Leaked Federal Reserve graph indicates a possible July rate hike

Upon coming across a Zero Hedge article which showed a leaked Fed Funds Rate graph
…I enlarged it and applied grid lines to it, The grid allocated 60 blocks for 2015, which is 5 blocks per month. When I measured the point where the graph began its rapid ascent, it was at the 35th block (measured from the top side of the line). This indicates that the rate of change for the Fed Funds Rate will take a dramatic turn after the end of July (July = month 7 x 5 grid boxes = 35)…
….So if this graph is indicative of what the Fed is thinking, a September rate hike is pretty well assured.

Looking again at a broader section of the graph, we see that it stays steady through 2014, then begins a modest upward slope which reaches its peak at the July inflection point…
…So there could be a rate increase at the July meeting. if there is, it will be a small introductory increase which will be followed by steady, more aggressive increases in the following meetings.

‘Nuff said…