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Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con (+ A path to government shutdown and default)

[Special Note 3  – 24 March 2017] – I’ve been waiting and watching to see how an alliance of convenience might develop between House Republican fiscal conservatives and Democrats that would jeopardize the US budget process, and today’s healthcare vote could be the catalyst for it. If Trump’s attempt to force-through RyanCare alienates enough members of the House Freedom Caucus, they could come back later and hold him hostage over the budget. This could take place when the current continuing resolution expires on April 28 or at the end of September.

[Special Note 2  – 23 March 2017] – A reader has informed me that French high schoolers were among those caught up in the Parliament attack. Upon checking into it, I found this…


So that particular school had connections to both the Parliament attack and the Bataclan massacre, eh? That’s an awfully propaganda-friendly coincidence, isn’t it? But this and the Orly Airport attack are only precursors to what will occur in France (with more precursors likely to come). In order for the globalists to shift enough of the French public to give Le Pen majority support, something over-the-top has to happen. And people will have to see that it was done by “Islamic terrorists” who came in among the migrants. As for timing, it will have to happen sometime between now and the runoff election on May 7. Otherwise, Le Pen will fail and the globalists will face an uphill climb to get their 2017 agenda implemented.

P.S. – As I noted in the last postscript at the bottom of this entry, France’s 9/11 could take the form of the entire country being set ablaze after Le Pen places first in the first round of the election on April 23.

[Special Note 1 – 22 March 2017] – I was expecting a globalist false-flag in France today in support of Le Pen’s candidacy, but they went with London instead…


I find it interesting that they targeted the vicinity of Parliament. Could this be a precursor to a future attack that kills a number of MPs (Members of Parliament)? That would be one way to get their desired snap election, wouldn’t it? In tomorrow’s update, we’ll explore what the globalists may be planning to get Putin-friendly, UN reform-friendly leaders installed in both France and the UK in early May.

Now here’s the main entry>>>

Back in February, I wrote this about the “Deep State”…

>>> As for the “Deep State” concept itself, whenever you see an article talking about it, you are looking at a globalist propaganda piece. The “Deep State” is the collection of minion-level scapegoats the Occulted Powers have tasked with playing the soon-to-be vanquished “bad guys” in the dialectic drama. It is a manufactured propaganda concept meant to obscure our view of the real powers driving the globalist agenda: the world’s royals, the worldwide network of Jewish banking interests (which is much larger than just the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds, and which encompasses ALL of the G20 nations and beyond), and the Freemasons and other such secret societies and mafia groups. – From Update 5 <<<

I found it quite interesting, then, that on March 15, Alex Jones and (retired) Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer were propping up the Deep State concept beginning at the 2:01:07 mark of this YouTube video

As Alex tells us in his introduction of him, Shaffer works for the “London Center for Policy Research”


But here is something Alex conveniently neglects to mention: the London Center is run by this man…


1) Herbert London is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…

…From the National Review

…so he is directly involved in the globalist conspiracy. The CFR is such a notorious organization that Alex himself has railed against it in the past…

…From YouTube

2) Herbert London is on the Board of Trustees of BlackRock Fund Advisors, a subsidiary of BlackRock Inc, so he has direct ties and high standing with the Jewish (Kabbalist) banksters. BlackRock is one of the crown jewels of the bankster empire. As Wikipedia puts it…

“BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with $5.1 trillion in assets under management… Due to its power, Blackrock has been called the world’s largest shadow bank.”

3) Herbert London is a fanatically pro-Israel Jew…

“Although London has never been an observant Jew, being Jewish means a lot to him and has become increasingly important. “At 25 I was an agnostic, at 35 I started to believe, and at 45 I thought I should become a rabbi,” he jokes. But even if he wasn’t destined to be a rabbi, that didn’t stop him from doing the rabbi’s job. London often found that when he went to temple the rabbis had insinuated politics into their speeches. It drove him crazy. He soon began writing sermons for the rabbis to tell them what they should be saying.” – From


And wouldn’t you know it, the number 2 man at the London Center is also a pro-Israel Jewish activist…

4) Herbert London is connected to the Jewish National Fund (JNF)…


And the JNF is chaired by Ronald Lauder, a Jewish oligarch with a net worth of about $3.5 billion


Lauder is a key figure in the Kabbalist conspiracy. In addition to being Chairman of the Board of the JNF, he is President of the World Jewish Congress and has connections to the Anti-Defamation League. But it is his connection to the Chabad-Lubavitch cult that is the most interesting.

Chabad is a Kabbalist End-Times cult that is funded by Jewish oligarchs / conspirators like Lauder. So far, I’ve found two Chabad centers he has funded, which are the Rabbinical College of America


…and the Lauder Chabad school in Vienna…


And here is Lauder meeting with the (now deceased) spiritual leader of the group, Menachem Mendel Schneerson (a.k.a. the Lubavitcher Rebbe)…


Can you guess to whom else Lauder is connected?…


In fact, both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were brought into power by Lubavitchers, and both have handlers assigned to them by the cult. I outline both this and the Chabad agenda in Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch.

All this being said, it is no surprise to find Herbert London in bed with Ronald Lauder’s organization.

5) Herbert London is associated with the National Security Advisor who was supposedly taken down by the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State,” Michael T. Flynn

…From the Internet Archive

And with this bit of knowledge, you begin to see how the “Deep State” con works. Globalist think tanks like the London Center dream up false narratives for public consumption, then they orchestrate events (like the resignation of their “fellow” Flynn) to make it look like their narrative is real. But as I said at the beginning of this entry, the “Deep State” narrative is a manufactured propaganda play put on to obscure the public’s view of what’s really going on. If you want to know what’s really happening, read Update 5 and Understanding the NWO Strategy.

6) Herbert London has used his think tanks to advance the globalist objective of “reforming” the UN into the multilateral / multipolar New World Order. Here is another excerpt from the puff piece on London

>>> And since London always keeps a discerning eye on the future, he can’t help but question what place the United Nations has in it. Keeping close tabs on the UN’s activities is among the
institute’s many important undertakings. London recently organized a highpowered conference in New York City that included senators, congressmen, and scholars, to evaluate the relevancy of the self-serving international body that has mastered the art of sanctioning resolutions against Israel. “The United Nations has to be reformed dramatically,” London says, “or eliminated.” <<<

This passage sounds critical of the UN on its surface, but that’s just for public consumption. In reality, reforming their UN into the NWO has always been the Kabbalist plan. They pulled the major nations into the UN after World War II with the promise that they could veto any UN military action that wasn’t to their liking. Now, they are manufacturing crises in Syria, Ukraine, and the South China Sea to make it look like those vetoes are getting in the way of the UN stopping a big war. After these crises reach their climax in the months or years ahead, they’re counting on the P5 nations being so shell-shocked that they’ll willingly surrender their unilateral veto powers “so it will never happen again.”

You can read more about the globalists’ UN reform plans in the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017.

On a related note, can you guess who was a fan of Herbert London’s work at the think tank he formerly led, the Hudson Institute?…

“With London at the helm of the think tank, it continues to forge forward and make major inroads on policy makers’ thinking and decisions. Henry Kissinger regards it as one of America’s foremost policy research centers and a leader in innovative thinking and creative solutions to the challenges of the present and the future.” – From

And as I explain in The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…, Henry Kissinger was the man who led the effort to develop the NWO implementation plan back in the 1950’s.

Now let’s turn our attention from Herbert London to Tony Shaffer, who is a career Pentagon spook…


I’ll start by sharing something I wrote back in 2015 [with new comments added in brackets]…

>>> I’ve noticed that there are lots of “whistleblowers” running around on the interview and conference circuits. Many of them claim to be offering “beyond top secret” information and openly brag that they’re violating secrecy oaths and contracts to tell us their stories, yet they never go to jail and have no problem boarding planes to attend the various paid conferences (so they’re not even on the No-Fly List). Don’t you find that interesting?

If you want to build a false paradigm in people’s minds, here’s how you do it:

1) You have paid disinformation agents pose as whistleblowers and tell the public tall tales. [This is what Shaffer does.]

2) You have other disinformation agents promote the whistleblowers with interviews and conferences. [This is what Alex Jones does with his radio program.]

3) You have yet other disinformation agents put together all of the “whisleblower testimonies” into books and videos that outline and support the false paradigm. [Alex has made many such documentaries.] <<<

So if we go back to the Alex Jones interview of Shaffer, we see the “Deep State” propaganda construct being propped up by two globalist disinformation agents – one who is posing as a truther radio host, and another who is posing as a whistleblower. And if we look to Michael Flynn, a supposed victim of the evil Deep State the two disinformation agents talk about, we see a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who is playing his own little part in the play…

…From Wikipedia

If you didn’t believe the Deep State was bullsh*t before today, I hope all this opens your eyes. It is nothing but a Kabbalist fairy tale animated by disinfo spooks.

Love always…

(P.S. – 21 March 2017) – A reader has informed me that Michael Flynn was removed from the list of senior fellows at the London Center’s website…


One wonders what they’ll do next. Will Eli Gold shave his head and have “white power” tattooed on his forehead? Will Herbert London wear a WASP mask? Will they change the Center’s name to “Just Us Gentiles Center for Policy Research”? Anyway, I’ve redirected the link in the article to the Internet Archive, which has a copy of the Center’s Leadership and Fellows page showing Flynn.

Another reader has informed me that his blog feed of my site was deleted. On top of this, I’ve noticed a precipitous drop in Facebook traffic over the last several weeks, and my Twitter traffic plummeted a long while ago. Also, the gatekeepers at nearly all the alt-media news aggregators have long kept my articles from reaching their visitors. So if you want to share my articles with others, I recommend that you build an email list of your contacts and share them that way.

[P.S. – 21 March 2017] – In the Special Notes at the top of Update 6, I showed how the globalists were helping Wilders and Le Pen get elected, and I noted that Wilders’ loss meant they had to do something dramatic to push more of the French public towards Le Pen. With that in mind…

What do you think will happen if Le Pen places in the top two of the first round of voting and qualifies for the runoff election?

You’d expect to see “angry, fearful migrants” rioting in the streets and carrying out terrorist attacks, wouldn’t you? This is especially true if Le Pen places first.

So I think that’s what the globalists will do to push Le Pen over the top: have their paid provocateurs and terrorists stage riots and terror attacks possibly before, and DEFINITELY AFTER, the first round of voting. If voters have to walk by burning cars and rioting Muslims on their way to the runoff polls, whom do you think they’ll choose?

Also, tomorrow is 3/22, so don’t be surprised if they stage a big terror attack in France that day. If they do, remember that they’re doing it to propel the French towards the globalists’ controlled-opposition candidate, Le Pen. And if you are French, please realize that both candidates are Establishment hacks, so go vote for Macron. That’ll really throw a monkey wrench in the globalists’ hopes for reforming the UN this year.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 7 – Why the globalists might replace Trump with Rand Paul (+ MORE on Rand and the UN “reform” agenda)

After I wrote about the Vindex Falls scenario in Update 5, I started wondering who would be the one to take Trump’s place after the counter-coup sweeps in to make arrests and “restore the republic.” This question was answered just a few days later when I saw this on the March 7 Drudge Report…

The second I saw it, I knew the globalists were using the Obamacare replacement debate to put Paul back in the public eye, thus positioning him to be Trump’s replacement should they opt for Vindex Falls. This impression was bolstered when I saw this Alex Jones video yesterday…

…From YouTube

The video talks about Senator John McCain’s outburst on the Senate floor in which he claimed Paul was working for Putin. McCain’s stunt thus served the purpose of positioning Paul as a clear opponent of his, which will make Paul look very good after McCain is arrested in the counter-coup and charged with all the evils Alex Jones attributes to him in the video. Alex also takes the time to personally plug Paul at the 2:24 mark of the video

“…Rand Paul is a professional doctor – (he) isn’t screwing around, and he is VERY effective – not in his rhetoric so much but what he gets done. He’s one of the best senators we’ve seen in decades – and a patriot. Amazing. I wish he was part of the (Trump) administration.”

Now if you think about it, after the counter-coup takes place, America is going to need a president whom the whole country can trust and get behind (unlike Trump, whom half of the country viscerally despises), and who can work well with Congress to get the nation moving again. Can you see how the “genial, effective and vindicated” Rand Paul would fit the bill?

But how would they maneuver him into the presidency, you ask? That’s where the giant alt-media / mainstream media pedophilia propaganda effort comes into play…


I call the allegations of widespread Establishment pedophilia a “propaganda effort” not because I don’t believe it’s factual to some degree, but because it is being pushed the hardest by media sources I know to be disinformation agents. Whenever Establishment-controlled media push a story like this, you have to realize that it serves the Establishment agenda in some way. And in the case of these pedophilia revelations, they serve as the pretext by which the Establishment’s designated scapegoats (the “Deep State Zionists, Nazis, Neocons and Neolibs”) will be rounded up in mass arrests by the US military…

…From YouTube

Should the globalists opt for the Vindex Falls scenario, it will go down something like this…

Trump will be removed from the presidency by the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State Coup” by being impeached, assassinated and/or suicided. Mike Pence will then take office and lead us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia this autumn. It is at this point that the “Progressive Deep State” is scripted to stage its counter-coup.

In the counter-coup, the US military – acting on information provided by “Progressive Deep State” operatives in the intelligence services – will flood Washington with troops and arrest virtually all of the elected officials and senior bureaucrats. The charges against the arrestees will include treason, conspiracy, corruption and the rape of children, and these rape charges will mobilize public sentiment in support of the arrests.

When the arrests are over, the entire presidential line of succession may be in jail because Trump picked insiders for his cabinet…


As a result, the military will turn the presidency over to the most senior elected official remaining, who will likely be a senator. And since Rand Paul might be the only senator left standing, he’ll “accept the responsibility of leading the nation through its darkest hour.”

Under an alternative scenario, a member of the Trump cabinet will take office until snap elections can be held to reconstitute the government, and Rand Paul will win the presidency in that election. One possible candidate for the short caretaker presidency is this man…


++++++++++New Material++++++++++

It’s important to note that Rand Paul was actually the globalists’ first choice to fill the post-Obama presidency, but he proved incapable of sufficiently exciting the public with his candidacy. As Alex Jones put it in the above-mentioned quote, Rand “is VERY effective – not in his rhetoric so much but what he gets done.” So the globalists brought in the rhetorically-gifted Donald Trump as a pinch hitter. Have a look at what I wrote about Rand’s candidacy back on April 10th of 2015 and see if it turned out to be true for Trump…


Now that Rand Paul, the chosen candidate of the Rockefeller/BRICS New World Order, has officially entered the race for President, both his campaign and the mainstream media have been offering previews of how the globalists will sell him to the public.

His campaign is presenting him as the anti-Establishment candidate. This is reflected in his campaign slogan…

As he presents himself in this light, the mainstream media will attack him in a ham-fisted manner…

With one hand, the MSM will attempt to tie him to the “extreme views” of his father, Ron Paul, which will actually enhance his popularity with the frustrated electorate. And with the other hand, they will distort his views in such an obvious way that their attacks will come across as unfair in the public eye. As they fling each absurd allegation at Rand, they will effectively serve him with softballs that he can knock out of the park with his rebuttals. The public will thus perceive him as being under severe attack by the Establishment, and they will see him effectively defeating the attacks and making the attackers look like fools. All this will cement his image as an “outsider” who “strikes fear into the heart of the Washington machine.”


Now have a look at Rand receiving the “Trump treatment” from the mainstream media before he even announced his candidacy, and note the policy over which he’s being attacked…

…From MSNBC. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> Paul, by any fair measure, is one of the most prominent conspiracy theorists in American politics. I’ve generally assumed, however, that he’ll tone down his more colorful views in order to appear more like a mainstream candidate and less like a fringe ally of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones (which the senator is).

It was of interest, then, to see Paul express support yesterday for dissolving the United Nations.

“Rand Paul is not a fan of the United Nations, and on a campaign-style swing through New Hampshire on Wednesday, the likely Republican presidential hopeful said that he would support dissolving the international governing body entirely.

Speaking to a room full of gun rights advocates at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club, Paul said that while the concept of having a multinational body to “discuss diplomacy” isn’t necessarily a bad one, he objects to the current structure, in which the United States has to foot “a huge chunk” of the U.N.’s bill.” <<<

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, the most important globalist objective in electing Paul/Trump and other controlled opposition candidates in the P5 nations is filling the P5 with leaders who will work with Putin in “reforming” the UN into the NWO. And as I’ve also mentioned numerous times, this “reform” will be sold as a move to restore respect for national sovereignty, even though it will actually undermine such sovereignty by removing veto protections and making the UN more powerful.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at what Putin said on the subject at the Valdai International Discussion Club last October…

“Colleagues, it is clear that the international community should concentrate on the real problems facing humanity today, the resolution of which will make our world a safer and more stable place and make the system of international relations fairer and more equal. As I said, it is essential to transform globalisation from something for a select few into something for all. It is my firm belief that we can overcome these threats and challenges only by working together on the solid foundation of international law and the United Nations Charter.

Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality, a unique venue for equitable dialogue. Its universal rules are necessary for including as many countries as possible in economic and humanitarian integration, guaranteeing their political responsibility and working to coordinate their actions while also preserving their sovereignty and development models.

We have no doubt that sovereignty is the central notion of the entire system of international relations. Respect for it and its consolidation will help underwrite peace and stability both at the national and international levels.

If you take the time to read his whole speech, it follows the standard globalist “problem / reaction / solution” format. He outlines the problems posed by Western globalism, then offers the UN and multilateral globalism as the solution. I’ll write an entry on the whole speech at a later date.

I will continue to expand and enhance this update over the next few days, and in the next part, I’ll continue giving you background on Rand Paul’s relationship to the globalists – specifically relating to their Austrian economics agenda.

With love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 6 – China’s coming humiliation in the South China Sea

[Special Note 3 – 16 March 2017] – In tomorrow’s update, I’ll cover why Rand Paul is being reintroduced into the spotlight. And we’ll see how the alt-media pedophilia propaganda meme will figure into clearing the way for his ascension to the presidency (if the globalists opt for the Vindex Falls scenario). So before tomorrow, you might want to read Update 5 to understand what the Vindex Falls scenario is, if you haven’t read it already.

[Special Note 2 – 15 March 2017] – Even with all the help he was given, including a revelation two days before the election that Prime Minister Rutte had conspired with Merkel to bring in the refugees, Wilders fell short in the election. Of course, none of the European elections really matter except those in France and the UK (which has yet to be scheduled), so this Dutch election was merely a “test of the Anti-Establishment mood in Europe.” Given that the test showed much work left to be done, I’m expecting something really dramatic to happen before the French election to give Le Pen a boost. The globalists’ objective is to install Putin-friendly leaders in all the P5 nations, and France and the UK are the only ones left to go.

If Le Pen falls short next month, both a UK snap election and UN reform won’t likely happen this year, so a Macron victory won’t bother me at all.

[Special Note 1 – 14-15 March 2017] – Do you think it’s merely a coincidence that there was a big dust-up between Turkey and the Netherlands just four days before the Dutch election? Do you think it’s also just a coincidence that Turkey threatened to unleash millions of refugees on Europe just two days before the election? Obviously, the globalists want to scare the Dutch into voting for their controlled opposition candidate, Wilders…

…From The Sun

If millions more refugees are on their way to Europe, to whom can Dutch voters turn to keep them out of the Netherlands? This orchestrated spat with Turkey serves to energize Wilders’ base and anti-immigration independents while simultaneously making opposing voters less enthusiastic about showing up and voting against him.

And to put a finishing touch on their electioneering efforts, the globalist intelligence agencies put on their “Turkish hacker” masks and staged a propaganda assault on election day…

…From ZeroHedge

This was done to create further outrage among the Dutch and get the voters racing to the polls to elect Wilders.

Looking now to France, do you think it’s merely a coincidence that Fillon was saddled with corruption charges, thus leaving Le Pen to square off against Macron, a former Rothschild banker, in the ultimate Anti-Establishment versus Establishment showdown? Again, the globalists are giving their controlled opposition candidate (Le Pen) a helping hand by eliminating a candidate that would have split her voting base.

Here is a beautiful example of another recent dust-up orchestrated to help Le Pen…

…From The Telegraph

This supposed “error in judgment” by Fillon’s party serves two purposes…

1) It drives more voters away from him, and
2) It highlights Macron’s Rothschild connection, which aids Le Pen.

Now if you look at Macron’s policies…

  • He’s confrontational with Russia
  • He’s pro-immigrant
  • He’s pro-EU
  • He’s pro-climate change agenda

…you see that he is the “French Hillary” who is “leading in the polls” against the “French Trump,” Le Pen. I suspect more Establishment outrages will surface before the French election to make its outcome mirror that of America’s.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the globalists are electing Putin-friendly leaders in Europe who will join with him in “reforming” the UN into the (real) New World Order.

Now here’s the China entry…

It looks like the globalists have set the timeframe for the expected Trump vs. Xi showdown in the South China Sea…

…From Yahoo News / Reuters. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Japan plans to dispatch its largest warship on a three-month tour through the South China Sea beginning in May, three sources said, in its biggest show of naval force in the region since World War Two

“The aim is to test the capability of the Izumo by sending it out on an extended mission,” said one of the sources who have knowledge of the plan. “It will train with the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea,” he added, asking not to be identified because he is not authorized to talk to the media. <<<

If you recall, China has previously stated that joint US / Japan operations in its claimed “territorial waters” would be the red line for war. So if Japan’s largest helicopter carrier starts sailing beside the US aircraft carrier that is already in the area, the USS Carl Vinson, political and/or military fireworks could ensue. And as I stated in Update 1, the globalists have scripted that any Chinese confrontation with Trump will end in humiliation for China and political death for Xi.

Speaking of Xi, his likely replacement, Li Keqiang, came out a week ago to publicly proclaim that Xi is the boss and the “core” of China’s leadership, so any humiliation suffered in the South China Sea will fall squarely on his shoulders. This will open the path to Li’s ascension to the top leadership position at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China this autumn.

One question you might be asking yourself is…

Why would the globalists get rid of Xi?

It all started a couple of years ago when their “the benevolent BRICS and Putin will save us” narrative started falling apart. As more and more people began to see the BRICS and Putin as the controlled opposition mechanisms that they are, the alt-media propaganda corps began to circle their wagons around Putin in order to preserve his reputation as a supposed globalist fighter. Instead of portraying Putin in the laughably adulatory light they had been, faux-truthers like Alex Jones started saying this…

“OK, Putin’s no angel, but at least he kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia and he’s standing up to the New World Order. The ones you really need to watch are the communist Chinese…”

This statement would be followed by a long diatribe against the “globalist-controlled Chinese.” And this technique of distracting negative attention away from Putin by pointing at the Chinese and Xi has turned Xi into something of a scapegoat. By getting rid of Xi, the Occulted Powers hope to remove the taint of globalism from the BRICS and Putin, leaving the public with these basic impressions…

“Communist China is a globalist-controlled monstrosity.”

“There has been a change in China.”

“China has a new leader (Li Keqiang) who is kinder, gentler, and more cooperative.”

Just like the globalists are portraying a phony battle between the “neocon-neoliberal deep state led by Obama” and the “progressive deep state led by Trump” here in the US, they are portraying a phony battle between the “princeling faction of the Chicom party led by Xi” and the “Youth League faction of the Chicom party led by Li” in China. When all is said and done, Trump and Li’s factions are scripted to win their battles.

So if the globalists choose to activate the South China Sea confrontation option, Xi is a goner. From the globalist perspective, he is just another expendable Chinaman, but Putin is the central figure of their NWO plans. If Xi has to go in order to carry the stink of globalism away from Putin, they consider it a small price to pay.

More on this and other China-related issues over the coming hours/days.

Love always…

Thoughts on “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeater, Part 2 – Where Theosophy starts going to sh*t

Let’s resume our exploration of The Astral Plane with a passage that spans pages 2 and 3…

In this passage the author admits that he is peddling a religion (“the Wisdom-Religion”), and he goes on to describe a core doctrine of it: “the fact that in our solar system there exist perfectly definite planes.” He then explains that there are 7 such planes and he names 5 of them.

When I read this, I immediately wondered who was the first person to come up with this “7 planes” idea. It’s not hard to imagine how it got started: a spiritual seeker / meditator in the distant past came up with his own pet theory of how the world worked, then he went into the astral and was shown what he was expecting. Upon sharing the idea with others, he taught them how to see what he was seeing, and since they all then saw it, they thought it was objective reality. The students then became masters who passed it down to more students who became masters until it became widely accepted doctrine.

In truth, the 7 planes are a subjective reality that has been constructed in the collective subconscious – it is a subjective form that has been overlaid upon the Astral Plane by those who believe in it. It isn’t objectively real at all, which is evidenced by the fact that the 7 planes can be seen only by those who have been programmed to see it (either because they’ve been taught by a “master” or they’ve picked up the idea somewhere – in a book, on a website, etc. – and accepted it). If the first master had instead came up with the idea of 11 planes, the Theosophists and others would now believe in and see 11 planes.

That being said, I would suggest that there are not 7 planes; there are only the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and when we consciously enter the subconscious mental space, we are shown what we most expect / fear / want to see, whether that’s 7 planes, 11 planes, or no planes at all. Just because two or more conscious minds can be programmed to see the same subconscious illusion does not change the fact that illusion is what they’re seeing.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; the author inadvertently admits this is the case when he says this about the Astral Plane…

It has often been called the realm of illusion – not that it is itself any more illusory than the physical world, but because of the extreme unreliability of the impressions brought back from it by the untrained seer.”

In this statement, he calls anyone who isn’t programmed to see what he’s been programmed to see an “untrained” seer (thus implying their incompetence), and he calls their unprogrammed impressions of the Astral Plane “extremely unreliable” (because their impressions do not reflect what he’s been brainwashed to see). I find this a rather condescending attitude coming from a 19th Century Kool-Aid drinker. In reality, “untrained” seers are “unprogrammed / unbrainwashed” seers, and they see subconscious illusions according to their own dominant expectations, not the dominant expectation they’ve allowed someone else to place in their minds.

With this concept of programmed seeing in mind, let’s switch for a moment to the Introduction offered in the Kindle edition of The Astral Plane. It was written by C. Jinarajadasa, the man who assisted Leadbeater in writing the book. In describing his own “psychic education” under “Master Djwal Kul,” he says this…

>>> I know not how to thank Him for the enormous amount of care and trouble which He took in my psychic education; patiently and over and over again He would make a vivid thought-form, and say to me: “What do you see?” And when I described it to the best of my ability, would come again and again the comment: “No, no, you are not seeing true; you are not seeing all; dig deeper into yourself, use your mental vision as well as your astral; press just a little further, a little higher.”

This process often had to be many times repeated before my mentor was satisfied. <<<

So here we see a very clear example of a master programming his student to see what he wants him to see, and this process of mental and psychic entrainment continues in all the things the master trains the student to see, including the 7 planes. They too are another thought-form conjured up by the masters.

Much love…

Thoughts on “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeater, Part 1 – Source and Reality

For the past week, I’ve struggled in finding the right words and the right sequence of concepts to convey the thoughts I want to share in the most clear and concise manner possible. So like the rest of this series of entries, I’ll just go one thought at a time, then piece them all together in the proper sequence later on.

As we begin reading the remarks in the Introduction of the book, we run across the first notable passage on page 2…

So far, so good. The author seems to be talking about Source Consciousness (the “One Unmanifested,” a.k.a. “God”) and the fact that only two things can be said to exist…

The Thinker
Its Thoughts

The Thinker is permanent and considered to be real, but Its Thoughts are impermanent and considered to be “unreal.” In other words, thoughts come and go, but the mind thinking them always remains.

All of the imaginings of The Thinker are projected as forms in the mental space of Eternal Mind, so all things, including our physical universe, can be said to be “illusion” because they have no real existence beyond being thoughts. This also includes the forms we call our souls and our incarnations, so both the soul form and the body form you currently inhabit are illusion / not real.

All forms manifest according to definitions, so anything that can be defined is a form. If you take a moment to describe the electronic device by which you are reading these words, including its physical dimensions, its materials, its color, its functions, its configuration, et cetera, you are back-engineering its definitions. Eternal Mind is projecting its existence according to those definitions you’re describing.

Now if you take a moment to describe your own body, you’ll realize that it can be defined, so it is a form. And if you take a moment to describe your soul, including the things that make it different from all the other souls, you’ll realize that it too can be defined, so it too is a form.

All forms have a beginning point and an end point, with the beginning point being the moment consciousness focuses upon them, and the ending point being the moment consciousness finally casts them aside. For example, in the case of the human body you are currently experiencing, it is projected by the consciousness that creates this reality, with its beginning point being the moment of “conception,” and its end point occurring when posthumous decomposition finally renders it to dust. After that, it exists only as a memory.

The soul form is a little different, though. Its definitions do not provide for aging, degradation, death and decomposition like those of your body form. So when Source Consciousness sets it aside, it is stored in memory in usable form and can be reinhabited. You can think of your soul as a telescope with a lens that is unique in all Creation. Source looks through it to see Creation in an entirely unique way, then sets it aside sometimes until it picks it up again.

So when your soul is set aside, do you die? Of course not, you simply realize that you are not the soul through which you were viewing Creation; you are, in fact, Source Consciousness, and the concept of you and I was just an idea you were exploring. You are One, and you experience being many through soul forms.

Moving on, another point in the book passage that’s worth addressing is its claim that the astral world and its forms are just as real as the physical world and its forms. Given that both the astral and physical are mere thoughts within Eternal Mind, this is true. But there is an important difference between the two worlds that must be noted: we humans can create objects in the astral world through thought, but we cannot do the same in the physical world.

In the physical world, we can work only with the objects that are already here through the application of physical effort; we cannot create objects out of nothing. Our inability to conjure physical objects into existence is a pretty good indicator that the physical world isn’t the product of OUR minds, but of another level of consciousness. And the fact that we CAN conjure astral objects into existence is a pretty good indicator that the astral world IS the product of our minds.

Some magician-types may claim that they can conjure physical objects out of thin air, but this is merely a trick of perception caused by a breaching of the barrier between the conscious and subconscious minds. In such cases, the effected minds aren’t seeing a real physical object being created; they are merely perceiving an astral overlay being projected upon the physical world.

To understand what I mean by this, take a moment to look at the floor and imagine a red book lying upon it. By imagining the red book, you are creating it in the astral world, but since you are viewing the floor through your conscious mind, you can see that your thought hasn’t really created a physical book there. But if I were to hypnotize you and suggest that the red book was really there, you would see it just as clearly as the real physical floor. By using hypnosis to compromise the normal function of your mind, I’d be causing you to see the astral book overlaid upon the physical floor, but I wouldn’t actually be creating a real physical book. Other people in the room whose minds weren’t hacked would see that there is no book there.

Let us now proceed to the final point from the passage: the “majority of mankind” being “yet unconscious, or but vaguely conscious” of the Astral Plane. Because of our general lack of awareness of the subconscious mental space and how it functions, most of us are unaware that we create within it, so our creations are all over the place. Resultantly, our collective subconscious has accumulated a vast grab bag of diverse and disorganized forms and realities.

There is no real order to the Astral Plane, but the illusion of order can be created when two or more minds synchronize their expectations about it. This is exactly what occultists like the Theosophists have done, and we’ll explore this concept of imagined / imposed order as we go deeper into the book.

On a somewhat related note, I’d like to clarify my reasons for taking you on a tour of this book. I’m not doing it to promote Leadbeater or Theosophy; I’m doing it because this book offers a good overview of the Astral Plane from the perspective of the occultists. And after we’re done looking at it, we’ll be exploring material from other ideological groups – none of which I’m trying to promote. I’m doing this survey in order to challenge the conventional wisdom about the Astral Plane and to suggest that a fundamental misunderstanding of it exists in the public mind, and there is no more powerful a way to point out this misunderstanding than to use the very words of those who wittingly or unwittingly promote it.

In the next passage we examine, we’ll see where the book starts to jump the tracks.

With love…