suggested Turkey could hold a referendum on continuing EU accession talks, and possibly another on reinstating the death penalty. Restoring capital punishment, which Turkey abolished over a decade ago, would all but end Turkey’s bid to join the EU.” – From Reuters

By having Erdogan feign interest in joining the EU and also attempt to reinstate the Turkish death penalty, they are setting up a situation in which the EU will “outrage” him…

…From The Independent

Do you remember how “outraged” the Turks were when the Dutch blocked Erdogan’s ministers from campaigning for the last referendum? That’s nothing compared to the anger he’ll publicly portray for what the EU does during the death penalty referendum. By interfering with the vote and simultaneously dead-ending Turkey’s EU accession, the EU “will finally push him over the edge.”

Let’s keep an eye out for which date they choose for the vote.

Is a full-scale limited hangout coming on Kushner and Chabad? (+ It’s confirmed)

You might have seen this today…

…From Zero Hedge

It has me wondering if the globalists are about to sacrifice Jared Kushner in a limited hangout operation. I noticed that back on April 9, both mainstream and alternative media started breaking the news about Kushner and the Lubavitchers’ connection to Trump and Putin (here are examples from Politico and Henry Makow)…

It was as if someone in the hierarchy had decided that “we can’t hide it any longer, so we’d best turn it to our advantage.” Of course, their outing of Kushner and Chabad will not change the fundamental plan, since I seriously doubt the MSM will go into the “prophecy fulfillment operations” part of it; they’ll likely stick to the business relationships.

Read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch for the full story.


It is unlikely that the Jewish media will skewer Chabad-Lubavitch during the hangout. I expect them to present it more in terms of “a group of nefarious individuals who met through the ‘Chabad-Lubavitch humanitarian organization’ embarked on a series of shady dealings that connect Trump with the evil Putin.”

So if the MSM present Trump’s son-in-law as his link with the “evil Putin,” how can Trump sever that link? He cannot; even if he fires Jared as his senior advisor, he’d still be connected to him through family ties. So this would provide a good basis for Trump’s removal or resignation at some point. And as soon as Pence succeeds him, the globalists’ “Gog/Magog War” card will be back in their playing hand again.

On the other hand, though, if the “Dump Trump” crowd let the special counsel complete his investigation before they make a move, Trump could survive. Such an investigation could take several months, and Erdogan’s Holy War and Putin & Trump’s Big Surprise could be triggered before it’s done. Again, we’ll have to watch what Erdogan does at his summit with the EU next week.

With love…

(P.S. – 21 May 2017) – The MSM are now reporting that the “person of interest” is indeed Kushner.

Just taking a break

Have no fear, I’m fine. As my longtime readers know, I’ll sometimes drop out for a week to a month when my motivation flags or something happens in my life. This time, it’s a combination of both. My grandmother injured her back a few days ago, and now her care needs are even more intensive than they were before. The 2-4 nighttime bathroom calls are the worst, and now they come with howling over the pain in her back. Ain’t life a pleasure cruise…

Anyway, I’ll be back when I find my footing again.

The real-life Illuminati card game

If you’ve been poking around the rabbit hole for any length of time, you’ve probably come across the cards of the Illuminati: New World Order game…

…The game was supposedly released in the 1990s – I say “supposedly” because I don’t know with certainty whether the game is real or a psyop invention, although I assume it’s real – and it involves playing cards that represent a variety of groups and plots to achieve one’s objectives.

In similar fashion, the real-life implementation of the globalist agenda also involves the timely playing of “cards” that represent standing contingencies, which are prefabricated plots that contribute to the rise of the NWO and what comes after it. Since the preparatory propaganda for these standing contingencies has already been introduced into the public consciousness, the cards are ready to be played at any time.

To give an example of what I mean, consider the “Fed Mistake” card I identified a few years ago. It will be played after the beginning of the next economic crisis and will involve the politicians and the talking heads blaming the Federal Reserve’s “too loose for too long” monetary policy for contributing to the collapse of the financial system.

The playing of this card will set in motion a full audit and reform of…

  • the Federal Reserve,
  • the central banks of other nations, and
  • the Bank for International Settlements.

The most likely outcome of this “reform” is that the globalists will fold the central banks’ functions into the national treasury departments and the BIS’ functions into the United Nations financial arm (the IMF and World Bank). And as a result of this “reform” process, many central bank duties currently handled at the national level will be handled at the international level “so a financial crisis like this will never happen again.”

Cards like the Fed Mistake card are designed to be played in certain combinations and sequences to achieve globalist aims. I call these combinations and sequences “set pieces,” and each realm of human activity the globalists are trying to overhaul (such as the financial/economic, political, and religious realms) has a set piece in place. To give an example of what I mean, here is a quick outline of the set piece they’ve prepared for the financial/economic overhaul…

1) The “World War 3″ card
the “Black Swan Event” card
will be played to get the Big Financial Crisis started.

2) Once the global economy begins its descent, the “Bank Bail-in” card will be played to seize wealth under the pretense of trying to save the current financial system. The “Fed Mistake” card will also be played to start a public discussion about central bank reform.

3) Once enough wealth has been seized and central bank reform is on the public’s mind, the “Global Financial Heart Attack” card will be played, which will shut down the global financial system and economy to the maximum permissible degree.

4) This will be quickly followed by the playing of the “China Gold” card, in which China will offer gold to back the IMF in exchange for “reforms,” thus leading to the playing of the “Golden Phoenix” card, by which a new “gold/commodities-backed” financial system will be erected to “restore public trust.”

All this being said, I intend add a new section to the Understanding the NWO Strategy page which will outline major globalist goals and sub-goals that cannot be changed, such as their immediate, inalterable goal/sub-goals in the political realm:




  1. Scrapping unilateral vetoes in the Security Council so no nation can stand against the UN mob
  2. Expanding the Security Council permanent membership to include more nations so the UN will appear “more inclusive and fair”
  3. Establishing a regular, standing UN mechanism / procedure for enacting crushing multilateral economic sanctions on non-compliant nations
  4. Strengthening the UN’s military capacity to force its will on non-compliant nations
  5. Setting up Putin to look like the hero of our age and the obvious choice to guide the new UN

Along with these goals/sub-goals, I will outline all the different cards and set pieces that could be used in their attempt to achieve them (such as the UN Nuke Attack” card I recently identified). The expanded page will thus serve as a timeless reference guide to the globalists’ implementation strategy, and I will continue to use the NWO Schedule of Implementation page to track specific times that are well-suited for attempting the set pieces and for playing certain cards.

Since just about everybody is familiar with playing strategy games, I’m hoping this will help people wrap their minds around what the globalists are doing. So in the time ahead, keep an eye on the number next to the strategy page link: Understanding the NWO Strategy [1.5]. Each time I add information to the page, the number will go up: 1.51, 1.52, etc.

I may edit this entry later for better clarity and flow; my brain is a little mushy today.

Much love…

More on the French election: Will it be postponed by data dumps and terror attacks? (+ a P.S. – What’s next)

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know that French presidential candidate Macron’s emails and financial data have been dumped online and that “ISIS” has called for Muslims to attack the two candidates and the polling places. So here are the scenarios we might face tomorrow…

1) NO TERROR ATTACKS AND A MACRON VICTORY – The data dump on Macron, which is being suppressed by the French authorities, has likely come too late to sway the election in Le Pen’s favor. So in the absence of terror attacks tomorrow, Macron will probably win. But once he’s in office, Erdogan’s coming migrant invasion and Macron’s publicly-revealed financial improprieties will result in his removal and Le Pen’s election. This removal and replacement process could start as early as next month or as late as the next couple of years.


> If terror attacks occur tomorrow and the French authorities allow the voting to go forward, Le Pen could stun all of Europe with a victory in the election. The financial revelations about Macron could lead to his voters abstaining from the election, while the terror attacks would mobilize Le Pen’s base and Le Pen-inclined undecided voters.

> If terror attacks occur tomorrow, THE FRENCH AUTHORITIES MIGHT POSTPONE THE ELECTION, and we could see this happen…

The election will be delayed for about a month while the authorities make arrangements for a “safe vote,” either by “secured polling places” or mail-in ballots. In the meantime, knowledge of Macron’s revealed improprieties will spread and Erdogan will unleash the next massive wave of Muslim migrants (after his summit with the EU at the end of this month). These two things would push Le Pen over the top.

There are two other interesting things to note about a postponed French election:

  1. It will demonstrate “how cowed Europe has become by Islamist terrorism,” and
  2. It will lead to the French election result coming out within days of the UK election result, as the globalists had originally planned. A one-two Le Pen / Corbyn victory would send the EU reeling.


In the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017, I wrote this…

1) The globalists want their controlled-opposition “anti-Establishment” figures to win the European elections of 2017. To ensure their “(s)election” occurs in a convincing way, they will do most or all of the following…

> Increase economic pressures in the EU nations.
> Continue the migrant offensive against the European populace.
> Conduct more “terrorist” attacks in Europe.
> Launch more EU policies that are blatantly outrageous.
> Unleash their Wikileaks front on the “Establishment” politicians and parties of the EU nations.

So if we compare this list to what has transpired so far this year, we see that the Wikileaks-style assault on “Establishment” politicians has started with Macron (May will face similar leaks before the UK election), BUT…

  • The increased economic pressures haven’t set in yet.
  • The migrant offensive is on pause due to the still-holding deal with Turkey.
  • Terror attacks have been too infrequent and too small to generate massive outrage.
  • EU policies have been “run of the mill outrageous,” not extraordinarily outrageous.

With this in mind, ask yourself a question…

What one event could turn around all four of these things?

The answer, of course, is Erdogan unleashing the migrant invasion / Holy War…

  • The migrant offensive would return with a vengeance.
  • The EU would outrage the populace by trying to force its members to keep their borders open.
  • Erdogan would instigate terror attacks and riots in any nations that attempt to defend themselves (or otherwise piss him off).
  • The EU economy would tank due to all the unrest and disorder.

So Erdogan is the key. Once he releases the hounds, the conditions will be ripe for the rise of populist saviors like Le Pen. Until then, we will continue to see the populist leaders defeated. I talked about what would happen in that case in A Short Guide to the French Election:

If you look at the election results in the Netherlands and Germany, you’ll see that “populism” is on a losing streak, and that gives rise to a coming globalist narrative if Le Pen loses too…

At some point in the future, information will make its way to the public (probably through “a Russian intelligence front like Wikileaks”) which shows that the European “Deep State” made a decision after the Brexit vote and Trump’s election to “stop at nothing to prevent any more populist election victories.”

“The EU engaged in massive tampering of the opinion polls and massive manipulation of the ballot boxes to steal election victories away from the people,” the alt-media will say. The scandal will lead to new elections, and to whom will the governments be forced to turn to prove the elections are fair? To the UN and its election monitors, of course. Thus, the UN will “help restore democracy to the people of Europe,” and this will bring in the new wave of populist leaders.

To understand the overall globalist objectives for what happens tomorrow and next month, read The globalist strategy for the French and UK elections. It explains the two options from which the globalists will choose tomorrow…

Under Option 1, then, a 9/11-scale event [such as an election day series of terror attacks] will be orchestrated for France before either the first or second phase of the election, and it will galvanize the electorate in support of the candidate who is most seen as a strident defender of France against the Muslim migrant invasion, Marine Le Pen.

Under Option 2, Macron, who is a former Rothschild banker and a poster boy for the Old Establishment, will win the election and be the French president when the Big Crisis hits this year. Since the Old Establishment’s policies will be blamed for causing the crisis, their poster boy president will face the wrath of the public, and he’ll be forced to leave office.

With love…

(P.S. – 8 May 2017) – Well, there were no big surprises yesterday, and I’m glad the election is finally over. I was getting tired of hearing myself talk about it. Now we wait and see what Erdogan does at his EU summit at the end of this month. If he doesn’t launch his Holy War this year, we won’t see the NWO “rise like a phoenix” this year, and we can chalk up 2017 as another victory. The Holy War is essential to the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment effort; there’s no way in hell they’re going to skip it. And given that they’re already a year behind schedule, I can only say to them, “Tick tock, tick tock, bi*ches.” 

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 14 – The Federal Budget, North Korea, and the upcoming potential “Weekend from Hell” (+ Spending bill passes; “Weekend from Hell” averted)

A deal has supposedly been struck to keep the government funded through the end of September…

…From the Christian Science Monitor

So should it pass by Friday night, we won’t see an imminent government shutdown, or will we?

The newly-proposed legislation does nothing about the debt ceiling, which has already been breached and has the Treasury Department burning cash and engaging in “extraordinary measures” to keep the government operating. According to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, “we’re fine” into the summer, BUT THAT’S UNLESS WE GO TO WAR WITH NORTH KOREA. If we start yet another military conflict halfway around the world, extraordinary measures will not be adequate to keep the government funded.

Under such circumstances, Congress might be expected to “rally around the flag” and pass an emergency bill relaxing the debt limit and providing extra military funding, but what if they don’t? If a tussle with North Korea results in a strike in America such as the UN attack I’ve warned about, will Congress rally around Trump or blame him for “the dreadful consequences of his needlessly aggressive foreign policy”? We could see Democrats and RINOs (Republicans who are actually Democrats by ideology) uniting to withhold funding for “Trump’s folly,” and we could even see impeachment.

I mention all this to point out that the “government shutdown,” “food stamp riots,” and “coup/countercoup” cards are still in play. But I’ll get into the real-life “Illuminati card game” a little later in this entry.

In the meantime, watch for Turkey’s “final offer” on visa-free EU travel and the UN Security Council’s scheduling of the North Korea sanctions vote. If both happen this week, the “Weekend from Hell” is in play.

++++++++++++++++++++New Material++++++++++++++++++++

[Addendum 1 – 4 May 2017]

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled an Obamacare replacement vote BEFORE the Senate has passed the budget deal to keep the government funded. Given that the Democrats have threatened a government shutdown if the Republicans try to “gut” Obamacare, will this kill the budget deal?

This is why I started this entry with “a deal has supposedly been struck to keep the government funded”; you can never count your chickens before they hatch.

If the Senate Democrats decide to block the health care bill and the budget deal, they’ll do a filibuster, and it will hold…

…From Politico. Here is an excerpt…

“Trump suggested earlier this year that if Democrats blocked his Supreme Court nominee, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should gut the filibuster to approve his high court pick. That’s exactly what happened.

McConnell, however, has vowed he would not similarly undo the 60-vote threshold for legislation. Sixty-one senators sent him a letter last month vowing their support for it.”

The Senate Republicans will shy away from “going nuclear” to pass the health care bill and the budget, and the Senate Democrats will use Trump’s own words against him: “We agree with President Trump – we DO need a good shutdown to fix this mess,” they’ll say. And the globalists could use such an “impassioned government stalemate” as an opportunity to play the North Korea card.

[Addendum 2 – 4 May 2017]

The Senate has now passed the spending bill, so I can now post what I was about to post this morning before I saw the news…

It looks like we’ll get through the April 20 – May 9 alert period unscathed:

> On the government shutdown front, they’ve passed the budget deal and delayed the budget / debt limit showdown till the August / September / October timeframe. In fact, Trump has already threatened a shutdown for that period. And as I mentioned, the showdown can be triggered at any earlier point by starting the war with North Korea.

> On the Holy War front, it looks like the Turks might present their “final offer” to the West on or after May 25, so that’s the new trigger date. It can be triggered sooner, of course, if Le Pen pulls out a “shock” victory in the May 7 election, but that seems unlikely. It looks like they’ll wait till the Big Crisis to bring her into the French presidency.

> On the UN nuke attack front, it looks like they’re de-escalating for the moment, with Trump signaling that he’s willing to meet with Kim Jong-un and Secretary of State Tillerson calling for “full implementation of existing UN sanctions” instead of new UN sanctions (for now). Except for a planning meeting on Monday, the UN Security Council has not been in session this week, nor have they published their monthly program of work. So once we get past the Korean election on May 9, the UN attack will go from being an active alert to a standing contingency. It will be added to their stack of known “game cards,” which is the next subject I’ll address in this entry.

Love always…