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Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags (and the real agenda behind the Paris attacks)

Have you noticed how all the recent false-flag “terrorist” and “lone gunman” attacks seem like they were planned by the Keystone Cops?…
…It is no accident that they are so easy to see through.

Back when I was covering the Boston Bombings in my first blog, I realized something fairly early on. I wrote about it on 18 April 2013…

>>> You’ll have to pardon me for having my standard “paranoid” thoughts, but this is just too easy. I’m left asking myself…

Did the Cabal really believe they could get away with such an old-school false-flag at a place where there would be thousands of people with digital cameras, camera phones, and instant access to global social media sites?

Is their OPSEC really so sloppy that they’d use the same crisis actors at different staged events?

Could this be part of the engineered “takedown” of the demonized Western secret societies so the glamorized Eastern secret societies can take the reins of power?

To put it plainly, did they intend for us to put this puzzle together? Is this a small, flashy illusion intended to draw us into the grander illusion at work in the background?

I will write more about this when the Boston event dies down. For now, and regardless of any ulterior agendas that are in play, this event is helping in the awakening of the general public, so I’ll continue to flow with it. <<<

Since then, there have been more false-flags, including many that appear to have been wag-the-dog theatrical productions staged with crisis actors. This being the case, you gotta ask yourself a few questions:

> Why would the globalist intelligence agencies stage false-flag attacks that are so sloppy that any regular jagoff with an internet connection (like me) can see the inconsistencies?

> Why would alt-media disinformation sites that are known to be globalist mouthpieces be pointing out all the inconsistencies to the public and openly labeling them false-flag attacks?

Cui bono? (Who benefits?)

As I noted in the excerpt above, these are the benefits the globalists accrue from such practices…

1) These blown false-flags help to wake the people up. Dramatic events like this get lots of attention, and as people eventually catch on to the inconsistencies between “the official story” and what actually happened, they start looking for answers. As I’ve written before, the current awakening was engineered by the globalists to facilitate the transition to the NWO. They can’t run a dialectic on the population until the public is awakened to the two sides (the “evil” West and the “good” East).

2) These events help to establish the credibility of the alt-media disinformation sites. As people begin to see the inconsistencies and look for answers, there is a whole cast of colorful alt-media characters waiting to provide them. And once the disinfo sites have established credibility with the newly awakening ones, they sell them the East versus West dialectic.

3) These events provide “evidence” of how “evil” the West is, thus supporting the East vs. West dialectic. If you watch whom the disinformation sites blame for the attacks, you get the usual suspects…

the Nazis

…and the Zionists
…or as disinfo mouthpiece Benjamin Fulford calls them, the “Nazionists.” They are the bogeymen in this globalist fairy tale.

But the great thing about disinformation sites is that if you know how to correct for their spin, they also give you the real reasons behind everything. Take the Paris terror attacks of the past week for example. Veterans Today blurted out the real agenda behind them for everyone to see (in the VT article linked above)…

“One thing I missed in the original blog post: The timing of the Charlie Hebdo event was suspicious, not only because it closely followed Netanyahu’s threat that France was making a grave mistake by supporting Palestinian statehood and unleashed pre-scripted Zionist talking points against France’s pro-Palestine position……But also because the Zionists are panicking at the success of European anti-New-World-Order parties in general, and the French Marine LePen/Alain Soral/Dieudonné contingent in particular.”

Let me explain why I bolded that last section…

Once the globalists trigger the New Lehman Event and take down the West, the Western populations will be furious at their leaders. The globalists know this. This is why they’ve been preparing to scapegoat the existing political figures and replace them with pre-marketed “outsiders” who will “set things right again.”

If you’ve noticed, the Establishment has had existing leaders like America’s Obama and France’s Hollande force wildly unpopular policies upon the people, thus preparing the scapegoats for the slaughter. Now can you guess who they’ve been grooming as the “outsiders” who will replace these unpopular figures? In America, it is politicians like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Elizabeth Warren. And in France, it is the “French Ron Paul“…
…This picture shows Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen, who are the French analogs to Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul.

So who will be the “British Ron Paul”? Nigel Farage?…

In the same way that the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) have been positioning themselves to be the “wise supranational institution” that “saw it all coming” and “could have prevented it if only we’d had the power,” controlled opposition figures like Ron Paul and Marine Le Pen have been positioning themselves as the solution to the problems that now beset us.

Note what Marine Le Pen said about Ron Paul before she went to visit him in Washington in 2011…

>>> Le Pen specifically cited hopes of meeting Ron Paul, calling him “a great defender of an international monetary system anchored on the gold standard.” <<<

Bingo! Both she and Paul believe in an international monetary system with some sort of gold backing. And wouldn’t you know it — that’s exactly what the globalists have in store for us: an asset-backed, multilateral global financial system. 😉

Also note what Ron Paul’s office said about the meeting

>>> Last month, Paul’s office had defended scheduling the meeting, with the Texas Republican’s spokeswoman, Rachel Mills, writing in an email, “Paul generally meets with foreign politicians and political leaders who request a meeting, particularly when they share his interest in monetary policy and the destructive nature of central banks.” <<<

Bingo! Who else is speaking out about the destructive policies of national central banks? The BIS, that’s who. The globalists plan on shutting down some (if not all) national central banks like the Federal Reserve and replacing them with the (globalist controlled) national treasuries (which will operate in concert with the global central bank, although they probably won’t label it a “central bank”). Keep in mind that when the G20 Central Banking Cabal hold their meetings, both the central bank heads AND the government finance ministers attend…
…They are all on the same page.

Here are more quotes from Marine Le Pen from after the meeting…

>>> Following the meeting — alternately described as “quick” by Miller and “very interesting; we spoke at length” by Le Pen — Le Pen praised Paul, and her own National Front, on their economic policies.

“He has been a visionary on this subject, as we have been visionaries on the economic crisis that today besets Europe,” <<<

Bingo! She and Paul have been “visionaries” who “saw it all coming,” just like the BIS.

>>> “I believe it was Einstein who said you cannot solve problems with those who caused them. So, in American political life as in French political life, it is more difficult to imagine that the people who contributed to causing the crisis, to accelerating it, would be able to SOLVE it,” Le Pen said. [all-caps added] <<<

Yahtzee! Problem / Reaction / Solution. Those who “contributed to causing the crisis” (like Obama and Hollande) must be replaced by the “visionaries” who “saw it all coming” and “could have prevented it if only we’d had the power.”

All this being said, the globalists want the awakening public to see the Paris attacks as false-flags conducted by the “Nazionists” in support of an evil Western agenda. This helps them wake people up to the East versus West dialectic, establish their disinfo purveyors as “the real truth tellers,” and provide evidence that the “evil West” must be stopped by the BRICS “freedom fighters.” It also helps them in their “leadership marketing” effort of replacing the current “incompetent” leaders with their controlled opposition counterparts (Paul, Le Pen, Farage, etc.).

Any questions?
(This is actually a rhetorical question, since I don’t really have the time to answer questions. 🙂 )

Much love…

Understanding the Different Brands of Alt-media Disinformation (Duff vs. Heneghan, OPPT vs. Swissindo vs. Neil Keenan vs. Karen Hudes, etc.) Update 1

When globalist puppets fight…
…the puppeteers are always on the winning side.

The G-20 Central Banking Cabal are very sophisticated in their disinformation techniques, but their methods are relatively easy to understand once you take a bird’s eye view of things. To elevate one’s self to such a view, the first thing that must be understood is this:

Just like GM employs different-looking brands to appeal to different demographics,
the globalists employ different disinformation brands for the same purpose.

Exactly how and why do they do this, you ask? Let’s go step-by-step…

1) The globalists have something to sell you: their East versus West, Good Illuminati versus Bad Illuminati global dialectic. They are trying to sell it to you so you’ll see their new multilateral/multipolar NWO and financial system as godsends rather than scourges.

2) They know that you can’t use the same salesman and same sales pitch with every person. Due to differences in personality types, personal experiences, levels of awareness, prejudices, etc., you have to match the right salesman and pitch to each “consumer.” In other words, you must tailor the bait you use to the type fish you’re trying to catch.

3) This being the case, the globalists deploy/develop a variety of disinfo agents who offer different sets of information and different spins to attract different types of people. Some of these talking heads are paid shills who know exactly what they’re doing; others might be well-intentioned bloggers who “got noticed” and were subsequently contacted by “insiders” who fed them bad information and influenced their outlook (I know this happens because they’ve tried to do it to me).

4) Since no two disinfo agents offer the same exact version of the lie, they frequently get into conflicts with each other, both real and staged. These conflicts actually serve the propaganda effort in the following ways:

> They create the impression that the disinfo agents aren’t working for the same people. If they’re fighting with each other, they can’t be on the same side, right? Wrong. Just look at the Republicans and Democrats.

> When disinfo agents fight over BS like the “global collateral accounts,” they distract people from questioning whether the accounts actually exist and instead get them focused on who is providing the “real intel” about them. If all these guys are fighting over something, that something must be real, right? Wrong. I have no doubt the Illuminati have vast stockpiles of gold scattered about, but it was gathered for their benefit, not humanity’s. They might try to tell you that it belongs to all of us, but they are the ones holding the keys to the vaults.

To show you what I mean by all this, consider Veterans Today and Tom Heneghan. If you are predisposed to see the Zionists as the source of the world’s ills, the globalists have Gordon Duff and Veterans Today to tell you what you want to hear. This is from VT’s front page today (the “bad guys” are in boxes and the “good guys” are circled)…

But if you are able to see through Duff’s bullsh*t, the globalists have Tom Heneghan there to catch you (and to blame everything on the Paperclip Nazis)…

Despite their supposed differences and staged conflict, the bottom line for both Duff and Heneghan is that Western ideological factions are to blame for what’s going on in the world. And that is what the globalists want to sell you.

Of course, VT also markets the saviors the globalists are selling…

And Heneghan offers a well-known globalist douchebag as the savior…
…Mr. Manmade Global Warming / Carbon Tax / Carbon Trading himself…
…Note the time and date of the article. The Skull and Bones “322” / Masonic “22” are featured, and it was the same day these two were meeting
…They do enjoy their silly little numbers, don’t they? 🙂

While we are on this subject, take a look at something I wrote in my old blog. It is about how the globalists do “leadership marketing”…

In another old entry, I touched on the concept of Cabal dialectics and brand marketing as it relates to spirituality…

[Update 1 – 9 January 2015]

The part of this article about the OPPT, Swissindo, Keenan and Hudes is growing into a full-sized entry, so I’ll post it as “Part 2” in the next day or two. Until then, I thought I’d repost something I posted back on 4/21/2014…

>>> Tom Heneghan: “International Intelligence Expert” and Cabal Disinfo Hack

During this morning’s infoscan, I came across a Tom Heneghan article which features this photo…

Right away, I noticed two things:

1) The photographic clarity of LaVey’s face and Kerry’s face seems different.

2) The upper right of the “newspaper” is folded-over so you can’t see the date of the “article.”

Upon looking into this, I found that the photo has already been written about in a Web Urbanist article titled Politics of Photoshop: 15 Shady Edits for Political Purposes. The article features this collage which seems to show the source photos from which the fake photo was assembled…
…According to this analysis of the fake photo, it is a composite made from a photo of John Kerry meeting a clown named Rami Salami and a photo of Anton LaVey with musical artist Marilyn Manson. This begs the question…

If Tom Heneghan is an “international intelligence expert,” why can’t he handle a simple vetting of a photograph? I’m just a home health aide, and I managed to pull it off.

So does this mean I think John Kerry isn’t a bad man? Absolutely not. But I’ve long considered “Tom Heneghan” to be a disinformation source, and this offers a nice, clear example of why. <<<

For more information on his counterparts, Gordon Duff and Leo Wanta, just visit my Veterans Today category.

Love always…

A rat’s nest full of brown pellets: COINTELPRO, Leo Wanta, Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock


It’s my birthday today, so I probably won’t be posting my next update until tomorrow at the earliest. During my morning coffee/infoscan, though, I ran across an interesting factoid I thought I’d share.

In the course of scanning an article, I came across a reference to the John Birch Society, a group frequently mentioned in the same breath as COINTELPRO (most likely because they were infiltrated and subverted by it). Upon looking at their Wikipedia entry, I saw something that caught my eye…

“Originally based in Belmont, Massachusetts, it is now headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin…”

And who/what else is associated with Appleton, Wisconsin? Leo Wanta.

On a hunch, I decided to have another look at Wanta’s official bio, Black Swan, White Hat (a PDF written in a remarkably juvenile and hero-worshipping tone) to see if it included any references to the John Birch Society. I found this on PDF page 15…

“Milwaukee was the first place where, at the tender age of 15, Leo Wanta worked for a government alphabet agency… the FBI. At night, he cleaned offices for the John Birch Society on West Vliet Street. He emptied trash, swept floors, collected handbills and books and other literature. Each night, the trash from John Birch meetings was placed in a large green bag which Lee Wanta carried to the #18 street car line – the Vliet Street run – where he handed the trash over to FBI agent Joe Kriofsky. When he got to 37th Street in the 53208 zip code, he departed and went home for the night.”

Now this is one piece of info from the largely fictional and overhyped Wanta bio that actually rings true: he was a low-level informant who helped the FBI spy on a patriot group. A connection between Wanta and COINTELPRO makes a lot of sense given the kind of propaganda he and his co-conspirators in the Veterans Today disinfo network are spreading around. As a general rule, anyone who is actively promoting Leo Wanta to the awakening public is either a government shill or someone who bleeds Kool Aid (because they’ve drunk so much).

Speaking of Kool Aid and those who dispense it, here is a portion of an interview of Veterans Today “Japan Bureau Chief” Benjamin Fulford by disinfo co-conspirator David Wilcock


Specifically, there is an article that Story wrote on January 7th regarding “OPERATION STILLPOINT.” Now, what is that?

“OPERATION STILLPOINT” was something that Story uncovered through his on investigative journalism research and his work with Leo Wanta.

I’ve been aware of Leo Wanta all the way back to when Sherman Skolnick was discussing him, I believe, in the late 1990s, and I even referred to it in my article called “The Changing of the Guard: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks.”

This is in fact, something that really has changed the game, bringing Wanta into the equation. He came forward and was trying to get people hip to the idea of disembodying the Federal Reserve, putting everybody on US Treasury Notes, printed by the US Treasury in accordance with the Constitution.

But, the real key is, he said, the elimination of the banking system. <<<

Further down in the article, there is also this…


As I indicated in the above introduction, Fulford also called special attention to a critical January 7th article by Christopher Story, independently validating that it was true.

When I had an Illuminati-linked financier approach me and offer to fund my CONVERGENCE film in 2006 (I denied his proposal, of course,) I directly asked him if he knew who Leo Wanta was. He said, “Yes, he used to work for us, but we no longer want to have any involvement with him.”

This is all part of the grand back-story where the Rockefeller faction betrayed and broke off from the Rothschild faction. Wanta sided with the Rockefellers to help assist in massive money-laundering campaigns.

According to Story, “Operation Stillpoint” was, in short, a secret Rockefeller plan to take over the entire American financial system, under the guise of abolishing the Federal Reserve… <<<

So according to Fulford/Wilcock, Wanta’s BS is real, he used to work for the Illuminati, and he broke ranks with them at some point (so he is a “good guy” now). In upcoming entries on Leo Wanta and Veterans Today, I’ll show why this is all nonsense meant to sow confusion and promote acceptance of the (very unified) Illuminati’s multilateral/multipolar NWO.

Till later, much love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 3 – This episode of “Bend over, here it comes” is brought to you by Citibank

Given all the things the globalists set in motion in the final few months of last year, as well as all the preparatory propaganda they laid down in December, I’ll be going to an event watch format so I can be more agile in keeping up with them. For today, I thought I’d share a preface Brandon Smith wrote for an article over on

Brandon is one of the few (if not the only) financial writers out there who… A) get it, and B) have the guts to write about it. Not only is he dead-on about the BIS playing the wise man to the national central banks’ fool, but the BIS is also chiming in on the “strong dollar” as well. Just have a look at what I got when I did a Google News search on the terms “BIS warns”:
…and this is just the top part of the first page of results. They are setting themselves up to be the wise supranational institution that “saw it all coming” and could have prevented it “if only we’d had the power to rein in the national central banks.”

As you look upon the search results, note how they are warning about the strong dollar, and the propaganda press is writing stories about it too. They are basically setting the stage for transitioning to the SDR as the global reserve currency. This is their basic argument:

1) The sudden strength of the dollar is putting pressure on other nations who have taken out loans denominated in dollars. When the dollar gets stronger, it takes more of their currency to purchase each dollar they need to pay back their loans, which creates great difficulty for those with restricted budgets. For example, a $1 million loan payment would have cost a Russian about 33 million rubles to pay back in July of last year; to pay it this month will cost about 58 million rubles.

2) If only we had a supranational currency that was stable in value, difficulties like this could be avoided. We wouldn’t have to worry about fluctuations between the values of national currencies.

What the BIS central bankers don’t tell you, of course, is that they are the ones intentionally causing volatility in the exchange rates in order to profit from trading them. They are creating the problem that they are proposing to solve (by giving themselves even more power).

Few people know that the BIS’s Board of Directors is actually made up of the very central bank heads it’s criticizing. Here are three of them who will get a lot of heat from BIS propaganda when things go south: the previous head of the Bank of Japan, Masaaki Shirakawa; the current head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen; and the current head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi…
…Do you really think the BIS and the members of the BIS Board of Directors are in disagreement with each other? Of course not. They are simply putting on a show of incompetence at the national level and competence at the supranational level so power can be centralized.

For a more in-depth look at the BIS and their strategy, read this entry: Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce.

More to come in Update 1…

[Update 1 – 3 January 2015]

BRICS Propaganda and the BIS

In “Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce,” I took an in-depth look at a BIS-related propaganda article from state-owned China Daily, so let’s now take a look at a recent propaganda piece out of government-funded RT

Here are some key excerpts (with my comments in brackets)…

“A study by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) suggests dollar dominance could spell disaster for emerging markets.

The spectacular recovery by the US dollar could ruin emerging market economies that have large dollar-denominated debts, which in turn could trigger chaos in the global financial markets, the Swiss-based global watchdog said…”

[In case you didn’t get the message they’re trying to convey, here it is: dollar dominance = disaster, especially for the “emerging market economies” to whom the globalists are marketing the BRICS institutions. And the BIS, a joint creation of the English banksters and their Nazi buddies, is the “global watchdog” (substitute “mad” for “watch” and you’ll be closer to the truth).]

“The Bank for International Settlements, dubbed the bank for central bankers, warns of the imbalance between dollar debt and dollar output, and said it could have a ‘profound impact on the global economy.’…”

[So dollar dependence could lead to “chaos in the global financial markets,” which could have a “profound impact on the global economy” (thus leaving the hanging implication that we need to move on to some alternative to the dollar, like the SDR).]

A tightened monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve, paired with the strong dollar, could exacerbate debt problems in emerging markets.

A strong dollar, as pointed out by Borio, can raise debt burdens for countries with weaker currencies, as a strong dollar has historically triggered turmoil in emerging markets, such as in Latin America in the 1980s, and Asia in the 1990s.”

[So it’s also the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve that is creating problems for the emerging markets (“Blame the Fed” and “Sieg Heil, BIS”).]

After going on to bemoan the “outdated” dominance of the dollar as the primary global reserve currency, they offer the globalist solution to the problems posed by the strong dollar and the Fed’s policies…

As I’ve noted in previous entries, the globalists have intentionally instigated Western misconduct and market volatility in order to drive the rest of the world into the waiting arms of the BRICS institutions. In fact, the BRICS’ New Development Bank will have a safety net ready for the emerging economies once things get dicey. It’s called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement

“The Bank would also provide assistance to other countries suffering from the economic volatility in the wake of the United States’ exit from its expansionary monetary policy.”

Of course, loans from globalist multilateral institutions always come with strings attached. 😉

The article then goes on to point to the light at the end of the dollar dominance tunnel…
…China and its yuan.

[Update 2 – 4 January 2015]

What East versus West conflict? The West is helping China’s renminbi to become a reserve currency

Continuing our review of globalist preparatory propaganda, let’s have a look at a Financial Times article titled “IMF decision could propel renminbi past sterling and yen” from December of last year (you’ll have to do a Google News search for the title to read the full article)…

It was written by Jukka Pihlman…
…who has strong central bankster connections.

Here are some notable excerpts…

>>> Last time the IMF reviewed the composition of the SDR, in 2010, it concluded the RMB did not meet the key criteria of being a freely usable currency. But a lot has changed since, making next year’s decision much more finely poised…

Nevertheless, the fast-paced adoption of the RMB by central banks and the inclusion of RMB in their reserves – underpinned by the Chinese authorities’ continued and conscious efforts in making the RMB more accessible – could help swing the IMF decision in the RMB’s favour.

The final decision is in part discretionary and politics will invariably play a part. But supporters of the RMB’s inclusion may draw comfort from the fact that changes to the SDR composition are relatively ‘easy’ to vote through.

Most big IMF decisions require an 85 per cent majority, effectively giving the US, with its almost 17 per cent share of the vote, the power of veto. However, according to Article XV of the IMF’s Articles of Agreements, the IMF Executive Board can make the SDR decision with only 70 per cent of the vote, provided there is no change to the methodology.

Importantly, the Europeans have indicated by their actions that they are unlikely to stand in the RMB’s way, as long as the technical argument stacks up. Recent reports that the European Central Bank was considering adding the RMB to its reserves, joining France and Switzerland who have already decided to do so, is a highly significant development and shows how rapidly attitudes to the RMB are changing. <<<

So in this article, we have a Western globalist minion telegraphing that the RMB will be added to the SDR this year. Not only that, he points out that the Europeans are welcoming the RMB as a reserve currency by adding it to their own central bank reserves. The article also mentions England’s selling of RMB-denominated bonds…

Here is an excerpt from the UK government’s website

>>> The UK government has today successfully issued a sovereign bond in China’s currency, the renminbi (RMB), becoming the first western country to do so and issuing the largest ever non-Chinese RMB bond.

The RMB 3 billion bond, which is equivalent to approximately £300 million, has a maturity of 3 years and delivers on the Chancellor’s announcement at the recent annual UK-China economic summit in London that the government intended to issue an RMB bond.

It is the world’s first non-Chinese issuance of sovereign RMB debt and will be used to finance Britain’s reserves. Currently, Britain only holds reserves in US dollars, euros, yen and Canadian dollars, so today’s issuance signals the RMB’s potential as a future reserve currency.

The bond issuance, which saw strong demand from investors, also further cements Britain’s position as the most important RMB market in the western world, and represents the next step in the government’s long term economic plan to establish Britain as the centre of global finance. <<<

And everyone seems to overlook that a former People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor is now a Deputy Managing Director of the IMF
…who will most likely be joined by his former PBOC boss, Zhou Xiaochuan, when the latter takes over as Managing Director of the IMF once the trigger is pulled on “governance reform.”

So where is the East versus West clash all the mainstream and alternative propagandists are talking about? It doesn’t exist, except as a propaganda ploy to make the multilateral / multipolar NWO look like real, positive change.

As for when the renminbi might be added to the SDR, let’s look to the globalist meeting schedule for this year. The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors will be meeting on February 9…
…so expect to hear a lot of noise in late January / early February about the need to go to “Plan B” due to “the United States’ failure to uphold its responsibility to adopt quota reform” at the IMF. There will be talk of dismantling the US’ veto power in the IMF as well as bringing the renminbi into the SDR basket of currencies.

The IMF/World Bank Group will have meetings on April 17 and October 9…
…so they will probably announce specific plans for quota reform and the RMB in April and take action by October 11. This would sync well with the BRICS Bank / economic collapse / Fed takedown timetable outlined in The Globalists are accelerating the rollout of their new financial system.

[Update 3 – 5 January 2015]

This episode of “Bend over, here it comes” is brought to you by Citibank

I’ll have to take a break from China and the IMF so we can take a look at something that just popped up on Zero Hedge: Is Citi The Next AIG?

Apparently, data was released today that showed an FDIC-insured entity of Citibank added a massive volume of derivatives to its books in the 3rd quarter of last year…
…And conveniently, Congress passed Citi-backed legislation last month that left taxpayers on the hook for any derivatives that go bad in such entities.

So here we have a case of the banksters loading up trillions of dollars of potentially bad contracts on the taxpayers just prior to what? Given the wave of derivative “credit events” that could be coming due to the strong dollar and the sudden drop in oil prices, are they going to trigger the global economic train wreck before the Fed can do it by raising interest rates? If so, don’t worry, the Fed will be blamed no matter what they do or don’t do.

This is not a year when you want to take life too seriously. 😉

Back to China and the IMF in the next update…

Is PressTV distancing itself from Veterans Today? – VT, Iran, Ukraine and the Future

During this morning’s infoscan, I came across this piece on Veterans Today

I’ve been so busy for the past few months that I haven’t been watching what the
VT clowns have been up to lately. From the looks of this article, though, it would appear that the PressTV folks are distancing themselves from them. Let’s have a look at what the article says…

“We have fond memories of our early days with Press TV when the Zionist Lobby in Europe was pressuring satellite media distributors to illegally pull them off the air…

Our interview work helped build commentary readership, and vice versa. And cross-posting our Press TV articles and then their news stories on VT began and two way leveraging effort to gain us both wider exposure. But the media business is a stressful one, with pressures on it from many directions…

We have been emails from readers for two months asking what was happening at Press TV and all we could say is we just don’t know. It could be management changes, nuclear talk jitters, our coverage of Israel and Turkey backing ISIL along with the US and Gulf States, etc…

We long to get back to doing that work with them once again like in the good ole days. Much more  remains to be done, and we opened a new front at the Syrian Counter Terrorism Conference in early December.”

So it seems that PressTV pulled away from VT a few months ago, and it was a few months ago that I wrote the first three installments of my series on VT. I guess “great minds think alike”; they must have come to the same conclusions that I did at roughly the same time. But this leaves us with a question:

Did they dump the VT disinfo clowns because they hadn’t previously realized what they are, or did they know what they are and dumped them because they’d become publicly exposed?

The answer to this question would tell us alot about how deeply under globalist influence the Tehran government has fallen.

Going on into the article, Gordon Duff begins attacking PressTV for their choice:

>>> There may well be factors involved.  The most telling of which is the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran.  Those managing this conference got “suckered” into inviting Gareth Porter and several others Iranians mistakenly saw as “great thinkers” and “intellectuals.” <<<

So according to Duff, the Iranians are “suckers.”

>>> Though the conference had Ken O’Keefe and Kevin Barrett in attendance, people with strong reputations, many were simply hacks or, as was proven out, “paid opposition.” <<<

Wow, “strong reputations,” eh? I guess being a VT bureau chief or correspondent

…or an editorial board member…
…qualifies you as having a “strong reputation.” So are O’Keefe’s and Barrett’s reputations as strong as Gordon Duff’s and Leo Wanta’s? One wonders… 🙂

>>> You can really name the disease, those who consider themselves “alternative media,” and some at Press TV and other institutions in Iran qualify as such, continually look to “mainstream media” for approval.  The insanity of this never sinks in. <<<

So according to Duff, the Iranians are diseased and insane.

>>> Others who had written for Press TV had simply rehashed the work of others, developing a formula based on plagiarism and dogma, hitting messages Iranians were unaware made them seem inept.  You see, giving a platform to those reviled in their own nation, not just by the media but the public at large, always backfires.  Americans hate the “smarmy” and weak, the whiny and tedious.  To some extent, Press TV’s website had been hijacked by such as this. <<<

PressTV’s non-VT writers and editors are plagiaristic, dogmatic, inept, smarmy, weak, and whiny, eh? What dogs they are! 🙂

>>> Veterans Today sources have told us that a veritable army of Zionist stooges have “wormed” their way to Tehran.  Their goal is to get Iranians to turn on each other and mistrust the real “truth tellers.” <<<

So Tehran is infested with worms, and Gordon Duff qualifies as a “real truth teller,” eh?

Here is the “real truth teller” Gordon Duff at the recent “Damascus Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism“…
…For a “100% disabled Marine combat vet,” he’s looking awful spry. I see no wheelchair around, so he appears to be walking and standing under his own power, and given everything he’s doing at VT and conferences such as this, he’s clearly able to work. I guess the 100% disability is in his character. As for the photo caption, if projectile vomiting in reaction to juvenile bullsh*t qualifies as “shockwaves,” I suppose it’s accurate…

A Message to the Iranians

If there are any within the Tehran establishment who genuinely care about the greatness of the Iranian nation and the welfare of the Iranian people, I invite you to consider a few points…

1) You cannot make a deal with the globalists…
…any more than you can make a deal with the Devil. In such deals, the “junior partner” always gets screwed (in this case, quite literally, with a bayonet). The globalists are out to break your nation, break you personally, and take everything you have and will ever have.

2) If you do not join regional and functional globalist institutions (such as a regional development bank, the IMF, the BRICS, a regional security alliance, etc.), they will attempt to do to you what they did to Ukraine. The real reason for the Ukraine takedown is shown in this Christian Science Monitor article
…Ukraine refused to join the globalists’ Eastern bloc, and when they later refused to join their Western bloc too
…the globalists took down their government.

The G20 central bankers don’t really care which side you join, East or West, because they control both sides. All they care about is that you do join, because when you do, you are ceding important elements of your sovereignty to them. Any nation that attempts to be independent and refuses to join the NWO through one of their multilateral arrangements is slated for destruction.

So what do you do? Do you surrender and go along? If you do, you have no chance of winning.

Do you fight them? If you do, you at least have a chance of winning, no matter how small it may seem.

If you choose to fight, though, you cannot do it militarily or economically, because they will obliterate you. You can fight them only in the information space, like I do.

What most people do not yet recognize is that the globalists have already lost. They took a big risk when they chose to wake up the people in the belief they could control where their minds went once the deed was done, and it’s going to bite them in the ass…

A critical mass of people already understand their magician tricks and dialectic strategies, and that knowledge will eventually expand to become common knowledge. When it does, their empire of lies will collapse in on them. It may take years or even decades, but it is inexorable. The truth is an unstoppable cancer within any body of lies.

So if you wish to speed the day of their collapse, what you can do is educate your people and the world as to what is really going on with the New World Order. People hunger for the truth, and when they encounter it, it flows into them like a breath of fresh air. But you must tell them the whole, unvarnished truth. Nothing else will yield the necessary effect.

If there are any true Iranians out there, 2015 is the year to take your stand. Life in this world requires courage. Those without steely spines and brassy balls need not apply.

Love always…